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RDX 279-HP V-6 3.5-liter, 24-valve, SOHC i-VTEC engine Whether we’re building a supercar or an SUV, our approach is the same, and it has been for the past thirty years: put the driver first. Always. We believe the driver is the single most important element of any vehicle, and it’s why we’ve gathered designers and dreamers, optimists and engineers, to push the limits of technology and enhance the relationship between driver and machine, building vehicles with uncompromising performance— experience-boosting, safetyminded, driver-first performance. 6-Speed automatic transmission with Sequential SportShift paddle shifters Jewel Eye LED Headlights Available AWD with Intelligent Control System Available AcuraWatch Advanced Safety and Driver-Assistance Technology 79.6 cu ft max. cargo volume MPG Rating* City 20 Highway 28 It’s what Precision Crafted Performance is all about. It’s who we are, who we’ve always been, and who we’ll continue to be. So when we set out to build the RDX, we built it the only way we know how. 2 Combined 23 *20 city/28 highway/23 combined mpg rating for RDX FWD. RDX with Advance Package shown in White Diamond Pearl. RDX AWD with Advance Package shown in Crystal Black Pearl. WORSHIP THE DETAILS For more than thirty years, we’ve been hard at work, designing and redesigning, building and rebuilding, testing and retesting, with unrelenting attention to detail, and all with one aim: to design the most innovative, uncompromising, driver-focused vehicles on the road. RDX AWD with Advance Package shown in Crystal Black Pearl. EXTERIOR DESIGN With every contour—every detail— painstakingly considered, from the aero-shaped cabin to the Jewel Eye® LED headlights to the aggressive body design, the RDX was designed to perform. From the sharp lines down to the wide, athletic stance, every element points to the performance to be had behind the wheel. JEWEL EYE LED HEADLIGHTS Whether you’re on the racetrack or on a road trip, how far ahead you can see affects everything. Jewel Eye LED headlights are standard on every Acura and provide impressive down-road visibility with an intense, wide beam of light designed to mimic natural sunlight—the light our eyes are designed to see in. The result? Less-fatigued driving, clarity, and more vivid colors. RDX with Advance Package shown in Fathom Blue Pearl. INTERIOR DESIGN RDX with Advance Package shown in Graystone. With best-in-class cargo capacity 1 and an award-winning interior, the RDX’s cockpit feels like it was built with you at the center, every detail flawlessly constructed, ergonomically intuitive, and exactly where it needs to be. Couple this with our always-meticulous approach to craftsmanship, and the RDX delivers, no matter where you’re seated. NEVER COMPROMISE RDX with Advance Package shown in White Diamond Pearl. Give it 279 pavement-punishing horsepower, 252 lb-ft of throw-you-back-in-yourseat torque, and available AWD that helps find traction under almost any condition. Make it light, strong, and sporty, while simultaneously safer. Deliver confident, precise handling, but don’t forget comfort. ® VCM VARIABLE CYLINDER MANAGEMENT™ The RDX V-6 packs some serious power, but what’s equally impressive about the i-VTEC ® engine is its efficiency. With Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), the system monitors variables such as throttle input, vehicle speed, engine speed, and gear selection, to maximize power when you need it and efficiency when you don’t, seamlessly transitioning between three and six cylinders. This helped the RDX receive a 28-mpg highway rating. 2 3-cylinder mode 6-cylinder mode RDX with Advance Package shown in White Diamond Pearl. FRONT-WHEEL TORQUE 30 O INCLINE AWD -8 O TEMPERATURE ALL-WHEEL DRIVE WITH INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEM™ RDX AWD with Advance Package shown in Fathom Blue Pearl. For more than twenty years, our engineers have been making the trip to Baudette, Minnesota, where we subject our cars to the most brutal winter tests imaginable. The RDX endured endless hours of slushpool laps, high-speed dynamics, icy 30-degree hill climbs, deep snow, and ice, all to ensure its available all-wheel-drive system could help find maximum traction in even the most extreme weather conditions. During normal driving, 100 percent of engine torque is directed to the front wheels, providing maximum efficiency. During acceleration or when front-wheel slip is detected, up to 40 percent of engine torque is transferred to the rear wheels. AMPLITUDE REACTIVE DAMPERS Amplitude reactive dampers work to deliver the best of all worlds— ride comfort and confident, precise handling. On smooth road surfaces, the dampers deliver minimal damping for an extremely comfortable ride. In more demanding conditions, the dampers provide enhanced steering feel, improved body-roll control, and more secure handling. RDX with Advance Package shown in White Diamond Pearl. MAKE IT PROTECT LIKE IT PERFORMS Safety is our greatest priority, and the RDX was designed and engineered with that in mind. Loaded with next-generation safety features such as our ACE™ body structure and available AcuraWatch™ advanced safety and driver-assistance technology, the RDX received the NHTSA 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score 3 for 2018. AcuraWatch a. c. b. It’s our goal to one day drive in a zero-collision society, and our available AcuraWatch suite of advanced safety and driverassistance technologies has us one step closer to that goal. AcuraWatch is a network of systems designed to increase awareness and support the driver, working to help prevent, avoid, and mitigate impacts.* d. Sensors continuously monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and can warn of potential threats, provide steering input to help keep you in the center of a detected lane, help brake to maintain a set interval from cars ahead, and emergency-brake to help avoid frontal collisions. a. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) System4 Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™)5 e. f. b. Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System6 Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)6 c. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow 7 d. Blind spot information (BSI) System8 e. Rear Cross Traffic Monitor 9 f. Multi-View Rear Camera with Dynamic Guidelines 10 *Driver remains responsible for safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions. RDX with Advance Package shown in White Diamond Pearl. AC E B O DY S T R U C T U R E Acura’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE) body structure is designed to absorb and disperse frontal impact energy so less force is transferred to what really matters: the people inside. But we didn’t stop there; crash compatibility is designed into the structure as well, so in the event of a frontal collision, the occupants of both vehicles are better protected. SAFETY THROUGH INNOVATION The RDX was designed around the driver and their passengers’ needs, because our definition of performance is one that extends beyond the spec sheet, encompassing ergonomics, sound, comfort, class-leading cargo space,1 and advanced connectivity, all working together to enhance the driving experience. OVERDELIVER RDX with Advance Package shown in Fathom Blue Pearl. To build the best, you need to work with the best, which is why we collaborated with eight-time Grammy ® award winner Elliot Scheiner to create the critically acclaimed ELS Studio Premium Audio System. Whether you’re listening over the airwaves, streaming digitally, or enjoying your own music library, ELS Studio was designed to produce music as it’s meant to be heard, so even the most familiar tunes will become a whole new listening experience. The result is the perfect combination of engineering and artistry, and it’s totally unique to Acura. “Acura cares, unlike some other providers that put systems in automobiles. Others come from a scientific background, meaning they tune using numbers and charts. Not ears. That’s not what music is about, and it is the key to why the ELS Studio systems are so highly regarded.” —Elliot Scheiner RDX with Advance Package shown in Graystone. E L S S T U D I O® P R E M I U M A U D I O S Y S T E M AcuraLink It’s not enough to simply be connected anymore; we need tools that work harder for us. Available AcuraLink seamlessly connects you to the information and media you want.* Pair it with your smartphone to keep up on emails, texts, and tweets,11 check the weather, or find nearby restaurants and points of interest, and drive with the assurance of AcuraLink Assist services.12 Leverage your connected iPhone ® with available Siri ® Eyes Free 13 technology, seamlessly tapping the power of Siri with the press of a button. If traffic backs up, AcuraLink RealTime Traffic™ with Traffic Rerouting™ pulls surface-street information, including traffic flow, incidents, and construction, and can thoughtfully reroute you for a faster commute.12 *Drive responsibly. Some state laws prohibit the operation of handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle. For safety reasons, always launch your audio application or perform any other task on your phone or audio device only when the vehicle is safely parked. ENGINE RDX Engine Type Aluminum-Alloy V-6 Displacement (liters) EXTERIOR 3.5 Horsepower @ rpm 279 @ 6,200 Torque (lb-ft @ rpm) 252 @ 4,900 24-valve, SOHC i-VTEC ® Valvetrain ® Variable Cylinder Management™ (VCM ) • Fuel Injection Port 100K +/- Miles No Scheduled Tune-Ups Tune-Up Interval Power Moonroof Remote-Linked, Power-Operated Tailgate Jewel Eye ® LED Headlights Fog Lights LED-Illuminated Taillights, Brake Lights, and Side-Mirror-Integrated Directional Signals Intermittent Rear-Window Wiper Remote-Operated Windows and Moonroof-Open Function Rear Privacy Glass RDX Technology Package Advance Package • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • INTERIOR Dual-Zone, Automatic Climate Control with Air Filtration DRIVETRAIN AWD with Intelligent Control System™ Available 6-Speed Automatic Transmission • Sequential SportShift Paddle Shifters • CHASSIS MacPherson Strut Front Suspension • Multi-Link Rear Suspension • Amplitude Reactive Dampers • Electric Power-Assisted Rack-and-Pinion Steering (EPS) Aluminum-Alloy Wheels Aluminum-Alloy Wheels (Advance Package) Tires Turning Diameter, Curb to Curb (ft) FUEL ECONOMY - WEIGHT EPA Fuel Economy Ratings 2 (city/highway/combined) Recommended Fuel 14 • • • • • Keyless Access System with Acura Personalized Settings • • • Pushbutton Ignition • • • Power Windows with Driver's and Front Passenger’s Auto-Up/Down and Auto-Reverse • • • Sport Seats with Leatherette-Trimmed Interior • • • Driver's 10-Way Power Seat with Power Lumbar Support • Front Passenger’s 8-Way Power Seat 12.3/12.0 18 x 7.5 Silver Twisted 10-Spoke 18 x 7.5 Pewter Gray Metallic Machine-Finished Twisted 5-Spoke P235/60 R18 High-Performance All-Season 38.9 • • Rear-Passenger Ventilation Sport Seats with Perforated Leather-Trimmed Interior • Ventilated Front Disc/Solid Rear Disc Brakes (in) • GPS-Linked Climate Control • • • • • Front Passenger’s 4-Way Power Seat • Heated Front Seats • • Easy Fold-Down 60/40 Split Rear Seatback • • • Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column • • • Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel and Shift Knob • • • Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls • • • Active Sound Control • • • Ambient Cabin Lighting • • • Automatic-Dimming Rearview Mirror • • • Heated and Ventilated Front Seats • RDX RDX AWD Retained Accessory Power for Windows and Moonroof • • • 20/28/23 19/27/22 12-Volt Power Outlets (center console and front armrest) • • • Technology Package AcuraWatch Plus with Tech Package Advance Package Premium Unleaded 91-Octane Fuel Tank Capacity (U.S. gal) 16.0 Curb Weight (lbs without/with AcuraWatch Plus) 3,737/3,743 3,902/3,907 AcuraWatch™ A DVA NCE D SA FE T Y & DRIVER-ASSISTANCE TECHNOLOGY Curb Weight with Technology Package (lbs without/with AcuraWatch Plus) 3,768/3,772 3,931/3,935 Forward Collision Warning (FCW) System • • • Curb Weight with Advance Package 3,781 3,946 Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™) • • • Weight Distribution (% front/rear) 61/39 59/41 Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System • • • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) • • • • • • • DIMENSIONS 38.7/38.1 42.0/38.3 Length (in) Width (in) 184.4 73.7 Shoulder Room (in, front/rear) 58.7/57.2 Height (in) 65.0 Hiproom (in, front/rear) 55.7/53.8 Cargo Volume (cu ft) (max): Behind First Row Wheelbase (in) 103.5 Track (in, front/rear) 26.1* Ground Clearance (in, unladen) • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) EXTERIOR Headroom (in, front/rear) Legroom (in, front/rear) Cargo Volume (cu ft): Behind Second Row AcuraWatch Plus Blind spot information (BSI) System INTERIOR EPA Passenger Volume (cu ft) RDX Multi-View Rear Camera with Guidelines • • Multi-View Rear Camera with Dynamic Guidelines • • • Rear Cross Traffic Monitor • • • 105.7 63.1/63.4 8.1 61.3* (76.9†) * Based on SAE J1100 cargo volume measurement standard. † Based on SAE J1100 cargo volume measurement standard plus floor space between first and second seats and front seats moved forward. This figure compares more accurately with most competitive measurements. • • Standard SAFETY & SECURITY Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) Body Structure RDX Technology Package Advance Package • • • Dual-Stage, Multiple-Threshold Front Airbags (SRS) • • • Front Side Airbags • • • Side Curtain Airbags with Rollover Sensor • • • Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA ®) with Traction Control and Motion Adaptive Steering • • • 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) • • • Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) • • • Brake Assist • • • LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) • • • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with Location and Pressure Indicators • • • Theft-Deterrent System with Electronic Immobilizer • • • Tire Sealant and Repair Kit • • • Hill Start Assist • • • Cruise Control • • • • • COLOR AND TRIM Exterior White Diamond Pearl Lunar Silver Metallic Modern Steel Metallic Fathom Blue Pearl* Basque Red Pearl II Kona Coffee Metallic Graystone Parchment Graystone Parchment DRIVER CONVENIENCE Parking Sensors (front and rear) Auto-On/Off Headlight Operation with Wiper Integration • Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers Heated Side Mirrors with Reverse Gear Tilt-Down • • • • Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors • • HomeLink ® • • • Interior Compass • • • Leather AUDIO & CONNECTIVITY Acura Navigation System with 3D View • • AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™ with Street and Freeway Conditions Traffic Rerouting™ AcuraLink ® • • • • • • Siri ® Eyes Free 13 SMS Text Message Function 11 • On Demand Multi-Use Display™ (ODMD™) Multi-Information Display (MID) • • • • • • • • Color Multi-Information Display (MID) • Remote Engine Start with Vehicle Feedback Bluetooth ® HandsFreeLink ® Wireless Telephone Interface 15 Leatherette • • Acura/ELS Studio ® Premium Audio System with 10 Speakers Acura Premium Audio System with 7 Speakers Ebony • • • • • • • Song By Voice ® • • Aha™ Compatibility • • HD Radio ® • • SiriusXM ® Satellite Radio 16 • • • Pandora ® Compatibility 17 • • • USB Audio Interface with iPod ® Integration 18 • • • Bluetooth ® Streaming Audio 15 • • • MP3/Auxiliary Input Jack • • • Speed-Sensitive Volume Compensation (SVC) • • • Maintenance Minder™ System • • • Ebony Chrome Hairline Finish • Standard *Requires Technology or Advance Package. Crystal Black Pearl Acura Genuine Accessories When it comes to personalizing, choose Acura Genuine Accessories that are crafted with the same precision and attention to detail as the rest of your Acura. See your Acura dealer for a complete list of accessories or visit Popular Accessories: - All-Season Floor Mats LED Fog Lights Back-Up Sensors Cargo Tray Wheel Locks Body Side Molding Crossbars Chrome Door Trim Splash Guard Set Cargo Cover OWNER BENEFITS When you purchase a vehicle with the exceptional quality of an Acura, you expect service and support to be of the same caliber. After all, a premium automobile is only part of the ownership experience. With Acura, you also get a commitment: to personalized care and attentive service. This commitment is apparent the moment you first enter an Acura dealership and for years down the road. It comes from a belief that every aspect of owning an Acura should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Acura Limited Warranties All Acura vehicles and any Acura Genuine Accessories installed by the dealer at the time of vehicle purchase have a four-year/50,000-mile limited warranty. Acura vehicles are also covered by a six-year/70,000-mile limited powertrain warranty. In addition, outer body rust-through is covered by a five-year/unlimited-mile limited warranty.19 Acura Financial Services From leasing and financing to protecting your vehicle after your warranty expires to helping you determine which Acura fits your budget, Acura Financial Services (AFS) provides you with the convenience, options, and service to complement your life. For more information, go to 20 Acura Care Additional peace of mind can be had with the Acura Care program–comprehensive vehicle and travel protection beyond the initial warranty period. See your Acura dealer for all the features and benefits available with this program. AcuraLink Mobile App The AcuraLink app allows you to connect to your vehicle from almost anywhere. Convenience and security are at a touch of a button. All AcuraLink equipped vehicles come with complimentary Standard services for 3 years from the original date of purchase or lease of a new vehicle. A complimentary 3-month trial subscription of Connect and Premium packages is included if enrolled within 3 months of original vehicle purchase date. At the end of each trial period, purchase of a subscription is required to continue the respective services.12 Get started and download the AcuraLink App today. Learn more about Acura vehicles, including the latest specifications, see photo galleries and technology videos, and find out how our vehicles compare with the competition. You can also build and price your Acura, see current offers, and even get a quote from an internet-certified Acura dealer. The online help doesn’t end when you take possession of your vehicle. Your complimentary Acura Owners personalized website gives the most current information about your vehicle, including how to use RDX product features. The site can send you service reminders, and allows you to keep a personalized maintenance record and schedule service appointments online. An extensive Knowledge Bank and available Chat function are designed to keep you informed. Total Luxury Care (TLC) Acura’s commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end with the delivery of a world-class vehicle. As an Acura owner, you’ll enjoy an array of services, like the Acura Concierge,™ for 24-hour weather information, insurance claims assistance, or to help you plan a trip; trip-interruption benefits, like alternative transportation, lodging, and meals; and a 24-hour Roadside Assistance program.21 ©2017 Acura. Acura, RDX, the stylized “A” logo, Acura Concierge, AcuraLink, AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic, AcuraWatch, Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE), All-Wheel Drive with Intelligent Control System, Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Destination Link, HandsFreeLink, i-VTEC, Jewel Eye, Maintenance Minder, On Demand Multi-Use Display (ODMD), Song By Voice, Traffic Rerouting, Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Covered by patent rights issued and/or pending. Specifications, features, illustrations, and equipment shown in this catalog are based on the latest available information at the time of publication. Although descriptions are believed to be correct, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. All images contained herein are either owned by American Honda Motor Co., Inc., or used under a valid license. It is a violation of federal law to reproduce these images without express written permission from American Honda Motor Co., Inc., or the individual copyright owner of such images. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice or obligation, in colors, specifications, accessories, materials, and models. Aha, the Aha logo, and the Aha trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Harman International Industries. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Honda Motor Co., Ltd., is under license. ELS Studio is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation of North America. All rights reserved. GRAMMY is a registered trademark of The Recording Academy and is used under license. HD Radio is a proprietary trademark of iBiquity Digital Corporation. HomeLink® is a registered trademark of Gentex Corporation. iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, iPod touch®, iTunes®, Retina®, and Siri® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Pandora, the Pandora logo, and the Pandora trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc. Used with permission. ©2017 Sirius XM Radio, Inc. SiriusXM is a trademark of XM Satellite Radio, Inc. Make an intelligent decision. Fasten your seat belt. 1 Based on U.S. News & World Report Luxury Compact SUVs segmentation as of 06/28/2017. Cargo capacity based on manufacturer’s data. Based on SAE J1100 cargo volume measurement standard plus floor space between first and second seats and front seats moved forward. This figure compares more accurately with most competitive measurements. 2 Based on 2017 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, and other factors. 3 Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program. For additional information on the 5-Star Safety Ratings program, please visit 4 FCW cannot detect all objects ahead and may not detect a given object; accuracy will vary based on weather, speed, and other factors. System operation affected by extreme interior heat. FCW does not include a braking function. Driver remains responsible for safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions. 5 Depending on the circumstances, CMBS may not go through all the alert stages before initiating the last stage (of collision mitigation). CMBS cannot detect all objects ahead and may not detect a given object; accuracy will vary based on weather, speed, and other factors. System operation affected by high interior heat. Driver remains responsible for safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions. 6 LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System) and LDW (Lane Departure Warning) only alert drivers or operate when lane drift is detected without a turn signal in use. LDW and LKAS may not detect all lane markings or lane departures; accuracy will vary based on weather, speed, and road condition. System operation affected by extreme interior heat. Driver remains responsible for safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions. 7 Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low Speed-Follow cannot detect all objects ahead and may not detect a given object; accuracy will vary based on weather, speed, and other factors. ACC should not be used in heavy traffic, poor weather, or on winding roads. The driver remains responsible for avoiding a collision. 8 The system is not a substitute for your own visual assessment before changing lanes; system accuracy will vary based on weather, size of object, and speed. 9 The system is not a substitute for your own visual assessment before backing up; system accuracy will vary based on weather, size of object, and speed. 10 Always visually confirm that it is safe to drive before backing up; the rearview camera display does not provide complete information about all conditions and objects at the rear of your vehicle. 11 Based on compatibility. Cellular connection required. Your wireless carrier’s rate plans apply. See your dealer for details. 12 Certain AcuraLink services are available only where compatible cellular and GPS coverage is available. Subscription agreement required to enroll and terms and conditions of subscription agreement apply to services. Standard text rates and/or data usage may apply to communications received by email or SMS/text message. Visit your dealer or for more information on standard and available features. 13 Siri® is available on iPhone® 4s or later, iPad® with Retina® display, iPad mini,™ and iPod touch® (5th generation) and requires Internet access. Siri® may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area. Cellular data charges may apply. Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas. Siri®, iPhone®, and iPod® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. 14 Use of lower-octane gasoline can cause occasional metallic knocking noise in the engine and will result in decreased engine performance. Use of gasoline with a pump octane less than 91 can lead to engine damage. 15 Visit www.handsfreelink. com for a list of compatible phones and available features. Compatible with select phones with Bluetooth® technology. Your wireless carrier’s rate plans apply. 16 SiriusXM services require a subscription after any trial period. If you decide to continue your SiriusXM service at the end of your trial subscription, the plan you choose will automatically renew and bill at then-current rates until you call SiriusXM at 1-866-635-2349 to cancel. See our Customer Agreement for complete terms at Fees and programming subject to change. XM satellite service is available only to those at least 18 years and older in the 48 contiguous United States and D.C. 17 Compatible with select smartphones. See: Not all devices compatible with USB connection. Your wireless carrier’s rate plans apply. 18 The USB Audio Interface is used for direct connection to and control of some current digital audio players and other USB devices that contain MP3, WMA, or AAC music files. Some USB devices with security software and digital rights-protected files may not work. Please see your Acura dealer for details on compatibility. Windows Media® is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. 19 Ordinary maintenance items or adjustments, parts subject to normal wear and replacement, and certain other items are excluded. See your Acura dealer for the items and conditions of limited warranties. 20 Acura Financial Services is a DBA of American Honda Finance Corporation. 21 See your local dealer for details about Total Luxury Care (TLC) Roadside Assistance and Acura Concierge service. Printed in the USA 60M 10/17 E574600 RDX AWD with Advance Package shown in Crystal Black Pearl.