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Summary of Content
ESTATE DESIGN EXPLORING LARGE SPACES No. 1 IN AM LICENCE VEHICLES ESTATE design vision RANGE The Crossover is the biggest model of its AM licence vehicle category in the world. Its entirely unique spaciousness and ergonomics makes the Crossover the perfect solution for your daily adventures. A FRESH LOOK AT AM LICENCE VEHICLES The new front panel of the AIXAM models, with its sharp and precise lines, confirms the entirely new expression and innovation of the VISION range. pages 4 to 7 URBAN OR RURAL LANDSCAPES The front bumper makes more than ever for an aggressive, determined look. Its new headlights provide it with an exclusive visual, modern and seductive identity. With grille openings and fog lights boasting emphasized lines and a bumper with its flowing lines... the new silhouette reveals the range’s strong personality. You’re right to be eager, welcome to the world of the Estate Design. PRACTICALITY pages 8 to 11 2 3 USEFUL IN URBAN OR RURAL LANDSCAPES The Crossover is the perfect compromise between utility and pleasure. With its generous proportions, its spaciousness and its agility, the Crossover is capable of meeting all expectations. Discover its 1200-litre boot, a one-of-a-kind in its category. Just imagine what it can do for you... 4 5 DISTINGUISHING MARKS Its dynamic lines are adorned with chrome-plated grille inserts, wing mirror caps, door handles and roof bars. The front panel with its feline design benefits from a spoiler split in two by silver skid plates and complemented with LED fog lights... An impeccable style. 6 7 VERSATILE FOR EVERYDAY USE The Crossover is an easy-going vehicle. Its versatile design allows for unrestricted travel over all landscapes, so all forms of use are possible. Explore all aspects of everyday life. 8 9 PRACTICALITY It boasts exceptional boot space. This record boot capacity means that you stay flexible in terms of your favourite activities. Adopt your working partner today. 1,200 litres 10 11 SOUNDPROOF MOBILITY SILENCE AND RELIABILITY Aixam has developed a high-performance sound insulation system for reducing engine noises, exclusively installed on its Vision range. Reduced engine sounds, cosy cab atmosphere, low acoustic pressure... AIXAM has designed a new innovation to improve your wellbeing and that of those around you. Calm and serenity are permanent passengers on board your AIXAM. Discretely melt into the automotive scenery. DID YOU KNOW? Vibrations in the air exert pressure on your ears, enabling you to detect volume. The higher the pressure, the louder the volume. Noise is insidious and can cause stress, lack of concentration and headaches... HIGH-PERFORMANCE AND EFFECTIVE SOUND INSULATION AIXAM, constantly focusing on environmental, comfort and safety issues, has laid down a challenge regarding the acoustic levels of its models. The new soundproofing system, significantly reducing sounds both inside and outside the vehicle, contributes to reducing ambient noise and preserving quality of life on a daily basis. AIXAM, COMMITTED AND RESPONSIBLE 54 % of the French population list outside noise as the form of pollution the most difficult to tolerate. AIXAM, aware of the inconvenients of noise pollution, is committed to reducing the noise emissions of its models. SOUNDPROOF MOBILITY ACOUSTIC COMFORT 12 13 ON-BOARD COMFORT AND REFINED INTERIORS The «Estate» line has a modern, welcoming and comfortable living space. Quality, design and refinement are key. * Stage 3 soundproofing for reduced engine noise is available with the Premium designs. Via its new two-tone trim with trendy hues and its new ivory dashboard decoration pack, the Premium cabin gains in refinement and exclusivity. ON-BOARD COMFORT Because the perfect seating position is a safety issue, the seat finishes, nature of the upholstery and materials used are chosen with the utmost care. 14 15 EXCLUSIVITY: AIXAM CONNECT To accompany its new innovation, AIXAM provides a latest generation multimedia system: an intuitive Bluetooth™ interface and touch screen... View your music, display radio information, find a station, plug in your smartphone and transfer all of your favourite apps... It’s child’s play! ERGONOMICS & ACCESSIBILITY The comfort level and amenities will surprise you. A perfect osmosis between practicality and ease of use... The controls available on the centre console are at your fingertips and are embellished with the brand new multimedia tablet* offering a highly intuitive interface. * Optional Silver design pack ERGONOMICS & ACCESSIBILITY Benefit from our useful and informative innovations. 16 17 recyclable GREEN MOBILITY A COMBUSTION ENGINE RANGE At AIXAM, the environment has always been a major concern. Our objective is to offer green mobility means using controlled combustion engines. MADE IN FRANCE The combustion engine range benefits from KUBOTA Diesel engines. Its main advantage is its ironclad reliability and very low CO2 emissions. The LOMBARDINI petrol engine of the four-seater version benefits from the same properties with low carbon oxide emissions. Your Aixam was designed, created and assembled in France. Our teams operate on two production sites in the Rhone-Alpes region (Aix-les-Bains and Chanas): AIXAM is one of the jewels of the French motor industry. Combustion engine range 77.9 g/km of CO 2 GREEN MOBILITY AIXAM actively takes part in preserving the environment by recycling its cars. Nearly 100 % are recycled. AIXAM always uses reusable or recyclable materials. 37 % less CO2 compared to the average objective of 125 g/km set by the European Parliament. 18 19 MY AIXAM MY SAFETY ACTIVE SAFETY: Carefully selected, high-quality fittings to avoid all dangers. PASSIVE SAFETY: Technology and equipment for your safety. OCCUPANT PROTECTION: How the AIXAM design copes with impacts. Good vision allied with good visibility Road holding Wide, laminated windscreens, large rear-view mirrors developed according to vehicle standards, powerful headlamps and LEDs: all of these fittings ensure your safety as you go about your daily trips. Thanks to its four independent wheels, its MacPherson-type struts and its rear trailing arms, road holding is impeccable. The vehicle passed all stability tests (chicane, momentum, slalom) above the authorised speed limit (45 km/h). The tyres ensure excellent road holding and handling. Correct tyre contact with the road is essential and AIXAM takes particular care in the selection of its tyres. Aixam’s priority is to protect you Comfort makes for better driving The comfort of your AIXAM is extremely important for boosting your alertness and interest in driving. The instruments have been carefully thought out so that each action is efficient. The multiple storage compartments ensure that your belongings don’t turn into projectiles, whilst the soundproofing ensures your alertness for safe driving. BS ith A w ABS* witho ut AB S *O  ptional (S and Premium versions) or standard (GTI). The ABS* system is based on 4 sensors linked to an electronic control unit. Permanently updated with road grip data from the axles, the control unit varies the braking power for each wheel to guarantee the well-balanced steering of your Aixam. For emergency braking, the ABS system avoids wheel locking by exploiting tyre road grip to the maximum. This provides for optimal braking on difficult road surfaces, thus reducing the risk of skidding and maintaining directional control. Come rain, snow or ice, you stay in control of your Aixam. Our vehicles are subjected to meticulous testing to ensure your safety. AIXAM puts all of its models through stability tests: ISO chicane, momentum test and slalom. They all pass above the authorised speed limit (45 km/h). The materials and technology have been combined to ensure your internal and external safety. Its high-tech design enables your AIXAM to pass all crash tests. A dual envelope for unique protection AIXAM has developed a very rigid extruded aluminium chassis with thermoformed, colourimpregnated ABS PMMA bodywork. This crash cage dampens kinetic energy during minor impacts with shock-absorbent bodywork that can recover its shape. The chassis protects against deformations in the event of a more significant impact. chAssis BODYWORK From CRASH CAGE years CRITERIA FOR PASSING A CRASH TEST  Passenger compartment intact with no noticeable deformation: no intrusion, no injuries, you are not trapped inside your vehicle. No broken windows: no cuts or injuries. Seatbelts are designed not to remain locked: no hindrance and no panic when leaving the vehicle. The doors remain closed during an accident: no ejection. The door handles operate correctly: the door opens easily to allow the occupants to leave the vehicle. MY AIXAM MY SAFETY AIXAM, the leading manufacturer of AM-license vehicles for the past 30 years, has gained solid experience in manufacturing quadricycles. Aware that mobility requires flawless quality, AIXAM builds extremely safe vehicles based on a highly advanced design. TESTED WITHOUT COMPROMISE 20 21 THE AIXAM NETWORK: MY LONG-LASTING SAFETY OUR NETWORK IS THE QUALITY RELAY POINT FOR YOUR AIXAM. These attentions guarantee the long-term reliability of your AIXAM. AIXAM THE POWER OF A NETWORK CAR PART COUNTERFEITING: A THREAT TO YOUR SAFETY In 2010, 1,190 tonnes of non-compliant or hazardous car parts flooded Europe. This dramatic situation must raise driver awareness and encourage them to entrust their vehicles to approved servicing networks. (Source: report issued by the French Ministry of Commerce). Our network is the quality and compliance relay point for your AIXAM. Meet the trained expert teams who will welcome you into AIXAM’s world. Their role is to guide you through the range, to advise you on available services and to be there for you on a daily basis. These attentions guarantee the long life and reliability of your AIXAM. ASSISTANCE & WARRANTY Because your satisfaction is only really achieved over time, AIXAM guarantees its vehicles for 2 years (parts and labour) and offers you 2 years unlimited mileage breakdown assistance as proof of its commitment. AFTER-SALES SERVICE The AIXAM network boasts an optimal after-sales service. Furthermore, a permanent stock of spare parts means that your dealer can provide you with a fast solution. AIXAM IS AGAINST GENUINE PARTS: The manufacturer standardises spare parts and undertakes to supply them to its network. This is of capital importance to guarantee the integrity and long life of your Aixam. OVERHAUL AND SERVICING SCHEDULE: As a manufacturer, AIXAM organises training programmes for all technicians working for its distributors. • Engine and regulator modifications. • The race for performance is a very dangerous attitude to adopt. • Vehicles are not approved for absorbing high speeds. You may be held liable and your insurance company may refuse cover. AIXAM and its network undertake not to accept such uses. The Aixam-approved network is kept up-to-date with the latest manufacturing information concerning repairs and maintenance: quality, timeframes and prices are thus guaranteed. FINANCING Via its partners, AIXAM can offer you solutions to match your budget. Your dealer will work with you to find the best financing method to suit your requirements and possibilities. AIXAM is 130 approved dealers in France, entirely dedicated to your everyday needs. 22 23 compact design coupé design estate design The Aixam range is designed to suit all of your daily needs and uses with its combustion engines or electrical vehicles. Enter into Aixam’s universe and choose from its three state-ofthe-art, comfortable and safe lines. Give in and discover our City, Coupé and Crossover models. Stay connected with AIXAM for the latest news!!! /Photos: C. CHAIZE - Non-contractual document. Some differences in detail may exist between the models sold and the photos shown here. We cannot be held liable for errors or omissions in this document. 10/2013. Reference 0BC001. DISCOVER THE ENTIRE VISION RANGE WITH YOUR AIXAM DEALER Your approved dealer AIXAM MEGA HEAD OFFICE AND FACTORY 56, route de Pugny - B.P. 112 73101 Aix-les-Bains cedex - France Tél. : +33 (0) / Fax : +33 (0) - [email protected] No. 1 IN AM LICENCE VEHICLES