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Summary of Content
ENGINE OIL CONSUMPTION AND TANK FILLING in fo Service Release #6-77 November 2 1 , 1960 le ss . It has been found that in some instances of excessive oil consumption that oil loss is being encountered due to improper filling of the oil tank. On all dry sump systems, there is a possibility of oil seeping through the pump while the engine is stopped. This, of course, lowers the oil level in the tank. If oil is added to bring the tank level to the high limit, when the oil from the crankcase is returned when the engine starts, the tank will be overfull and oil will be lost. ch To prevent this possibility, the engine should be run for a short period to scavenge the crankcase (return any oil which has seeped by the pump) before adding oil to the oil tank. at VALVE TIMING ON 500 C.C. & 600 C.C. COMPETITION ENGINES aj sm The valve timing on the 500 c.c. G80CS and the 600 c.c. G80TCS must be set up as listed in the Supplementary Instruction Book for competition models. Both cam wheels and also the small timing pinion are marked for correct assembly. Use No. 2 mark for the inlet cam; No. 1 for the exhaust cam. With both cam wheels removed, turn the engine until the marked tooth of the small pinion is in line with the center of the inlet cam wheel bushing. w. Insert the inlet cam into the bushing with the No. 2 tooth space mark in mesh with the mark on the small timing pinion. Turn the engine forward until the marked tooth on the small timing is in line with the center of the exhaust cam wheel bushing. ww Insert the exhaust cam into its bushing with the No. 1 tooth space mark in mesh with the mark on the small timing pinion. 1960 MODEL G2CS TRANSMISSION A change has been made in the design of the mainshaft driving gear and the mainshaft third gear dogs to insure positive engagement. These gears must be installed in pairs only in the 196 0 transmission. These are the standard 1961 gears 042850 044076 Mainshaft Driving Gear w/bushings replaces 042682 Mainshaft Third Gear replaces 04l276 Service Release #6-77 -2NEW MOTORCYCLE TEST LABEL ss . PINTO TRANSMISSION in fo Each new motorcycle crate contains a test label which shows the engine and frame numbers, the tester's O.K. and the date. The reverse side bears an IMPORTANT notice. This label should be attached to the fork crown until the machine is delivered to the owner. Be sure to call his attention to the statement on the label and also to the instructions for running in the engine in the Instruction Book. Excessive end play between the layshaft first gear and the kickstarter shaft may allow the transmission to jump out of low gear on hard acceleration. ch le This condition can be corrected by placing steel shims between the layshaft first gear and the kickstarter shaft. The position to install the shims is between the layshaft first gear No. 156 and the kickstarter shaft No. 85 on the illustration on Page 24 of the Pinto Instruction Book. at To assure proper operation of the kickstarter, there should be .004 to .005 inches free end motion at the kickstarter shaft when the gearbox inner cover No. 113 and the gasket No. ll4 are secured to the transmission. aj sm The shims are available under part numbers. ww w. 15T545255 15T545256 Shim Shim .010 .020 THE INDIAN COMPANY Service Department