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Summary of Content
SEARS Kenmore COHTEHTS SAI- _-TY ............................................................................ USE AND 1 _3 CARE Your Range and Its Features ..................................... 4 To Start Things Cooking ........................................ 5, 6 Cooklop Controls ....................................................... 5 Oven Control ......................................................... 5, 14 Oven Cooking ............................................................. 7 Broiling ........................................................................ 8 Cleaning Tips ....................................................... 9, 10 Removable Range Parts ..................................... 10o13 SERVICE Before Calling For Service ................................. 13, 14 Thermostat Adjustments ......................................... 14 WARRANTY MODELS 62421 91121 91125 USE • CARE • SAFETY MANUAL .... •-:_.-',." -,'.-'o-" ._..-:.,'.i'" ......_:i." ..:_._.:_:.:" ..:.::.:,:.: ..... :.:.:.:.:._i. _ . IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR SAFETY SAVE Read appliances, all instructions basic safety THESE before using precautions INSTRUCTIONS this should appliance. When be followed, using including electrical the following: Teach children not to play with range knobs or any other part of the range. Never leave children alone or unattended where a range is in use. CAUTION: Never store things children might want above a range. Never let anyone climb, sit or stand on the open door or any other part of the range. Their weight may make the range tip over. Never leave the oven door open when you are not watching the range. WARNING: To prevent accidental tipping of the range from abnormal usage, IncludIng excess loading of the oven door, attach it to the wall or floor by installing the anti-tip bracket supplied. If the range is moved for cleaning, servicing or any reason, be sure anti-tip device is re-engaged properly when the range is replaced. Failure to take this precaution could result In tipping of the range and cause Injury. NESAFO8-3 Always keep the range area clear and free from things that will burn. Never use your range for warming or heating a room. You could be burned or seriously Injured. Such misuse could also cause damage to the range. CAUTION: Never store things In an oven or near cooktop elements/ burners. These things may catch fire and plaatlc Items could melt. Never wear loose clothing when using your range. Such clothing could catch fire. Never use a towel or other bulky cloth as a pothotder. Such cloths could catch fire on a hot element/burner. Never let pot handles stick out over the front of the range. Turn handles In so that they cannot be bumped Into. Keep the handles away from other hot surface elements/burners. Never leave cooktop elements/ burners unwatched at high heat settings. Bollovers cause smokIng and greasy splllovers could catch fire. 2 NESAF09-2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Keep this book for later use. Always keep canned food, and wooden or plastic utensils a safe distance away from your range. Be sure your range Is Installed and grounded properly by a qualified technician. Always keep the appliance area clear and free from things that will burn; gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquids. Cheese pots and pans with flat bottoms, large enough to cover t he entire cooktop element. This will cut down the risk of setUng potholders or clothing on fire with an uncovered element and waste less energy. Only some kinds of glass or ceramic pans can be used for cooktop cooking. Be sure that the pan you use will not break when heated on the cooktop elements. Always use care when touching cooktop elements, areas near cooktop elements, oven heating elements or Inside the oven. Heating elements could be hot enough to bum you even If they are dark In color. The oven vent duct and oven door may also become hot during range Never try to repair or replace any part of the range unless Instructions are given In this book. All other work should be done by a skilled technician. Never heat unopened food containers. Pressure buildup may make container burst and cause Injury. use. Always change oven rack positions while oven Is cool. Never leave Jars or cans of fat or drippings on or near therange. Neverletgraasebullduponyourrange. You can keep grease flrns from starting If you clean up grease and spills after each range use. After broiling, always take the broiler pan out of the range and clean it. Leftover grease In the broiler pan can catch on fire next time you use the pan. Place oven shelves In desired position while oven Is cool. Never use aluminum foil to line drip bowls or oven bottoms. Improper use of foil could start a fire or cause electrical shock. Always use dry potholders when removing pans from the oven or cooktop. Moist or damp pothoiders can cause steam burns. Never Never try to move a pan of hot fat, especially a deep fat fryer. Walt until the fat has cooled. Always use care when opening oven door. Let hot air and steam out before moving food. Always follow cleaning Instructions block free airflow through the oven vent. Never In this book. put removable heating elements In water. Never use the cooktop without reflector pans or drip bowls being In place. If these pans or bowls are not there during cooking, wiring or other range parts may be damaged. Always remove the broiler pan and other utensils from the oven before a self-clean cycle. Always keep the range and oven clean. Food and grease are easy to Ignite. Clean the range, oven and vent hoods regularly. Never touch surface units, heating elements, or Interior surfaces of the oven. They may be hot even though they appear dark In color. Always keep combustible wall coverings, curtains or drapes a safe distance away from your range. Clean only parts listed In manual. Always keep dish towels, dish cloths, potholders and other linens a safe distance away from your range. Never clean cooktop surface when It Is hot. Some cleaners produce noxious fumes and wet cloths could cause steam burns if used on a hot surface. Read NOW! COOKTOP and understand Be sure everyone what to do in case in your of fire. Should you ever need time for reading. Never use water only spread the this information home fire. FIRE Never pick up a flaming pan...Instead: 1. Turn off the element. knows 2. it, you will not have on a grease flames. GREASE Smother the fire with a tighUy fitting baking soda or an extinguisher. OVEN it will 3 pan lid, FIRE t. Close 2. If fire continues, fire. oven door and turn controls throw baking off. soda on the NESAF46 YOUR RANGE IMPORTANT: The mode| ar'_ s_ number of ya_Jt"_gQ can he found oll a tag, behind me m_e drawer pane_, on _e left side of the range front frame. Cooktop Comml Cooldop Indicator Light (glows whenever any cooktop element is on) Oven Vent (below right rear element; may get hot dudng oven use. DO NOT block veni) Removable Cook_ Element and Chrome Reflector Bowls (See page 12) Removable Plug-In Cooktop Element (See page 12} RemovableOven (Seepage10) Oven Beke Eiemsm Removable Oven Door (See page 11} __ Broiler pan and grid (See pages I_and t4} 4 NEFSF07 To Start Things Cooking COOKTOP COOKING The sign near each cooktop control knob shows which element is turned on by that knob. O0 • 0 eO O0 Oe 0 0 O0 O• Left Front Left Rear Right Rear Right Front To operate cooktop For best cooking results and energy efficient operation, you should use pans that: A. Have flat bottoms and straight sides. B. Have light handles that do not tilt pans. C. Are about the same size as the element. OVEN controls: To use bake 1. Push to turn. or broil: 1. Set the OVEN CONTROL to desired temperature or to BROIL. When broiling, besuretoturn the knob all the way to the stop In the BROIL section of the knob. 2. Set on or between marks for desired heat. An Indicator light will glow when any cooktop element Is on. 2. When finished, turn OVEN OFF CONTROL to OFF. OFF -- COOKTOP CONTROL OVEN / _ x / MED g \ elements with aluminum foil. Foil can Never line the below €ooktop block normal heatbowls flow, and damage the range. This is especially true if foil blocks the oven vent tube under the right rear cooktop element. CONTROL 5 NEMTC27 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q. May I can foods and preserves units? on my surface A. Yes, but only use cookware designed for canning purposes. Check the manufacturer's Instructions and recipes for preserving foods. Be sure canner Is flat-bottomed and fits overthe center of your surface unit. Since canning generates large amounts of steam, be careful to avoid burns from steam or heat. Canning should only be done on surface units. Q. Can I cover my drip pans with A. No. Clean as recommended foil? your surface u nit can be shortened and the range top can be damaged from the high heat needed for this type of cooking. Canning should Q. Why does my cookware on the surface unit? tilt when I place them A. Because the surface unit or the cookware Is not flat. Make sure that the "feet" on your surface units are sltUng tightly In the range top Indentation and the outer edge of the drip pan Is flat on the range surface. like an A. We recommend flat bottomed woks. Cookware without flat surfaces Is not recommended. The life of CANNING A. After turning surface unit off and making sure it Is cool, check to make sure that your plug-In units are securely fastened Into the surface connection. In Cleaning Guide. Q. Can I use special cooking equipment, oriental wok, on any surface units? HOME Q. Why am I not getting the heat I need from my units even though I have the knobs on the right setting? Q. Why is the porcelain coming off? finish on my cookwsre A. If you set your surface unit higher than required for the cookware material and leave It, the finish may smoke, crack, pop or burn, depending on the pot or pan. Also, a too high heat for long periods, and small amounts of dry food, may damage the finish. TIPS be done on cooktop only. In surface cooking of foods other than canning, the use of large-diameter pots (extending more than 1" beyond edge of drip pan) Is not recommended. However, when canning with water-bath or pressure canner, large-allameter pots may be used. This Is because boiling water temperatures (even under pressure) are not harmful to cooktop surfaces surrounding heating unit. 3. Flat-bottomedcannersglvebestcannlngresults. Be sure bottom of canner Is flat or alight Indentation fits snugly over surface unit. Canners with flanged or rippled bottoms (often found In enamelware) are not recommended. RIGHT WRONG HOWEVER, DO NOT USE LARGE DIAMETER CANNERS OR OTHER LARGE DIAMETER POTS FOR FRYING OR BOILING FOODS OTHER THAN WATER. 4. When canning, use recipes from reputable sources. Reliable recipes are available from the manufacturer of your canner; manufacturers of glass jars for canning, such as Ball and Kerr; and the United States Department of Agriculture Extension Service. 5. IN Remember, In following the recipes, that canning Is a process that generates large amounts of steam. Be careful while cennlng to prevent burns from steam or heat. 1. Bring water to boll on HIGH heat, then after boiling has begun, adjust heat to lowest setting to maintain boll (saves energy and best uses surface unit). NOTE" If your range Is being operated on low power (voltage), canning may take longer than expected, even though directions have been carefully followed. The process may be Improved by: Most syrup or sauce mixtures -- and all types of frying --cook at temperatures much hlgherthan boiling water. Such temperatures could eventually harm cooktop surfaces surrounding heating units. OBSERVE CANNING FOLLOWING POINTS 2. Besurecannerfltsovercenterofsurfaceunlt. If your range does not allow canner to be centered on surface unit, use smaller-diameter pots for good canning results. (1) using a pressure canner, (2) for fastest heating of large water quantities, begin with HOT tap water. NEMTC06-1 and OVEN COOKING When cooking a food for the first time in your new oven, use time given on recipes as a guide. Avoid opening the door too often to check the food during baking as heat will be lost. This may cause poor baking results. Your new oven has been set correctly at the factory and Is more apt to be accurate than the oven It replaced. Cakes, cookies, muffins, and quick breads should be baked In shiny pans -- to reflect the heat because they should have a light golden crust. Yeast breads and pie crusts should be baked In glass or dull (non-shiny) pans-- to absorb the heat because they should have a brown, crisp crust. After you have used you oven for awhile, If you feel your oven should be hotter or cooler, you can adjust It yourself. See THERMOSTAT ADJUSTMENTS In this manual. Be sure the underside of the pan Is shiny too. Darkened undersides will absorb the heat and may cause over browning on the bottom of your food. Always follow recipe carefully. Measure Ingredients properly. Use proper pan placement. Place pans on the oven racks wIth 1" - 1 1/2" of air space on all sides of each pan. Avoid overcrowding the oven. Pans too close to each other, to oven walls or to the oven bottom, block the free movement of air. Improper air movement causes uneven browning and cooking. Oven temperatures should be reduced 25 degrees below recommended temperatures if exterior of pan Is predarkened, darkened by age or oven proof glass. 2 cake layers There may be some odorwhen the oven Is first used. This is caused by the heating of new parts and Insulation. Do not cover an entire oven rack wIth foil. The foil can block normal heat flow and cause poor baking results. Do not place any foil directly above the bake element. Foil used on the oven bottom under the 4 cake layers element may damage the oven surface; therefore, It should not be used. When baking several Items stagger pans so that no pan Is directly above another. Cookies should be baked on flat cookie sheets without sides to allow the air to circulate properly. Always turn oven to OFF before removing food. During baking, avoid frequent dooropenlngs. oven door open as short a time as possible. When recipes require preheating, have food nearby before you open the oven door. If the oven door Is allowed to remain open for more than a brief time, the preheat temperature will be lost. Keep Let the oven preheat thoroughly before cooking baked products. Watch the indicator light and put the food In the oven promptly afterthe IIght goes out. Use residual heat In oven whenever possible to finish cooking casseroles, oven meals, etc. Use residual heat when baking rolls or precooked desserts. 7 NEOVC02-2 BROILING Do not cover the enUre broiler grid with foil, Poor drainage of hot fat may cause a broiler fire, Broiling Is cooking by dlract heat from the broil burner. Tender cuts of meat or marinated meat should be selected for broiling. For best results steaks and chops should be at least 3/4" thick. If a fire starts, close the oven door and tam controls off. If fire continues, throw baking soda on the fire. Do not put water on the fire. After placing food on the broiler pan, put the pan on the rack In the oven. The recommended rack position and cooking time can be found In the chart at right. POSITIONING The closer the food Is to the broil burner, the faster the meat browns on the outside, yet stays red to pink in the center. Moving the meat farther away from the burner lets the meat cook to the center while brownIng outside. Side one should be cooked 1 - 2 minutes longer than side two. BROILER Rack Position Food Your oven door should be open to the broil stop position while broiling. If the door is closed the food will roast and not broil. PAN Total Time 4 = Highest I = Lowest (minutes) Rare 4 9-11 Medium 3 13-15 Well Done 3 21-23 Medium - 1" Thick 3 16-18 Medium - 1/2" Thick 4 7-9 Steak - 1" Thick Use only the broiler pan and grid that came with your range for broiling. They are designed for proper drainage of fat and liquids and help prevent spatter, smoke or fire. Ground Beef Patties Do not preheat when broiling. Preheating may cause the thermostat to cycle the broil burner off and on. For even broiling on both sides, start the food on a cold pan. Trim the outer layer of fat from steaks and chops. Slit the fatty edges to keep the meat from curling. Lamb Chops - 1" Thick 3 18-21 Pork Chops - 1" Thick 3 27-29 For maximum juiciness, salt the first side just before turning the meat. Salt the second side just before serving. Pork Chops - 1/2" Thick 3 16-18 Ham Slice - 1/2" Thick 3 11-12 Brush chicken and fish with butter several times as they broil When broiling fish, grease the grid to prevent sticking and broil with skin side down. It Is not necessary to turn fish. Fish (Fillets) 3 11-13 Chicken (Pieces) 2 45-55 Frankfurters 3 8-11 Bacon 3 9-11 Never leave a soiled broiler pan in the range. Grease in the pan may smoke or burn the next time the oven Is used. • Be sure you know the correct procedure putting out a grease fire. See the section safety. for on This chart Is a general guide. The size, weight, thickness, and starting temperature of the food, as well as your own personal preference, will affect the cooking time. Times In the chart are based on the food being at refrigerator temperature. 8 NEBRL03-2 CLEANING TIPS Refer to the removable parts section when cleaning your oven. Warm water, a mild detergent and a soft cloth are safe to use on all cleanable parts of your oven. Do not use metal scouring pads, except where recommended. PART CLEANING REMARKS MATERIALS Control panel Detergent, warm water, soft cloth Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or plastic scouring pads. Dry thoroughly after cleaning. Oven Interior Detergent, warm water, scouring pad or scep-fllledstselwoolpadorovencleaner Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Do net coat oven bake element or broil elenTent w_th ovell cleaner, Oven rack Detergent, warm water, scoudng pad or soap-fgled steel wool pad or oven cleaner Remove from oven to clean. Rinse thoroughly. Racks are dishwasher safe. Bro,er pan and orld Detergent, warm water, soap-filled scouring pad, commemlal oven cleaner Remove soiled pan from oven to cool. Drain fat or drippings. Fill pan with warm water. Sprinkle grid with detergent and cover with damp cloth or paper towels. Let pan and grid soak for a few minutes. Rinse or scour as needed. Grid and pan may be washed In a dishwasher. (pan only) ,,,, Glass Glass cleaner and paper towels Ifyou need addlUonelclesnlng for spotting, wash with equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Rinse well and dry. Door should be completely open when cleaning the top edge. I Do not allow water to run down inside opening In door whllecleanlng. Remove stubborn soil with paste of baking soda and water. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Rinse thoroughly. Door can be removed; see removable parts section. Porcelainenameland paintedsurfaces Detergent, warm water, paper towel, dry cloth If acidic foods (such as tomatoes o r lemon Bakeelerr_'_ and broil element Do not clean Any sell will bum off when the unit is heated. NOTE: The bake element can be lifted gently toclean theoven floor. Ifsplllover, resldue or ash accumulates around the bake element, juice) should spill on the oven while It Is hot, use a dry paper towel or cloth to wipe them up right away. When the surface has cooled, wash and rinse. Polish with dry cloth. No matter how stubborn the stain, never use harsh abrasive cleaners. They could permanently damage the enamel surface. We recommend a cleanser such as Soft Scrub_ brand or a similar cleaning product to keep porcelain surfaces looking cleanand new. After cleaning, dnsewellwith a vinegar and water mixture. This will help prevent a brown residue from forming when the oven Is heated. Buff these areas dry with a dry cloth. gently wipe the cooled element with warm water. 9 NECCH05*2 CLEANING TIPS(cont.) PART CLEANING MATERIALS REMARKS Chrome drip bowls Bowls can permanently discolor if exposed to excessive heat or If soil is allowed to bake on. Brown food stains Detergent and water, plastic scoudng pads, mild abrasive cleaners, soap filled scouring pads, ammonia After each use, wash, rinse and dry to prevent difficult soils. If heavily soiled, place an ammonla-soaked paper towel on stains to loosen sOil, then gently scrub with plastic scouring pad. Blue/gOld heat stains Me_ P_L_h These stains are caused by oved_aUng, normaEy occur over a perled of time, and usually are permanent. To minimize: 1. Avoid excessive use of the high heat setting. Use It to start cooldng,tlten lower the heat ssttlng to flnlsh cooldng. 2. U6e flat battom pans that do not extend rnom then two Inches from the surface e_emenL REMOVABLE OVEN RACKS Be careful not to scratch the oven finish installing or remving oven racks. when To install: BUMP IN RACK GUIDE 1. Set the raised back edge of the rack on a pair of rack guides. 2. Push the rack In until you reach the bump In the rack guide, then lift the front of the rack and push the rack all the way In. To remove: t. Pull the oven rack out, then up. Some models have one standard oven rack and one folding oven rack. The folding rack can be easily stored away when not In use. 10 NECCH26 REMOVABLE OVEN DOOR To remove: STOP (BROIL) POSITION 1. Open the door to the stop position (see lituatration). 2. Grasp the door at each side and lift up and off the hinges. NOTE: When the door is removed and hinge arms are at stop position, do not bump or try to move the hinge arms. The hinges could snap back causing an injury to the hands or damage to the porcelain on the front of the range. Cover the hinges with toweling or empty towel rolls while working in the oven area. To replace: 1. Hold the door over the hinges with the slots at the bottom edge of the door lined up with the hinges. The hinge arms must still be in the stop position. 2. Slide the door down onto the hinges as far as It will go and close the door. REMOVABLE STORAGE DRAWER This drawer gives you space for keeping cookware and bekeware. Plastics and flammable material should not be kept in this drawer, _/_f GUIDE STOP Do not overload the storage drawer. If the drawer Is too heavy, It may slip off t he track when opened. To open the drawer, grasp the center of the handle and pull straight out. To remove: guide stops. Pull drawer straight out and lift over the To replace: Into place. Lift over the guide stops and slide drawer 11 NEMNT44 REMOVABLE KNOBS The control knobs may be removed for easy cleaning by pulllng the knob stralgM off stem. Be sure that the knob Is In the OFF posltlon before removal. MOLDED mB Hint: Slip a thin cloth (such as a handkerchief) or a piece or string under and around the knob edge and pull up. CauUon: Read these instructions carefully before replacing the knobs. Replacing the knobs Improperly will damage the knobs and the spring €lip on the stems. If this happens, the knobs will fit loosely. To replace the knob: SPRING CLIP 1. The knob stem has a groove In each side. The groove on one side has a spring clip. The other groove Is clear (see illustration). 2. Check the Inside of the knob and find the molded rib. REMOVABLE IMPORTANT: Never operate • €ooktop element without the bowl in place. This can cause scorching of the cnoktop, burning of wiring insu. lation and loss of energy. COOKTOP 3. Replace the knob by fitting the molded rib Inside the knob Into the clear groove on the stem. UNITS The cooktop elements can be unplugged and the bowls removed for cleaning. Be sure all cooktop unit control knobs are turned off and elements are cool before you remove or replace a cooktop unit. To remove: 1. Grasp element, tilt It upward slightly to clear the bowl, then pull away from the receptacle. The element will not sit level when replaced If It Is forced too far upward when removed. ELEMENTS REFLECTOR BOWLS RECEPTACLE 2. For models with porcelain enameled reflector bowls, remove the chrome trim ring. See the Self-Cleaning Section about Information on cleaning porcelain enameled reflector bowls In self-clean cycle. 3. Lift out the bowl. TO replace: Do not put the element Into water. It cleans Itself when heated during normal use. 2. For models wit h porcelain enameled reflector bowls, replace chrome trim ring. 1. Replace the bowl. Be sum the receptacle Is showing In the bowl opening. 3. Slide the plug of tha element firmly Into the receptacle and lower the element Into place. LIFT-UP COOKTOP To raise the cooktop so the area underneath can be cleaned, grasp the cooktop at the front and lift up. The range has a support rod to hold the cooktop while cleaning. Lower the support rod as shown In the Illustration. When finished cleaning, lower the cooktop. Besurethat the strikes fit the catches on each side of the cooktop. Porcelain enameled enamel can chip. cooktops carefully. Handle porcelain 12 NEMNT43 ANTI-TIP DEVICE ADJACENT CABINET OR FINAL LOCATION OF RANGE SIDE PANEL If your range is rentoved for cleaning, servicing or any reason, be sure antitip device is re-engaged properly when the range is replaced• Failure to take this precaution could result in tipping of the range and cause injury. OUTSIDE EDGE OF BRACKET TO BE FLUSH WITH LEFT OR RIGHT SIDE When replacing the range: 1. Slide the range Into place. 2. Be sure the rear leg leveler fuIlyengagestheslot In the bracket. TO Insure the device is properly Installed and engaged, remove the drawer panel and Inspect the rear leveling leg. Make sure It fits securely into the slot. BEFORE Save time CALLING and money m Check MAKE SURE LEG LEVELER ENGAGES SLOT FOR SERVICE this list before you call for service. To eliminate unnecessary service ceils, first, read all the Instructions In this manual carefully. Then, If you have a problem, always check this list of common problems and possible soluUons before you cell for ssrvlce. if you do have a problem you cannot fix yourself, call your nearest Sears Store or Service Center for help. When calling, have this manual and your Repair Parts List handy with the model, serial number and purchase date. PROBLEM POSSIBLE Range does not work; DON'T CALL FOR SERVICE UNTIL YOU CHECK CAUSE • No power to range Check household circuit breaker or fuse. totally Inoperative Check cord (If equipped) to be sure it Is plugged In. Oven does not heat; cooktop elements OK Cooktop does work; oven OK Foods do not bake properly not • Oven controls rectly set lncor- Element(s) unplugged Check element connections by removing and re-plugging element(s)firmly, Improper operation of control Be sure knob Is pushed In while turning. Oven not preheated enough Be sure to preheat: long until Indicator light goes out. Improper rack or pan placement Maintain uniform air space around pens and utensils; see cooking hints section. Oven vent blocked or covered Reflector bowl must have hole In center over oven vent. Improper use of foil Foil use not recommended. Improper temperature ring for utensil used Oven temperature seems Inaccurate Check oven control. sst- Reduce temperature darkened pans. 25 ° for glass or dull/ Recipe not followed Is recipe tested and reliable? Range level Check the installation section for leveling Instructions. and oven rack not Using Improper cookware See cooking hints. Thermostat calibration See adjustments described after this section. 13 NESER55 BEFORE CALLING PROBLEM • Foods do not broil properly FOR SERVICE(CONT.) POSSIBLE DON'T CALL FOR SERVICE UNTIL YOU CHECK CAUSE • Oven door closed Open door to broil stop position. • Improper rack position Check broil pan placement; see Broiling section. • Oven preheated Improper utensil used • • Do not preheat when broiling. Use broiler pan and grid supplied with range. • Check broiling chart. • Improper broiling time Oven smokes THERMOSTAT Dirty oven • Check for heavy splllover. Broiler pan full of grease left In oven • ADJUSTMENTS able to hear clicks and feel notches or teeth. Each click or notch Is 15°F. You can turn up to 2 clicks or notches in either direction. The temperature In your new oven has been set correctly at the factory, so be sure to follow the recipe temperatures and times the first few times you bake in your new oven. 5. When you reach the desired adjustment, retlghten both screws. If you think the oven should be hotter or cooler, you can adjust It yourself. To decide how much to change the temperature, set the oven temperature 25°F higher or lower than the temperature In your recipe, then bake. The results of this "test" should give you an Idea of how much the temperature should be changed. To adjust Check pan and grid aftereach use. "A" KNOB "B" DISK knob: 1. Turn OVEN CONTROL knob to OFF and remove the knob by pulling straight off. TO MAKE OVEN COOLER 2. Look at the back of the knob. The arrow pointing to the center of the bottom screw Indicates the original factory setting. 3. Use a screwdriver to loosen the two screws about 2 turns each. TURN DISK TO MAKE OVEN HOTTER_ TURN DISK-J 4. Hold the knob handle (A on Illustration) while turning the disk (B on Illustration) in the desired direction to increase or decrease the temperature (See Illustration for "Standard" thermostat). As you turn, you should be 14 NESER51 KENMORE ELECTRIC r Dear Customer: Our constant directed efforts toward are making sure your new Kenmore Range will arrive at your home in perfect condition and will give you proper performance. As part of these efforts, we feel it Is our responsibility to pro- vide you with this warranty for your range. RANGE WARRANTY FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON THE FUNCTIONING PARTS EXCEPT GLASS PARTS OF ALL _" If, within one year from the date of Installation, any part, other than a glass part, falls to function properly due to a defect In material or workmanship, Sears will repair or replace It, free of charge. FULL 30-DAY WARRANTY ON GLASS PARTS AND FINISH OF PORCELAIN ENAMEL, PAINTED OR BRIGHT METAL FINISHED PARTS If, within 30 days from the date of Installation, any glass part or the finish on any porcelain enamel, painted or bright metal part Is defecUve In material or workmanship, Sears will replace the part, free of charge. FULL 90.DAY WARRANTY ON MECHANICAL ADJUSTMENTS For 90 days from the date of Installation, Sears will provide, free of charge, any mechanical adjustments necessary for proper operation of the range, except for normal maintenance If the range is subjected to other than private family use, the above warranty coverage Is effective for only 90 days. WARRANTY SERVICE IS AVAILABLE BY CONTACTING THE NEAREST SEARS SERVICE CENTER/DEPARTMENT IN THE UNITED STATES This warranty applies only while this product Is In use In the United States. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Dept. 731 CR-W Seers Tower / _-_ %, Chicago, IL 60684 j J WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL "We Service What We Sell" Is our assurance to you that you can depend on Sears for service because Sears service Is nationwide. Your Kenmore Range has added value when you consider that Sears has a service unit near you staffed by Sears trained technicians.., professional technicians specifically trained on Sears appliances, having the parts, tools and equipment to ensure that we meet our pledge to you -- "We Service What We Sell!" TO FURTHER ADD TO THE VALUE OF YOUR RANGE, BUY A SEARS MAINTENANCE YaarsofOwnershlpCoverage Kenmore Ranges are designed, manufactured and tested for years of dependable operation. Yet, any modern appliance may require service from time to time. The Sears warranty plus the Sears Maintenance Agreement provides protection from unexpected repair bills and assures you of enjoying maximum range efficiency. Here's a comparative warranty and Maintenance Agreement chart showing you the benefits of a Sears Range Maintenance Agreement. lstYear 1 Replacement of Defective Parts oth.r than porcelain or Glass 2 Mechanical 3 PorcIlaln AGREEMENT. 2ndYear 3rdYear MA MA W 90 DAYS 4 W Adjustment MA 30 DAYS and Glass Part, Anntml Preventive W Malnten- MA ance Check lt your request W - W_rnrd MA MA MA MA MA MA - fl_lntlrcmce Ag_nl CONTACT YOUR SEARS SALESPERSON OR LOCAL SEARS SERVICE CENTER TODAY AND PURCHASE A SEARS MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT. Kenmore" America's Sold by SEARS, ROEBUCK Best Selling AND CO., Chicago, Appliance IL 60684 Brand