Last updated: 10 Feb 2023

Best Car Cassette Adapter

Do you love your old ride, take the longest route just to spend a few more precious minutes in your “old” car. Yeah, there’s something exceptional and unique about her, like the decades-old cassette deck that still blasts out music. But aren’t you getting bored listening to the same old 7 or 8 cassettes you even own?

Though you love your car passionately, you still want to listen to your “modern” music. But all you’ve got is the old cassette deck. There’s no way you’re going to destroy the dash to put in an expensive upgrade when all you need is a cassette adapter.

A car cassette adapter is a must if your car doesn’t have any aux ports.

But with so much choice, how do you know you’re buying the best cassette adapter for a car? So we’ve researched for you and picked out the best car cassette adapters available.

Best Car Cassette Adapter


Elook Car Cassette Aux Adapter, 3.5mm Audio Cable Tape Adapter for Car Phone MP3, Black

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The Carwires MJ200C is our top choice because; of universal compatibility, premium sound quality, heavy-duty audio cable, and many extras, all for an exceptionally reasonable price.

It’s a well-designed and straightforward car cassette adapter, with nothing to complicate matters—literally, plug and play.

If you’re one of those who hate short cables, there is no such issue here with a generous 1-meter heavy-duty audio cable. Carwires have rated their cables at 10,000+ bend lifespan. There is an ultra-flex outer jacket protecting the wires inside if you need to twist and bend the line to position it how you want.

The MJ200C is compatible with any audio device with a 3.5mm audio output (headphone jack). Suppose you’re nervous about your expensive smartphone getting scratched, don’t be; there’s no need to remove the cover of your device to plug in the jack because the car cassette adapter has an ultra-slim audio connector.


Scosche PCA2 Universal Cassette Adapter

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If you’re looking to play your iPod or MP3 through your car stereo’s cassette deck, then the Scosche PCA2 is the adapter you need.

This adapter is straightforward and easy to use. Using the 3.5mm audio connector, plug it into your iPod or MP3 player and place the adapter into your car’s cassette deck. Now you can enjoy your audio tracks and playlists without using an FM transmitter or aux input.

The adapter will work with both front and side-loading cassette players.

There’s nothing fancy about the adapter; a tough plastic finish will keep it working for you for a long time. However, Scosche offers a full 90-day warranty.


Walkman Car Connecting Pack CPA-9C

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The Walkman CPA-9C car cassette aux adapter is high-quality and perfect if you have a great sounding car stereo system, but it only plays cassettes when you want to listen to your CD or MP3 player.

If your phone or tablet has a headphone jack, you can also connect those devices to the adapter. There is no problem with either iOS or Android.

You shouldn’t experience any noise coming from the adapter when in use; there’s what Sony calls a “silent mechanism.” For optimum use, the self-adjusting head will remain in contact with the deck’s tape head at all times. This cassette adapter will only work with decks where the cassette opening is facing the side.


Reshow Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

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The Reshow Bluetooth car cassette adapter is ideal if you have an older car with no Bluetooth capabilities. Still, you want to stream music via your smartphone or another Bluetooth device.

Since Apple has done away with the headphone jack in all their smartphones over the last few years, the Reshow is now the best car cassette adapter for iPhones.

The adapter is easy to use and works the same way as other car adapters, except using Bluetooth to connect and not a headphone jack. You do need to charge the adapter with a USB cable externally. The adapter doesn’t charge when in use. The power-saving mode is beneficial for conserving the battery when the adapter isn’t in use.

The High-quality components, metal magnetic head, and premium plastic make for robust construction. The rechargeable built-in lithium-ion batteries will power your Bluetooth devices for many hours between charges.


Monster Aux Cord iCarPlay Cassette Adapter 800

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The name Monster in the audio world is synonymous with superior product design and superb sound quality. The Monster Aux Cord Cassette Adapter 800 fits the description perfectly.

Don’t expect to hear any buzzing or tape hiss, and definitely no skipping with the spring-loaded cassette head maintaining 100% contact with your tape player’s head.

The sound has a more natural quality because dual balanced conductors play the audio through a specially shielded 3-feet long aux cord. You will be able to move the cable depending on whether you have a side or front loading cassette deck.

The adapter has a lightweight yet robust construction with quality plastics. The black with red highlights make it look as good as it feels.


Gxcdizx Car Cassette Aux Adapter, 3.5mm Audio Cable Tape Adapter for Car Phone MP3, Black (2-Pack)

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The Besdata car cassette adapter will work with iPods, iPads, iPhones, MP3, Mobile Devices. And is accompanied by a 3-foot cable and 3.5mm and 2.5mm headphone jacks.

It’s highly versatile, coming in four styles; two models allow call functions and one model with and one without a microphone. There isn’t a significant price variation between the different models.

The aux cable can be switched from one end to the other, making it compatible for both front and side loading tape decks. As with all the different cassette adapters we’re discussing, the Besdata also has a spring-loaded cassette head to remain in 100% contact with the tape player’s head and dual balanced conductors, producing a much clearer audio experience.


Aluratek Universal Bluetooth Audio Cassette Receiver

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If your device doesn’t have any headphone jack (iPhones) or you don’t want any messy cables in the car, then this adapter is going to work exceptionally well for you.
The Bluetooth adapter has impressive connectivity speeds, so if you get impatient over those things, this might end up being your go-to cassette adapter.

One single charge of the lithium-ion batteries is enough to give you over eight hours of in-car streaming and calls. Aluratek has included the USB charging cable for you. The adapter has a sleep-mode; disconnect the unit for more than 5 minutes, and it will shut itself off.

No driver or software is necessary.

The Aluratek is an excellent alternative to changing the entire car stereo system because you want to stream your music and only have an old tape deck.


Reshow Cassette to Aux Adapter

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The Reshow cassette to aux adapter is highly durable, but it also produces excellent quality audio.

Some top-quality components make this adapter highly robust, including a metal magnetic head, a much stronger connector, and cable quality, which is brilliant, which is why you get such excellent sound from your speakers. The cable is unique in that it has been run through a bending test 15000+ times. No need to concern yourself with cable breakages.

The features that give it such distinctive sound quality are a spring-loaded cassette head, easy cable routing, and 24K gold minijack contacts.

Will work with any player that has a 3.5 mm audio-out jack.


DIGITNOW 3.5mm Car Audio Cassette Adapter

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The Digitnow car cassette adapter comes equipped with a gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack spring-loaded cassette head for better sound—a high-quality stereo tape connector.
The device is compatible with most external audio devices such as smartphones, MP3, iPod, and CD players. Spring-loaded cassette head helps maintain clear sound.

No external power source, software, or driver is necessary to run the adapter.

Best Car Cassette Adapter Buying Guide

It’s easy to think of car cassette adapters as simple devices that are outdated because technology has moved on. But for many people who love and drive older cars, it can be the difference between having the option of playing the music they enjoy or not.

When we talk about technology advancements, we can also include the humble cassette adapter. So if one of these adapters sounds a good idea and if you’re in the market for one, it’s a great idea to appreciate the options available to you.

Benefits Of Cassette Adapters

Saving Money:

To upgrade your car’s stereo system can cost a great deal of money, and that’s not even thinking about the damage and look to your car’s dash. A car cassette adapter is cheap, and it’s a viable alternative. You get to keep the vehicle in the condition that you undoubtedly love and still stream the music you love.

Continue To Use Your Current System:

If it’s possible to listen to music on your smart device without changing your system, then why bother? Unless, of course, you want to. And there are still many people that still have music they love on cassettes.

Types Of Car Cassette Adapters


Most of the existing cassette adapters are corded. The cord means you attach your device, such as a smartphone, CD player, iPod, etc., to the adapter via the device’s headphone jack and the cord that goes to the adapter.

You then pop the cassette part of the adapter into the tape deck in your vehicle. That’s all there is to it. You can turn up the volume to full on your device and then control the volume from your deck’s controls. It’s usually advisable not to go above 75% volume level.

Wireless Or Bluetooth

These are an upgrade on the older style cassette adapter, and it does away with the cord. If you use a smart device, you’ll be entirely up to speed on how to use Bluetooth or wireless. They are far more practical without wires everywhere.

This type of adapter has a rechargeable battery that lets you stream for about eight hours between charges. Charge the batteries via a USB cable. Some of the adapters include the USB charging cable; some don’t. They are a bit more expensive but worth the extra money.

Key Features Of Cassette Adapters

Cord Length

If you’re opting for a corded version of a cassette adapter, then the length is something to consider. Too short, and it can be annoying that you might not be able to position your expensive smart device somewhere safe. If it’s very long, you might find the extra cable gets in the way or looks untidy. But then again, a long cord can be useful if you want back seat passengers to control the player.


If you are still looking at the corded version, then first ensure your device takes an audio connection and is compatible with your device. Some adapters work with MP3 players; some won’t. Double-check exactly which devices are suitable for the adapter you’re looking to buy.

Sound Quality

Sound is the most crucial consideration. No point going down this road, and you buy an adapter where the sound is atrocious. So suitable adapters will always have a silent mechanism that reduces or even eliminates any background noises. And you need an adapter that has a self-adjusting spring-loaded audio head.

In Conclusion

More Considerations

Durability: If your ride only has a cassette deck and you love to stream music or make calls when you’re on the road, then a car cassette adapter is going to be helpful, and you’ll probably get a load of use out of one.

We know the temptation is to go cheap and test one out. But that’s the wrong approach. You will get the wrong idea about adapters. Cheap will break easily, and the sound quality will likely be terrible. You might get lucky, and there again, you might go through three or four before you find a good one. By then, you’ll have spent more than a high-quality adapter would have cost you.

Warranty: Any kind of electronic device can break. An adapter can be working one minute and then nothing. The top manufacturers of cassette adapters will offer a warranty. Our advice is to choose one of those. If it does break, then they should replace it with a new one with no questions.