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Best Car Keychain

It’s a physical near impossibility to carry several keys around without them being on a keychain. We all have three or four essential keys that we have to take around as it is. So, if they were all separate, how inconvenient would that be?

It’s terrible enough carrying keys as it is; what a crappy invention the key is. You would have thought someone would have come up with a more convenient way to secure valuable property than a key.

But, as we seem to be stuck with keys for the foreseeable future, at least there are many kinds of EDC peripherals that we can also use the keychain for.

Your keychain is one of the essential parts of your EDC, and a keychain design that’s lightweight and portable will take care of not only your keys but EDC products such as a tiny phone charger or one of those slick little multi-tools, a bottle opener, a flashlight just to mention a few.

But as crucial as a keychain might be for your convenience and your EDC gadgets, do you want to go searching through hundreds just to find the one you want.

Plus, there’s such a vast choice, from a funny keychain, an adorable one, a cute one, a geeky one, you name it, there’s a keychain for everything.

We’ve taken the hard work out of this by putting together a list of the best keychains available. Check out our list below; there’s something for everyone.

Best Car Keychain


Lancher Heavy Duty Keychain

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If you’re a fan of keychains that hook onto your belt loop, it’s more than likely you have tried dozens without a lot of success. Either you struggle to attach the keychain to the loop, or you cannot unhook it. Even if you manage to fix it on the loop, they feel so flimsy you half expect them to fall off after five minutes. 

But the Lancher heavy-duty keychain is different. The spring is substantial, and the release button works a treat.

The keychain is a solid and durable construction of high-quality stainless steel and ABS material that’s anti-scratch and will never rust. Even though it’s a substantial build, it weighs only 1.7oz.


Moto Loot KeyChain

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The Moto Loot keychain is primarily for motorbike owners, but there’s nothing to stop car drivers from buying one if the styling appeals to them.

There are twelve designs, each with its own unique phrase embroidered on both sides, ensuring this keychain will stand out wherever you are; there’s no misplacing this keychain.

To give you some idea of the phrases you will find available are “Drop a Gear And Disappear,” “the key to happiness,” “0-100 real quick.”

With conventional keychains, there’s always a problem with them scratching the bike around the ignition keyhole. Even car drivers can suffer a similar pain with scratches near door handles. This keychain from Moto Loot solves those issues right away. The keychains are of a hard-wearing fabric, so you don’t have the problem of metal or plastic against the metal of your car or bike.

With the keychain being almost 6 inches long, it’s easy to find them in pockets, purses, or handbags.


Resqme Neon Keychain Tool

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Resqme (rescue me) is a keychain made in the USA and in use by over four million drivers worldwide. The tool’s development has initially been for the first responder’s benefits, such as firefighters, EMTs, etc. Still, it has now become a favorite for drivers who worry about their safety and that of the passengers.

The keychain is a two-in-one survival tool for cutting through seat belts and breaking the vehicles’ side windows. The keychain has a powerful spring-loaded stainless steel spike and a steel razor blade safely tucked away inside the plastic cover.


KRSCT Bronco Grill Keychain, 3D Metal Stainless Steel, Car Enthusiasts Christmas Gift (Silver)

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If you are a jeep lover and want everyone to know it, the KRSCT grill 3D silver metal keychain is the perfect one for your keys! 

The keychain is solid 304 stainless steel and will not fade, rust flex, or break. There is quality artistry in producing this keychain, from professional cutting, laser polishing, and sandblasting to create an excellent smooth finish.

The Husuku stainless steel keychain is available in eight colors, with four of the keychains doubling as a bottle opener.


American Flag Keychain Tag

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The Great 1 American Flag keychain will make a terrific impression on your friends and family. The design is double-sided, and only top-quality fabric and stitching go into the manufacture of the keychain.

The keychain contains a mixture of extra-strength cotton threading and nylon fabric. As a bonus, there is also an aluminum carabiner.

The keychains are lightweight, distinctive, and sturdy, perfect on a backpack or as a fantastic gift. There is a choice of thirteen color designs.


Jobon Creative Key Chain

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The Jobon creative keychain is an exceptionally innovative design and makes a terrific gift for teens, ladies, and car fanatics.

The keychain arrives in a lovely gift box, so perfect if you have bought this as a gift for someone. It’s not cheaply made or flimsy and is a high-quality zinc alloy that looks super bright and shiny.

The headlights are not just for decoration. There are two-mode LED lights; one press is for continuous beam, exactly what you need in the dark when trying to find the key slot by the car’s door handle; and the second press switches the lights to strobe mode. 


Maycom Creative Keychain

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The Maycom Creative keychain is for all automotive fans. There’s a massive collection of keychains of different colors and different engine parts and auto parts. To give you some idea, here are a few you can find in this collection, a gearbox (with a movable gear lever), a muffler, pistons, a crankshaft, shock absorbers, suspension coil, disc brakes, and more.

Let’s discuss the gearbox to give you some idea of the attention to detail. This design is a six-speed manual transmission with a shift lever that allows you to change gear. You can see etched into the surface the six forward and one reverse gear. 

The keychain is a lightweight zinc-alloy, and the bottom of the gearbox is brightly polished chrome; you can see your reflection. There’s also a good selection of colors.


Relentless Tactical USA-Made Full Grain Leather Keychain, Luxury Valet Quick Detach, Belt Keeper

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The Bersenyi luxury keychain is a classic accessory for men. With a choice of black aramid fiber or walnut inserts. The Bersenyi utilizes a combination of carbon fiber, zinc-alloy, and stainless steel. 

A genuine leather loop attaches the stainless steel clip to the double ring keyring. A stunning finish looks expensive and stylish. What more could any man want in his keychain?

Even the tiny screws that hold the inserts in place add to the classic look of the Bersenyi keychain. There’s no chance any part of the keychain will rust or suffer from corrosion of any kind. The much more comprehensive than average double-ring ensures it’s easy to sort your keys.


Maycom Retro Style Keychain

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We love the simple styling of this classic retro carabiner-style keychain from Maycom. There’s nothing that oozes class more than an understated elegance harking back to yesteryear.

But it’s not just some eye candy; this retro-style keychain is highly functional and will hold keys and whatever you choose to attach safely and securely. The carabiner means you can attach the keychain to anything else that offers a strap or hook fastening, like a backpack, bag, or belt loop.

The keychain is a high-grade polished chrome-plated alloy and is available in black, bronze, copper, matte silver, and polished silver finishes. The keychain’s two halves are joined by an attractive-looking coiled spring, which adds to the retro styling effect.

The Maycom retro would make an excellent keychain for all your EDC gadgets.


Pom Pom Keychain

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The Pom Pom artificial fur ball keychain is available in a massive choice of 42 colors, one for everyone. This keychain is fun yet stylish; that is useful for your keys, mobile phone, backpacks, purses, etc.

The pom pom keychain feels very lush, and the fur isn’t prone to matting which other cheaper pom poms seem to do all the time. If you carry a big deep bag, you’ll find it easy to find your keys, just search around until you feel the fuzzy ball.

Best Keychain FAQ

What’s The Best Keychain?

We think the best keychain is the one that weighs the least. But it must still ooze class and style. We particularly like the traditional retro styling. If you put your keychain down on the bar, you want to impress. Don’t forget your EDC gadgets; there needs to be room for those.

If you prefer to keep your accessories classy and straightforward, then choose your keychain to match.

The keychain should still be high-quality materials such as stainless steel, carbon fiber, or zinc alloy. We also like to see genuine leather loops if it fits in with the keychain’s overall design.

What Do I Keep On My Keychain?

The name definitely gives it away; people buy keychains to keep their keys in one place, easily accessible. But some useful EDC products might come in handy sometimes. A miniature flashlight is always welcome, a removable pocket knife or a tiny cell phone charger, but there are dozens to choose.

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