Last updated: 10 Feb 2023

Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

One of the surest ways to bring down the value and appearance of your Tesla Model 3 is dirty crappy looking carpets. Nothing says I don’t care more than stains and wear points on the car’s carpets. So why not protect your carpets with the best Tesla Model 3 car mats? You might have to fork out some money, but you’ve just bought yourself a Tesla 3; gotta get things into perspective, surely?

Believe me when I say it’s a whole lot easier dragging out four-floor mats and hosing them down than getting on your hands and knees and cleaning the carpets in your Tesla.

You can’t control the weather or the gasoline spills in the filling station when you step in the gunk and bring it into your car with you.

It makes perfect sense to invest in a set of floor mats for your Tesla, and in the long run, it is an investment because if you don’t buy floor mats, you will ruin your carpets, and they will cost a lot more to replace.

However, there are so many options of floor mats you could choose from, so we’ve taken the time to find the best Tesla Model 3 floor mats for you.

Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats


Farasla Upgraded All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3, Waterproof TPR Interior Liners

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The Teexpert Tesla 3 floor mats are all-weather design, protect your precious carpet from water, mud, rain, snow, ice, coffee spills, etc. Even if you drag in salt, gravel, and ice in the thick of winter, these mats will do their job. With the extended edge and lip, the mats will not allow any liquids to slip over the edge onto the carpet; the mats cover the entire carpeted area of your car.

The Tesla 3 mats have been laser-measured to fit the vehicle precisely.

The mats contain three layers; a non-skid polyester backing, a middle layer of waterproof TPR, and the top layer of durable binding material. Velcro on the bottom of the mats ensures the mats hold their position and do not slip.

The mats are odorless and straightforward to clean. Take them out of the car, hose them down, and shake off excess water and dirt. You can quickly vacuum any excess debris. Leave to dry and replace in the car.


Bomely Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Trunk Mats Frunk Mat Rear Storage Liner TPE Cargo Liners (Set of 6 Mats)

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The Bomely floor mats have a 3D anti-slip floor liner that is precisely cut for the Tesla Model 3 and has raised sides to protect the vehicle’s original factory carpeting from spills, and mud, rain, snow, etc. 

There are three layers of construction to provide perfect protection from the elements and the passengers. Starting from the bottom layer, an anti-slip burr that ensures the mats will not move around in the car and expose any of the vehicle’s carpeting. The middle layer comprises soft and flexible foam. The top layer is thermoplastic rubber TPR, which’s both non-slip and hard-wearing. The material is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and is entirely odorless. 

If any of the mats develop a crease ( possibly from how they lay after washing or stored improperly), soak the mat in hot water for a minute or so, and the crease will disappear.

The floor mats are protective mats, they are perfectly waterproof and stain resistant, so cleaning is straightforward; remove them from the car, wipe or hose down and dry with a rag or just leave them to air-dry.


3D MAXpider L1TL00401509 All-Weather Floor Mats

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The Kagu series of floor liners from 3D Maxpider provides comprehensive interior carpet protection from everything the weather and your vehicle’s occupants can throw at it; no matter the weather conditions or seasons, the interior will remain spotless and in pristine condition.

Your carpet will not remain pristine for long if the floor mats are not a perfect fit. These floor mats are custom-made for the Tesla Model 3 using high-precision laser-scanning technology that ensures a perfect fit every time; the floor mats cover the entire area of your floor space.

Raising each mat’s edges prevents water spillage from reaching the carpets beneath. 

These floor mats are a multi-layer construction of thermoplastic rubber, lightweight XPE foam, and an anti-skid layer.

A thermoplastic layer provides a waterproof environment on your vehicle’s floors. Simultaneously, the foam absorbs vibrations from the road surface, and the bottom layer has anti-skid backing grips to stop the floor mats from moving underfoot.

All material in the construction of the floor mats is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless. Of course, because of the materials cleaning the floor mats couldn’t be simpler. Remove them from the car and wipe or hose them down. Dry them with a towel or leave to air-dry, whichever is more convenient.


SUMK 3D Model 3 Floor Mats

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The Sumk Model 3 floor mats are a complete set of all-weather heavy-duty floor mats containing four separate pieces.

They are utilizing eco-friendly, high-quality TPE materials that offer terrific toughness and wear-resistance features. The Tesla interior design is three-dimensional to ensure a perfect fit in the driver and passenger floor wells, the trunk, plus the rear cabin. Sumk raises the edge contours by one inch to ensure no liquid manages to get underneath the floor mat’s edges.

These all-weather floor mats feature flexible spikes on the underside that enable the floor mats to grip the vehicle’s interior carpeting preventing them from slipping and causing unnecessary wear on the carpet.


T1A TruBuilt Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

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If you’re in the market for all-weather and heavy-duty Tesla 3 floor mats, look no further than T1A HEA 100% latex interior floor mats.

Protect your car’s carpet from messy passengers, accidental spills, and everything the weather can throw at you. Each winter (and summer), you will, unfortunately, drag dirt and debris that’s on the bottom of your shoes onto your car’s pristine carpets; they aren’t going to stay clean for very long, they are going to get filthy unless you protect them in the best way possible.

The HEA floor mats are laser-cut to precisely fit every corner and curve of the Tesla 3 floor, leaving no carpet area exposed. The high-quality soft latex floor mat material will not curl, harden or crack with constant use.

When it’s time to give the mats a clean, it couldn’t be simpler. Remove them from the car, lay them face up, and wipe or hose them down. You can wipe them dry or let them air dry.

HEA mats have a design that prevents spills and other liquids from seeping over the floor mat edges and onto the carpet below; with form-raised outer edges and deep channels, there’s no way any liquid can seep over the edge.

HEA back their Tesla 3 floor mats with a no-quibble lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.


TAPTES All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2021-22

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The TeslaShields custom-fit floor mats offer all-year-round complete protection from the weather, spills, and other accidents inside the car that would ruin the car’s carpets. This custom-fit design is suitable for the Tesla Model 3 for the years 2017 to 2020.

To ensure an edge-to-edge precise fit, TeslaShields uses the latest 3D scanning technology and offers an effective 25% more floor coverage than other similar products.

To keep the floor mats clean is a straightforward process, just remove them from the car and wipe with a wet towel or place them face-up and hose down. The mats can be air-dried or wiped with a dry towel.

The mats feature raised edges that effectively pool any spilled liquid away from the edge, preventing any seepage onto the carpets under the mats. The pebble-patterned treads are stylish and exceptionally hard-wearing, yet the pattern creates excellent non-slip properties. 

TeslaShields offers a warranty and returns policy featuring a lifetime quality guarantee and an easy 90-day return policy.


ThinSGO Tesla Model 3 All-Weather Floor Mat

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The ThinSGO Model 3 floor mats are an edge-to-edge design giving the maximum protection and total coverage of the car’s carpets; suitable for the Tesla Model 3 versions 2017 to 2021.

The mat’s design features four distinct layers of protection, starting from the bottom with a flocking anti-slip fabric. Next is environmentally friendly XPE material, the next to the top layer is a high-resiliency sponge, and the top layer is wear and waterproof resistant high-quality PU leather.

Sitting on top of the main floor mats are four detachable pads if you want to clean without removing the entire mat system.


BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Floor Mat

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BASENOR Tesla, Model 3 Floor Mat is a custom design to precisely fit all Tesla Model 3 cars.

Your new mats are an eco-friendly PET rubber design that is also non-toxic and odorless—no waiting months for the rubber smell to dissipate. The PET rubber material is exceptionally pliant, so you don’t need to worry that it will harden, crack, split or bend out of shape. To prevent mats’ continual movement in cars, they have an anti-slip design on the backing that ensures they will stay in place.

Your new mats will collect all dirt and debris such as sand, mud, snow, and accidental spills because of the mats’ recessed surface area. The floor mats are straightforward to clean; simply remove from the car; if there is any spilled or collected liquid, bend the mats slightly, so the fluids flow to the mats’ center. Empty the fluids out and then wipe or hose the mats.

Basenor utilizes 3D scanning technology to ensure the mats are a precise fit.


SUPER LINER All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 2021-23

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SUPER LINER floor mats are four layers of high-quality materials, including a top layer of Luxury PU leather, high-density sponge, non-woven fabric, and the bottom layer of anti-slip material. All materials are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odorless. 

The PU leather gives the floor mats an expensive and stylish look in keeping with the interior of the Tesla Model 3.

The mats are precisely cut to give custom-cut floor coverage of the Tesla 3 and will protect the look and lifespan of your vehicle’s original carpeting. The mats easily take care of any mud, rain, snow, and other debris likely to be brought into the car; even accidental spills will not reach the carpets underneath through the Xinby floor mats.

You can always make a point of removing the mats when you come to wash your car. They are easy to remove; pull them out of the car and clean with a soft brush or a damp cloth.


Motor Trend Black FlexTough Contour Liners for Car & SUV

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TheMotor Trend floor mats are a specific design for the Tesla Model 3 using a computerized cut system and 3D scanning technology that accurately maps your Tesla’s floor design, covering all areas, curves, cutouts, etc.

The floor mats incorporate a multi-purpose pad that sits on top of the mats in the most trafficked and heavy-usage/wear areas of the car floor. Underfoot the mats feel springy and soft and super easy to clean.

The mats feature a non-slip design that’s incredibly difficult to move, which means the mats will continually cover the carpet inside the car. 

Aoymei floor mats are non-toxic, odorless, latex-free, and eco-friendly; they look and feel exceptionally luxurious yet are incredibly wear-resistant and flexible.

Final Thoughts

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But, I’m confident you are the same as everyone else, and when you look at buying, a second-hand car takes a close look at the interior. I bring up a second-hand car because your now brand spanking new Tesla 3 will be a used car in the future. The point I’m making is you’ll want to receive the maximum value you can when you sell the vehicle. Selling might be a few years down the road, but the steps to protect your investment begins now.

Every vehicle’s interior can take some incredible punishment, as you are undoubtedly aware, and the worse affected area after the seats are the carpets.

In one way, you’re fortunate because there is a terrific choice of floor mats for the Tesla Model 3. They don’t detract from the luxury feel inside the car; in fact, some of the best Tesla Model 3 floor mats can enhance the already impressive interior.

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