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NO COMPROMISE DONKERVOORT GTO-RS DONKERVOORT STANDS FOR INDIVIDUALISTIC EXCLUSIVITY, A PENCHANT FOR TECHNOLOGICAL PERFECTION AND AN EXACTING DESIRE TO MAKE SOMETHING GOOD, MUCH BETTER YET AND EVEN LIGHTER. Just as in 1978, when Joop Donkervoort first shaped his vision of what, to him, the ultimate automobile should be. While other cars have become increasingly electronic, larger and heavier we have always remained true to the pure driving experience and lightweight concept – on our own, swimming against the tide. The enormous benefits of the legendary light, nimble, agile Donkervoort sports cars are cherished by those who love pure driving. Truly something to be proud of. But we never let it go to our heads, because ‘perfect’ can always be improved. We bid you a warm welcome to the world of Donkervoort Automobielen. NO COMPROMISE. JOOP DONKERVOORT – TECHNICIAN, PERFECTIONIST, ARTIST How you describe a man who has spent more than 40 years of his life searching for perfection? On a quest for the finesse of what a true sports car should be? Who evolved from novice car builder in a simple barn to achieve the status of renowned sports car builder in a high-tech environment? Joop Donkervoort shares many characteristics with his similarly unconventional predecessors. Colin Chapman, whom he greatly admired, for example. True car aficionados who dreamed of building their own concept of the perfect car – and ultimately made that dream come true. Yet retained their modesty through it all. As has Joop Donkervoort. All the more remarkable, then, how this small sports car manufacturer had the guts to recently introduce a new edition of a legend: the D8 GTO-RS. Successor to the superfast D8 270 RS, which held the lap record on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife for many years. Even faster, even lighter, purer still. Remaining true to the lightweight credo while other cars became larger and heavier. Self-reliant, swimming against the tide. Donkervoort in a nutshell. Only now have the others returned to their roots. The enormous benefits of the legendary light, nimble, agile Donkervoort sports cars are cherished by those who love pure driving. On Europe‘s most beautiful motorways and on the tracks. THE DREAM OF THE ULTIMATE SPORTS CAR I HAVE BEEN ENAMOURED WITH CARS SINCE CHILDHOOD. THE FIRST TIME I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WAS AT AGE SIXTEEN AS I WAS CROSSING A CAR PARK AND LAID EYES ON THE LOTUS SUPER SEVEN (SERIES III). The brainchild of Colin Chapman is the epitome of what I then saw as the perfect car – ‘Simplify, then add lightness’. For years my school notebooks had been filled with cars of my own design, and this was close to my vision of the ultimate sports car. That first encounter marked the beginning of a lifelong love story. Today I look back having spent more than 40 years of my life engaged in the wonderful, and sometimes difficult, search for perfection. The quest for the finesse of what a true sports car should be. Having started as a novice car builder in a simple barn, I am proud of our current status as internationally recognised super sports car builder. I dreamed, and dream still, of building what to my mind is the perfect sports car. Technology is not what drives me; it is simply a means to create an experience. Ultimately, what counts is the emotion, pleasure, relaxation... the feeling. JOOP DONKERVOORT FOUNDER DONKERVOORT AUTOMOBIELEN BV ‘YOU‘RE AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST CAR’ JOOP DONKERVOORT FOUNDER DONKERVOORT AUTOMOBIELEN A RICH HISTORY AN EVEN BRIGHTER FUTURE 1978 The history of Donkervoort goes back to 1978, the year the first cars left the small workshop in Tienhoven. After the ‘failed’ purchase of the importership for Lotus Seven in the Netherlands, Joop Donkervoort decided to take the leap of faith, and a new sports car brand was born. Having started with the Donkervoort S7, things really took off for the new car maker after the introduction of the S8. In the early years, a total of around 140 Donkervoorts left the humble workshop in Tienhoven. In 1983, Donkervoort grew beyond the confines of its first location and moved to a larger, yet still authentic, property in Loosdrecht. 1999 Since 1999, Donkervoorts have been fitted with reliable, powerful, compact Audi engines – the D8 Audi was introduced. This was the result of a very amicable partnership, which continues to this day. Another major step followed in 2000 with the move from the small production facility in Loosdrecht to today‘s modern factory along the A6 motorway in Lelystad. Donkervoort also earned its stripes in the racing world. An annually recurring event for nearly ten years, the Donkervoort Cup was a racing class with and for enthusiastic and competition-minded Donkervoort drivers, with races throughout Europe. Subsequently, in 2004 and 2005, Donkervoort Racing broke the prestigious lap record at the German Nürburgring. On the North Loop, to be precise – Europe‘s most compelling and demanding race track. This was an unprecedented achievement for a ‘small player’ like Donkervoort and earned the company world renown. Donkervoort held the record for more than three years. 2004/05 In 2007, following the introduction of the D8 GT – the first Donkervoort coupé – Donkervoort Racing took part in the brand new FIA GT4 Championship series. After claiming the vice-champion title, the focus was shifted to endurance racing. This led to competition in the 24H Dubai where Donkervoort surprised with a first place win. In late 2011 a new generation of Donkervoorts was launched with the introduction of the D8 GTO – a revolution for Donkervoort and immediately received with great enthusiasm by the international press and public. Now even more high-tech, they were praised for their performance and the great driving experience. The GTO embodies the future of Donkervoort: a new generation, but still always ‘No Compromise’. 2011 The D8 GTO is a success and demand for the model grows steadily. In 2014, Donkervoort expanded and opened a new location in Germany, marking the further growth of the brand internationally. 2014 PHILOSOPHY THE ULTIMATE DRIVING EXPERIENCE When it comes to a Donkervoort, the ultimate driving experience is paramount. We use no electronic assists to simplify driving. You will not find any ESP or power-assisted steering and brakes; our cars are pure and primal – and still always manually shifted. Driving a Donkervoort is the ultimate experience. Kilometre after kilometre. Donkervoorts are known for their phenomenal performance. The combination of attractive styling, ultra-low weight, high power and superb handling like that of a race car, has resulted in a super sports car that has made the hearts of countless car enthusiasts beat faster. At Donkervoort everything is dedicated to the pursuit of the ultimate driving experience in combination with excellence in quality, technology, styling and design. Ultimate sports cars, created for the true car enthusiast. DONKERVOORT STANDS FOR INDIVIDUALISTIC EXCLUSIVITY, A PENCHANT FOR TECHNOLOGICAL PERFECTION AND AN EXACTING DESIRE TO MAKE SOMETHING GOOD, MUCH BETTER YET AND EVEN LIGHTER ‘AS A DESIGNER AT DONKERVOORT I FOCUS NOT JUST ON STYLING BUT DEVELOPMENT AND ENGINEERING AS WELL.’ JORDI WIERSMA, DESIGNER AT DONKERVOORT SINCE 2006 TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION Donkervoort cars are created entirely in-house, from the very first sketch to the last detail. The entire car is made by hand, with plenty of passion and exceptional craftsmanship, at the Lelystad factory. Most of the components in a Donkervoort are developed and produced in-house, thus ensuring the continued unique character and high quality. The wealth of experience Donkervoort Automobielen has amassed in the development and integration of carbon fibre/composite material, has led to many of our own innovations, which are now fully utilised in the production of our sports cars. Moreover, Donkervoort is also becoming an ever more successful technology supplier. The in-house developed, progressive, patented X-Core production method for carbon fibre components is attracting great interest from both the automotive and non-automotive industries. MANUFACTURER FOR THE INDIVIDUALIST A Donkervoort is the ultimate choice for the true enthusiast who wants sheer motoring enjoyment in a sports car full of character. Donkervoort sports cars are carefully constructed by hand and made from high-quality parts, mostly developed and perfected in-house, with virtually unlimited customisation options. The possibilities for perfectly tailoring the car to your wishes and personality are endless: a special paint or an incomparable interior, or even the creation of yet more exclusive, further customised options and additions to the car. YOUR OWN, UNIQUE DONKERVOORT. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY AS A FAMILY BUSINESS, WE WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS. YOU CAN EXPECT PERSONAL SERVICE AND THE RENOWNED ‘DONKERVOORT FAMILY’ ATMOSPHERE. NOTHING MATTERS MORE TO US THAN ENSURING YOUR EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST IT CAN BE AND THAT YOU ACHIEVE OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE FROM YOUR DONKERVOORT. AFTER ALL, AS A DONKERVOORT DRIVER, YOU ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT AMBASSADOR. DONKERVOORT D8 GTO-RS THE LATEST AND MOST EXTREME DONKERVOORT EVER The legendary RS is back! Every bit as ambitious as its predecessor, the D8 270 RS, which drew the world‘s attention when it set the lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 2004 and 2006. The next generation Donkervoort, the ultimate record breaker. Purer yet, even more extreme and faster than ever. Meet the Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS. UNLEASH THE BEAST KEY FACTS DONKERVOORT D8 GTO-RS Engine AUDI R5 2.5L TFSI Power 380++ BHP at 5500 rpm Acceleration 2.7 sec. 0-100 km/h – 7.8 sec. 0-200 km/h Lateral acceleration 2.3 g (g-force) Body 95% carbon fibre Weight 695 kg LIMITED EDITION The Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS will be produced as a limited edition of 40 units. The Limited Edition is clearly identifiable from the special RS emblem. The dashboard is adorned with a type plate bearing the number and the name of the car‘s owner. SPECIAL EDITIONS In addition, the RS is available in two special versions. The D8 GTO-RS Bare Naked Carbon Edition will be limited to just 15 cars. All the carbon fibre elements of these special edition models will be left exposed so the unique, recognisable fibre structure of the material remains fully visible. Just ten of the D8 GTO-RS Race Edition will be built. This RS will be optimised for track driving, with features that include a (non-street-legal) racing sequential gearbox and the aforementioned lap time-enhancing track day features. DESIGNED TO EXHILARATE Instantly recognisable. Extremely low to the ground, with a sleek, gorgeous broad nose reminiscent of a lion‘s head. A symbol of the strength and dynamism of the D8 GTO-RS. True to the Donkervoort design philosophy with open wheels, which call to mind the design of Formula 1 race cars. Familiar elements, such as the iconic nose grille, the butterfly doors and the rear end have evolved. This results in a look that is not only beautiful and functional but also exciting and extraordinary. HIDDEN DETAILS AERODYNAMICS OPTIMISATION Thanks to the new design, substantial downforce has been achieved in the GTO-RS. This is clear to see in the distinctive and eye-catching styling of the GTO-RS. The new nose design, the beautifully streamlined coachwork with the completely closed carbon fibre bottom plate with side skirts, the sleekly styled doors, the broader and larger diffuser and the various small spoilers and vanes. They all contribute to a downforce of no less than 50 kg on both the front and rear axle. Compared to the D8 GTO the air resistance has been reduced by a whopping 20 per cent. Significant aerodynamic improvements, resulting not only in greater stability of the car at high speeds but also increased top speed. CARBON FIBRE LIGHTNESS & STRENGTH High-tech, ultralight and super strong. The ultimate – and perhaps only – material worthy of covering the unique contours of the Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS. The combination of the lightweight tubular steel frame and carbon fibre body parts – also referred to as a hybrid chassis – has resulted in a unique combination of significantly increased stiffness and ultralight weight. The body of the RS consists almost entirely of carbon fibre. The use of this ultrastrong, ultralight material produces a staggering strength-to-weight ratio and results in a total weight of under 700 kg! AUDI 2.5L R5 TFSI ENGINE The D8 GTO-RS is fitted with the legendary Audi 2.5L R5 TFSI engine, thanks to the close cooperation between Donkervoort and Audi AG (Audi Sport GmbH) that stretches back to 1996. With a fully updated engine management system, the primal sports engine in the D8 GTO-RS is capable of producing no less than 415 hp and 500 Nm of torque. This makes the RS the most powerful production model in Donkervoort‘s history. And the fastest: thanks to the much improved torque throughout the entire rpm range the GTO-RS accelerates to 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds! 5-SPEED MANUAL GEARBOX No electronically controlled ‘sequential’ gearbox in this car. No automatic gear shifting, no automatic gearbox, no shift paddles. Just straightforward stick-in-the-hand shifting. Pure, genuine driving. The gearbox in the GTO-RS has five gears, which are selected with the compact gear lever on the centre tunnel console. NEW HEIGHTS OF PERFORMANCE The GTO-RS may be a speed demon, but it is certainly tameable. Several new features contribute to exceptional driver’s control and phenomenal performance. The D8 GTO-RS is a Donkervoort in its purest form. The RS is equipped with a refined, fully adjustable traction control system. This includes Launch Control, Double-Clutch with automatic double-clutching feature and Full-Throttle Shift. It has five settings and is naturally also defeatable. For the true track enthusiast the RS offers several more features that not only boost the lap times but the driving pleasure as well. Here, too, the Donkervoort can be customised, with a differential cooler or a racing ABS system featuring 12-way adjustability, for example. BRAND NEW SUSPENSION ADAPTING TO YOUR NEEDS The RS has grown: the track width is 3.5 centimetres wider than that of the GTO-S. Moreover, a brand new suspension system provides extra traction at the front axle and results in fantastic front-to-rear balance. SPECIALLY DESIGNED SHOCK ABSORBERS The innovative shock absorbers from Dutch suspension specialist Intrax, featuring an intelligent hydraulic system, provide softer damping on the straight-away while minimising roll in the curves. The GTO-RS is equipped with four-way adjustable shock absorbers: low speed, high speed, rebound and ride height can be set to your liking. LIGHTWEIGHT BRAKES FOR A LIGHTWEIGHT CAR The lightweight braking system, specially designed for and with Donkervoort by TAROX of Italy, features lightweight vented aluminium discs and six-piston calipers. They provide optimal feel and good modulation. X-CORE REVOLUTIONARY ENGINEERING In addition, the GTO-RS includes a première: it marks the first time Donkervoort has utilised the patented X-Core production method for carbon fibre components it developed in-house. This advanced production method, which has now also attracted the attention of the automotive world and other industries, makes the carbon components used in the RS stronger and lighter thanks to a unique foam sandwich technique. UNIQUE DOORS The knowledge and skills in the area of carbon fibre – and with it the X-Core technique – is clear to see in areas such as the carbon fibre door pillar. This door is made of a single piece, including the integrated hinges, during a single production run. Thanks to X-Core, the door is capable of resisting lateral loads of no less than 1500 kg. The integrated hinges can withstand a pulling force of more than 1100 kg. And the icing on the cake? The total weight of the door beam with hinges is just 980 grams! Technical innovations that set Donkervoort apart. PERSONALISATION EACH DONKERVOORT CAN BE INDIVIDUALISED TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL Donkervoort builds cars to accommodate the specific taste and desires of the driver. We are able to offer a wide variety of custom modifications. You can choose the colour of the body and the interior. Would you prefer leather or perhaps alcantara? Want a carbon fibre dashboard or is leather more to your taste? Tall or short and want a car that‘s made to measure? It‘s our pleasure to make your car a perfect fit. A customised holder for your navigation system or mobile phone? The possibilities for perfectly tailoring the car to your wishes and personality are endless: Your own, unique Donkervoort. Our mission: to make something that is already special even more unique. Your perfect Donkervoort. INTERIOR REFLECTING THE CAR’S TRUE IDENTITY The interior of the D8 GTO-RS reflects the true identity of the car as a purebred race car. Unnecessary features have been omitted in favour of a car that is as light as possible and provides corresponding performance. The culmination of this approach is perhaps the fully-equipped carbon fibre dashboard, which with its minimalist yet high-tech switches evokes an association with aviation. Even more aesthetically refined and sophisticated yet more functional than ever is the new interior of the D8 GTO-RS. The eye is immediately drawn to the new visible carbon fibre bottom structure, consisting of the floor plate and tunnel. With this design element the RS interior reflects the car’s no-nonsense, high-tech character. Additional functionalities have also been added inside, some of which can be found on the steering wheel. Less driving wind thanks to the specially designed wind package. FULLY TAILORED TO ACCOMMODATE THE CUSTOMER‘S WISHES The premium upholstery of the D8 GTO-RS is entirely custom made, in keeping with the customer‘s taste. One can choose from hundreds of colours, different types of leather, and a wide range of stitching and patterns; this is the ultimate way to personalise your Donkervoort even further. A SPACIOUS LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT The GTO-RS also features a spacious luggage compartment. A made-to-fit Donkervoort luggage set, optionally matching the interior colour, makes the most of the 250-litre boot space. DONKERVOORT ACCESSORIES The D8 GTO-RS is designed to appeal to all your senses, to relax you, but above all... for driving. With this in mind, we have developed a wide range of Donkervoort accessories to further facilitate the use of your Donkervoort. Consider our bespoke luggage set, for example. Handmade by craftsmen in the Netherlands and designed to fit perfectly in the luggage compartment of the GTO-RS. If desired, in the same colour as the Interior of your Donkervoort. Want extra protection for your car during storage? Then you can order the GTO car pyjamas in the colour and design of your choice. Or a poncho to replace the fabric roof, during short-term parking for example? Whatever you need, Donkervoort accessories provide the perfect solution. PLEASE ALSO VISIT OUR WEBSHOP, WHERE YOU WILL FIND AN OVERVIEW OF THE CURRENT RANGE UNDER THE HEADING ‘CAR ACCESSORIES’. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS D8 GTO RS ENGINE Engine Audi 2,5L R5 TFSI Position Front longitudinal Displacement 2480 cc Bore 82,5 mm Stroke 92,8 mm Maximum power 380+ bhp / 284 kw at 5500 rpm Maximum torque 500 Nm at 1750 rpm Compression ratio 10,0 : 1 FUEL CONSUMPTION Avg. fuel consumption 8-10 l / 100 km CO2 emissions 178 g/km Emission class Euro 6 DRIVING PERFORMANCE Top speed 280 km/h Acceleration 0-100 km/h : 2,7 sec. 0-200 km/h : 7,8 sec. TRANSMISSION Drive Rear wheels Type gearbox 5-speed manual Gear ratios 2.95:1 (I) 1,94:1 (II) 1,34:1 (III) 1,00:1 (IV), 0,80:1 (V), reverse 2.76:1, final drive 3,62:1 Type differential Limited Slip D8 GTO RS BODY/CHASSIS Coachwork Lightweight Carbon fibre/Kevlar Chassis Carbon fibre/aluminium/tubular steel hybrid chassis Doors 2 Seats 2 WHEELS AND TYRES Wheels Forged alloy, 8×17“ front, 9×18“ rear Tyres - front 225/45 x 17“ Tyres - rear 245/40 x18“ SUSPENSION Front Independent / double wishbones Rear Independent / double wishbones / trailing arms Springs Coil springs Shock absorbers Intrax three way adjustable - ARC® system STEERING Steering Rack and pinions, no servo Steering wheel 2,7 lock to lock Turning radius 11,6m D8 GTO RS BRAKES Brakes Ventilated discs (24 mm thick), 6-piston calipers Front Tarox 6-pistons system with brake balance Rear Tarox 6-pistons system with independent handbrake LENGTH, WIDTH, HEIGHT Length 3833 mm Width 1850 mm Height 1122 mm WHEELBASE Wheelbase 2340 mm Track width front 1560 ± 10 mm Track width rear 1585 ± 10 mm WEIGHT Weight 695 kg VOLUME Tank capacity 48 l Luggage capacity 250 l DONKERVOORT FINANCIAL SERVICES FINANCIAL SERVICES, SERVICE AND CONTACT Everyone knows that Donkervoorts hold their value. The rate of depreciation is therefore lower than that of the competition. Moreover, it is not inconceivable that over time a Donkervoort could become a collector‘s item (due to its special features or age) and therefore increase in value. But there has never been a way to take advantage of all those benefits from day one... until now! Donkervoort Financial Services makes it possible. Following the success in Germany, now available in the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information about models, equipment and accessories in the Donkervoort line, please contact Donkervoort Automobielen in Lelystad (NL) or Düsseldorf (DE) or via Donkervoort Financial Services offers two new forms of financing: the Donkervoort Private Lease and Donkervoort Full Operational Lease. In either case you enjoy particularly attractive monthly instalments, precisely due to the unique value retention of a Donkervoort. This not only brings you a step closer to driving a Donkervoort but also allows you to immediately benefit from the unique position Donkervoort holds in the market for light, fast sports cars. DONKERVOORT AUTOMOBIELEN B.V. Pascallaan 96 NL-8218 NJ Lelystad - The Netherlands +31 (0) 320 267 050 DONKERVOORT AUTOMOBIELEN GMBH Classic Remise Düsseldorf Harffstraße 110a D-40591 Düsseldorf - Germany +49 (0) 211 9896 7777 Photography: GFWilliams / Design and layout: All text, photos and other information in this brochure are the copyrighted property of Donkervoort Automobielen B.V. Any reproduction, presentation or other use of this material is prohibited without the prior written consent of Donkervoort Automobielen B.V. © Donkervoort Automobielen B.V. & GmbH, 2017. WWW.DONKERVOORT.COM