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Summary of Content
Fisker Automotive/ Marketing Proposal Marketing Proposal/ Scheme 1-. Project Scope Problem Project Outcome 2-. Category 3-. Brand Strategy 4-. SWOT Analysis 5-. Target Audience Demograph Psychograph 6-. Competitors 7-. Proposal 8-. Conclusions Marketing Proposal/ Project Scope 1-. Project Scope The purpose of this proposal is to improve the advertising campaign for Fisker Karma Cars, produced by Fisker Automotive. The Karma is a hybrid luxury sports sedan, produced by Fisker Automotive. The design team at Fisker believes that this type of car could be the future of the luxury automotive industry. The designers at Fisker also feel that with design like this, the automotive industry can become more sustainable and more environmentally aware. Marketing Proposal/ Project Scope Problem Through extensive research, by the design team, findings indicate that the major problem for the Fisker Automotive is they don’t have a striking advertising campaign regarding to advertising campaign purposes. The main problem that this company is facing is the introduction of their product to the cars business market, making the product unknown and not commercial. Another problem that this company is facing is the unknown, people don’t know about this type of car and its benefits. Marketing Proposal/ Project Scope Project Outcome The design team believes that by creating a new creative and striking advertising campaign, the Fisker Karma and The Fisker Automotive Company will be known by the masses, introducing their product to the automotive market. In the same way, the design team believe that, with a successful campaign, not only will the Fisker Karma be demanded, but also they can promote a conscious campaign for the people, to invest in hybrid cars. By investing in environmentally conscious products consumers will be able to contribute to the environment and help the world, which has been devastated and damaged by pollution, because there is no bridge between luxury and green vehicles. Marketing Proposal/ Category 2-. Category Fisker Automotive cars, is in the plug-in hybrid cars category. A plug-in hybrid car, are cars very similar to a conventional hybrid vehicle, but, a plug-in hybrid uses larger battery packs that can be recharged by connecting to common household electricity. Plug-in hybrids can be driven for long distances—from a few miles to as much as 40 miles—without using any gasoline. In the same way, Fisker Automotive is in the bussines-to-consumer category, offering a product that is sold directly to consumers. Fisker Automotive with their car design and production, offer a global product used by many people nowadays, and on which sustainability is transforming the anatomy, production and marketing of the product, making cars more sustainable and less harmfull. Marketing Proposal/ Brand Strategy 3-. Brand Strategy The brand strategy for Fisker Automotive would be to bridge the gap between luxury and a green. Using their sustainable and luxury features as a model, would be the best strategy to catch the consumers eye. All the wood finishes are of either burned or naturally fell trees. No trees will ever be harmed in the production of the interior. Also the paint is water based and the flecks are made from reclaimed glass flakes. The Karma has another amazing feature with its solar panels. Marketing Proposal/ SWOT Analysis 4-. SWOT Analysis Strengths. Fisker Automotive, with the Fisker Karma, offers the world’s first true electric vehicle with extended range. The Fisker Karma allows drivers to enjoy a car with a luxury style and is also environmentally conscious, one that achieves fuel consumption and emissions performance that is simply beyond the capability of today’s conventional luxury automobiles. Weaknesses. The lack of advertising, which makes the Fisker Automotive Brand mark and products unknown. Opportunities. Combining a striking, elegant and environmental design add campaign, with the luxury and high performance of the Fisker Karma. The design should embody the brand’s recognition and introduction to the Plug-in hybrid cars market, delivering counciosness and pure driving comfort. Threats. The first threat that the Fisker Automotive is facing is the lack of publicity and advertising, making the car unknown. The second threat that the company is facing is the massive production that other car companies are having with the same type of car, making plug-in hybrid cars more affordable and less expensive for regular customers. Marketing Proposal/ Target Audience 5-. Target Audience Marketing Proposal/ Competitors 6-. Competitors The main competition of Fisker Cars are car companies which today are offering the same kind product. These companies offer the same kind of hybrid cars, with the same environmental concept, but their focus and approach are totally different than Fisker Automotive. Tesla Motors, which is in the market since 2003 and for many years offers hybrid luxury cars, introducing this year their new plug-in hybrid model, the S Model. Also, Toyota Motors Corporation, since 1937 offer a recognizable quality cars and products, introducing this year into the market their new plug-in hybrid model , the Prius, which is one of the most commercial car in the market. Base on statistics of the current year, the graphic on the left shows the sales of the Karma and their competitors on the current year. The Toyota Prius is the higher sale. Marketing Proposal/ Proposal 7-. Proposal   • Create a new promotional striking advertising campaign to promote the Karma car from Fisker Automotive, to integrated this new car and brand itself into the cars market • Create the new campaign using ecological and harmless elements as the materials to promote the campaigns, such as digital advertising for most of the majority part of the campaign, and for printed pieces used paper made of from recyclable materials. • Summarized the campaigns with the tag line “Where Luxury meets Green.” Marketing Proposal/ Proposal Digital Banners   Marketing Proposal/ Proposal Catalogue   Marketing Proposal/ Conclusion 8-. Conclusion  Many people in our society, don’t have knowledge about sustainability and the help that this trend is bringing, specially for the planet. The new concept that some car companies are bringing with the creation of sustainable cars with the same kind of luxury and features that many car companies offer nowadays in their cars, is amazing and extremely helpful for the planet. Our proposal was base on design a new advertising campaign, to promote one of the car company who had been worked on this kind of cars. Fisker Automotive, with their new Karma car, bring a big opportunity to show to the customers and public in general the amazing that this car is, with their beautiful exterior and interior design, their luxury accommodations, and the amazing powerful and harmless engine that this car offer. With our striking, simple and extremely communicative advertising campaign for the Karma, is the final step that this new car company needs to introduce their car and products to the market, and in the same way increase their sales, creating a special satisfaction on which Fisker Automotive, their customers and the planet are going to be benefit. Marketing Proposal/ Conclusion Thank You