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Summary of Content
2015 ZHEJIANG GEELY HOLDING GROUP CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORT Address:1760, Jiangling Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China. contents About the Report 02 Message from the Chairman 04 Blue Geely, Opening up to an Era of New Energy 06 Intelligent Geely, Making Refined Cars for Everyone 11 About Geely 15 A Company with Responsible Business Operations 24 Produce Refined Cars for Customers 31 Comprehensive Safety Management 32 Foster Excellent Quality 36 We Work from the Perspective of Customers 39 Pursuing Excellent Customer Experience 42 Grow with Employees Equal Opportunity to Bring Talents Together 45 46 Ensure the Safety and Health of Employees 46 Motivate Staff Potential Establish Happy Corporate Culture 48 52 Sharing Value with Partners 54 Win-win Cooperation with Suppliers Win-win Cooperation with Dealers 55 56 Contributing to Development of the Whole Industry 58 Coexisting with Environment in Harmony 61 Raising Environmental Performance 62 Exploring the Future of Green Fuel 64 Environmentally-friendly Operation 65 Grow Together with Our Society 69 Education First, Cultivate Pillars of Society 69 Conduct Charity Activities and Caring for People’s Livelihood 72 Performance Figures 73 Looking to the Future 81 Accolades and Social Testimonials 83 ESG & G4 Index 86 Reader Feedback 101 About the Report About the Report About the Report This report is the fourth consecutive corporate social responsibility report that Zhejiang Geely Holding Group issued since 2012. The report is published in both English and Chinese. In case of any divergence, the Chinese version shall prevail. Obedience to Laws and Regulations Zhejiang Geely Holding Group strictly obey the laws and regulations that exert great influence on Geely Group such as Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, Law of the People's Republic of China on Work Safety, Law of the People's Republic of Time Frame China on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, Measures for the Administration of This report covers the period from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015 with selected historical information. of Work Safety Accidents, Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China, Advertising Law of the Contingency Plans for Work Safety Incidents, Regulations on the Reporting, Investigation and Disposition People's Republic of China, Law of the People's Republic of China on Anti-money Laundering and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Terms of Reference The latest Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide issued by SEHK in December 2015 For ease of reading, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group may be represented simply by “Geely Holding Group”, “Geely Group”, “Group” or “We/Us/Our”. since January 1, 2016. As a company listed in SEHK, Geely Automobile Holdings Limited has uplifts the disclosure in various aspects to the level of “comply or explain”, and it becomes effective compiled this report in accordance with the latest ESG Reporting requirements as active response and advanced preparation. As of December 31, 2015, Geely Automobile Holdings Limited has applied Reporting Scope Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Unless otherwise specified, all information and data presented in this not include Volvo Cars. the principles and has complied with the code provisions set out in the Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide in Appendix 27 to the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. (Please refer to ESG index for corresponding relations between ESG relevant data and report content) In the data index of this report, core data of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and Geely Automobile Holdings Limited (stock code of Hong Kong Stock Exchange:175) is disclosed respectively. Data Source and Description Report Content Data presented in this report are extracted from formal document and statistic reports generated by This report primarily documents the corporate social responsibility philosophy and practice by Geely Automobile and the education ventures under Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in aspects of social responsibility management, corporate governance, operation and management, customer assurance, talent cultivation, value chain management, environmental protection and public welfare. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group vetted and approved by their respective departments. Unless otherwise specified, statistics scope is limited to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Guarantee of Reliability Reporting Guidelines This report adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4) a n d the Sto ck Excha n g e o f H o n g Ko n g L im ite d's ( he re in a fte r re fe rre d to a s SEH K) En viro n m e n ta l, So c ia la n d G o v e r n a n c e R e po r t in g G uide ( a ppe n dix 2 7 t o t he M a in Bo a r d L ist in g R ule s, he r e in a f t e r referred to as ESG), and takes reference from The United Nations Global Compact and Social Responsibility Guideline ISO26000 issued by International Organization for Standardization. In the data index of this report, G4 and ESG applies to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and Geely Automobile Holdings Limited (stock code of Hong Kong Stock Exchange:175) , respectively. 2 Zhejiang Geely Holding Group assures that this report does not contain any falsified content, misleading statements or other major omissions. Report Availability The electronic version of this report can be downloaded at the official website of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and Geely Automobile Holdings Limited 3 Message from the Chairman Message from the Chairman Message from the Chairman The year 2015 holds historical significance for the development of Geely. We stick to sustainable development strategy and create value for the long-term development of society while pursuing our own value. In the past year, the volume of our production and sales exceeded 1 million vehicles, a landmark figure in our development. Our Volvo Cars and Geely Automobile both sped up the releasing of new products, launched new models aiming at different market segments, and consolidated the positions of our advantage products. The volume of production and sales transcended 500 thousand vehicles respectively. The breakthrough development of Geely is derived from our perspective of sustainable development in areas like production, economy, environment and society. We have successfully tackled challenges brought by changing market environment, and integrated the idea of sustainable development into operating process, and shouldered the mission to create value for society in the pursuit of commercial return. Product is the foundation of an industrial enterprise. In 2015, subsidiaries of Geely Holding Group continued to make technological innovation and lean production, and provided healthy, safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles with excellent quality to consumers. We won trust and a good reputation based on our high-quality customer service. To our delightfulness, in 2015, Geely GC9 was awarded as “China Car of the Year 2016”, representing the highest standards in fields of technology, modeling, quality and craft among B-class cars of Chinese brands and gaining wide recognition from customers, industry and media. On December With the core values of “Happy Life, GEELY Drive”, the group keeps optimizing “Happy 23, 2015, C-NCAP published the fourth collision results. Geely GC9 obtained a five-star grade with a high score Enterprise” management mode and employee care and development system, enabling staff of 55.8. Following 1.3T engine, our 1.8T engine is listed among top ten engines of 2015 “China Heart” award to tap potential and achieve personal value in their work and life in Geely. We built cooperation the second time. platform, strengthened communication and cooperation with dealers and suppliers and In the past year, China Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) Geely also made huge strides. On the basis of CMA infrastructure, Geely Automobile and Volvo Cars will launch brand-new strategic vehicle models targeting at different market segments and consumer groups, which will bound to greatly strengthen our competitiveness in global vehicle market. London Taxi Company is also endeavoring in innovating new products and new technologies. In October of 2015, President Xi Jinping and his wife paid visit to the brand new generation of taxi TX5 with zero discharge capacity launched by London Taxi Company. The group will invest 300 million pounds to establish a new factory for the production of this model and make this factory into the cutting-edge technology research and development center of Geely in UK. achieved win-win situation. We continue investing in subordinate colleges and universities of the group to boost the development of China ' s education industry as well as cultivate and reserve talents for the industry. We actively carried out public welfare project and community activities, and encouraged our partners to take part in these activities, so as to advocate public value. All the achievement comes from sincere cooperation and dedication of our team. In 2015, more and more international talents and experts joined Geely family. In the new year, we will strive to realize the vision of making Geely a “world top 10 automobile enterprise with international influence and competitiveness and respected by the public”, presenting it as a gift for the 30th anniversary of Geely Holding Group. In the future, Geey will continue its keen Severe environmental and energy problems urge every enterprise with a sense of responsibility to make insistence in innovation, advance the cutting-edge technology research and development, technological innovation to resolve these social issues. Besides continuous promotion of green business, we create elaborate models, propel environmentally friendly products and production mode, have been focusing on reducing energy consumption and emission of our products, thus promoting change in create value hand in hand with employees and partners, and build a future of sustainable wider range. In 2015, the release of our long-simmering energy strategy “Blue Geely Initiative” accelerated development altogether. the transformation of Geely Automobile from traditional vehicle to new energy vehicle. Investment by Geely in Carbon Recycling International will continuously push forward the research and development of methanol technologies and products, contributing our efforts to environmental improvement. 4 Li Shufu Chairman, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group 5 Blue Geely Opening up to an Era of New Energy The year 2020 New energy car sales will account for 90% of total sales Annual saving of petroleum will achieve 4.2 million tons Annual reduction of carbon dioxide emission will achieve 3 million tons In December, 2015, Geely Group made the formal commitment to increase the proportion of new energy car sales in total car sales to over 90% in around 2020, decrease new products ' comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers to less than 1.5L, and enable consumers to realizing the dream of owning new energy car at the cost of traditional car. Blue Geely Environmental problems emerge increasingly in recent years. As China making efforts on treating air pollution, reducing automobile exhaust and developing new energy car will be the future of automobile industry. After years of reserve and exploration, Geely takes the manufacture of new energy car as business focus of our enterprise. We deem that the most Opening up to an Era of New Energy direct and efficient method of dealing with environmental issues together with consumers is to provide energy-saving vehicles to customers. Reserve Energy for Potential Development New energy car is a strategic emerging industry and a new industry cannot be built overnight. New energy strategy does not mean opening up a new technical route, instead a new energy strategy must be built on the basis of high standards and requirements of traditional vehicle technology. The steady and solid efforts in technology research and development enable the balanced development of Geely in terms of both technology and competitiveness. R&D also equips Geely with prerequisite basic skills for developing new energy car. Widely learning and thoroughly digesting other ' s advantages is important means for new energy technical reserve by Geely. Before the release of new energy strategy in 2015, Geely Group has made overall arrangement in new energy area for many years. We have conducted in-depth cooperation with companies which master core technologies in many areas, such as methanol automobile, mini electric vehicle and electric vehicle. We have also invested in many places nationwide to build factories for the production of methanol automobile and put many factories into trial. We jointly produced Kandi electric vehicle and Zhidou automobile with Zhejiang Kandi Electric Vehicles Group and Shandong Xindayang Electric Vehicles Company respectively, with focus on mini electric vehicle. We have invested in Carbon Recycling International, exploring to promote the Clean production technology of methanol synthesis in China. In addition, Geely and Volvo reached an agreement on technology transfer in 2012 and integrated the advantageous resources of both groups in 2013. Based on that, we established China Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) and got the chance of quick technology upgrading. 7 Blue Geely Opening up to an Era of New Energy Blue Geely Opening up to an Era of New Energy Making Breakthroughs after Years of Hard Efforts Fly our dreams After reaching internal consensus on new energy strategy, through three years of hard On November 8, 2015, Geely Group formally released strategy for new energy efforts, major breakthroughs were made in new energy technology of Geely Group: totally automobile development “Blue Geely Initiative”, opening new era for our new energy independently developed GHS (Planetary gear power split type hybrid power system) with development. The company will speed up transformation from traditional automobile to new independent intellectual property rights realized carrying test on A-class car, which filled energy automobile, and will devote itself to becoming China’s leading new energy technology blank of power split type hybrid power system domestically; 1.5TD+7DCTH automobile company. hybrid power system exploited by CEVT finished prototype mould closing and carrying test on Boxcar and will gradually be equipped on Geely family models; on the basis of Emgrand purely electric vehicle, vehicle control unit hardware and modular software platform with independent intellectual property rights were exploited. The above three technologies will be implemented respectively on the three technological aspects: petrol-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric, assisting the realization of strategic transformation of Geely Group from a traditional automobile enterprise to new energy automobile enterprise. At the end of 2015, Geely Group launched the first strategic pure electric 1 Taking the lead in committing to completely achieving the fourth stage fuel consumption limit of average 5.0 L/ hundred kilometers by 2020 stipulated by the nation for enterprises 2 Leading the development Realizing the dream of of new energy technology, consumers to purchase intelligent technology and plug-in hybrid car with the automotive lightweight cost of traditional car technology in industry The cores of “Blue Geely Initiative” car—Emgrand EV. Range of Emgrand EV is 253 kilometers, and the miles per charge at the speed of 60 kilometers per hour could reach 330 kilometers. At the present stage, cars sold in Geely new energy automobile brands are Geely electric King Kong, Geely electric Panda, Geely electric GX2 and newly released Geely Emgrand EV. 5 By 2020, new energy car sales realizing accounting Achieving concrete results for over 90% of total car sales;among which in R&D of automobile driven plug-in hybrid and petrol-electric hybrid cars by hydrogen fuel and metal accounting for 65% of total sales, pure electric fuel batteries cars accounting for 35% of total sales 3 4 To achieve the above goals, especially to completely achieve the fourth stage fuel consumption limit of average 5.0 L/ hundred kilometers by 2020 stipulated by the nation for enterprises ahead of time, the Group makes detailed energy conservation and emission reduction plan for the three technological routes: petrol-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric. By 2020, Geely Group will save at least 4.2 million tons of petroleum and reduce 3 million tons of carbon dioxide emission each year. Emgrand EV 8 9 Blue Geely Opening up to an Era of New Energy 企业社会责任报告 丨 蓝色吉利 Will save at least 4.2 million tons of petroleum and reduce 3 million tons of carbon dioxide emission each year FE pure electric platform Range: 253 Km Range: 400 Km Range: 400 Km Power consumption per hundred kilometers: Power consumption per hundred kilometers: Power consumption per hundred kilometers: 13kWh 15kWh Range: 200 Km PE purely electric platform 11kWh Range: 300 Km Power consumption per Power consumption per hundred kilometers: hundred kilometers: Power consumption per hundred kilometers: 9kWh 11kWh Save 40% petroleum GHS petrol-electric hybrid system 2.0L 2015 2016 8kWh Save 45% petroleum Comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers: 1.5TD+7DCTH plug-in hybrid system Range: 400 Km 2017 Save 50% petroleum Comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers: Comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers: 1.8L 1.5L 2019 2020 2018 Intelligent Geely Making Refined Cars for Everyone Energy conser vation plan for next five years of Geely Group In the future, Geely Group will integrate “Blue Geely Initiative” to business plan of the enterprise each year. This not only shows our confidence in our development strategy and technical route, but also demonstrates our commitments in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development strategy. Please look forward to the Blue Geely in 2020 with us! 10 9 Intelligent Geely Making Refined Cars for Everyone Manless driving might be the peak of intelligent car. But we are still on the way. Geely Group will realize intelligence step by step. Combining with leading Intelligent Geely Making Refined Cars for Everyone We think intelligent-interconnected car must possess the following core elements: intelligent technology accumulated by Volvo, localization will be carried out stage by stage. The automobile industry is stepping into intelligent era and into a new stage featuring Driving experience integration between automobile and Internet. Automobile is liberalizing hands and feet of Transfer from “human adapting to car ”to “ car adapting to human”, from passive driving to pleasant driving experience human and it is trying to understand words and deeds of human through intelligent interconnection and automated driving technology. Based on deep comprehension of prospective Internet trend and needs of consumers, Geely Holding Group makes comprehensive intelligent interconnection strategy, technical route and product planning. Intelligent safety Autopilot Human is liberalized in automobile. Autopilot is initiating change in a new way of life Transfer from “human adapting to car ”to “ car adapting to human”, from passive driving to pleasant driving experience The biggest core element of intelligentinterconnected car is intelligent safety Intelligent Car in Our Hearts At present, consensus has been reached within the industry that “intelligent car is one of the trends of future development”, and “connection” is the core element of this concept. But as for interpretations and extensions of this word, different parties understand from different perspectives, thus showing different characteristics and deciding the difference in development priorities. We gradually form our unique understanding of core elements in smart automobile industry after long - term attention and research. Multiple interactions Human-computer interaction Through cloud service and big data exchanges, multiple interactions are formed between vehicle and people, vehicle and vehicle, vehicle and mobile equipment as well as vehicle and infrastructure More humanized, easy and applicable humancomputer interaction 4 From Reality to Ideality How Far It Is to Go? Geely indeed has passion in the pursuit of intelligent car, while we are making each step steadily. On the path, independent R&D and imported technology are all utilized, and our emphasis is put on R&D of intelligent technology. At present, many intelligent technologies has been equipped on Geely GC9, Geely Emgrand and other models, among which active safety and assisted driving are applied most frequently. The “seven in one active intelligent safety system” equipped on Geely GC9 ensures safety when sudden turn happens during driving, and prevents slipping on icy roads when car is started and other accidents like flat tire, so as to relieve drivers’ worries about emergency during driving. 12 13 Intelligent Geely Making Refined Cars for Everyone “Seven in one driving assistance system” utilizes intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system and other systems to relieve fatigue driving and assist collision prevention. There is still long distance between these functions and autopilot. However, in comprehensive consideration of current policies and problem faced by consumers, we set up a goal of producing intelligent car at best cost. About Geely Geely GC9 Looking forward to the future, the leading position and practice of Volvo in intelligent technology will provide great support for Geely to equip more intelligent functions on our vehicles. Our technological cooperation with Volvo would be much closer in the next few years, jointly contributing to advanced intelligent technology of automobile industry. 14 About Geely About Geely Operating income of 1 Geely Group 2015 reached 165.3 billion At the end of 2015, the vehicle ownership of Geely in society has accumulated to over 4,000,000 The total number of employee in 2015 reached 19,745 Group Overview Founded in 1986, Geely Holding Group entered automobile industry in 1997. Over the years, we focus on industry, work on technology innovation and talent cultivation, and have achieved rapid growth with accumulation of assets worth over hundreds billion Yuan. Geely has been a Fortune 500 company for 4 consecutive years and has been ranked among the Top 500 Enterprises of China for 12 consecutive years. We have been China ' s Top 10 Automobile Companies for 9 consecutive years and also been honored as China's “Innovative Enterprise” and “National Automobile Export-oriented Enterprise”. 1 16 Volve Cars and London Taxi are not included. 17 About Geely About Geely Major Milestones Chairman Li Shufu founded Geely as a manufacturer of refrigerator accessories Geely entered into the motorcycle industry. Geely entered into automobile industry. The first Haoqing car independently developed by Geely rolled off the Lin Hai production line. 1996 1986 1994 2 18 Geely took a stake in UK’s Manganese Bronze Holdings plc, pioneering a new chapter in Sino-foreign joint ventures. 2001 1997 Geely Group was founded and stepped on a path of large-scale development. The first group of Geely Automobile was exported to overseas market, breaking the zero-export history of Geely Automobile. Geely was invited to Frankfurt Auto Show, realizing the historical breakthrough of becoming the first independent Chinese brand car that participated in international centennial auto show. In the same year, Geely successfully went public in Hong kong, taking an important step forward in the path of internationalization. Geely trademark was honored as “Famous Trademark of China”. 1998 Geely acquired Australian automatic transmission 2 company, DSI Geely acquired Volvo Cars Personvagnar AB, becoming the first multinational automotive company in China. In the same year, “innovation on technological system engineering under Geely strategic transformation” project was awarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Prize (the first prize was in vacancy), becoming the only Chinese automobile enterprise that won this prize.Geely trademark was honored as “Famous Trademark of China”. 2007 2003 Geely got National Automobile Product Announcement, becoming the first domestic private enterprise to receive automobile production certificate. 2005 2006 2012 2008 Geely declared to the industry that it entered into a strategic transformation period. Geely Group fully acquired the business and core assets of UK’s Manganese Bronze Holdings plc. In the same year, Geely founded CEVT in Sweden to innovate the new generation of modular architecture and related parts of mid-size car. 2010 2014 2013 Geely Group was first ranked among Fortune 500 companies and was the only Chinese private automobile company on the list. Geely Group released “Blue Geely Initiative” new energy strategy and made a promise to realize new energy car accounting for over 90% of total car sales in around 2020. 2015 Geely Group released new brand strategy in the new period, identifying a new brand mission and making the brand value position clearer. Geely brand building entered a new stage. DSI(Drivetrain Systems International) 19 About Geely About Geely Zhejiang Geely Holding Group owns Geely Automobile, Volvo Cars, London Taxi and other sub-brands. Geely Automobile adjusted its strategy in 2014, converging three brands into a brand new automobile brand. At the same time, corresponding channels were optimized and integrated to deliver high-quality service to consumers in a unified image and product portfolio. Moving forward, Geely will continue to develop and upgrade product series of “Geely GC9, Emgrand, Vision, King Kong and Panda” to meet our customers' diverse needs. Geely vehicle ownership has accumulated to over 4 million till the end of 2015. 1. Products and Services Geely Holding Group is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Geely Automobile has vehicle and powertrain manufacturing bases in Taizhou, Ningbo, Xiangtan, Jinan and Chengdu. Group Subsidiaries Brands Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Geely Automobile Holdings Limited London Taxi Company Volvo Car Corporation London Taxi Volvo Cars Geely Automobile Zhangjiakou Jinzhong Jinan Hangzhou Bay Baoji Shanghai Chengdu Xiangtan Chunxiao Beilun Hangzhou Linhai Luqiao Guiyang Has been put into operation In construction Geely Group builds complete marketing network domestically. We own over 700 brand 4s shops and nearly a thousand service centers. We have also invested tens of millions of Yuan for the establishment of a first-class call center at home to provide 24h quick service for customers. Geely Group also has nearly 200 sales service centers overseas. 2. Technology and Talent Geely Group has research institute in Hangzhou which possesses a whole set of ability to develop whole vehicle, engine, transmission and automotive electronics. We have built design centers in Shanghai, Goteborg, Barcelona, and California, establishing a global modeling design system. China Euro Vehicle Technology of Geely Automobile was set up in Goteborg to make globally competitive modular architecture infrastructure for mid-size car. At present, the number of patent application and patent licenses of Geely reached 13,000 and 6,500 respectively, including over 2,300 applications and over 900 licenses concerning patent of invention. Geely is ranked as one of the “Top 10 China ' s Enterprises that Have Independent Innovation of IPR”, and we are also honored as “National Enterprise Technical Center”, “Postdoctoral Workstation” and “High-tech Enterprise”. “Innovation on on technological system engineering under Geely strategic transformation” was awarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Prize (the first prize was in vacancy), and “R&D and industrialization of Geely Automobile security technology”won the first prize of Science and Technology Award of China ' s Automobile Industry. Distribution Map of Geely Group Manufacturing Bases Geely boasts a staff strength of over 19,000 employees, of which 6,100 are engineers. Among our talents, three are academicians, and hundreds are overseas experts, as well as 80 PhDs and 1,300 Master’s degree holders as well as a team of several hundred senior engineers and researchers. Among our employees, six have been selected to be part of the nation’s “Thousand Talent Plan”, thus making Geely the private enterprise with the most number of these high-caliber talents. 20 21 About Geely About Geely Corporate Culture vision: Let Geely be a widely known brand around the world. Happy Enterprise Model Highly-efficient operation Core values: Happy life, Geely Drive. mission: Make good cars that are the safest, most environment-friendly and most efficient; let Geely Automobile go around the whole world. Win-win for company and staff Brand mission: Making refined cars for everyone. Management upgrade Goal Staff income and business performance are inter-linked Constant improvement Computer system Internal Price To integrate the core value “Happy Life, Geely Drive” into the work and life of each employee, we uniquely created “Happy Enterprise” model. Guided by its vision of “managing a highly-efficient operation, creating win-win situation for company and employees, happy working and happy living”, Geely sees every employee as an individual. The model also enhances the Group's assessment, evaluation and assignment system and creates a fair, impartial and transparent corporate environment. Geely believes that we can boost management capability and improve constantly through Happy Enterprise. Quantify resources “Happy Enterprise” Creates Happy Culture Happy Enterprise The core competitiveness of an enterprise comes from its core value. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group takes “following on the whole, surpassing locally, making major breakthrough, recruiting talents, combining cooperation and development and surpassing the formers as latecomer ” as development strategy, and “Happy Life, Geely Drive”as core value. Geely sticks to pursue a path of technological innovation. We use our wisdom to make the the enterprise a respectable Fortune 500 automobile company with global influence and competitiveness. We would strive for the rise of independent brands of China's automobile China's automobile industry and make efforts to realize the vision of “Make good cars that are the safest, most environment-friendly and most efficient; let Geely Automobile go around the whole world”. Business operations Internal market Everyone is a business operator Everyone is a value creator Everyone is a happy inspirer At the same time, “Happy Enterprise” also provides platform for employees to show their self-competence, stimulating the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and tapping their potential, wisdom, innovation and creativity, thereby building a win-win stage for achieving employees’ personal value and development goals of the team. Under the “Happy Enterprise” concept of Geely, staff is divided into functions such as R&D, purchasing, manufacturing and sales sub-units. We introduce market mechanism into the company departments, minimize accounting units and promote meticulous management and maximum utilization of resources at minimal cost. 22 23 A Company with Responsible Business Operations Corporate Governance 1.Governance structure Legal person governance structure is the core of Geely's corporate governance. Through the setting up board of directors, management committee and each functional department, corresponding duties and powers become clear, and stable corporate legal person governance structure is formed. Currently, Geely Holding Group has set up Office of Board of Directors which have seven subordinate departments: the Chairman's Office, Disciplinary Inspection Supervision Department, Office of Party-Masses, Beijing Representative Office, Public Relations and Communication Department, Audit department and Investment Cooperation Department. In addition, the Board of Directors also set up three specialized committees: Remuneration Committee, Audit Committee and Compliance Committee. A Company with Responsible Business Operations As the management institution of Geely, corporate business management committee has five subordinate specialized committees: Product Strategy Committee, Quality Management Committee, Procurement Committee, Brand Management Committee and Safe Production Committee. These committees make overall plans and coordination for the areas that the Group put emphasis on. Under the leadership of corporate business management committee, Geely Group set up 18 functional departments for daily operation. Responsibility Focus Responsible business operation is the cornerstone for undertaking corporate social responsibility. Geely strengthens the compliance of daily business operation with continuous perfection of corporate governance structure as the target. Meanwhile, we value the corporate mission as the center for social responsibility management, and carry out key actions on significant issues and actively respond to requirements of stakeholders. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Audit Committee Group Board of Directors’ Office Remuneration Committee Board of Directors Compliance Committee Beijing Representative Office Investment Collaboration Department. Audit Department Public Relations Department Office of Party-Masses, Disciplinary Inspection& Supervision Department Chairman﹂s Office Product Strategy Committee Group Operation and Management Committee Quality Control Committee Procurement Committee Brand Management Committee Safe Production Committee Major Project Management Center Strategic Marketing Department Bidding office Security Department New Product Quality Improvement Departmen Safety & Environmental Protection Department Legal Affairs Department Infrastructure & Facility Planning Department Quality Management Department Technical Department Human Resources Center Information Management & Service nternal Control Financing Department Investment & Capital Operation Department Financial Management Department International Business Department CEO’s Office Organization Framework of Geely Holding Group 25 A Company with Responsible Business Operations A Company with Responsible Business Operations 2.Compliance management Corporate Social Responsibility Management To conform to the strategic transformation of Geely and implement sustainable development of the group, we officially set up the Compliance Office in March, 2015 to comprehensively push forward the compliance construction. Compliance Committee subordinated to the Board of Directors leads the compliance management works of the group in an overall manner. Daily operation office is set up to take the responsibility of organizing the concrete implementation of various compliance systems, so as to maintain the operation of five compliance safeguard mechanisms. There are part-time posts of compliance in each department and subsidiary to coordinate with Compliance Office. The group formulated The Compliance Code of Conduct and thirteen matched management policies, including interest conflict management, corporate asset use of compliance management, business partner compliance management, community relations management, business record, compliance risk identification management and some other core issues related to compliance management. Accordingly, management measures of compliance training, assessment, consulting, report, investigation and punishment were introduced to implement various policies. It also established corresponding procedures and measures for compliance management by Geely Automobile Holdings Limited. Please refer to for more details. Aiming at prevention of bribery, blackmail, fraud and money laundering, the group made it clear in The Compliance Code of Conduct that “integrity and compliance”, “honesty and faithfulness” are the core requirements. Conducts in the aspect of “gift and reception” were also clearly stipulated. Additionally, Geely promised to obey relevant laws and regulations on anti-money laundering. At the same time, we ensured that the company and individuals would strictly obey reporting requirements when participating in activities and transactions that might involve illegal money. In 2015, Geely made significant progress in pushing forward compliance work comprehensively. 17,549 person joined compliance training in 2015, covering 96.9% of the staff, including 4,125 new employees. Key positions’ risk assessment is conducted with target at staff on these positions. 38 pieces of risk prevention and control forms were collected. Besides, the Compliance Office investigated and dealt with 15 illegal cases and violations in 2015. 1. Concept and model of social responsibility management Our corporate mission “make good cars that are the safest, most environmentfriendly and most efficient” is the starting point of social responsibility management. In the product, economic, environmental and social fields, we perform our social responsibility and make contribution to the sustainable development of society. Product field: We keep fostering technological innovation, provide healthy, safe, energy-efficient and environmental-friendly vehicles with excellent quality to consumers, and win trust and praise through quality customer service. Economic field: We abide by professional ethics, operate business honestly in accordance to law, and create interests for shareholders. Environmental field: We continuously push forward green business and improve resource efficiency in R&D, production and logistics segments. We also adopt measures of energy conservation and emission reduction to control environmental risk and reduce influence to environment by the enterprise and products. Social field: we safeguard the rights and interests of employees, care about development of the staff and offer vast space of growth for them. We build responsibility value chain and actively contributes to industry development. We pay attention to community development and education, and we also contribute our share to harmonious society. Anticipation of stakeholders Product field Economic field Health and safety 3. Economic performance Unit: 100 million RMB Technological innovation Excellent quality Superior service Indicator 2013 2014 2015 Total assets 336.0 372.80 422.92 Operating income 287.1 217.38 301.38 Corporate Income Tax Net profit 4.94 5.86 26.80 14.49 22.89 Financial health Compliance management Value creation Energy conservation and environmental protection Risk control Climate change Social field Job creation Employees' care and development Common development with partners Community involvement Corporate mission of Geely “Make good cars that are the safest, most environment-friendly and most efficient ” Brand mission of Geely: “Making refined cars for everyone” Product field 6.2 Environmental field Make refined cars Develop new energy car Make customer service perfect Economic field Pay tax in accordance with law Improve corporate governance Environmental field Improve the environmental performance of vehicle Improve green business performance Social field Help employee to grow Promote winwin cooperation Carry out common community development Path of action Note:The data scope is Geely Automobile Holdings Limited. Corporate Social Responsibility Model of Geely 26 27 A Company with Responsible Business Operations A Company with Responsible Business Operations 2.Social Responsibility Management Structure 3.Selection and Analysis of Significant Issues Geely regards social responsibility management as an important management dimension in the production and operation process. The board of directors deals with affairs related to overall corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. The Chairman's Office, Human Resources Center, Quality Management Department, Safety and Environmental Protection Office, Public Relations Department, Domestic Sales and Service Company, and Overseas Sales and Service Company collaboratively take part in the social responsibility management. Relative policies are also implemented in each subsidiary. Geely adopts a multi-pronged approach in identifying important social responsibility issues for the company. Geely analyzes CSR practices in both local and global auto markets, according to international standards and guidelines, such as the of the Global Reporting Initiative and ISO 26000, as well as requirements from national policies. Then Geely uses the Geely Responsibility Management Model to map out a two-dimensional matrix of “Importance to stakeholders-Relevance to Geely”, to identify its social responsibility priorities. This also revealed the key issues taken into consideration when the company makes decisions on strategies impacting the environment, society and economy. High Geely Holding Group Office of Party-Masses CEO Office Human Resources inancial Management Beijing Geely University Compliance Quality Management Sanya College Safety and Environmental Protection Department Other Departments Zhejiang Automotive Engineering College Department of Geely Holding Group Headqua Geely Automobile Research Institute Geely Powertrain Research Institute Subsidiaries of Geely Holding Group Zhejiang Automotive Technical Institute Hunan Geely Automotive Technical Institute Procurement Company Importance to stakeholders Education Institute under Geely Holding Group Geely Automobile Holdings Limited Green production and management Product Safety Product Quality Assurance Energy-saving and eco-friendly products New Energy Technology Application Customer Service Financial/ Economic Health Climate Change Technological Innovation Compliance Management Risk Control Supply Chain Responsibility Charity and Volunteer Service Medium Education and Talent Cultivation Care and Development of Employee Tax Payment Staff Health and Safety Employment Opportunities Sales Company Other Subsidiaries Low Geely Corporate Social Responsibility Management Organization Chart Medium Relevance to Geely Economy Environment 28 High Society Product 29 A Company with Responsible Business Operations 4. Stakeholder Communication ers - tee M r In di for sc m lo ati su on re C C on pu SR sec bl re uti ic po ve su rt r F pe s, ele on air rv an as d an of is is d a e c io f d ic lo n cc of ot ia s ep he l w ur ts r p eb e o ub si f in lic te, fo m W rm ed ec at ia ha ion t es lo y e Emp ed ia Government Regulatory inspection Project cooperation In ve st or s Staf f cong r Intran e s s e t socia and platfo l media rms Emp s a t is lo y e e s u r v f a c t io n ey Env sum iety n it y mu C o md in g b u il lu n ff vo S t a ic e v ser nd ps a rou er g s nte y of am o lu ogr t y pr u p v a r ie S e t t e a v c h a r it y in it ia m u n it com Soc Stakeholders of Geely ' rs de ol h e g rts ar tin po Sh ee re m d o ri Pe Proactive reporting Develop collectively with local economy and society Bolster security management and accept regulatory assessments Create jobs and develop talents Participate in public affairs Abide by local laws, operate legally and pay tax according to the law Prov envir ide a he staff onment,althy an d sa welfa a fe wo E s ta re an nd guara rk d inte n c h a n b li s h tr a reststee d c o m n e ls fo r e u n io n in te and Im p m u n ic r nal smo r a o th g u id o v e v o c ti o n a in c o m g s ta ff ti o n a l tr p m a n a n y 's o to ta k e a in in g s p age m e n p e r a ti o n a r t in th y s te m , e t v ia m u lt a n d ip le chan n e ls t s ir o n men er vey D is c e n v lo s u r e ir in f o o n m e o f n rma t io n t a l Pub a n d li c s u r v e eva lu a t y s io n s al Sur Res ene earch a r env gy car nd dev s ir p e r o n m e , a n d h e lo p n e form n w e ig h anc tal ten e of car s st du rs In ee p p a ir y re s enc t e r g p la in o em com nt ' s se t e ll e mer pon exc res custo w it h e ly d ers T im ic e a n car s u m r v ic e s v ser con e w it h nd s v id e t io n rac ts a Pro in t e duc c pro t iv e b s , e t c a ' ers P r o e r s ' c lu tom own cus t e c t a t io n Pro m y r in f o p r iv a c and s' mer nsu o co nd t Atte dback fee er sum n C o n f a c t io s a t is er sum m Con syste e car Regular communication to ensure healthy and sustainable C development of partnerships e fe om d d e ed pli tra an ry g, af xce bac anc t s in Sa ter llen k E e m du r Strict management of bidding fe -sa t p ns an in sha nt e gu process, and protect legal in u a l r e nce pm ar es e-a re ge t interests of suppliers a ie lo d s m d p i er e le erv nd ea en En c v i le ga ic rt xp de s d rs t, a a l in es ev ure p n e rly pr ud Compliance management, y el h te ry ov it el tio e op ea re st r audit and feedback iv cia ord stry id an u t s i m lth e d ts nd nfa en y Ac so ort du i of t o an ti h e u o n as pp e in de i u w f d t s h s t pa s al e fu eti Regular work t f u er o rtn s Re ra re p s meetings er tain gu bo d om sh a la an s c la d ol s rw ip ble Supply chain an C er nes s or ge on pe si partners training D k an ati ea m bu ee ch er le rt tin Ex op cts Supplier ra gs co oje in review y i D pr ng tr g ea s re u in l e d v t ie r In ee w Supply chain m D e r y partners Con Sav enh e energ a res nce re y and r our c e s c y c li n e d u c e g e dur in g o f e n e m is s io pro duc rgy and n, and t io n The development of an enterprise coordinates resources of the whole society. The enterprise receives supports from different side and exerts influence at the same time. Government, investors, employees, consumers, supply chain partners, industry peers, community and media form the social community all together with the enterprise. As a responsible enterprise, Geely actively understands their needs, anticipation and advices, makes suitable adjustments according to actual situations and responds in a timely manner. t es or in s' te re st s e ov rn an ce u ns te v ,e d ra n in its an po pla ct f r e n ne tio ot co gic e be a Pr ov te ic rv m ese pr stra o m r I n d co e p an t e lu on os t va iati o e B s ec as pr ap g Produce Refined Cars for Customers Responsibility Focus “Making Refined Cars for Everyone”is not only the brand mission of Geely Automobile. It is integrated into each segment of the group such as the management, R&D, design, manufacture, marketing and service. We endlessly pursue perfection and provide cars with excellent quality to customers. We increase the input of R&D into the fields which impact customers ' life quality such as safety, quality, health, energy conservation and environmental protection, to constantly improve customer service and consumers ' experience, attempting to gain praise and trust from customers. At the end of 2015, the vehicle ownership of Geely has accumulated to over 4,000,000 The number of 4S shop stores in 2015 reached re 532 The number of people in club of vehicle owners reached 330,173 3 30 3 Volve Cars and London Taxi are not included. 3 Produce Refined Cars for Customers Produce Refined Cars for Customers Comprehensive Safety Management Adaptive Cruise Control Lane Departure Warning Blow-out Control System Structure crashworthiness Occupant safety Child safety Automatic alarm The gradually mature automobile market generates consumers' concern about safety Driving record issue. “Making the safest car” has always been the target of Geely. We treat safety as the Lane Keep Assist most important property of product, therefore proposing the “safety first” strategy. All- Forward Collision Warning Autonomous Emergency Braking Warning Function Control Function Pedestrian safety Child safety around management system through the whole process ensures the realization of this strategy. 1. GTSM (Geely Total Safety Management) System 100% The automobile safety management system of Geely is abbreviated as GTSM (Geely probability Assist Function Collision protection Subsequent protection Total Safety Management). This system is built in combination with advanced experience of international famous auto-makers and our own features and takes an all-around look into the safety management over the lifespan of a car. The process begins with the initial planning for higher specifications cars to R&D and performance test, then the rigorous production control phase and lastly, safety education and excellent sales process. Every stage of the evaluation reflects “safety first” principle of Geely. Probabilityofcollisionincrease 0% Reducethedamageofcollision Collision state Dangerous state Safe state Active safety Driving safety Passive safety After collision state Accident rescue IntelliDrive Total Safety Technology System of Geely Test design Structural safety design Passenger protection system design Pedestrian protection system design Hardware in-the loop test Test system Safety integration Planning & information Project work Zero Death Active Lateral Control Technology Component test system Roll Stability Control (RSC) Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) Emergency Steering Control (ESC) Active Longitudinal Control Technology Zero Accidrnt OUR VISION Brake Assist Control (BAC) Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) Test plan Vehicle test system Active Waraning Technology Vehicle test plan Active safety system design Zero Injury Experiment guidance, design improvement Accuracy of Injure Revaluate,and Zero Death Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Blind Spot Warning (BSW) Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Multi-dimensional Injury Evaluation System Injury Analysis and Evaluation of Biomechanical Dummies Convenience of Safe Man Machine Operation and Physical Operation New Passive Safety Technology Performance Integration New Vehicle Body Structure Research ReducePersonnel Injury Reduce Death Rate Vehicle Body Structure Development Matching Constraint System Safe Driving High-performance Vehicle Body Structure Development Application of New Constraint System Multi-pronged Protection Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Safety Performance Development System Diagram of Geely R&D Vision of Geely Safety Technology: zero death, zero injury, zero accident 32 33 Produce Refined Cars for Customers Produce Refined Cars for Customers 2.Safety Experiment and Performance Safety is not an imagined theory. It needs repeated experiments and tests for verification and optimization. Geely built safety experiment platform which combines active and passive safety, including whole vehicle crash test lab, simulated crash lab, pedestrian protection lab, Active Safety Technology of Geely GC9 Active Safety Technology Core function safety part lab, vehicle body structure lab, active safety technology lab and several labs of subsystem. Simulated driving lab and active safety lab have been put into use. 4 Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Automatically brake when the distance to vehicle ahead or obstacle is shorter than safe distance. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Adjust speed automatically and keep safe distance with vehicle ahead. Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Assist driver to avoid accident caused by lane departure through warning. Blind Spot Information System(BLIS) Two cameras built in the two auto rear view mirrors reflect the blind zone on the computer screen of the car. Lane change assistance lights on the pillars of two rear mirrors can alert drivers the blind zone. The laboratory of Geely is verified by CNAS and is qualified as exporter to Europe and US. This is the only key laboratory of automobile safety technology in Zhejiang province, which greatly speeds up the safety technology improvement of domestic independent brands. Geely conducts vehicle passive safety experiments over 30 times in accordance with over ten kinds of crash situations for each newly-developed model. Over 60 experiments are done in the whole lifespan of a product. Geely GC9 truly brings international advanced active safety technology to consumers ' life, and also facilitates rapid application of those technologies on independent cars. Emergency Braking Assist Auto Crash Test Scene [Responsibility Practice] Active Safety Technology of Geely GC9 Passive safety technology can decrease harm to human after accidents, while automobile safety technology is not limited to seat belt and airbag we often see. As important Be activated when risk of crash is detected and brake force by driver is not enough √ 5-85km/h Adjust according to braking force automatically Autonomous Emergency Braking - partial braking Be activated when risk of collision is detected at low speed √ 5-210km/h Target object: mobile object √ 30-210km/h Brake at a speed slower than 3.5m/s2 supplement to passive safety technology, active safety technology performs better in Target object: immobile object Target object: mobile object preventing accident, and it is used more frequently in daily driving. The new Geely GC9 carries the most advanced active safety technology of independent brands, and also achieves the level of similar international models. Autonomous Emergency Braking - low speed Be activated when risk of collision is detected and driver cannot brake √ 5-30km/h Target object: immobile object Brake at a speed slower than8m/s2 4 34 CNAS(China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) CNAS accreditation was national accreditation agency authorized and approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA). This agency is responsible for the accreditation of relative agencies such as certification agency, laboratory and inspection agency. √ 5-30km/h Target object: mobile object Function Diagram of Geely GC9 Automatic Emergency Braking 35 Produce Refined Cars for Customers Produce Refined Cars for Customers I n t e r m s o f n e w p r o d u c t q u a l i t y c o n t r o l , I n 2 0 1 5,w e c o m p l e t e d t h e q u a l i t y r e v i e w s Foster Excellent Quality regarding various brand-new models, facelifted vehicles and powertrain new products by means of quality safeguards. Through prevention mechanism, projects containing quality risks got early warnings for instant rectification. Meanwhile, we implemented quality Improvement of quality control system and optimization of quality control procedure are containment work in the early period of mass production, which has helped quality control in required to build high quality cars. On this basis, Geely has devoted more energy to arouse following stages: initial containment of parts production by suppliers, quality control customers ' perception of quality. We have taken the needs and expectation of customers as strengthening in the early phase and instant response to market problems. As an effective the priority, and tried to improve quality in a way that is customized to consumers ' need. result, the quality of new product programs has become stable and kept increasing, so the consumers ' needs were also met. 1.Quality Control System In terms of vehicle component quality control, 2015, we intensified efforts in 5 The quality control system of Geely was founded in 1998 and keeps innovation and improvement to catch up the pace of time. Geely always carries out the quality guidelines “Be responsible for brands and pursue satisfaction of consumer all the time”. We build and operate comprehensive quality control system with process control as basis. Namely, management and perfection of auto parts with above 1500PPM. Through analysis and demands for quality improvement, we have actively driven dozens of suppliers of dualtrack development projects. At the same time, management measures such as limitation and upgrading of suppliers reduced the number of auto parts with above 1500PPM by 84%. In terms of manufacturing process quality control, by November 30, the rate of we put new product, component, manufacturing process, check and test, after-sales and quality improvement all together, trying to achieve overall quality control and evaluation through quality evaluation online covering the whole process. We actively encourage involvement in management from employees to managers, promote horizontal unsatisfactory vehicle dropped from 1.09 to 0.9, marking a dropping rate of 17.4%. 3. Adherence to Improve Perceived Quality communication and establish corresponding motivation system. The perceived quality of automobile means that customers perceive the features and quality of automobile with their eyes, ears, hands and noses. In this way, the customers ' impression on the automobile would reflect whether their requirements and expectations are met. The year 2015 was “the year of perceived quality improvement” of Geely. We enhanced New Product Quality Control System the perceived charm of product on the basis of ensuring product safety, reliability and Component Quality Control System Quality Improvement Control System in R&D, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service systems. We strove to introduce the exquisite, comfortable and high-tech Geely product to customers. In 2015, we significantly Construction and Perfection of Quality Control System After-sales Quality Control System sustainable improvement. Ten key measures and ten perception practices were implemented promote vehicle interior air quality, operating perceived quality, dynamic and economical Manufacturing Process Quality Control System perceived quality aspects. [Responsibility Practice] Feedback on Operating Perceived Quality of New Emgrand 1.5L Model Check and Test Control System Linking the communication between research department and after-sales department is a key method to improve perceived quality. Customers ' perception is recorded and transferred to R&D department. The difficulty in this step is to turn perceptual description into logical judgment and professional improvement opinion. Quality Control System of Geely 6 The after-sales feedback of New Emgrand 1.5L model and IQS investigation and research showed that around 66% of customers feel the junction of clutch was too high, 2.Optimization of Quality Control 6 causing inconvenience for new drivers. Targeting at this feedback, research institute analyzed the difference between the expressions of professionals and customers. The problem was optimized through man-machine check and this improvement has been Quality control involves many departments and posts in the group. The innovation of applied to many FE models. basic employee and middle level management cannot be neglected. Therefore, Geely encourages each employee to build consciousness of “Quality problem concerns everyone”. The whole staff participates in quality control to control every detail of product and produce first-class vehicles. 36 5 PPM: Parts per million. Standard of product quality inspection. PPM=Defective parts*1,000,000/batch. 6 IQS: Initial Quality Study, usually means new products quality study in mobile industry. It mainly measures the complaints from a new car owner within 2-6 months. 37 Produce Refined Cars for Customers Produce Refined Cars for Customers 4.Market Quality Improvement [Responsibility Practice] Airbag Control Unit Recalling Geely adopts the following measures to improve market quality quickly: instant response, prevention and control over major quality problems such as strengthening quality safety and recalling products; 24h monitor of safety and Due to suppliers’ manufacturing problem, airbag control units of Geely GX7 and SX7 recalling risk information; 14-day disposal mechanism for batched risk problems; market quality supervision analysis produced during March 18, 2014 and May 11, 2014 functioned abnormally. The airbag and resolving problems in manufacturing process and enhancing quality control over suppliers. warning light might turn on and airbag might blast under extreme conditions, which give As Defective Vehicle Recalling Regulation of Geely required, producers shall immediately organize survey and analysis when they are informed of the vehicle defect potential. Survey and analysis results shall be reported to product quality supervision department under the State Council. When the producers confirm the vehicle defect, they shall stop producing, selling, and importing defective products at once and recall defective vehicles. Vehicle recalling working group Vehicle recalling office Manufacturing company Quality department Procurement Company/ Replacement Sales company ervice company relevant report, and identified the reason for airbag module chip failure. On March 2, 2015, we publically recalled 714 GX7/SX7s and provided free check and repairments for the recalled cars to eliminate potential safety risks. National recalling center We work from the perspective of customers Start Decision approval rise to potential safety risks. Geely conducted product recalling at the moment we received Recalling task coordination committee Issue recalling internal task book Formulate defect elimination plan committee Defect elimination plan verification Component procurem Seek vehicle sales direction and customers’ archives In the Internet age, decentralization is getting momentum. Technology and idea Formulate recalling plan innovation urges the transformation of production thinking by enterprises today. Inability to listen to customers' voice will lead to inability to manufacture products satisfactory to Component quality test customers. Geely strives to work from the perspective of customers, providing and keep Spareparts center puts in stocks/ allocates/ dispatches/ cancels stocks Recalling announcement approval Notice to stop selling defective cars Plan feasibility validation improving products and service according to specific needs and preference of customers. Meanwhile, effective information system was utilized to improve our customer relationship management activities. Make recalling announcement Start recalling 1.We need real feedback Periodic evaluation and issue report/ summary Evaluation result Accept We put the needs of customers as priority in product design, and we believe only by yes yes The end meeting customers’ core needs in product function can we really meet their demands. Geely keeps collecting feedback of customers through a variety of channels, and proactively carries out customer experience activities. Customers are enabled to know Initiative Recalling Procedure by Geely about Geely products from various aspects and give their comments to us. [Responsibility Practice] UAES (United Automotive Electronic Systems) Fuel Pump Recalling On December 30, 2013, SGM (Shanghai General Motor) recalled 146.1 million Sail /Excelle vehicles out of manufacturing problems in fuel pump bracket. On August 25, 2014, SGM recalled 58,000 Roewe vehicles out of the same reason. Following Recall Risk Screening Procedure (when other domestic or international automakers recall cars, Geely would conduct risk screening concerning their recalling reasons within the company), Geely ferreted out that fuel pumps recalled by Sail /Excelle and Roewe were produced by UAES (United Automotive Electronic Systems). Through risk screening, we found that fuel pumps of Geely EC7, Vision and SC7 were partly supplied by UAES. Strict proof by Geely manifested that durability risk existed though oil leaking did not occur. In December, 2014, Geely reported potential risks to The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and recalled 56,730 EC7 vehicles, 41,832 Vision vehicles and 10,617 SC7 vehicles, totaling up to 109,179 vehicles. 38 39 Produce Refined Cars for Customers [Responsibility Practice] Customers Perspective on New Geely Emgrand New Geely Emgrand was released to the market in 2014. Its sales ranked the first among independent brand cars for six months in running and received broad recognition. Praises gave us impetus to strive forward. After the release of new model, we closely tracked feedback from customers and compiled Validation Research after the Release of New Emgrand. During research, we found that customers thought ESC (Electronic stability control) system was necessary configuration, GPS navigation, ESC (Electronic stability control) and some other configurations were priorities in customers’ purchasing consideration, which means customers still need configuration improvement of New Produce Refined Cars for Customers 2.D ouble guarantee of health and safety In line with “safety first” principle we proposed in the automobile production, we also care about health of customers. Facing the serious air pollution these days, Geely builds a safe and healthy in –vehicle environment for customers by controlling in-vehicle air quality. We set up special programs for improving in-vehicle air perceived quality and for improving in-vehicle environment quality. We perceive traceability in perspective, emphasize improvement of perceived smell, and expand our control range to factors that may lead to cancer, malformation, a reproductive toxicity and volatile amine. We build overall healthy vehicles though deep source analysis. Emgrand EC7、EC8、GX7、GX9, New Emgrand and GC9 under Geely brand all meet Emgrand. To meet the demands of customers, Geely Automobile Sales Company held discussion with product line base while taking into competition and branding elements into account. We actively listened to advices from customers and released the new model of Geely New Emgrand in April, 2015. GPS navigation and ESC (Electronic stability control) system were equipped to the news model on the basis of Geely New Emgrand. We avoided market price competition through the improved configuration of new model and received recognition from customers. the national Volatile Organic Content (VOC) standard GB/T 27630-2011 Evaluation Guidelines for In-vehicle Air Quality of Passenger Vehicle. Emgrand EC8 and New Emgrand even reach the zero-benzene level. The odor quality of Emgrand EC7 reaches level 7, playing a leading role in industry. Recyclability of material and control over hazardous substance: no asbestos is detected in models under Geely brand. Moreover, we limit the volume of PAHs ( polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) according to the strictest German standard, which is under 0.2mg/kg in seat and steering wheel where human skin touches. These parts are safe for infants’ touch. [Responsibility Practice] High Quality In-vehicle Environment of Geely Gc9 People increasingly realize the impact of air quality on their own health. In a relatively closed space, in-vehicle air quality is particular concern of drivers and passengers. Geely GC9 integrates advanced AQS air quality management system. Through three level safeguards, the AQS, the PM2.5 filter and the plasma air purifier, we enable customers to [Responsibility Practice ] Chief Experience Officer of Geely Boyue enjoy a carefree experience in-vehicle space. Geely has always been open-minded to consumers. Before the release of Geely Boyue, we launched “Chief Experience Officer” activity, inviting car fans to experience the new model in advance. In the late May of 2015, we officially publicized the Chinese name of Boyue and started soliciting “Chief Experience Officer”. As of November, we solicited nearly 500 Chief Experience Officers and selected 10 of them to participate in the activity of vehicle limit test under icy and snowy conditions. The limit test was held in winter automobile test site of Bosch in Yakeshi, Hulun Buir in December, 2015. In the activity of vehicle limit test under icy and snowy conditions, experts from Geely Automobile Design and Research Institute introduced the design concept of Geely Boyue and stories in the R&D and test to Chief Experience Officers. This enabled people to further understand the many details taken into consideration behind a refined car from design to mass production. The Chief Experience Officers shared their experience diaries with car owners via BBS, Wechat and QQ group, arousing great interest among Geely vehicle owners. 40 41 Produce Refined Cars for Customers Produce Refined Cars for Customers It integrates the air quality sensor of US General Electric Company. It automatically switches internal and external circulation of air conditioner through monitoring external air quality. Harmful air is prohibited to enter the vehicle, which raises the internal air quality. Advanced AQS Air Quality Management System Efficient PM2.5 Filter Advanced Plasma Air Purifier Efficient PM2.5 filter: efficient PM2.5 filter uses electret materials and electrostatic adsorber to clear dust. The double-layer material purifies particles deeply. The purification rate of PM2.5 surpasses 97%, effectively ensuring in-vehicle air quality. Plasma air purifier: plasma air purifier adopts advanced plasma air purifying technology. It forms plasma field through high- frequent, high voltage pulse discharge, and is able to oxidize harmful chemical gas in air. High-energy ultraviolet photons break the cell walls of bacteria and virus and kill them. Cluster ions neutralize the electrical property of suspended particles and facilitate the sedimentation of suspended particles. The new oxygen ions make the air purer and fresher. Care center— Geely customer care center The internationally accepted customer calling platform is adopted, providing all-day fast service in 24 hours and realizing a quick response to customer demand and market information. Care club— enjoy Geely’s quality life Geely provides customers with all-round quality life-support service by utilizing various resources and channels, to further increase customer satisfaction on Geely Automobile. Care at home—Geely Mobile Automotive Services To deepen the idea of “care on details”, Geely Holding Group provides superior after-sale service and automobile parts to customers' door step through models such as “Village Service” and“Natural Disaster Emergency Rescue”, alleviating vehicle maintenance and service worries of owners in these areas. Geely has built a nation-wide road rescue system including a nation-wide rescue service hotline, a Care on the road—Geely complete set of supporting equipment and tools, Automotive Road Rescue Service u n i f o r m r e s c u e v e h i c l e a n d p r o f e s s i o n a l r e s c u e personnel together with standard road rescue processes. Care seasons—365 days of warm-hearted service “Care seasons” is a regular after-sale service. According to characteristics of each season, Geely could provide users with over-value service and activities that are comply with users demand. Full 365 days customized service accompanies you with daily care. Care classrooms— expert of car maintenance The care class is regularly organized in the form of lectures to help customers gain and master more professional driving and maintenance knowledge based on the characteristics of different models. Geely Holding Group insists on “providing customers with upmost care” and “care on details”. While providing perfect service, Geely Holding Group also pays attention to the protection of customer ' s privacy. Any data that involve customer information are strictly Pursuing Excellent Customer Experience complied with Regulations on Information Security Risk Control and Data Archive Management Program issued by the Group which stipulates potential risks in all programs and relevant counter measures. “Happy Life, Geely Drive” is our heartfelt wish. Geely Holding Group takes consumers as good companions in the way to future. Firmly believing in “customer service makes the 2. Greatness the Owner, Going Global Geely brand”, Geely Holding Group constructs an all-round “customer care system” and creates the “Geely Club” bearing in mind the goal of increasing customer satisfaction. “ Geely Club”, founded on Oct.1st 2008, is a car club under Geely Holding Group. Geely hopes to convey the corporate culture to users via the club and provides them with diversified life-support service under the united car family. “Geely Club” is both online and off-line. Sub-clubs are set up under 400 distributers nationwide. Some are even 1.Geely' s Customer Care System created by car fans. Online witnesses over 300,000 identified car owners who share information and activities with each other as well as their own understandings and discoveries about cars. We set up six customer care systems in 2010, in order to increase customer satisfaction, bring excellent services to users, appeal to user need, create service modes and enable users to enjoy high-quality after sale-service. The club organizes self-driving travel, user exchanges, new car test drive and charity activities, most of which are initiated by car owners who share the same interests and goals. These activities hold the sincere will of cooperation and mutual help, being close to nature, discovering different food, building physical health and opening up horizon in a spirit that is healthy, pleasant, civilized and positive. 42 43 Produce Refined Cars for Customers [Responsibility practice] “Geely Emgrand” Car Racing Experience Camp Perhaps every car lover longs for car racing. “Geely Club” provides the exact experience for car owners in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and Zhuhai, etc. The first stop of “Geely Club” Car Racing Experience Camp ended on June 14th 2015 in Chengdu International Circus. Nearly 300 racing drivers tried Geely Emgradnd on professional racetrack. He Yujia, a 31-year-old racing car experiencer from Chongqing said that “Geely Emgrand was easy to operate and flexible at the turning. The power is very strong.” Geely Holding Group hopes to create a cultural platform for car sports via this activity, lead the fashion of car sports, present the essence of Geely culture, and promote exchanges among the corporate, dealers, media and car owners. This will also become an opportunity for Geely Automobile lovers to present themselves. Grow with Employees Responsibility Focus Geely Holding Group holds the belief of “Show respect, achieve success and create happiness” in our human resources culture. In the combination of sustainable development strategy and growth potential of employees, we provide employees with competitive remuneration and benefit system to protect their legal rights. With a safe working environment, sound training mechanism, information system and cultural network, Geely Holding Group is able to stimulate the potential of employees and enhance their sense of accomplishment. By the end of 2015, the total number of employees has reached 3. Growing Customer Satisfaction Since 2015, we have promoted various measures to increase customer satisfaction. Two focuses are exercised in addressing complaints: one is to create a market complaint system, by managing complaints effectively in 4S shops based on data analysis and supervising customer complaint management process so as to reduce customer complaints and increase satisfaction; the other is to improve inner processes, by paying more attention to service details, optimizing service processes, managing data of repeated complaints and establishing the early-warning mechanism. These measures have gained a good effect. In 2015, the after-sale service satisfaction (CSI) of J.D.POWER reached 715, ranking top among other independent brands. 44 19,745 Newly graduates in 2015 643 Number of trainings held in 2015 7,802 Grow with Employees Grow with Employees We have set up safety committees at three levels, the group level, the subsidiary level Equal Opportunity to Bring Talents Together and the factory level, with 128 HSE professionals, all of the whom have signed post accountability agreement. To track and check the occupational safety and health management system annually, we set up an internal assessment system that covers all Talent is Geely ' s most treasured asset and the core of sustainable development of the corporation. Our employees devote their youth and wisdom to the corporation and we, in return, are dedicated to create a fair, square and promising working environment. Equal management items of HSE, to ensure that the HSE management is complied with laws and regulations and the development demand of Geely. All subsidiaries of Geely Holding Group have set up the GBT 28001 occupational opportunity is the fundamental of talent recruitment. We have made a standardized safety and health management system and built subsidiaries to become first class safety recruitment policy adapted to all departments in headquarter and subsidiaries. HR standard enterprises. Among seven industrial bases, 86% of them have the system department in headquarter, HR department in the first-level subsidiary and the reached the standard. Chunxiao Industrial Base is a new factory whose occupational department which need staff will work together on talent recruitment and management. safety and health management system is under construction. The other six industrial In the recruitment process, Geely Holding Group holds no discrimination against race, bases, including the Luqiao Industrial Base, the Ningbo Industrial Base and the nationality, religion, the disabled, gender and education. Open, fair and impartial Hangzhouwan Industrial Base, have all reached the first class safety standard approved competition is insisted in recruitment. We refuse to hire children labor and compulsive by China Association of Safe Production. labor. By analyzing the type of potential emergencies, occurrence places and degree of We launched “Geely Holding Group 2016 Campus Recruitment” facing 2016 graduates. emergency, and by integrating emergency forces and neighborhood resources, we have Since September 22nd 2015, we held 12 campus recruitment events within a month, put in place a three-tier emergency response plan system consisted of comprehensive working with 12 prestigious universities, including Nanjing University of Science and response plan-specified response plan and emergency-address response plan. We also Technology, Zhejiang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Ocean University of China report the current situation to the government and do drill on a regular basis to strengthen and Harbin Institute of Technology. We have recruited 643 graduates, 108% more than that our capability of addressing potential emergencies. in 2014, taking up 9.4% of total new employees in 2015. Geely Holding Group revised the remuneration management system in 2015. Based To ensure that employees are equipped with sufficient occupational health and safety knowledge and familiar with emergency management measures, Geely Holding Group on a comprehensive measurement of location, level and function, we have made a provides occupational health and safety training for all relevant staff. The staff need to reasonable remuneration and benefit system consisted of salary, bonus, share option and take exams before starting to work. For special operation and special equipment other welfare and subsidies, which is suitable for Geely ' s development. We have designed operation, only employees with certificates can assume the work. While safeguarding proper basic guarantee, short-term incentive and long-term incentive systems to ensure occupational health and safety right to employees, we also make clear their safety talent supply for Geely ' s fast development in the future. responsibility and obligation. Moreover, Geely Holding Group has been constantly promoting collective consultation,and signed five collective agreements with employees, including Collective Contract, Collective Contract for Salary, Agreement on Protecting Rights of Female New employess Employees, so as to protect the right of employees in an all-round way. Ensure the Safety and Health of Employees Geely Holding Group insists to integrate the idea of “people-oriented” to all sections of safety production and complies with the working policy of “safety first, prevention focus and comprehensive management”. We identify accountability and goals, try our best to improve the Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE) and devote ourselves to improve performance index of occupational health and safety management. 1.Update the list of employees exposd to occupational disease 2.Inform employees when signing the labor contract 3.Infrom employees when provide training 4.Occupational physical examination before working Employees at post 1.Signs and warning of ventilation and dust extraction for facility maintenance 2.Labor protection appliance and annual traning 3.Physical rxamination for employees at post with result being informed 4.Annual examination of harmful factors on working site with results being informed 5.Individual occupational physical examination file Employ off post 1.Occupational physical examination for off post employees 2.File copy and strage Measures on occupational health and safety for Geely employees 46 47 Grow with Employees Grow with Employees [Responsibility Practice] Safety Production Month In June 2015, a series of activities have been conducted by Geely during Safety Employees are providers of know-how and skills for our company at work, and Geely hopes that its employees realize self-achievement at work and for this purpose, has provided many channels and mechanism in this regard. In 2015, we have established a Production Month via the method of combining training with recreation in order to arouse corporate university and set up Common Skills Institute, Leadership Institute, Internet the health and safety awareness of employees. These activities include safety check, Institute, Institute of Planning and Education Institute and Talent Development and safety training, contingency plan drill, forklift skills contest and speech contest. These Evaluation Center in order to provide our employees at different positions with activities enrich employees' life, and more importantly spread health and safety opportunities to grow and learn, as well as motivate their potential at best. We believe this knowledge. will enhance the competitiveness of Geely. At the same time, we have built a career Speaking of contingency drill, we conducted a fire-drill in coating factory and stimulation spray booth of Geely Beilun Company. When the simulation smog was development system including multi career paths like management path, professional path or technical path, etc., so that our staff can have diversified career development potential. released, information about the fire was reported timely, firefighting group extinguished the fire immediately, all plant workers were evacuated in order and first-aid team came to Training and Development Modules rescue the wounded. In addition, all the polluted water was poured into sewage treatment station so as to minimize the influence of this drill to pollution. Through the drill, the selfprotection knowledge and emergency response ability of our employees were strongly enhanced. Module 1: “Hang” Plan for managers Module 2: GM1000 Talent Cultivation Plan L e a d e r s h i p Gm1000 (plan to development project c u l t i v a t e postgraduates), with production base practice, marketing tailored induction theory practice, agency practice and work m e a n s “ s a i l i n g ” Motivate Staff Potential Geely in 2015 has modified its leadership model for talent cultivation, setting four indicators like core value, strategy and market, high-value operation, culture and people to analyze staff competence. Our staff must have passion for future career and the abilities to understand and adjust themselves to the ever-changing business environment, learn quickly and overcome all the difficulties and challenges ahead. i n English. We have as its cultivating model, adopts topics as solving including setting operational issues of our Mut u Tea al tr m us an t a Competence 1 Passion for future career p e ct b ui ld in g res n d n t s c u lti v a t io n le ta d Passion for future career F s er n S t ocus sum i o ra t e g on con n t a t y i m p le m e Geely Leadership 100 High-value operation Culture and employees 2 Focus on consumers 3 Strategy implementation 4 5 to customers. In order to ensure the success of this program, we also set centered around talents who can apply up mechanisms as class director “direction, method their knowledge to solve responsibility system, tutor system, and order”. These these issues. leadership standard, targeted at basic and top management GM1000project which has a cultivating period of two years is also also open to fresh graduates, Financial Management Trainee Program is targeted at fresh graduates studying Finance & Accounting. After work rotations are assessed as qualified concerning R&D, purchasing, By the end of upon graduation, they can production and marketing as well as 2015, this project get a job at Geely or its sales, they will become qualified for core financial positions three years affiliated firms or professional Systematic coordination systems. Team and talents cultivation committee governance system and phase assessment system. all the tuition fees. If they has covered Geely 7 task report system, internship communication meeting, class during which Geely will pay headquarters and all Mutual trust and respect building automobile company and attempts to Professional influence 6 from manufacturing, marketing to delivery develop high-quality respectively. Strategy and marketing every links and procedures of the business, sail, leading sail and level, middle-level Core rotations. Through two-year training, trainees will get familiar with sail far, which are on Geely’s global Indicators training and field training three subprojects projects are based Enhance Leadership for Geely Marketing Management Trainee Program includes internal training, is named “Hang”, w h i c h 1 0 0 0 Module 3: Management Trainee Program core subsidiaries, GM1000 project in with 18 sessions 2015 enrolled 60 students, accomplished and 45 in technology class and 7 1 9 15 in management class. m a n a g e r s trained. later. After two years of management experience and overseas work experience, they will become reserve financial managers of Geely. By the end of 2015, we have had 23 marketing management trainees and 26 financial management trainees. 48 49 Grow with Employees Grow with Employees 【Responsibility Practice】Youth Blooms in Geely In July 2013, a newly graduate student, Fei Shengjie with the dream of helping Chinese automobiles go global came to Geely Hangzhou Bay and joined GM1000 program, where he began his career in the general assembly plant. He took positions as the leader of talent reserve group, technician, head of inspection class, taking active part in dealing with and improving technology, quality and work site conditions. As the head of talent development class, he actively acquired knowledge concerning team management, work site maintenance, quality assurance and mastered 70% operations of 87 positions in the assembly line of automobile interiors so that he could work at these positions. As a technician, he rewrote FE-3/4 technological document for interiors and worked out over 80 quality and technical problems at work site so as to ensure the mass production and assemble quality of FE-3/4 interior components. 【Responsibility Practice】 Achievements of Marketing Management Training Program Marketing management trainee program of Geely has pioneered a new way of highquality talents cultivation path via field professional courses. In the cultivation process of working with dealers, marketing trainees proposed 58 suggestions to dealers for improvement. They also delivered 90 research marketing outcomes, which greatly improved the communication among manufacturers, dealers and terminal users. Meanwhile, they made 31 marketing plans by giving full play to their professional edges, of which 6 were adopted by Geely official media (microblog and WeChat). 65 automobiles were sold within three months because of their marketing plans. The successful implementation of marketing management trainee program has not only cultivated a group of high-quality, innovative and loyal marketing talents, but also accumulated abundant experiences for future trainee programs. As the head of quality assurance class, he established problem management board for this class. Through sign-in system, he shortened the time of notifying problems from one day to two hours, which largely increased the transmission efficiency of quality information and enhanced quality management efficiency. In Geely we have numerous students in GM1000 program like Fei Shengjie, who have the working attitude of loving what they do and the professional spirit of working with 1、Internationalized Talent Development Model perseverance and keeping improving. They can make their due contribution to the growth of Geely. Their youth blooms in Geely and Geely's tomorrow will be more brilliant thanks to their efforts. In order to accelerate the internationalization strategy of Geely and broaden the global vision and professional ability of our staff, we have formulated overseas dispatch talent development model. The Overseas Dispatch Management System of Zhejiang Geely Group, issued and implemented on February 11th, 2014, has made certain requirements of applicants, selection criteria, cultivation form, job responsibility and dispatch management. Besides, Geely has made great efforts to build an international platform for Geely R&D positions through the hosting of technology communication day with international suppliers and carrying out of work rotations among manufacture talents and R&D talents. By the end of 2015, eight members of Geely R&D team were chosen by National Thousand Talents Program and one selected by Provincial Thousand Talents Program, and 190 employees were involved in overseas rotations. 2、High-skilled Talent Cultivation and Contest Geely Group attempts to build a high-skilled talent team focusing on building skill development channel and based on standardized skill training. We also set up measurement mechanisms on occupational skills, hold skills competitions and adopt skill allowance policy to boost the development of high-skilled talent team. At present, Geely boasts 2 National “Skills Master Studios” and 4 Provincial “Skills Master Studios”, with 59 senior technicians and 107 technicians. 50 51 Grow with Employees Establish Happy Corporate Culture Grow with Employees We continue to carry out employee voluntary activities like helping poor students to go to school, donating blood and holding charity bazaar, etc., and all these activities are conducted on regular basis. In 2015, 134 employees from Geely provided 93 hours of voluntary service. Voluntary service has become a part of Geely employees’ happy life. The core cohesiveness of an enterprise is led by corporate culture and formed by the We touch people around us with love and warmth to make the city a better place. staff. Geely takes “Yuan Power Project” as a basis to construct a happy culture system and practice the core value of “Happy Life, Geely Drive” in the group. We show our care for employees in the details. We build information system, problem management system and hold employee voluntary activities to better take care of our employees. 1、Information Construction Whether we can effectively conduct daily management works like decision-making, performance appraisal, training statistics and salary calculation largely depends on the timeliness and accuracy of big data system. 【Responsibility Practice】Blue Landscape in Metro Station In order to provide convenience to passengers and high-quality service to 2016 China Hangzhou G20 Summit, Geely organized a team to provide voluntary service at Jiangling Station of Huangzhou Metro Line One. We invited staff of Hangzhou Metro to train Geely volunteers so that they could guide In order to realize information automatic integration and comprehensive control of passengers on how to enter and exit the station orderly by swiping card and they also business, Geely in 2015 continued pushing forward its information construction. We have helped maintain orders at free passage. At the same time, our employees also assisted built an IT Human Resource System containing employees information statistics, base field passengers to buy tickets and recharge their cards, guided them to take escalators in a management system, recruitment system, performance appraisal system, online-learning safe way and wait in queue for subway. Our voluntary team at Jiangling metro station function, remuneration and benefit system and Mall Portal System. We hope that through the became a bright landscape. extending coverage and continuous improvement of this system we can enhance communication among employees, promote standardization, improve work efficiency and implement Geely strategy via informationization. 2、Problem Management System Operation management is a process of identifying and solving problems. Geely, relying on the “problem-solving culture” has built a problem management system of identifying problem, presenting problem, concluding problem, auditing problem, and solving problem, making comment and giving incentives. Employee innovative proposal and problem solving are two important mechanisms for problem management. At the same time, the problem management system provides an internal bottom-up information feedback channel. Through continuous implementation of problem management system, Geely has developed a more normalized and efficient system for internal communication. In 2015, we have received over 1 million innovative proposals, creating economic benefit of over RMB 140 million. 3、Staff Voluntary Activities Geely always sticks to voluntary service philosophy of dedicating to build a harmonious society with love. It has organized plenty of employees to take part in voluntary services, paid attention to the construction of voluntary service team and has encouraged employee volunteers to take an active part in social welfare activities. 52 53 Sharing Value with Partners Win-win Cooperation with Suppliers Geely insists on working with firs-class suppliers at home and abroad, with an integrated management and evaluation system of suppliers. We unite procurement, QC and R&D team to monitor supplier performance and provide positive incentive to them. Based on the principle of fair competition and survival of the fittest, we ensure that our suppliers can meet the access requirement. At present, we have over 500 suppliers of automobiles, with whom we have formed interdependent partnerships to ensure the stability of production and jointly reduce the risk of supply chain. 1、Supplier Management Sharing Value with Partners Focus on Responsibility As the competition in automobile industry is becoming fiercer, every enterprise owner should try to create shared value with partners. In 2015, Geely continued to explore the way to achieve win-win cooperation with stakeholders. Supplier management has become more and more systematic and professional and the dealer network has been optimized and integrated. Besides, we make full use of our partners' edges and social resources and has made great breakthroughs in intellectual property like patents and thesis via a series of technology communications and cooperation. We are looking forward to sharing value with partners in automobile industry. In 2015, Geely has adopted the following measures to regulate suppliers and improve their ability: we co-designed with suppliers and co-developed new materials with them, jointly built data base sand resolved many technical problems together; we helped competitive auto parts companies from Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Hunan and Sichuan and neighboring regions to enter into parts industrial park, so that they could work for us closely at higher productivity; we have shared with suppliers more data of different vehicle models so that they could supply components and parts to plenty of automobile models, and we provided conditional financial service and security to them to increase their loyalty; we have established a multi-track system and quota competition system for suppliers so that one single part might be supplied by two to three suppliers among which the supplier with high-quality and lower price would get a large order quota; we have improved our purchasing database and adopted e-tendering bidding procurement for general parts as reversing radar and cigarette lighter, etc. so as to achieve purchasing Office Automation and cost optimization. In addition, Geely maintains interaction and mutual trust with suppliers and has signed By the end of 2015, Geely has suppliers 2,198 Suppliers conduct relevant rules in supply chain of the company 100% By the end of 2015, Geely has dealers 686 the Agreement on Honesty, Integrity and Self-discipline with them. Every year we have a supplier meeting where we can share with suppliers our strategy, requirements and methods of procurement, quality and technology management. Geely and suppliers cooperate with each other with an open attitude based on the principle of ensuring product benefit. Many suppliers have witnessed a large growth in business and profitability because of our support and guidance. 2、Supplier Motivation Geely encourages suppliers to conduct strategic cooperation with us and adopts various incentive mechanisms to help them enhance performance: We have sent experienced engineers to supplier work sites to help them. Suppliers can send engineers to learn management from Geely. We encourage supplier to supply goods to other companies apart from Geely so as to improve their competiveness. We invite experienced consulting firm to audit suppliers. 55 Sharing Value with Partners Sharing Value with Partners Win-win Cooperation with Dealers We invited “beauty seekers” to Geely 4S stores in many Chinese cities to collect photos of GC9s with ethnic car stickers and upload them to the official website of Geely Group. With a certain number of photos, they were awarded gift packages of China’s After 20 months of network optimization from 2014 to 2015, Geely so far has 686 dealers, covering all the provinces in China and even some four-tier cities and towns. Geely has issued criteria like the Principle of Group Authorization for G, L Networks and Evaluation Criteria on Channel comprehensive Capacity to regulate dealers. We also rate National Swimming Team, tours to Chun Xiao Base, birth place of GC9 in southeast China, and 1-year use right of GC9, etc. While spreading national culture, Geely invites its fans to discover the beauty of GC9 by interpreting its brand value “dynamic, exquisite, and confident” in a special way. all the authorized dealers and give honors and financial rewards to them accordingly. By the end of October 31, 2015, we have developed 68 dealers at primary network with the completion rate reaching 81%. The core of dealer management is not only about standardization but also giving full support to them. In terms of brand image display, we design and manufacture display boards and bumper-stickers for secondary dealer network to show new brand image of Geely. At present, the implementation rate of secondary dealer network in this regard has reached 96.4%. 1、Sales Promotion In order to increase sales volume of dealers and achieve win-win result of brand publicity and terminal sales, Geely has provided assistance to organize auto shows and promotion activities. In 2015, we held 56 B-class auto shows and 111 group purchase activities. We held 273 itinerant exhibitions and sold 7,958 vehicles. By the end of October, over 454 articles in this regard have been released on our official WeChat, “Geely Marketing Newsletter”. We have organized different promotion activities targeted at different auto models, such as Night of Borui Car Riders and Happy Family Party for Geely Vision. At the same time, we make full use of the Internet to explore sales channels and continue to create new records for e-commerce. At 10 a.m. on 16th Mar 2015, Borui 2. Training for dealers Limousine of limited editions was officially presold at e-commerce platforms including To enhance the marketing and service capabilities of dealers, Geely held a number of,, and In the first minute, 266 vehicles were key job trainings every year regarding pre-sale, after-sale, new product launch, and other sold. By 11:17 a.m., namely, 77 minutes later as many as 1,000 Geely Borui vehicles were links. sold. This means that 13 cars were sold each minute, which was not only a record of automobile e-commerce but also a big step we made in the B-class automobile market. To turn the result of training to guidance of practice, Geely provided onsite training for dealers in 2015 in Nan Jing, Kun Ming, Tai Zhou, and Xiang Tan cities, as wells as other 50 service stations. This is aimed at helping them improve their management and profit- 【Responsibility Practice:】GC9·Seeking Chinese Beauty Collecting Ethnic Images In 4S stores of Geely, you may find car stickers with traditional Chinese ethnic making capacities. By Oct. 31st 2015, Geely has checked for 7 times the key job information and sales hotline of authorized dealers across the country, with data accuracy rate reaching 87.2%. images, including the dragon totem of the Han people, the mosques of the Hui people, the goshawks of Uyghur people, and the traditional glutinous rice cakes of Mulao people. Geely GC9 is known as “the car representing Chinese beauty” by integrating international fashion design with China’s traditional elements. To promote GC9, Geely launched a campaign named “Geely GC9·seeking Chinese beauty – collecting ethnic images” in November 2015. It produced a series of 56 car stickers featuring customs of a total of 56 ethnic groups in China. Each car sticker is like a picturesque ethnic painting. 56 57 Sharing Value with Partners Sharing Value with Partners Special training classes 1.Independent intellectual property right (IPR) 11 IPR is the core competitiveness of automobile industry. The quality and quantity of an Training classes for 7 new vehicle types independent car brand, in particular, directly affect the innovation and product security of an 56 enterprise. Over the past 5 years, based on overall technology planning, Geely sticks to the Training classes for repair skill accreditation path of independent innovation and witnesses a growing number of authorized patents for 63 7 utility models and improved quality and quantity of papers published on SCI . Meanwhile, Geely keeps exploring how to commercialize IPR to take the lead in technology competition. Key job training classes 27 0 20 In Units 40 60 80 Number(In Units) Number of training classes for dealers in 2015 3 , 000 Category 2015 Patents applied 6 , 227 485 Patents for invention authorized 733 323 Patents for utility models authorized 4 , 679 364 Papers 577 70 SCI Papers 54 0 53 12 Patents 2 , 806 2 , 500 (Unit: person) “The 12th Five-Year Plan” Period 2 , 000 1 , 500 1 , 271 880 1 , 000 500 0 Papers Internet Sales consultancy marketing Strategy planning Category of training classes and number of participants Domestic core journals Geely also led and participated in the formulation of industrial standard including car security, shedding light on the development of automobile industry. During “the 12th Five- Contributing to development of the whole industry Year Plan” period, it has helped formulate 5 national standards including The Protection of Occupants in Frontal Collision for Motor Vehicle, and Technical Requirement and Testing Method of Tire Blow-out Monitoring and Controlling Systems for Passenger Cars. As Geely Geely Group is committed to independent innovation. Apart from applying patents, publishing papers, and helping formulate industrial standard, we attach great importance to grows stronger, we will also take part in the formulation of international standard (ECE/GTR) as the trendsetter of automobile industry. technology cooperation and exchange. We also co-hosted a number of academic forums in favor of the development of automobile industry. 7 58 SCI (Scientific Citation Index) is citation index journal edited and published by American Institute for Scientific Information(ISI) since 1964. Theses that are included in this jounal are SCI theses. 59 Sharing Value with Partners 2、Cooperations and Exchanges In as early as 2011, Geely applied to build the key laboratory of automobile safety technology in Zhejiang Province. Every year, we overcome major difficulties regarding automobile safety technologies at home and abroad. Capital has been invested into open fund cooperation with universities in China. By far, we have conducted sustainable and mutually beneficial cooperation with a number of domestic universities so as to consolidate Geely’s leading role in safety technology in China and make its due contributions to safety technology progress in automobile industry. During the“12th Five-Year Plan”period, Geely raised fund worth RMB 1.92 million for the open fund project with supporting capital exceeding RMB 2 million. A total of 22 projects have been launched, among which 6 were finished in 2015. We have signed 3 open fund contracts worth RMB 270, 000. Our projects focus on solving real problems in engineering development so as to better integrate the efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutes. 【Responsibility Practice】Seminar of Lean Production The core of lean production is“to produce products required according to the quantity required when it is necessary”. This concept affects the mindset of many manufacturing enterprises and provides a better way of “resource utilization”. On March 30th 2015, we invited Professor Takahiro Fujimoto from University of Tokyo, who proposed the global renowned Toyota Production System (TPS) lean production, to give a special lecture themed “Nurturing Monozukuri Capacity”. The lecture was joined by over 100 people, including postgraduates from Zhejiang Automobile Engineering College and GM 1000 project, R&D and producing management Coexisting with Environment in Harmony Responsibility focus With a rise of PM 2.5 concentration, environmental issue is no longer a vague and general concept that is far away from people’s life. Rather, it has affected every one of us. People’s recognition of cars, therefore, does not sorely rely on security, appearance, and engine, but also on environmental performance. Geely is committed to mitigating environmental pressure facing all through ecological product design, promotion of new energy and new models, as well as green operation in manufacturing process. staff, as well as professors and doctors from Zhejiang University, University of Tokyo, Meiji University, Tohoku University, Aalborg Universitet of Denmark, and University of Duisburg-Essen of Germany. The lecture helped improve the expertise and management capacity of producing and management staff in Geely. Geely borrowed Japan's experience in manufacturing In 2005, emission of major pollutants reached standard 100% and management, and incorporated the concept of lean production into R&D, procurement, manufacturing, sales and other phases. This concept provides theoretical and practical support for Geely's strategic development and transformation. In 2015, the share of renewable materials accounted for 85% In 2015, energy saving rate per unit of output value reached 55.55% 60 Coexisting with Environment in Harmony Coexisting with Environment in Harmony With light aluminum body and composite plate, TX5 is equipped with a gasoline- Raising Environmental Performance electric plug-in hybrid system so that drivers do not have to worry about driving mileage and their demand of reliability is met. The 3,000 auto parts tailored for the car are all newly designed. The taxi will launch at the end of 2017 in UK and is open for international Guided by the mission of “make good cars that are the safest, most environmentfriendly and most efficient; let Geely Automobile go around the whole world”, Geely prioritizes raising environmental performance of its vehicles. We hope that every new car will be more environmentally friendly. That is why we deepen research and strictly manage power R&D, car recycling, and environmental adaptation with the environmental standards more demanding than national ones. sales in 2018. In March 2015, Geely announced to invest 250 million pounds to build a state-ofthe-art modern new factory. In October, Geely announced to invest another 50 million pounds to expand its size based on the original plan byincreasing the number of R&D facilities and 1. R&D of low-carbon power technology R&D centers in UK. In the future, it will focus on The power R&D of Geely is based on technology innovation and low-carbon concept. producing 9 vehicle types Including While guaranteeing the power performance of cars and good feelings of customers, Geely Tx5andtheupcominglight strives to reduce the externality of its products on environment. Long-term dedication and commercial car powered by new hard work rendered Geely’s R&D team harvests in 2015, as 1.8TD and 1.3T engines were energy. highly appraised by the auto industry. The 1.8TD engine is equipped with advanced double-deck exhaust manifold, Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), Exhaust Gas turbocharging, Variable Displacement Oil Pump. It not 2. Vehicle Recycling Technology only makes oil combustion more economical, but also effectively reduces car exhaust 8 emission. It reached the “Euro 5”standard and was awarded as one of “Chinese Heart” 2015 Top 10 Engines in 2015. The 1.3T engine integrates state-of-the-art technology including turbocharging, Variable Valve Timing (VVT), and free-of-maintenance timing chain. It excels by its good performance, lightness, endurance, low oil consumption and low emission. It was awarded third prize by “Science and Technology Award for China's Automobile Industry” in 2015. Guided by the green design philosophy of “cherishing resources, protecting environment, easy dismantling for recycling and reducing material types”, Geely takes into consideration the possibilities of how products' full life cycle may bring harm to the environment. Starting from material selection, structural design, auto parts labeling and dismantling technology, we integrate the green concept into the product design phase in order to make cars ecofriendly and easy to recycle. Anti-corrosion and anti-aging technologies are the key to increasing recycling rate of vehicles. Geely is the pioneer in the technology research of automotive corrosion and aging control and has established a multi-stage automotive corrosion and aging, static and 【Responsibility Practice】 A New Generation of London Taxi TX5 with Zero Emission The black taxi in London has been popular among tourists and is regarded as a classic symbol of English culture. Tourists nicknamed it “Hackney carriage”. Today, dynamic evaluation system. Currently, the technology has been successfully applied to Emgrand EC7 and Englon SC5 to ensure their environmental adaptability and reduce customers' complaints about corrosion and aging. Car recycling technology is an important step taken to reach international standard. the Hackney carriage catches up with the trend. The new generation of London taxi TX5 Geely has incorporated the recovery performance control system into the R&D process and featuring zero emission meets the demand of customers and urban development. It will a part of its products' lifespan. We strictly control the use of lead, mercury, hexavalent demonstrate prospective and leading position of London taxi in energy-saving and chromium, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, asbestos fibers and other materials that are environmental protection. banned or limited by the country. We have received the EU RRR (Recycling and Recovery Rate) Certification, making Geely the first independent auto brand to cross over the technical hurdle to reduce development cost of future car types and raise development efficiency. 8 62 Euro 5 Emission Standard: the 5th generation of emission standard of Europe which has been implemented in Europe since 2009. The standard limits the emission of the largest particles by vehicle to be 0.005gram/kilometer, and the amount of nitrogen oxides emission is 0.2 gram/kilometer, and the amount of nitrogen oxides emission is 0.2 gram/kilometer. All the new diesel vehicles are required to be equipped with particle filters. 63 Coexisting with Environment in Harmony Coexisting with Environment in Harmony Exploring the Future of Green Fuel Environmentally-friendly Operation To relieve traffic congestion and scarcity of parking lots, and to cope with difficulty in As an advocate of sustainable development strategy, Geely not only focuses on commercializing pure electric vehicles, Geely has proposed a “micro public transport” environmental performance of product R&D and technology, but also implements energy- business model by rolling out pure electric cars with zero emission. This model combines saving and emission-reduction into every link of production and operation. Through the advantages of taxi, private cars, inter-city car rental and traditional public transport scientific selection of plant sites, utilization of energy-saving technology and with a view to building a reliable and convenient urban transport system shared by all. standardization of emission management, we reduce impact on environment. We also plan Leasing sites are the basic components in “micro public transport” model. It provides services including self-driving car rental, three-dimensional parking, recharging, maintenance, battery recycling and Internet operation management. Currently, leasing to launch calculation work of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emission, to closely track carbon prints 9 in every phase of operation and production, so as to be prepared for voluntary emission reduction and adapting to climate change. sites sit in urban airports, stations, business centers, and residential communities where Geely proposed the environment principle of “building an environmental hazard-free users can rent cars through various methods including cellphones, computers, and green factory and producing eco-friendly humane cars”. We strictly adhere to cellphone APPs. international conventions including The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Since September 2013 when the trial was launched, over 16,000 pure eclectic cars have been operated in Hangzhou. This project has been extended to cover more than 10 cities including Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Changsha, and Kunming with accumulated operation over 28,000 cars around the country. “Micro public transport” model is not only applied to residential cars, but also to micro police cars, city management and service cars, press interviewing cars, etc. Experience in operating auto sharing model in foreign countries shows that auto sharing will reduce ownership of private cars by over 50%. As micro public transport, the green public transport system becomes mature, more and more people will opt for micro Ozone Layer and United Nations Framework of Climate Change Convention, abide by China ' s laws and regulations including Environmental Protection Law of the People ' s Republc of China, Circular Economy Promotion Law of the People ' s Republc of China, Emergency Response Law of the People ' s Republc of China, Measures for the Prevention and Control of Environment Pollution by Discarded Dangerous Chemicals, and complies w ith in dustry sta n da rds such a s the C le a n e r pro ductio n sta n da rd– A uto m o bile manufacturing (Painting). Meanwhile, we will closely follow the latest laws and regulations, to ensure that Geely ' s future business keeps up with changing environmental requirements. public transport. This will improve air quality and contribute to urban environment governance. Apart from pure electricity, hybrid and plug-in hybrid power, we are also exploring the use of clean energy such as methanol to further relieve energy pressure and seek 1. Scientific Planning of Factory Sites alternative energy. Energy is also the right start for controlling pollutants emissions. The manufacturing bases are located in ordinary industrial parks, away from natural reserves. The factory sites selection is based on the result of feasibility analysis and environmental impact evaluation. We ensure that the planning, proceeding and implementation of environmental protection facilities and main engineering projects go in sync with each other. Guided by the principle of “prevention first, combination between 【Responsibility Practice】Investing in Iceland’s CRI to Promote Clean Energy prevention and treatment, and comprehensive treatment”, Geely strives to minimize its impact on environment including key sources of water, and local biodiversity. The Carbon Recycling International (CRI) was founded in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2006. It quickly became the world leading enterprise in renewable clean energy and producing To consolidate soil, improve environment, prevent dust, and reduce the impact of waste renewable methanol from carbon dioxide technology. It also runs the world’s first gas and noise on neighboring offices and factories, Geely builds concentrated and zoning renewable methanol plant. greenery coverage in areas in front of factories, areas around factories and workshops, and on both sides of the roads. The greenery rate is around 20%. Since 2005, Geely has been the first Chinese car manufacturer to work on the R&D of methanol car solutions. On July 3rd 2015, Geely invested a total of $45.5 million in CRI (Carbon Recycling International). Geely will cooperate with this company to explore power-to-methanol technology and promote 100% methanolfueled vehicles in China, Iceland and other parts of the world. Now methanol-powered taxi pilots are already being operated in certain cities in China. 64 9 Carbon Prints: The accumulation of greenhouse gas emission produced by enterprises, agencies, activities, products or personal transportation, food production and consumption as well as other production processes. 65 Coexisting with Environment in Harmony Coexisting with Environment in Harmony 【Responsibility Practice】Protecting River Levee Ecological System at Baoji Base 3.Meet Waste Emission standards Through the effective treatment and disposal of waste gases, hazardous wastes and Geely Baoji Base is a new manufacturing base under construction. It is bordered by general wastes, concerning NOx, SO 2 , COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), SS (Suspended Riverside Avenue to the north and bird habitats in the Wei River levee. When the project is Solids), ammonia, pH and other major pollutants emitted from our production, the volume operated, local air pollutants emissions are relatively low, waste water is channeled to the and intensity of emission is 100% compliant with standards. sewage treatment plant in new high-tech city, and solid waste is handed over to sanitation stations and qualified entities for recycling. Waste gas, waste water, and solid waste can Types of wastes Treatment and disposal methods Exhaust Welding workshop: the indoor welding fume is dedusted through electrostatic filtration and then released to a high altitude. This method transforms the fugitive emission to an organized one. Painting Workshop: the waste gas from drying oven is burned in gas incineration facility, and the heat generated in this process can be recycled back to the drying system. Spraying paint waste gas: after absorbed and filtered by the Venturi water wash spray booth, the wasted gases is discharged to a high altitude through fans. Assembly shop: The exhaust gas from the assembly line is collected with mobile absorbing device before emission. be properly disposed by taking effective actions, and generally will not affect river levee 9 ecological system. Meanwhile, to reduce the impact of noise on surrounding areas and lives of birds, Baoji Base strives to lessen test runs in daytime and build green belt conducive to noise reduction. In the core area of bird habitations and other key areas, we will also set up traffic signs in order to reduce negative effect on the levee ecological system. 2.Energy Saving Practice Geely vigorously promotes green operation practice and builds green factories based on local conditions. Through solar photovoltaic power-generation and waste heat recovery technologies, Geely conserves energy and relieves mounting energy crisis. In 2015, waste gas burning project in painting workshops of Hangzhou Bay Base was completed and put into operation. It will save 447.85 tons of coal equivalent and RMB 835,000 of steam expenditure each year. Waste water The online monitoring system network is established and connected to the local environmental protection bureau. The manufacturing base in Ningbo is equipped with a swipe card sewage discharge system, to conduct real-time monitoring of the volume and intensity of emissions. 【Responsibility Practice】 Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation In the first half of 2015, Geely and CHINT Group signed strategic cooperation framework on solar photovoltaic power generation program. The first phase of Coastal Base Program has been implemented and grids are connected to generate power. Other bases have all designed such programs. After the implementation, PV installed capacity will be around 80Mwp on the rooftops Hazardous solid wastes and 40Mwp in the parking lots. It can achieve a total capacity of 120Mwp and generate up to 120 million kWh each year. PV connected-grid generates 10KV. Although a small portion of power is integrated into national grid, all the rest is used specifically for production base including production facilities and lightening. It will generate over RMB Geely has established sewage treatment stations at all manufacturing bases and adopts the PLC (programmable logic controller) system that utilizes “physic-chemical biochemical” technology to manage the waste. Moreover, standardized sewage outfalls are set up, and standard sewage after processing is all included into the urban sewage network. General Solid Wastes Anti-leak and seepage-proof containers (e.g. leak proof woven bags, waste oil drums) are used during the collection to prevent leakage during transportation. Put in place a special hazardous waste warehouse where the collected waste are first classified and then handed over to qualified entities for proper disposal. Stamping scrap is all sold to relevant enterprises for reutilization. Other solid wastes like packaging materials are recycled by respective suppliers. 15 million of economic benefits, reducing coal consumption by 15,000 tons, and carbon emission by almost 120,000 tons. Picture of Coastal Base Project 66 67 企业社会责任报告 丨 与社会共同发展 Grow Together with Our Society 企业社会责任报告 丨 责任经营 61 Education First, Cultivate Pillars of Society In order to provide an innovative talent pool for our development and to train more talents for the automotive industry, Geely has actively promoted education industry and funded the building of Beijing Geely University, Hunan Geely Automobile Vocational and Technical College, School of Sanya, Sanya Polytechnic College and Zhejiang Automotive Engineering College, etc. By 2015, 8,469 students have graduated from schools funded by Geely with an average employment rate of 93.1%. Geely has provided numerous talents for the automotive industry, and its business school model has also set a useful example for personnel training in other industries. Geely has been continuously exploring into education reform. Taking“Coordinated Development of Education and Production”as the guideline, our company has developed Grow Together with Our Society a multi-level personnel training chain, which covers college, bachelor, master, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. This chain has extended from basic vocational education training plans to practice-orientated postgraduate ones. These institutions set up specialized curriculums on the basis of their own needs and social development, gradually creating a training model with Geely features. Hunan Geely Responsibility focus As a corporate citizen, Geely hopes to make contributions in solving urgent issues concerning social development. In line with the concept of national rejuvenation through science and education, we take education funding as an important starting point and actively participate in social welfare undertakings. At the same time, we also hope to establish a mechanism of joint participation that involves employees, dealers, partners, customers, etc. This will help us to promote public values, develop a positive philosophy of life as well as leverage more social resources to support social development and progress through actual deeds. Automotive Technical Institute values the function of enterprise in vocational education since its establishment. It has created an education model where enterprise is involved in the whole talent cultivation process. Geely comprehensively participates in major setup, curriculum system, cultivation standard, classroom lecturing, practice of teachers and students as well as employment arrangement of the institute, thus making students adapt to demands of enterprises once upon their graduation. They also focusing on school exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, through public service activities, skills competitions, business start-up counseling and other forms, Geely Group has provided students with a platform for all-round development, making remarkable achievements in the field of personnel training. 【Responsibility Practice】Science Students Won the Championship in the 2015 RoboCup Open Competition Selecting hardware materials, commissioning the machinery and equipment, writing application programs“Scholar-tyrants”from College of Science and Engineering of Sanya Polytechnic College repeat testing at every step, and it is a commonplace among them to do testing for hundreds of times. It is their quest for excellence leads them to victory in the 2015 RoboCup Open Competition. China Robot Competition is co-hosted by the Robot Competition Committee of Chinese Association of Automation, China Committee of RoboCup and The High Technology Research and Development Center. This competition is not only the most authoritative robot competition in China and Asia but also the most advanced academic competition in Robot competitions. 60 3 69 Grow Together with Our Society Grow Together with Our Society In 2015, China Robot Competition and RoboCup Open Competition attracted 1,983 Where Why teams from 387 colleges and universities nationwide, including Tsinghua University, Beijing University, etc. Science students from College of Science and Engineering of Sanya Polytechnic College won the championship of the “Action Projection Technology Challenge Project and the second prize in the “Water Polo and Underwater Robot Global Fulfill community integration Three extended issues Solving actual social problems Promotion of culture/ Poverty aid and disaster relief/ Support for the underprivileged Two focus areas 1 Vision 2VS2 Project”. This was the third consecutive year after 2103 and 2014 that Education/Environment 2 4 3 Sanya Polytechnic College won championship in this competition. Through these One value proposition competitions, students have combined theory with practice to improve their comprehensive Who ability, and in the meanwhile, promoted the robot technology and related disciplines as well as injected new vitality into regional economy, technology and industrial development. Let the world feel love How Explore a sustainable charity model Promote deep involvement of Geely staff Model of Geely Charity System 1.HOPE Green Track “Geely HOPE” charity movement was officially launched in 2014. This project takes improving physical fitness of children in poor areas as a starting point, and attempts to bring physical education back to poverty-stricken areas. The project aims to stimulate children to participate in sports and nurture children ' s proactive, teamwork and fighting spirit. By 2015, the project has benefited children in five primary schools in Shaanxi, Guizhou, The Award Certificate of “Action projection technology Challenge Project” and Lanzhou Trails of “2015 Unwater Robot Competition” Ningxia, Hubei and Guangdong Province. We have donated sports equipment, brought one-week physical education course to these schools and held a HOPE sports meeting. A total of 44 voluntary teachers have participated in the above courses, and more than 100 volunteers related to our company have taken part in the HOPE sports meeting. In the same year, we tried to launch a public fund-raising activity called “Pass Love and Donate Sneakers ” on Tencent Gongyi. 316 kind-hearted people participated in the donation with an amount of RMB 24,912.35 . This activity has raised more operating funds Conduct Charity Activities and Caring for People's Livelihood and further expanded the influence of the project at the same time. To more effectively utilize public welfare resources, we invited a third party in 2015 to assess this project and actively gathered feedback from all participators. The headmasters, teachers, students, volunteers, car owners of and other stakeholders have Guided by our philanthropic value of “Let the world feel love”, Geely focuses its charity efforts on two key areas of education and environmental protection. We also dedicate expressed their recognition and support. We are looking forward to greater breakthroughs in projects of 2016. ourselves to three social issues of promotion of culture, poverty aid and disaster relief as well as support for the underprivileged. Our approach is in line with Geely's four charity principles of solving acute social problems, building a cohesive community,engaging Geely employees into activities and exploring a sustainable charity model. 2.Charity Activity: “Hanhong Love Charity Foundation— Hundred to Aid Guizhou” “ Hanhong Love Charity Foundation— Hundred to Aid Guizhou” charity movement was officially launched on August 12, 2015. This time, Geely donated 30 Geely SUV as special vehicles for medical visits and promised to provide full vehicle protection, helping to improve local medical conditions in Guizhou Province. This is the third time for Geely to cooperate with Hanhong Love Charity Foundation to carry out activities to provide medical assistance. Geely has so far donated a total of 75 Geely SUV to the remote western regions as special vehicles for medical visits. In addition, we have also organized local dealers and car owners to build a team of love and participate in this public welfare activity, which lasts nearly 20 days. 70 71 Grow Together with Our Society Helping Building Harmonious Community Performance Figures Performance Figures Geely, as a profit making enterprise, is continuously trying to give part of its operating profits back to the community through appropriate ways. Geely also mobilizes all capital, manpower, products or services as much as possible to provide help to the community to build a harmonious community environment. Over the years, Geely has been active in the community development. We make full use of advantages in our own products and technologies to promote cultural and educational undertakings and public welfares in communities. Meanwhile, we bring such services as automobile inspection, legal consultation and free haircut, etc. into communities. As a result, a sound interaction with communities has been formed, and mutual development between the community and the enterprise has been achieved gradually. 【Responsible Practices】 Bring Automotive Maintenance into Communities It is a reality for many car owners to be capable of driving but not maintaining their Note: The data scope of ESG Key Performance Indicator applies to Geely Automobile 1 Holdings Limited. (stock code of Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 175 ) ESG Key Performance Indicator Categories of the Indicator Unit Data of 2015 ton 40.25 A Environment 2 Level A1:Emissions NO X emission 3 SO 2 emission ton 25.18 NO x emission per unit of sales volume g/unit 78.91 g/unit 49.36 NMHC emission per unit of sales volume g/unit 63.30 Xylene emission per unit of sales volume g/unit 17.04 SO 2 emission per unit of sales volume 4 cars. Facing many abstruse terminologies and various auto spare parts, people always Waste water disposal ton 594,633.20 % 16.43 feel confused. Since 2011, Geely, has been providing automobile inspection services for Waste water reduction rate5 free and spreading knowledge of automobile maintenance in communities, enterprises Waste water disposal per unit of sales volume ton/unit 1.18 and schools. By taking its own advantage as an automobile enterprise, Geely finds a The number of significant spills ton 0 better way to give back to communities. Hazardous waste handled per unit of sales volume kg/unit 4.74 Rate of recycled use of solid waste % 95.40 Direct energy consumption ton of standard coal 16,960.64 Indirect energy consumption ton of standard coal 29,893.99 Steel consumption per unit of sales volume Kg/unit 280.31 Paint consumption per unit of sales volume kg/unit 12.06 Total water consumption ton 1,246,256.00 Water resource consumption per unit of sales volume ton/unit 2.44 Energy conservation rate7 % 47.06 Water resource conservation rate % 26.73 Usage rate of recycled industrial water % 97.50 Over the four years, we have been providing free automobile inspection services and spreading knowledge of automobile maintenance in Wushan Square in Hangzhou, Avenue of Stars in Binjiang, and Square of the Most Beautiful Mothers and so on. We use understandable words and vivid pictures to teach citizens on how to purchase, maintain 6 Level A2:Usage of Resources and drive cars. 8 B Society Employment and Labor Criteria Level B1:Employment 72 Total no. of employees person 18,682 No. of retired employees person 11 Total no. of employees turnover person 3,261 73 Performance Figures Performance Figures No. of employees by gender Average training hours per employee by gender Female person 2,739 Female hours/person 49.5 Male person 15,943 Male hours/person 50.08 No. and rates of employees by employment category Average training hours per employee by employee category Employees person/% 15,026(80.4) Senior management hours/person 54 Interns person/% 3,282(17.6) Middle management hours/person 55 Labor services person/% 48(0.3) Ordinary employees hours/person 46 Reserved person/% 320(1.7) Average training hours per employee by staff category Rehired after retirement person/% 6(0) Research hours/person 50 Technology hours/person 50 Under 30 years old person/% 12,184(65.2) Administration hours/person 48 31-50 years old person/% 6,173(33.1) Operation hours/person 47 Above 50 years old person/% 325(1.7) Operation and Management Female person/% 392(12.0) Male person/% 2,869(88.0) Under 30 years old person/% 2,532(77.6) 31-50 years old person/% 685(21.0) Above 50 years old person/% 44(1.4) No. of accidents number 0 No. of work-related fatalities number 0 Accident rates of severe injuries ‰ 0.05 Accident rates of light injuries ‰ 0.35 Incident no. of occupational disease number 0 Rates of occupational disease % 0 Rates of work-related injuries ‰ 0.4 Rates of absenteeism ‰ 0.006 Reduced working days caused by work-related injuries day 299 Financial loss caused by accidents RMB 10,000 109,136 No. and rates of employees by age group No. and rates of employees turnover by gender Level B6:Product Responsibility Percentage of products recycled for safety and health reasons10 % 0 No. and rates of employees turnover by age group Level B2:Health and Safety of Employees 1 Level B3:Training and Growth of Employees session 7,301 Total hours in training sessions9 hours 934,100 Percentage of training employees % 100 Average training hours per employee hours/person 50 Percentage of training employees by employee category 74 The performance figures of Geely Automobile Holdings Limited don't include subsidiaries overseas. Environmental data is mainly collected from manufacturing bases, among which the Linhai base is relocated in 2015. The data in this part does not include that in Linhai base because it is not in official production. 3 Data of Jinan base and Luqiao base is collected from the Monitoring Report of 2014. Jinan and Chunxiao base are calculated as 150 days in half an year, and jinan and Chengdu bases are calculated as eight hours in one shift. 2 No. of training sessions Senior management % 100 Middle management % 100 Ordinary employees Notes: % 100 The production-marketing model of Geely Automobile Holdings Limited is producing according to sales prospects. Therefore we calculated related environmental performance figures on the base of sales volume. 5 It is calculated according to the waste water disposal per unit of sales volume. 4 6 There is no leakage of oil plants, fuels or dangerous chemicals during the production and transportation of key manufactures of Geely Automobile Holdings Limited in 2015. 7 It is calculated according to the energy consumption per unit of sales volume. 8 It is calculated according to the water consumption per unit of sales volume. Total hours in training sessions=Average hours in training sessions of A category employees*number of A category employees + Average hours in training sessions of B category employees*number of B category employee + Average hours in training sessions of C category employees*number of C category employee ……. 10 There is no product recycled for safety and health reasons of Geely Automobile Holdings Limited in 2015. 9 75 Performance Figures Performance Figures Note: The data scope of G4 Key Performance Indicator is Zhejiang Geely Holding Group G4 Key Performance Indicator Indicators Unit 1 Annual data 2013 2014 2015 Indicator Unit Annual data 2013 2014 2015 Grow Up Together With Employees Producing High-quality Products for Customers Overall Conditions of Employees Quality Indicator Total no. of employees person 18,161 18,900 19,745 No. of retired employees person N/A 23 13 3,324 4,428 4,357 2 Malfunction rate per thousand(12MIS) ‰ 137 60 60 time 0 0 1 No. of employees turnover person % 176 130 124 No. of new employees person 3,385 4,364 6,809 Data of Club Membership No. of disabled employees hired person 0 0 0 No. of club membership person 139,764 153,622 330,173 No. of ethnic minorities employees person 276 465 522 Annual growth rate % 7.2 9.9 115.0 person 25 25 30 No. of club activities organized time 36 36 40 No. of employees in the highest governance body No. of club membership involved in activities person 345,099 392,762 425,687 No. of female employees in the highest governance body person 0 4 4 No. of ethnic minorities employees in the highest governance body person 0 0 1 No. of local senior executives hired person 8 10 11 No. of fresh graduates hired person 343 309 643 Percentage labor contract signed % 100 100 100 Percentage of social security coverage % 100 100 100 Percentage of health and medical records completed % 100 100 100 No. of labor disputes complaints number N/A 10 11 Percentage of employees accepting assessment of performance and professional development at regular intervals % 100 100 100 Proportion of employees in labor union % 100 100 100 No. of team-building activities for employees time 204 206 211 hours 1,056 1,058 1,066 % 67 71 73 Public recall IQS 3 Data of Consumers' Degree of Satisfaction Total no. of complaints received case 5,143 3,986 3,807 Total no. of complaints processed case 5,143 3,986 3,807 Proportion of complaints processed % 100 100 100 Consumers’ degree of satisfaction % 98.47 98.50 98.75 VOC Item Benzene Toluene Ethyl benzene Xylene Unit:mg/m3 Styrene Formal dehyde Acetal dehyde Acrolein Odor Unit:Grade International limit 0.11 1.1 1.5 1.5 0.26 0.1 0.05 0.05 - EC7 0.044 0.806 0.175 0.772 0.095 0.048 ND ND 7 Total hours of team-building activities for employees EC8 0.009 0.071 0.123 0.481 0.015 0.016 0.013 ND 6 percentage of employees involved in activities GX7 GX9 Gc9 6 No. of employees by gender 0.08 0.05 0.11 ND 0.05 0.09 ND 6 Female person 3,568 3,685 2,914 0.122 0.01 0.02 0.009 0.016 0.04 ND 6 Male person 14,593 15,215 16,831 0.183 0.087 0.137 0.009 0.054 0.037 ND 6 0.0632 0.1814 0.1702 0.2903 0.0091 0.0338 0.0176 0.0127 0.03 New Emgrand 0.005 76 G4 Key Performance Indicator1 0.017 No. and rates of employees by employment category Employees person/% N/A N/A 18,097(91.7) Interns person/% N/A N/A 1,281(6.5) Labor services person/% N/A N/A 19(0.1) Rehired after retirement person/% N/A N/A 5(0) Reserved person/% N/A N/A 343(1.7) 77 Performance Figures Performance Figures No. and rates of employees by age group hours/ person Ordinary employees Under 30 years old person/% N/A N/A 11,452(58.0) 31-50 years old person/% N/A N/A 7,898(40.0) Above 50 years old person/% N/A N/A 395(2.0) No. and rates of new employees by age group N/A N/A 48.6 Average training hours per employee by staff category hours/ Research person N/A hours/ Technology person N/A N/A 50.0 N/A 50.0 N/A N/A 55.3 N/A N/A 47.2 589 532 hours/ person hours/ person Administration Under 30 years old person/% N/A N/A 4,122(60.5) 31-50 years old person/% N/A N/A 2,639(38.8) Operation Above 50 years old person/% N/A N/A 48(0.7) Partners With Common Interests No. of 4S Shops number 656 2,784(63.9) No. of Dealers number 945 1,502(34.5) Growth rates of dealer no. % No. of dealer activities organized time 5 6 6 Rates of dealers involved in activities % 100 100 100 Average no. of activities each dealer involved in time/ 5 number 6 6 At home number N/A N/A 1,961 Abroad number N/A N/A 237 number N/A N/A 2,198 % 100 100 100 No. and rates of employees turnover by age group Under 30 years old person/% N/A N/A 31-50 years old person/% N/A N/A Above 50 years old person/% N/A N/A 71(1.6) No. and rates of employees turnover by gender Female person/% N/A N/A 3,754(86.2) Male person/% N/A N/A 603(13.8) Health and Safety of Employees NO. of accidents number 0 0 0 No. of work-related fatalities number 0 0 0 Accident rates of severe injuries ‰ 0 0 0.05 -9 751 686 -21 -9 No. of suppliers by region No. of suppliers conducting relevant rules in supply chain of the company 4 Accident rates of light injuries ‰ 0.50 0.25 0.35 Eco-friendly and co-exsitence Incident no. of occupational disease number 0 0 0 Rates of occupational disease ‰ 0 0 0 Rates of work-related injuries ‰ 0.45 0.25 0.40 Completion rate of“Environmental impact evaluation”and“Three Parallels” implementation at new and expansion projects Rates of absenteeism ‰ 0.006 0.001 0.006 Compliance emission rate of main pollutant % 100 100 100 Compliance emission rate of solid waste % 100 100 100 Rate of environmental incidences and environmental issues complaints % 0 0 0 % 100 100 100 % 19.4 19.6 20.0 5 Reduced working days caused by work-related injuries days Financial loss caused by accidents RMB 10,000 80,903 No. of training sessions session 3,424 4,018 7,802 Total no. of training employees person N/A 17,839 19,745 Total hours of training sessions organized hours N/A Percentage of training employees % N/A 100 277 53 27,000 299 109,136 Training and Growth of Employees 690,118.00 1,009,273.15 100 Percentage of training employees by employee category Eco-friendly facilitates allocated and normal operations rate Percentage of greenery coverage built by company Amount of major fines due to violation of environmental regulations and laws RMB 0 10,000 0 0 No. of non-economic penalties due to violation of environmental regulations and laws number 0 0 0 Senior management % N/A N/A 100 NO X emission ton 12.21 3.90 40.25 Middle management % N/A N/A 100 SO 2 emission ton 56.78 4.35 25.18 Ordinary employees % N/A N/A 100 ton 628,402.0 567,175.7 594,633.2 Weight of major leakage ton 0 0 0 Usage rate of recycled solid waste % 95.0 95.0 95.4 Average training hours per employee by gender hours/ Female person hours/ Male person Waste water disposal 6 N/A N/A 51.3 N/A N/A 50.1 Average training hours per employee by employee category 78 Senior management hours/ person N/A N/A 56.8 Middle management hours/ person N/A N/A 57.1 79 Looking to the Future Performance Figures Energy and resource consumption of full vehicles and powertrain ton of coal ton of coal 35,808.48 20,522.78 16,960.64 67,403.14 48,527.92 29,893.99 Total water consumption ton 1,647,966 1,514,120 1,246,256 Usage rate of recycled industrial water % 96.3 97.5 Direct energy consumption Indirect energy consumption 96.3 Looking to the Future The year of 2015, as the last year of fully accomplishing all targets set in the 12th Five-Year Plan, is destined to be an extraordinary one for us. While increasing the market share of self-brand cars, we are active in complying with increasingly strict environmental regulations as well as policies of traffic controls and purchase restrictions. We will put efforts in achieving common development with our stakeholders, constantly change the external challenges into the driving force of transformation and will produce refined cars for everyone. Under the five development guidelines as “innovative, coordinative, green, open and sharing” put forward in the “13th Five-Year Plan”,the development of the Internet +, green production and new energy strategy will bring new opportunities to the development of automobile industry. Every link in the life cycle of vehicle such as production, marketing, driving, maintaining, repairing and replacement will witness reform in the near future under the backdrop of the popularization and impact of mobile and intelligent revolution. Based on the deep understanding of future trend and the need of customers, we focus on research and development of core technologies in producing electric and intelligent vehicles with light weight. And we launched Blue Geely strategy which combines state of art technology and product planning. In terms of intelligence security, we will reach the target of “zero death”, “zero casualties”and finally“zero accident”step by step through refining and integrating the active and passive safety technologies. Although we still have a long way to go fully realize automatic driving, we will make full use of the autonomous vehicle technologies applicable in some certain regions and scenarios in our products. These technologies include speech recognition system, system for data and information exchange, and IT network technology. Note: 1 The data scope of ESG Indicator is Geely Automobile Holdings Limited, while that of G4 Indicator is Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. The former is a subsidiary corporation of the latter, so a figure of the same indicator is different; 80 2 12MIS = incidence of maintenance and repair in produced and sold cars over 12 months / No. of cars produced and sold over 12 months * 1000; 3 IQS = Complaint incidence / No. of cars * 100; 4 Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and Geely Automobile Holdings Limited. have the same data of the total amount in eco-friendly and co-existence in 2015. The reason is that the scope of statistics up to now involves the main pollutant discharge unit, producing and manufacturing bases, doesn’t include units like spare parts, marketing, research and development and administration. Data of energy and resource consumption of bases means data of the amount of pollutant discharge in manufacturing companies and bases, such as wastewater, xylene and major leakage discharges and so on, including manufacturing companies and powertrain within the scope of bases. 5 Main pollutant includes the total amount and intensity of NOx, SOx, POP (persistent organic pollutants), VOC ( volatile organic compound), HAP (hazardous air pollutants), PM (particulate matter), industrial wastewater discharges, COD (chemical oxygen demand), SS (suspended solids), ammonia nitrogen, pH and so on; 6 There is no leakage of oil plants, fuels and hazardous chemicals in the production and transportation of main manufactures in Geely from 2013 to 2015. 81 Looking to the Future Accolades and Social Testimonials Accolades and Social Testimonials On environmental protection, we will further improve in-car air 1 Fortune 500 company, Top 500 Companies of China 2 Five-star Industrial Company for CSR Practice in China 3 Hangzhou Government Quality Award quality and raise recycling standard of dismantled vehicles during the process of production design, research and development. Besides, the pollutant emission in production will be under strict control. Meanwhile, we will promote new energy strategy actively and reach the goal of lowering the gasoline consumption of passenger vehicles to 5L per hundred kilometers ahead of schedule. In terms of car sharing, we will promote the“micro public 4 5 3rd Hangzhou Practice and Innovation Award for Human Resources Management 6 2015 Chinese Model Enterprise of Talents Management—Talents Management Mechanism Model Award 7 Powertrain Research Institute Test Center won cognition of CNAS Lab 8 1.8 TD engine honored as one of “Chinese Heart” Top 10 Engines in 2015 9 JLB-4G13T engine awarded the third prize of “Science & Technology Awards of Chinese Automobile Industry” 10 Emgrand is awarded “2015 Independent Sedan Car” 11 SUV received C-NCAP “Five-star Safety” 12 GC 9 awarded “2015 TTA Self-developed Model—Wining Most Attention”, “2015 the Most Beautiful Car”, “2016 Car of China” 13 Sanya College named “Five-star and Chinese First-class Non-government College” transport”program gradually and make the operation of special cars more standardized and professional, continuously bringing forth new ideas into the model of car sharing. On the basis of meeting the need of customers, we allocate resources rationally and shoulder broader social responsibilities as an automobile enterprise, thus making contribution to the sustainable development of whole society. In industrial 4.0 era, the breakthrough in automobile technology is not confined in the automobile production enterprises, it relies more on the in-depth cooperation among the whole industrial chain. We will regard automobile as a new information and digital carrier to form a safer, smarter and greener trip mode. 82 “2015 Extraordinary Employer in Reform” of Liepin Network 83 Accolades and Social Testimonials Accolades and Social Testimonials Social Testimonials Geely Holding Group invests in the Carbon Recycling International, which is conducive to a further and more extensive cooperation between China and Iceland in the aspect of energy and environmental protection. The investment of Geely is not simply about business, it reflects the corporate social responsibility of Geely and the great sense of social responsibility of Li Shufu, president of Geely, in environmental protection and energy recycling. ——Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of Iceland I finally choose to buy cars of Geely for its advantages in safety, environmental protection and After several rounds of investigations, Geely Holding Group is approved as an independent performance. As a Geely Club member, I have been a part of the Green Track Program held in brand strategic partner for our Bureau. I sincerely hope that we can have a close cooperation with Enshi. Driving Geely GC9 gives me an extraordinary feeling, and I particularly like its in-car air Geely. Through all-round, multiple dimensional and in-depth strategic cooperation, we can reach circulation system. I am a smoker, and GC9 can detect the concentrations of smoke autonomously. the mutual benefits and win-win at a higher level. And we can stabilize the position of Chinese Besides, the smell of cigarette can be removed within about ten minutes. I will buy Geely Automobile independent brands in the mid- and high-end automobile market, so as to promote the development in the future and I am always recommending my friends to buy Geely. of Chinese independent brands. ——Su Wen, Deputy Director of Service Bureau for Beijing Diplomatic Missions ——Mr. Zhou, owner of Geely Automobile Geely, as a leading enterprise in the automobiles and automobile parts industry in China, has a I think this Up Marathon is very meaningful and innovative. I love sports, but this kind of stairs climbing is a fresh experience. People climbing stairs together is not simply about champion, but for spreading a positive and fearless attitude towards life. Through participating in this race, I deeply feel that only by a good health and determined will can we tackle challenges in work and life. I hope Geely can hold more similar activities later. close relationship with the economic and social development of Ningbo City. Geely is also the representative of outstanding private enterprises in Ningbo City. After several rounds of thorough investigations, the Organizing Committee of China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo believe that the Geely GC9 meets the standard of being specified used cars in international large-scale activities in terms of configuration and safety performance. And finally GC9 is approved as the official car for VIP reception of this Expo. This conforms to the international common practice of using local brand car of the host country in the Expo, but also shows the confidence of Ningbo ——Li Zicheng, Champion of 2015 “Up Marathon” people in developing Chinese private enterprises and building Chinese brands. ——Kong Weiwei, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of the Ningbo Municipal People's Government, Host of 2015 China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo All GC9 owners I know today are so nice. I am touched by the new experience of being a special car driver with so many people, and I am moved more. Later, I will perform my duty as the Image Geely GC9 first wins the award of “China Car of the Year” as a Chinese brand, which shows Ambassador of Geely Automobile and as the honorary monitor of “Bo Shi Ban” well. I will help the that Chinese brands has its product and brand influence. Geely improves its own product “Bo Shi Ban” to be an organization for doing public good and a platform for communications competitiveness through international cooperation. On the day of testing, Geely GC9 deeply among car owners, so as to convey more love and positive energy to society. impressed the judges no matter with its design or with its chassis tuning. ——Sun Yang ——Comments of 2016 “China Car of the Year” jury on Geely GC9 Britain is one of the most open and inclusive economies in the world. I am very glad to witness The project of Geely New Energy Vehicles is a key project for Guizhou Province in its along with Chinese President Xi Jinping that the London taxi, a symbol of English Culture, has its undertaking of promoting industry transfer and developing automobile industry. It is a major new energy model in the 21st century thanks to China’s investment. It makes the Coventry lead the breakthrough for equipment manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry in Guizhou. It is world car production again, and it allows the English local companies to offer more and major also of great significance for industrial restructuring and industrial transformation and upgrading in employment opportunities outside London. Guizhou. ——David Cameron, Premier Minister of UK 84 ——Sun Zhigang, Deputy Secretary of Guizhou Provincial CPC Committee, Acting Governor of Guizhou Province 85 ESG&G4 Index ESG&G4 Index Recommended Disclosures Page General Disclosure Information on: Air emissions include NOx, SOx,and other pollutants regulated under national laws and regulations. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons,perfluorocarbons and sulphur hexafluoride. Description of energy use efficiency initiatives and results achieved. KPI A2.4 Description of whether there is any issue in sourcing water that is fit for purpose, water efficiency initiatives and results achieved. 65-67 KPI A2.5 Total packaging material used for finished products (in tonnes), and if applicable, with reference toper unit produced. N/A Hazardous wastes are those defined by national regulations. Aspect A1 : Emissions KPI A1.2 Greenhouse gas emissions in total (in tonnes) and where appropriate,intensity (e.g. per unit of production volume, per facility). KPI A1.4 Total non-hazardous waste produced (in tonnes) and where appropriate, intensity (e.g. per unit of production volume, per facility). Description of measures to mitigate emissions and results achieved. KPI A1.4 Description of how hazardous and nonhazardous wastes are handled, reduction initiatives and results achieved. General Disclosure Policies on the efficient use of resources,including energy, water and other raw materials. KPI A2.1 KPI A2.2 86 Direct and/or indirectenergy consumption by type(e.g. electricity, gas or oil)in total (kwh in ‘000s) and intensity (e.g. per unit of production volume, perfacility). Water consumption in total and intensity (e.g. per unit of production volume, perfacility). that have a significant impact on the issuerrelating Performance Figures Aspect A2: Use of Resources (b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations to compensation and dismissal, recruitment and 65-67 Aspect B1: Employment promotion, working hours, rest periods, equal opportunity,diversity, anti-discrimination, and other benefits and welfare. 64-67 73 Total workforce by gender, KPI employment B1.1 type, age groupand geographical region Employee KPI turnover rate by B1.2 gender, age group and geographical region. Performance Figures Note: Resources may be used inproduction, in storage, transportation, in buildings, electronic equipment, etc. 65 General Disclosure Information on: (a) the policies; and Coexisting with Environment in Harmony KPI A1.3 73 General Disclosure : Policies on minimising the issuer’s significant impact on the environment and natural resources. Description of the significant impacts of activities on the environment and natural KPI A3.1 resources and the actionstaken to manage them. Grow with Employees KPI A1.3 Total hazardous waste produced (in tonnes) and where appropriate, intensity (e.g. per unit of production volume, per facility). Aspect A3:The Environment and Natural Resources Coexisting with Environment in Harmony The types of emissions and respective emissions data. Performance Figures KPI A1.1 64-67 The main products are finished automobiles, which use less packing material during the logistics process (relevant data not disclosed) Note: Coexisting with Environment in Harmony (a) the policies; and (b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations that have a significant impact on the issuer relating to air and greenhouse gas emissions, discharges i n t o w a t e r a n d l a n d , a n d g e n e r a t i o n o f ha z a r do us and non-hazardous waste. KPI A2.3 Coexisting with Environment in Harmony Comply or explain Chapter ESG Index 46-47 74 73 87 ESG&G4 Index ESG&G4 Index 78 Grow with Employees skills for discharging duties at work. Description of trainingactivities. Note: Training refers to vocational training. It may include internal and external courses paid by theemployer . 48-51 75 (b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations that have a significant impact on the issuer relating to preventing child and forced labour. 88 Percentage of total products sold KPI or shipped subject B6.1 to recalls for safety and health reasons. Produce Refined Sharing Value Cars for with Partners Customers Aspect B6: Product Responsibility Grow with Employees Aspect B4: Labour Standards N/A General Disclosure Information on: (a) the policies; and (b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations that have a significant impact on the issuer relating to health and safety, advertising,labelling and privacy matters relating to products and services provided and methods of redress. 74 General Disclosure Information on: (a) the policies; and Description of practices relating to engaging suppliers, number of suppliers where KPI N/A the practices are B5.2 being implemented, how they are implemented and monitored. Number of KPI suppliers by B5.1 geographical region. Performance Figures The average training hours completed per KPI employee by B3.2 gender and employee category. Performance Figures The percentage KPI of employees B3.1 trained by gender and employee category (e.g. senior management, middle management). N/A 46-47 Produce Refined Cars for Customers Aspect B3: Development and Training N/A of the supply chain. Aspect B5: Supply Chain Managemen 46-47 56 Policies on managing environmental andsocial risks General Disclosure Policies on improving employees’knowledge and Description of steps taken to KPI eliminate such B4.2 practices when discovered. General Disclosure Grow with Employees Description of occupational health and safety KPI measures B2.3 adopted, how they are implemented and monitored. 46-48 Sharing Value with Partners KPI Lost days due B2.2 to work injury. Description of measures to review KPI employment B4.1 practices to avoid child and forced labour. Grow with Employees Number and KPI rate ofworkB2.1 related fatalities. Performance Figures Aspect B2: Health and Safety Grow with Employees General Disclosure Information on: (a) the policies; and (b) compliance with relevant laws andregulations that have a significant impact on the issuer.relating to providing a safe workingenvironment and protecting employeesfrom occupational hazards. Number of products and KPI service related B6.2 complaints received and how they are dealt with. 46-47 Description of practices relating KPI to observing and B6.3 protecting intellectual property rights. 32-39 41-42 75 44 58-59 89 ESG&G4 Index ESG&G4 Index GRI Index Legend: Under the Disclosure column, Full Disclosure N/A Not Applicable Description of consumer data protection and KPI privacy policies, B6.5 how they are implemented and monitored. Produce Refined Cars for Customers Description of KPI quality assurance B6.4 process and recall procedures. 38 Partial Disclosure Guidelines Guideline Descriptions Page Chapter G4-1 Provide a statement from the most senior decision-maker of the organization. 04-05 Message from the Chairman 42-43 81-82 Blue Geely, Opening up to an Era of New Energy Intelligent Geely, Making refined cars for everyone A Company with Responsible Business Operations Looking to the Future 07-10 G4-2 Provide a description of key impacts, risks, and opportunities. 12-14 25-30 General Disclosure Information on: (a) the policies; and G4-3 Report the name of the organization. 02 About the Report G4-4 Report the primary brands, products, and services. 21 About Geely G4-5 Report the location of the organization’s headquarters. 20 About Geely G4-6 Report the number of countries where the organization operates, and names of countries where either the organization has significant operations or that are specifically relevant to the sustainability topics covered in the report. 21 About Geely G4-7 Report the nature of ownership and legal form. 16 About Geely G4-8 Report the markets served (including geographic breakdown, sectors served, and types of customers and beneficiaries). 21 About Geely G4-9 Report the scale of the organization. 16 About Geely G4-10 Workforce statistics by category. 73-74 Performance Figures G4-11 Percentage of workforce covered by collective bargaining agreements. G4-12 Description of the organization ' s supply chain. G4-13 Explanation of any significant changes during the reporting period regarding size, structure, ownership, or supply chain. 16 Explanation of whether and how the precautionary approach or principle is addressed by the organization. 26 G4-14 46-47 Sharing Value with Partners Sharing Value with Partners A Company with Responsible Business Operations Produce Refined Cars for Customers Grow with Employees G4-15 Externally developed economic, environmental, and social charters, principles, or other initiatives to which the organization subscribes or which it endorses. 02-03 About the Report G4-16 Memberships of associations and national or international advocacy organizations that the organization views the membership as strategic. 58-60 Sharing Value with Partners (b) compliance with relevant laws andregulations to bribery, extortion, fraud and money laundering. Number of concluded legal cases regarding corrupt practices brought against KPI the issuer or its B7.1 employees during the reporting period and the outcomes of the cases. Aspect B7: Anticorruption Description of preventive measures and KPI whistle-blowing B7.2 procedures, how they are implemented and monitored. Grow Together with Our Society General Disclosure Policies on community engagement tounderstand the needs of the communitieswhere the issuer operates and to ensure its activities take into consideration thecommunities ' interests. Aspect B8: Community Investment Focus areas of contribution(e.g. education, KPI environmental B8.1 concerns, labour needs, health, culture, sport). Resources KPI contributed (e.g. B8.2 money or time) to the focus area. 90 A Company with Responsible Business Operations that have a significant impact on the issuer relating N/A N/A 26 69-72 N/A N/A No Disclosure Disclosure N/A 55 55 38 About Geely 91 ESG&G4 Index Page Chapter 02-03 73-80 About the Report Performance Figures G4-18 Process for defining the report content and the Aspect Boundaries; Explain how the organization has implemented the Reporting Principles for Defining Report Content. 02-03 About the Report G4-19 List all the material Aspects identified in the process for defining report content. 29 Guidelines Guideline Descriptions G4-17 List of entities included in the organization ' s consolidated financial statements; Report whether any entity included is not covered by the report. Disclosure A Company with Responsible Business Operations A Company with Responsible Business Operations A Company with Responsible Business Operations For each material Aspect, report the Aspect Boundary within the organization. 29 G4-21 For each material Aspect, report the Aspect Boundary outside the organization. 29 G4-22 Report the effect of any restatements of information provided in previous reports, and the reasons for such restatements. N/A G4-23 Report significant changes from previous reporting periods in the Scope and Aspect Boundaries. N/A G4-24 List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization. 30 G4-25 Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders. 30 G4-26 Approach to stakeholder engagement, including frequency of engagement by type. 30 G4-27 Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement and how the organization has responded. 30 G4-28 Reporting period for information provided. 02 About the Report G4-29 Date of most recent previous report. 02 About the Report G4-30 Reporting cycle. 02 About the Report G4-31 Contact point for questions regarding the report or its contents. 101 Reader Feedback G4-32 Report the “in accordance” option the organization has chosen, and the GRI Content Index; Report the reference to the External Assurance Report. G4-34 A Company with Responsible Business Operations A Company with Responsible Business Operations A Company with Responsible Business Operations A Company with Responsible Business Operations Guideline Descriptions Page Chapter G4-35 Report the process for delegating authority for economic, environmental and social topics from the highest governance body to senior executives and other employees. 28 A Company with Responsible Business Operations G4-36 Report whether the organization has appointed an executive-level position or positions with responsibility for economic, environmental and social topics, and whether post holders report directly to the highest governance body. 28 A Company with Responsible Business Operations G4-37 Report processes for consultation between stakeholders and the highest governance body on economic, environmental and social topics. 29 A Company with Responsible Business Operations G4-38 Report the composition of the highest governance body and its committees by category. 25 A Company with Responsible Business Operations G4-39 Report whether the Chair of the highest governance body is also an executive officer. G4-40 Report the nomination and selection processes for the highest governance body and its committees, and the criteria used for nominating and selecting highest governance body members. G4-41 Report processes for the highest governance body to ensure conflicts of interest are avoided and managed. Report whether conflicts of interest are disclosed to stakeholders. 30 A Company with Responsible Business Operations G4-42 Report the highest governance body ' s and senior executives ' roles in the development, approval, and updating of the organization ' s purpose, value or mission statements, strategies, policies, and goals related to economic, environmental and social impacts. G4-43 Report the measures taken to develop and enhance the highest governance body’s collective knowledge of economic, environmental and social topics. G4-44 Report the processes for evaluation of the highest governance body ' s performance with respect to governance of economic, environmental and social topics and actions taken in response to evaluation. G4-45 Report the highest governance body ' s role and whether stakeholder consultation is used in the identification and management of economic, environmental and social impacts, risks, and opportunities. G4-46 Report the highest governance body ' s role in reviewing the effectiveness of the organization ' s risk management processes for economic, environmental and social topics. G4-47 Report the frequency of the highest governance body ' s review of economic, environmental and social impacts, risks, and opportunities. N/A Report the organization ' s policy and current practice with regard to seeking external assurance for the report; the relationship between the organization and the assurance providers; Report whether the highest governance body or senior executives are involved in seeking assurance. Governance structure of the organization, including committees of the highest governance body. Identify any committees responsible for decision-making on economic, environmental, and social impacts. Guidelines 79 G4-20 G4-33 92 ESG&G4 Index N/A 25 A Company with Responsible Business Operations 28 Disclosure A Company with Responsible Business Operations 93 ESG&G4 Index Guidelines Guideline Descriptions Page Chapter G4-48 Report the highest committee or position that formally reviews and approves the organization ' s sustainability report and ensures that all material Aspects are covered. 28 A Company with Responsible Business Operations G4-49 Report the process for communicating critical concerns to the highest governance body. 28 A Company with Responsible Business Operations G4-50 Report the nature and total number of critical concerns that were communicated to the highest governance body and the mechanism(s) used to address and resolve them. 28 A Company with Responsible Business Operations G4-51 G4-52 G4-53 G4-54 G4-55 Report the remuneration policies for the highest governance body and senior executives and how performance criteria in the remuneration policy relate to the highest governance body ' s and senior executives ' economic, environmental and social objectives. Report the process for determining remuneration. Report whether remuneration consultants are involved in determining remuneration and whether they are independent of management. Report any other relationships which the remuneration consultants have with the organization. Report how stakeholders ' views are sought and taken into account regarding remuneration, including the results of votes on remuneration policies and proposals, if applicable. Report the ratio of the annual total compensation for the organization ' s highest-paid individual in each country of significant operations to the median annual total compensation for all employees (excluding the highest-paid individual) in the same country. Report the ratio of percentage increase in annual total compensation for the organization ' s highest-paid individual in each country of significant operations to the median percentage increase in annual total compensation for all employees (excluding the highest-paid individual) in the same country. Describe the organization ' s values, principles, standards and norms of behavior such as codes of conduct and codes of ethics. 26 G4-57 Report the internal and external mechanisms for seeking advice on ethical and lawful behavior, and matters related to organizational integrity, such as helplines or advice lines. 26 G4-58 Report the internal and external mechanisms for reporting concerns about unethical or unlawful behavior, and matters related to organizational integrity, such as escalation through line management, whistleblowing mechanisms or hotlines. G4-56 94 ESG&G4 Index 26 Disclosure Guidelines Guideline Descriptions Page Chapter G4-EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed. 26 A Company with Responsible Business Operations G4-EC2 Financial implications and other risks and opportunities for the organization ' s activities due to climate change. 62-66 Coexisting with Environment in Harmony G4-EC3 Coverage of the organization ' s defined benefit plan obiligations 46 Grow with Employees G4-EC4 Report financial assistance received from government. G4-EC5 Ratios of standard entry level wage by gender compared to local minimum wage at significant locations of operation. G4-EC6 Proportion of senior management hired from the local community at significant locations of operation. G4-EC7 Development and impact of infrastructure investments and services supported. 64-67 G4-EC8 Significant indirect economic impacts, including the extent of impacts. 69-72 About Geely Coexisting with Environment in Harmony Grow Together with Our Society G4-EC9 Proportion of spending on local suppliers at significant locations of operation. G4-EN1 Materials used by weight or volume. 79-80 Performance Figures G4-EN2 Percentage of materials used that are recycled input materials. G4-EN3 Energy consumption within the organization. 80 Performance Figures G4-EN4 Energy consumption outside of the organization. G4-EN5 Energy intensity. G4-EN6 Reduction of energy consumption. G4-EN7 Reductions in energy requirements of products and services. 80 Performance Figures G4-EN8 Total water withdrawal by source. 79-80 Performance Figures G4-EN9 Water sources significantly affected by withdrawal of water. G4-EN10 Percentage and total volume of water recycled and reused. G4-EN11 Operational sites owned, leased, managed in, or adjacent to, protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value outside protected areas. G4-EN12 Description of significant impacts of activities, products, and services on biodiversity in protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value outside protected areas. 20 Disclosure About Geely A Company with Responsible Business Operations A Company with Responsible Business Operations N/A 80 Performance Figures N/A N/A 95 ESG&G4 Index Disclosure Guidelines Guideline Descriptions Habitats protected or restored. N/A G4-EN32 Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria G4-EN14 Total number of IUCN Red List species and national conservation list species with habitats in areas affected by operations, by level of extinction risk. N/A G4-EN33 Significant actual and potential negative environmental impacts in the supply chain and actions taken. G4-EN15 Direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions ( Scope 1). G4-EN34 Number of grievances about environmental impacts filed, addressed, and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms. G4-EN16 Energy indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 2). G4-LA1 G4-EN17 Other indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 3). Guidelines Guideline Descriptions G4-EN13 Page Chapter Page Chapter Total number and rates of new employee hires and employee turnover by age group, gender, and region. 77-78 Performance Figures Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees, by significant locations of operation. 46 Grow with \Employees G4-LA3 Return to work and retention rates after parental leave, by gender. 46 G4-LA4 Minimum notice periods regarding operational changes, including whether these are specified in collective agreements. G4-LA5 Percentage of total workforce represented in formal joint management worker health and safety committees that help monitor and advise on occupational health and safety programs. G4-LA6 Type of injury and rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days, and absenteeism, and total number of work-related fatalities, by region and by gender. G4-LA7 Workers with high incidence or high risk of diseases related to their occupation. G4-LA8 Health and safety topics covered in formal agreements with trade unions. G4-LA9 Average hours of training per year per employee by gender, and by employee category. 78-79 Performance Figures G4-LA10 Programs for skills management and lifelong learning that support the continued employability of employees and assist them in managing career endings. 48-51 Grow with \Employees G4-LA11 Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews, by gender and by employee category. 78-79 Performance Figures G4-LA12 Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees per employee category according to gender, age group, minority group membership, and other indicators of diversity. 78-79 Performance Figures G4-LA2 G4-EN18 Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity. G4-EN19 Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. G4-EN20 Emissions of ozone-depleting substances (ODS). G4-EN21 NO X, SO X, and other significant air emissions. 79 Performance Figures G4-EN22 Total water discharge by quality and destination. 79-80 Performance Figures G4-EN23 Total weight of waste by type and disposal method. 79-80 Performance Figures G4-EN24 Total number and volume of significant spills. G4-EN25 Weight of transported, imported, exported, or treated waste deemed hazardous under the terms of the Basel Convention2 Annex I, II, III, and VIII, and percentage of transported waste shipped internationally. G4-EN26 96 ESG&G4 Index N/A N/A N/A Identify, size, protected status, and biodiversity value of water bodies and related habitats significantly affected by the organization’s discharges of water and runoff. N/A Coexisting with Environment in Harmony G4-EN27 Extent of impact mitigation of environmental impacts of products and services. G4-EN28 Percentage of products sold and their packaging materials that are reclaimed by category. G4-EN29 Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for noncompliance with environmental laws and regulations. G4-EN30 Significant environmental impacts of transporting products and other goods and materials for the organization’s operations and transporting members of the workforce. G4-LA13 Ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men by employee category, by significant locations of operation. G4-EN31 Total environmental protection expenditures and investments by type G4-LA14 Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using labor practices criteria. 62-67 N/A Disclosure Grow with \Employees 78 Performance Figures N/A 97 ESG&G4 Index Guidelines Guideline Descriptions G4-LA15 Page Chapter Disclosure Page Chapter Disclosure Guidelines Guideline Descriptions Significant actual and potential negative impacts for labor practices in the supply chain and actions taken. G4-SO3 Total number and percentage of operations assessed for risks related to corruption and the significant risks identified. G4-LA16 Number of grievances about labor practices filed, addressed, and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms. G4-SO4 Communication and training on anticorruption policies and procedures. G4-HR1 Total number and percentage of significant investment agreements and contracts that Include human rights clauses or that underwent human rights screening. G4-SO5 Confirmed incidents of corruption and actions taken. N/A G4-SO6 Total value of political contributions by country and recipient/beneficiary. N/A G4-HR2 Total hours of employee training on human rights policies or procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations, including the percentage of employees trained. G4-SO7 Total number of legal actions for anticompetitive behavior, anti-trust, and monopoly practices and their outcomes. N/A G4-HR3 Total number of incidents of discrimination and corrective actions taken. N/A G4-SO8 Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for noncompliance with laws and regulations. N/A N/A G4-HR4 Operations and suppliers identified in which the right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining may be violated or at significant risk, and measures taken to support these rights. G4-SO9 Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using criteria for impacts on society. G4-SO10 Significant actual and potential negative impacts on society in the supply chain and actions taken. G4-SO11 Number of grievances about impacts on society filed, addressed, and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms. G4-PR1 Percentage of significant product and service categories for which health and safety impacts are assessed for improvement. G4-PR2 Total number of incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning the health and safety impacts of products and services during their life cycle, by type of outcomes. G4-PR3 Type of product and service information required by the organization ' s procedures for product and service information and labeling, and percentage of significant product and service categories subject to such information requirements. G4-HR5 98 ESG&G4 Index Operations and suppliers identified as having significant risk for incidents of child labor, and measures taken to contribute to the effective abolition of child labor. N/A N/A N/A G4-HR6 Operations and suppliers identified as having significant risk for incidents of forced or compulsory labor, and measures to contribute to the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labor. N/A G4-HR7 Percentage of security personnel trained in the organization’s human rights policies or procedures that are relevant to operations. N/A G4-HR8 Total number of incidents of violations involving rights of indigenous peoples and actions taken. N/A G4-HR9 Total number and percentage of operations that have been subject to human rights reviews or impact assessments. N/A G4-HR10 Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using human rights criteria. N/A G4-HR11 Significant actual and potential negative human rights impacts in the supply chain and actions taken. N/A G4-HR12 Number of grievances about human rights impacts filed, addressed, and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms. G4-SO1 Percentage of operations with implemented local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs. G4-SO2 Operations with significant actual or potential negative impacts on local communities. G4-PR4 N/A 26 32-36 A Company with Responsible Business Operations Produce Refined Cars for Customers N/A Total number of incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning product and service information and labeling, by type of outcomes. N/A G4-PR5 Results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction. G4-PR6 Sale of banned or disputed products. N/A G4-PR7 Total number of incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning marketing communications, including advertising, promotion, and sponsorship, by type of outcomes. N/A 44 Produce Refined Cars for Customers N/A N/A 99 ESG&G4 Index Reader Feedback Reader Feedback Guidelines Guideline Descriptions G4-PR8 Total number of substantiated complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data. G4-PR9 Monetary value of significant fines for noncompliance with laws and regulations concerning the provision and use of products and services. Page Chapter Disclosure N/A N/A Dear Readers Thank you for reading “2015 Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report”. Unintentional flaws and omissions may have been inevitable in the process of writing this report and we would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank you! Geely Holding Group June, 2016 Name: Company: Contact Number: Email: Your assessment of this report: 1 Do you think the structure of this report is acceptable? 2 Are you able to understand the company’s responsibility principles and practical highlights through this report? 3 Do you think this report is reader-friendly? 4 Do you think this report’s content and layout are acceptable? 5 What's your overall assessment of this report? 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