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Summary of Content
AIM Infotech Noble M400 with ECU MBE 975D Release 1.03 This tutorial explains how to connect Noble M400 to AiM devices using the CAN Bus. This car is equipped with MBE 975D as stock ECU. For any further information concerning ECU firmware / software settings and/or upgrading it is always recommended to address to the ECU dealer. 1 Wiring connection MBE 975D features a bus communication protocol based on CAN on the OBDII connector. OBDII port is on the right side of the car (rear) as shown here below. To reach the connector you have to remove the chassis as shown here below. 1 OBDII connector pinout as well as connection table are shown here below. OBDII connector pin Function AiM cable 6 CAN High CAN+ 14 CAN Low CAN- 2 AiM device configuration Before connecting the ECU to AiM device set this up using AiM Race Studio software. The parameters to select in the device configuration are: • • select ECU manufacturer “NOBLE” ECU Model “ECU_MBE_975D”; 2 3 Available channels Channels received by AIM loggers connected to "Nobel" "ECU_MBE:975D" protocol are: ID CHANNEL NAME FUNCTION ECU_1 ECU_RPM RPM ECU_2 ECU_ROAD_SPEED Vehicle speed ECU_3 ECU_TPS Throttle position sensor ECU_4 ECU_ECT Engine coolant temperature ECU_5 ECU_INTK_AIRT Intake air temperature ECU_6 ECU_OILT Oil temperature ECU_7 ECU_MAP1 Manifold air pressure 1 ECU_8 ECU_MAP2 Manifold air pressure 2 ECU_9 ECU_TURBO Turbo pressure ECU_10 ECU_BARO Barometric pressure ECU_11 ECU_OILP Oil pressure ECU_12 ECU_BATTERY Battery supply ECU_13 ECU_LAMBDA_A Lambda A ECU_14 ECU_LAMBDA_B Lambda B ECU_15 ECU_FUEL_LEVEL Fuel level Technical note: not all data channels outlined in the ECU template are validated for each manufacturer model or variant; some of the outlined channels are model and year specific and therefore may not be applicable. 3