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Summary of Content
range THE SIMPLE EXPRESSION OF AM-LICENCE VEHICLES *Conditions apply. THE LEADER IN AM-LICENCE* VEHICLES IN FRANCE AND EUROPE range Access FREEDOM IS NOT A LUXURY AIXAM presents its new MINAUTO range equipped with the latest generation engine and completely redesigned with a softer more curvaceous silhouette. Expressive, practical and great value for money, MINAUTO allows everyone to travel with ease, every day. And as the range benefits from all the expertise of AIXAM, it makes no compromise on reliability, security and comfort. Efficient and dynamic, MINAUTO is equipped with a Euro 4-certified Kubota engine which makes driving even more enjoyable. Resolutely reliable, journeys are smoother and driving is even simpler and safer. Whether Access, GT or Cross, compact or estate, MINAUTO is the essential partner for all your trips. MINAUTO: unrivalled power which puts the emphasis on style. POWERFUL HEADLIGHTS Halogen headlights with integrated side lights, daytime running lights and indicators. 2 LED TAIL LIGHTS The tail lights provide quality lighting with a modern style. EASY OPENING The tailgate has been reinforced making the boot easier to open. ELECTRIC WINDOWS The entire MINAUTO range is equipped with electric windows as standard. KUBOTA ENGINE: THE MOST ECONOMICAL AND ECOLOGICAL ON THE MARKET MINAUTO is equipped with the Euro 4-certifed Kubota engine renowned for its quality and durability. Thanks to superior power and torque and ultra-smooth control, the new MINAUTO engine is the cleanest and most fuel-efficient on the market with a fuel consumption of only 3.1/100 km*. Move freely while respecting the planet * Based on standardised consumption. UNCOMPROMISED AIXAM QUALITY AIXAM: COMMITTED TO MOBILITY MINAUTO, SENSATION or AIXAM PRO, every one of the AIXAM ranges has been designed so that everyone has the opportunity to access mobility, whatever their expectations or lifestyle. AIXAM: FRENCH BRAND, EUROPEAN LEADER LARGER WING MIRRORS The visibility is improved and blind spots reduced. COMPLETELY REVISITED DESIGN MINAUTO imposes its style with a curvaceous and sensual silhouette. Experience, expertise and French manufacturing are the cornerstones of AIXAM’s quality and performance. At its state-of-the-art production facilities, teams of experts manufacture ranges that already meet tomorrow’s requirements today. Your MINAUTO range is manufactured in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region of France. 3 Access SO SPRIGHTLY MINAUTO Access is your ideal partner for mobility. Agile and easy-going, with MINAUTO you can travel in the greatest comfort and safety. Featuring essential equipment and a range of options to customise your vehicle, MINAUTO Access is simply indispensable. 4 700 L BOOT Fabric upholstery with quality finishes for greater onboard comfort. COMFORT ON BOARD MINAUTO Access’ interior is exceptionally spacious. A sizeable boot, seats on slide rails, a 12 V socket… everything you need to ensure you travel with total peace of mind. Rear and side reflectors to ensure you are seen while driving at night. Ergonomically-designed dashboard, ingenious storage spaces … all the equipment is within easy reach in a roomy interior. Cream-coloured meter background with digital display and adjustable backlighting. Chrome AIXAM logo, the sign of the leader. Ultra-smooth gear box for better handling. 5 SO AGILE MINAUTO is the most compact model on the market. The perfect combination of design and volume, it offers superior steering and excellent handling. Ideal for your city trips, it provides you with more comfort during manoeuvres, even in difficult to access areas and tight spaces. 6 THE GT FINISH Alloy wheels, optional exterior package with chrome mirror caps and door details, metallic or pearl bodywork as standard… Choose your own style and make a statement. The interior aluminium decor pack on the ergonomic dashboard adds a touch of refinement. Onboard comfort is heightened thanks to stylishly-designed equipment and details such as the sun visor with a vanity mirror and grab handle on the passenger side. Chrome mirror caps (optional). Central locking with remote control and indicator lamps integrated into wing mirrors. Third LED brake light ensures excellent visibility for greater safety. Luggage cover hides the contents of the boot and the restraint bar blocks the load. 7 SO VERSATILE MINAUTO Cross is the very definition of ingenious design. With a generous roof height, a spacious interior and even bigger boot capacity, MINAUTO Cross is ideally suited to those who think big. 8 1100  L Closed glove box with coin and cup holder, storage pockets on doors and central cubby hole… everyday conveniences have been designed with your comfort in mind. BOOT THE ESTATE WITH MORE BOOT SPACE MINAUTO Cross features exceptional boot capacity, providing plenty of room for your everyday activities. Practical and handy, without compromising on style. Rear fog light for enhanced safety when visibility is poor. Reversing light illuminates the lower area for worry-free parking. Optional 8-spoke alloy wheels, exterior chrome package and roof bars for a wide range of styles. 9 CHARACTERISTICS ONBOARD INSTRUMENTS D-N-R display of gearshift position Back-lit tachometer needle Digital total trip and partial trip odometer Cream-coloured meter background Service due indicator Bargraph-style fuel gauge with warning light Adjustable instrument panel backlighting GT • • • • • • • CROSS • • • • • • • Warning indicator lamps: Battery charge Brake - handbrake fluid level Oil pressure Water temperature • • • • • • • • • • • • Indicator lamps: Right and left turn signals Side lights Rear fog light Low beam lights Hazard lights Full beam lights Pre-heating (diesel engine) Neutral Brake pad wear buzzer • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • DRIVING AND SAFETY Buzzer for headlights left on Automatic activation of hazard lights on sudden braking Ignition locked if vehicle is in gear Steering lock Spring-retraction front seat belts High power 3-speed heater-defroster-fan Air conditioning Ultra-smooth gearbox control 3-speed front windscreen wipers (one intermittent) LED rear lights Driving lights integrated into headlights Reversing light Rear fog light Screenwash with automatic blade activation Laminated windscreen Extra-powerful front halogen headlights 2-position rear-view mirror for day/night Large right and left wing mirrors with inside adjustment controls Third LED brake light Equipment • as standard ◊ optional 10 ACCESS • • • • • • • (1) Grouped options (2) Option available in 2018 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ◊ (2) ◊ (2) ◊ (2) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • - • • COMFORT AND FINISHES Circular air-vents on the dashboard Chrome roof bars Luggage cover Single key for doors, ignition and fuel tank cap Passenger compartment/boot partition Interior lighting Central locking with remote control and visual indicator reminder Level 1 sound-proofed passenger compartment Electric window controls ACCESS • - - • - • - • • GT • - • • ◊ • • • • CROSS • ◊ • • ◊ • • • • Aluminium interior pack including: aluminium aerator rings aluminium dashboard strips aluminium heating control - - - • • • • • • Exterior chrome package including: chrome mirror caps door details - - ◊ (1) ◊ (1) ◊ (1) ◊ (1) Passenger-side sun visor with vanity mirror Leather-grained injection-moulded dashboard (automotive technology) Passenger-side grab handle Car-type external door handles 12 V socket Metallic or pearl colour Tinted windows - • • • • • - • • • • • • • • - • • • • • STORAGE Load restraint bar Glove box with coin and cup holder Storage cubby hole in middle of instrument panel Storage pockets on doors WHEELS Puncture repair spray Wheel trims Steel 145/70/R13 spare wheel with wheel brace and jack Steel 145/70R13 wheels 8-spoke alloy wheels 14” silver 155/65R14 SEATS Headrests Ball-bearing slides on driver’s seat AUDIO MP3/RDS/USB radio Speakers Radio pre-equipment ◊ - • • • • • • • • • • • • ◊ • ◊ • • ◊ • ◊ • • ◊ • ◊ • • • • • • ◊ (1) ◊ (1) ◊ (1) ◊ (1) ◊ (1) ◊ (1) • • • TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Engine Engine size Administrative power (France) Length Width Number of seats Boot volume Weight when empty ACCESS / GT CROSS Diesel 479 cm3 1 CV 2 759 mm 1 500 mm 2 700 l 425 kg Diesel 479 cm3 1 CV 3 000 mm 1 500 mm 2 1 100 l 425 kg COLOURS AVAILABLE ACCESS White GT Pearly White Red Black / silver roof Midnight Blue / silver roof CROSS Pearly White / Red / Black / Silver Grey / black satin roof black satin roof black satin roof black satin roof SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY PASSIVE SAFETY MEASURES These include all the technology that minimises the severity of an impact. The MINAUTO range is designed with you in mind. The safety of the car’s occupants is of utmost importance. The engineering team of the leader in AM-licence* vehicles follows very strict rules. With an elaborate technical design and a choice of high-tech parts and equipment from the best automotive suppliers, AIXAM integrates a large safety dimension into its manufacturing. PROTECTION OF OCCUPANTS The supple thermoformed bodywork absorbs the energy of small impacts and the chassis - in extruded profiled aluminium with a wide diameter - protects your MINAUTO from deformation. This survival cell lessens impacts and protects you. CHASSIS + BODYWORK = SURVIVAL CELL *Conditions apply. AIXAM 1ST AM-LICENCE* MANUFACTURER TO SUBJECT ITS RANGE TO CRASH TESTS AIXAM puts its models through stability tests: ISO chicane, momentum test and slalom. They all pass above the authorised speed limit (45 km/h). HOW IS A CRASH TEST DEEMED SUCCESSFUL? After impact, the passenger compartment is intact with no notable deformation: no intrusion, no injuries and you are not stuck inside your vehicle. The windows are not broken: → no cuts, no injuries. The seat belts are designed not to jam: → no discomfort, no panic when leaving the vehicle. The doors do not open during an accident: → no ejection. The door handles work correctly: → the doors open easily when you leave the vehicle. ACTIVE SAFETY MEASURES These include all the innovations and equipment in your vehicle that enable you to avoid danger when driving and making manoeuvres. SEE AND BE SEEN The windows and lights offer a good, safe overall view of the road and ensure you are visible in the midst of the traffic. BE COMFORTABLE TO DRIVE WELL Rear fog and reversing lights and diodes provide highly efficient lighting and ensure that the vehicle can be seen easily. Large mirrors for better visibility. The headlights integrate multiple functions for all traffic conditions. The seatbelts are tested with a full load, subjected to a 5.4-tonne tensile force which is twice that imposed by legislation (i.e. 2.7 tonnes). They have also been designed not to lock. The onboard comfort and soundproofing help you concentrate while driving. The instruments are designed so that your every movement is efficient. Finally, the storage compartments ensure that your objects do not transform into projectiles. STABILITY WITH “X” PATTERN BREAKING Equipped with front discs and rear drums, the braking system has been set up in an “x” pattern; the vehicles are fitted with a dual circuit that independently supplies the left front wheel with the rear right wheel, and vice versa. This system helps ensure braking balance. Should one of the circuits fail, it allows the vehicle to maintain stable road handling since a wheel on each of the front and rear axles is still operational. 11 The role of the AIXAM teams is to guide you through the range, to advise you on available services and to be there for you on a daily basis. AIXAM, 130 APPROVED DISTRIBUTORS IN FRANCE AT YOUR SERVICE LONG-TERM RELIABILITY All technicians benefit from training programmes to repair and service your AIXAM. CONFORMITY FOR SAFETY AIXAM standardises its manufacturer spare parts and is committed to supplying its network. This is of utmost importance to guarantee the integrity and longevity of your Aixam. ASSISTANCE AND WARRANTY AFTER-SALES SERVICE FINANCING AIXAM guarantees its vehicles for two years for parts and labour and offers you two years of breakdown assistance with unlimited mileage as a proof of its commitment. The AIXAM network has an optimal after-sales service. A constant stock of spare parts allows your Distributor to provide you with a solution quickly. Thanks to its partners, AIXAM can suggest solutions that suit your budget. Your Distributor can study the best financing method with you in line with your requirements and possibilities. *Conditions apply. THE NETWORK RELAYS THE CONFORMITY AND QUALITY OF YOUR AIXAM - C.Chaize - - Dingo - Non contractual document. Certain details of vehicles may be different from models sold and photographs shown. We decline responsibility for errors or omissions in this document 02/2018. Reference SAV 0XF001. AIXAM, THE POWER OF A NETWORK AIXAM MEGA Headquarters and factory 56 route de Pugny - B.P. 70112 73101 Aix-les-Bains cedex - France Tel. : +33 (0) - DOWNLOAD THE AIXAM APPLICATION AND FOLLOW THE BRAND’S NEWS N°1 FOR AM-LICENCE* VEHICLES