Last updated: 10 Feb 2023

Best Car Battery Tester

It’s unusual for a driver these days to understand the modern motor vehicle’s inner workings, and even less likely, they know how to fix anything when said car breaks down. The best we can hope to do is call roadside assistance. But there is one component that anyone can check, and that’s the car battery.

Every driver is aware the battery needs to be in good condition or the vehicle isn’t going to start. It’s not as though you can promise yourself to get it fixed the next time you pop into the garage. If the battery is dead, the car and you aren’t going anywhere.

Why is it that most drivers don’t invest in what’s really a small amount of money and buy a battery tester?

Yes, there is a vast choice of battery testers available, and it can be tedious and time-consuming to research all the different brands and features of each one.

For that reason, we will save you the time and trouble of searching; we’ve done the work, and here is our list for the best car battery tester.

Best Car Battery Tester


TT TOPDON BT100 Car Battery Tester

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If your car or vehicle has been on the road for several years and you’ve no idea how your battery stacks up, then it’s time for you to get it tested.

The Topdon BT100 battery tester will analyze your battery’s overall health checking the voltage charge, internal resistance, and how well, or not, it’s aging. The battery tester runs cranking, charging, and alternator charging tests.

The TOPDON 12V battery tester will work with 12-volt lead-acid batteries, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, GEL, EFB, and regular-flooded batteries and is compatible with all vehicles, including  RV’s, yachts, boats, mowers, and golf carts. Will test batteries whether connected or not.

This battery tester doesn’t have internal batteries and works from the vehicle’s battery. It will test deep cycle batteries as well.

Not every battery tester will give you the internal resistance of your battery. Still, the TOPDON will, and that’s good for understanding more about your battery’s health and possibly why it’s failing.

The battery tester is quick and straightforward to use; clip it to the battery terminals and check the easy-to-read screen.


ANCEL BST200 Car Battery Load Tester

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The ANCEL BST200 works on 12V 100-1100 CCA lead-acid, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, GEL batteries, and regular-flooded batteries for cars, SUV’s motorcycles, and several more vehicles.

This battery tester is super easy to use, produces accurate results in only three seconds, and will check charging and battery status and detect any battery faults.

To get results from the tester, select the detection program you need according to the battery’s location, type, and standard.  The battery will begin to work and give you the CCA value (Cold-cranking amps), CCA rated, percentage health and charge state, voltage (V), and internal resistance.

For safety reasons, don’t connect the tester to a voltage source above 18V. If testing in-vehicle, ensure the engine is off, and the key is out of the ignition. This battery tester cannot test lithium batteries. The battery tester has polarity reverse connection protection and will not emit light, heat, or discharge the battery when in use.

The battery tester has two separate menus. One for in-vehicle testing and the other for out-of-vehicle testing. This system allows the battery to give accurate tests according to location.


2in1 Battery Load Tester for 12V/24V Cars/Trucks, LED Indication for Battery & Alternator

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The 2in1 battery tester will test and provide accurate results for 12V lead-acid, GEL, AGM spiral, and AGM flat plate batteries.

If you drive any kind of vehicle, then this battery tester is something you should keep in your garage, especially because no-one wants to jump into their car only to find the battery has died. The tester will quickly let you see your battery’s health, the charging status and will also detect bad cells and faults.

The Foxwell 12V battery tester works right out of the box and doesn’t require any setup, and powers itself from your battery when in use. The tester incorporates a backlit LCD. A clear and straightforward keypad and the easy follow menu-driven operation make this tester perfect for anyone unsure of using this type of technical gadget.

There are safety features built-in to the unit, such as the incorrectly connected polarity protection, over-voltage protection, and automatic temperature compensation. Plus, the tester doesn’t emit light, heat neither will it spark or discharge the battery.


FOXWELL BT705 12V 24V Car Battery Tester

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The Foxwell BT705 battery tester possibly the best all-around battery tester on the market; yes, it’s more expensive than most others, but what you get with this battery tester is quality. It incorporates numerous rating systems including, CCA, MCA, CA, JIS, DIN, SAE, GB, IEC, AND BCI. The battery accurately tests different types of batteries including, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, Gel, and regular flooded.

To ensure a stable connection throughout testing, the BT705 utilizes premium quality copper clips and wire, ensuring accurate results every time, providing relevant information on cold-cranking amps and the battery’s health and starting capability. The backlit LCD is bright, clear to read, and easy to understand in plain English. The operation is entirely menu-driven. You can view the results or print the test results if necessary via a Bluetooth printer.

The BT705 tester’s display shows the results in milliseconds for the starter system, cranking voltage, and cranking time. This diagnostic tool can diagnose a 12V or 24V charging system to ensure the output generator is in the best condition and the rectifier diode and charging current all function correctly. 

Before the seasons change, it’s time to ensure everything about your vehicle is up to par, including the battery. The last thing anyone needs is a breakdown in the middle of a snowstorm. Checking the battery’s health has to be part of your routine. It’s quick and straightforward with the BT705 and takes less than three seconds to determine your battery’s health status and if it needs replacing. 


AUTDER Car Battery Tester

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The AUTDER is an excellent budget car battery tester. It’s functional, straightforward to use, and has a basic screen display. The best thing about this tester is its simplicity. The tester immediately gives off the readout of your car’s voltage, what charge the battery is holding, and the alternator’s status at a glance.

Did I mention simplicity? Well, it takes three steps to determine all you need to know. Hook up the tester to your battery (no need to remove the battery), make sure the ignition is off, and read results. Put the key into ‘On’ without cranking the engine and reread the battery tester. Start your engine and reread the tester. Starting the engine will determine the state of your alternator. And the power to run the tester comes from your car battery; the unit doesn’t need extra batteries.

One slight drawback to testing the alternator is if the battery is already dead. If that’s the case, you obviously wouldn’t be able to start the car’s engine. But of course, once you get the battery sorted, come back and check the alternator’s health then.


OEM TOOLS 24338 Battery Tester & Voltmeter

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Using the OEM TOOLS 24338 takes just ten seconds to check your battery and test cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. The tester can also check 6V batteries, so you’ll be able to make sure your golf cart’s battery is in the best health; you don’t need your cart breaking down when you’re on for the best round of the month.

The OEM tools battery tester is well-made with a robust stainless steel case and is compact and reliable. Heavy-duty copper-plated clamps give you excellent connectivity, and they won’t rust or corrode. Being so small, you can easily find suitable storage space in the car’s trunk or toolbox back in the garage.

This 12V tester has a useful handle for moving it around, a top-mounted rocker switch will enable you to access the tester more quickly, and the text on display is super-easy to read.

The tester will accurately diagnose problems with the battery charge, cranking, and charging volts and give you readings on how well the alternator charges your battery.


eOUTIL Car Battery Tester, LCD Display for Battery Life, Voltage, Resistance & CCA Value (AE300-1)

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The SUNER POWER 12V car battery tester is a mid-price range unit that will test and diagnose your battery load. You will find a readout of battery condition, battery life percentage, CCA, battery voltage, and battery resistance, all in all, a pretty potent little tester for an affordable price. 

A CCA test range of between 5 to 9555 offers a reliable and accurate operation of different size batteries. Use the tester for AGM, Gel, Deep Cycle, and regular-flooded batteries. 

The SUNAR POWER has operating ranges of CCA (100-9999), SAE (100-2000), EN (100-2000), IEC (100-1300), and DIN (100-1500).

There are some useful safety features built-in, such as reverse polarity and over-voltage protection. Also, the tester will not damage your battery even with continuous testing. Along with the safety features are heavy-duty, fully insulated clamps and an over-size LED screen for quick and straightforward readings.

The SUANR is an uncomplicated and basic battery tester that does the job well and is priced accordingly.


12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester, Auto Load Test Indicator

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FOXWELL Automotive 12V & 24V is a budget version battery tester. But you wouldn’t think so when you check out the features. The tester is capable of recognizing 12V or 24V batteries. You can check the battery condition of battery types, including AGM flat plate, Gel, AGM spiral, deep cycle, and regular-flooded. And there’s a host of vehicle batteries you can use this tester for, including cars, hybrid cars, SUVs, boats, pick-ups, motorcycles, and several other vehicle types.

There are seven LED lights on the unit’s front, showing the battery and alternator’s status. At first glance, there seems to be a lot of information on the tester, but it’s not difficult to decipher what each means. Green means good, orange middle of the road, and red low. Speaks directly to what may or may not be working correctly.

There are handy safety features with the reverse polarity safety function that saves a big problem if you accidentally attach a clamp to the wrong terminal. Pure copper wiring and clamps create excellent connectivity, and if it’s super cold and you’re wearing gloves, the non-slip sides of the unit still enable you to hold it securely.

What Is A Car Battery Tester?

A car battery tester is a device that will test the state of your vehicle’s battery. Our list of best car battery testers provides a cross-section of available testers on price and functions. Some are quite basic, while others will test several battery types and operating ranges. Of course, the tester you choose to purchase is up to you; the main proviso is you have a tester available to check your car’s battery regularly. Your battery might fail at any time, particularly if you have no advance warning; something could be wrong.

Why Do I Need a Car Battery Tester?

Rather than getting up one morning, jumping in the car to drive somewhere, and finding the car will not start, a car battery tester will give you a warning of the state of your battery and electrics. That way, you can replace the damaged battery before it completely dies on you. Car battery testers are an excellent investment because they are affordable and will save you so much hassle down the road.

Final Word On Best Car Battery Tester

The average car battery tester is a pretty accurate device, even allowing for its low price. Some have more features, and they will cost a little more. But really, for what they cost, it’s an excellent idea to have one in the car or the toolbox in the garage.