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Best Car Cover For Snow

What’s the best car cover for snow? Because car covers are not all equally as good as each other, our selection of car covers offers you an excellent choice depending on cost and materials. We have saved you the time and trouble of researching them yourself because we have taken a look at the latest car covers for snow and put together a list of the best covers available.

But why do you need a car cover for snow?  Well, there are several good reasons why.

The winter months create a harsh and unpleasant environment for cars. Leaving your vehicle outside to the elements can wreak havoc to batteries, paintwork, tires, gas lines, fluid and water issues, etc.

If you have to leave your car out in that kind of weather, and let’s face it, we can’t all be lucky enough to have a garage to park the car; then you need to protect your vehicle as much as possible. If not, it’s going to cost you a lot more money and a ton of inconvenience.

Best Car Cover For Snow


Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover

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The Kayme car cover has six layers of quality materials. The manufacturers use PE and PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate, a non-chlorinated vinyl), which is safer to use than PVC and is 100% waterproof. 

On the inside of the cover is thick cotton to prevent scratches to your paintwork and finally reflective aluminum to protect against UV rays and if you use the cover in summer, to help keep the car cooler inside.

The cover allows easy access for the driver with a zipper on the left side. Straps for the front and back of the vehicle help keep the cover in place on windy days, plus elasticated edges front and back. And six reflective strips appropriately positioned on the cover ensure that other drivers can see the parked vehicle. Finally, the two wing mirrors are also covered.

Sizes available run from 177 by 68 by 59 inches up to 250 inches with a maximum cab length of 154 inches for trucks.


Favoto Car Cover

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The Favoto is suitable for primarily SUVs, and even though this review is regarding the best car snow covers, this Favoto cover is useful for all-year-round protection. It will fit vehicles from 188 to 198 inches (4.8m to 5.05m) long. When not in use, fold away the cover and place it in the supplied storage bag.

The manufacturers claim their Oxford cloth is tear-resistant and fully waterproof. Stronger than PE and PEVA cover material. On the reverse of the cover is a soft cotton material for keeping your paintwork pristine. Elastic cord front and back help keep the cover in place on windy days, as do the tie-down straps. The edging of the SUV cover has been double-stitched to prevent any fraying.

One concern with parking your car on the road and covering your reflectors is not warning other vehicles you are parked. To combat the issue, the Favoto has rear front and side reflectors on the cover.


Bliifuu Car Cover

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The Bliifuu car cover is top-quality 190T material (Taffeta 190T is a multifunctional polyester fabric) and is highly wear and tear-resistant. The polyester fabric is a high-density material suitable for protection against all kinds of inclement weather, be it ice, snow, sleet, or rain. 

The silver surface reflects the sun’s UV rays, and if you use the cover on hot days, you’ll find the vehicle interior much cooler.

The cover is one-size only and fits all vehicles up to 190 inches long. Fully elasticated along the front and rear edging helps keep the cover in position; there are four fastening straps for extra protection on extra windy days. The straps tie securely on your vehicle’s wheel rims.

For safe parking in the dark, fix the six fluorescent strips down the sides of your vehicle. The Bliifuu vehicle cover includes free technical support for life and a 1-year warranty.


OMIGAO Windshield Snow Cover

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The Omigao snow cover provides coverage to the top half of vehicles, including the windshield, side windows, rear windows, and cars up to 148 inches long. Double-sided covers will also protect your side mirrors from harm and the weather.

To protect your car, the cover incorporates four layers: soft aluminum, flame retardant spun lace cotton, PEVA, and artificial cotton. This combination will protect from all-weather snow, rain, sleet, and ice and repel the sun’s powerful UV rays. 

After your car has been standing all night, simply remove the cover, shake and store it in the boot. No iced windows to clean after freezing evenings.

Four elasticated sides and eight fastening straps combine to secure the cover, even in blustery conditions. The cover also protects your side mirrors, and for visibility in the dark or heavy rain and snow, there are reflective strips positioned on the side mirror cover.


Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover

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If you’re looking for snow and ice protection for the windshield and not the whole car, then the Ice King magnetic windshield cover is probably what you need. No more freezing mornings spent scraping ice and snow from the windshield. Just remove, and you’re on your way.

The Ice King has N52 magnets in the edges of the cover to hold it in place securely. But if there are high winds for extra security, the cover’s sides fit inside the car doors. This secure method also prevents the car cover from being stolen.

The Ice King measures 50 inches by 70 inches and will fit trucks, SUV and car windshields no matter the make or model. The windshield cover is waterproof, windproof, snow-proof, and ice-proof polyester.

Ice King back their windshield cover with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


JSCARLIFE Anti Ice Windshield Cover

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The Jscarlife is another half vehicle cover that protects the vehicle’s windshields, side, and rear windows.

The cover fits most cars, SUVs, and trucks, the cover measures 118 inches by 90 inches. The outside is a reflective silver, which will protect against the sun’s UV rays and keep the vehicle cool in summer. It’s also water, snow, and ice-proof. The cover is held in place by handy ties that fasten through the wheel rims. The Jscarlife cover extends over both side mirrors, and high visibility reflector strips are added. 

The cover is an aluminum film, but there are no UV stabilizers, just non-hazardous and eco-friendly coatings. The inside of the cover is soft and non-abrasive to your paintwork. The cover is just as useful in the summer months protecting from bird droppings, dust, and debris. Particularly useful if you own a convertible, protect your soft-top.


Windshield Snow & Ice Cover, Waterproof, Sun Protection

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The Hermard windshield cover is 600D polyester fabric (600 denier polyester) and is heavy-duty and serviceable.

The inside lining will not scratch your car’s paintwork, and the outside will protect your vehicle from ice, snow, rain, wind, and sleet. The outer cover’s reflective nature will repel dangerous UV rays while keeping the interior of the vehicle cool in hot summer months.

The cover dimensions are 80.7 inches by 65.8 inches by 58 inches, which means the cover will fit most family cars, SUVs, and trucks.

It’s effortless to fit and takes only a few seconds. No tools are necessary to fix the cover. Two flaps fit inside both front doors; they are held inside the car by buckles. There are four straps, each with a hook that grabs onto your wheel rims. The cover incorporates two side mirror pockets with integrated reflective strips.


MITALOO Car Windshield Snow Cover

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The Mitaloo car snow cover is a four-layer polyester fabric. The top layer is aluminum foil; interior layers are spun lace cotton, warp weft cotton, and a soft white lining. The cover will protect against all the elements, mainly snow, ice, frost, sleet, and rain. But it’s equally as effective in summer to keep the vehicle’s interior cool and reflect harmful UV rays.

The cover uses side panels that extend to fit inside the vehicle and are trapped in place when the door is closed. Plus additional straps to help make it even more secure on windy days. The cover’s size of 57 inches by 47 inches makes it a good fit for all family cars, SUVs, and truck windshields.

To fit the cover takes but a few seconds, trap the flaps inside your doors and hang the straps over your side mirrors. Job done. When not in use, the cover has a storage bag and will fit in the glove box.


Shieldo Heavy Duty Car Cover

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The Shieldo is heavy-duty and a full car snow cover. With a size of 195 inches long, it will fit most SUVs comfortably.

There are multiple layers in the manufacture of the cover. The layer closest to the vehicle is a soft fleece layer that will not scratch or harm the SUV’s paintwork. Inside layers are a thick Oxford faux leather fabric, and the external layer is reflective polyester with a coating of polyurethane to make the fabric waterproof.

Elasticated edges and strong belts and buckles will hold the cover in position even during the windiest conditions.

The Shieldo is perfect for all weather conditions, including snow, sleet, ice, and frost during the winter, but the cover protects from heat and the sun’s UV rays in summer. So the investment covers all year protection.


Titan Lightweight Car Cover

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The Titan is a mid-size SUV lightweight car snow cover and measures 206 inches long. Don’t let the cover’s lightweight fool you; this cover will protect your vehicle from water, snow, ice, and wind. Use it in the summer months if you like; the external fabric has a reflective sunscreen that offers full UV protection.

A seven-foot loop-end cable with security loops built into the fabric locks the cable into place to prevent theft or the cover coming loose.

Access is given to the vehicle when the cover is in place by a zippered door on the driver’s side.

The cover is suitable for most mid-sized SUVs, including the Ford Explorer, Kia Sorento, GMC  Acadia, and several more.

What To Consider When Buying A Car Cover For Snow

Budget all-weather car covers only have one layer, usually made from PE or PEVA. They might be water-resistant, but they aren’t breathable fabrics. This factor can cause problems for your vehicle’s paintwork because the cover will trap moisture underneath.

You need to invest in a better quality car snow cover, one with multiple layers made from better quality fabrics that protect from all the elements.  Offer breathability, dust protection, and have a soft fleece or cotton internal layer that will be gentle on the paintwork. Another consideration is multi-layers will naturally be more robust and resist tearing, so their lifespan will be much longer than cheaper single-layer covers.

Purchasing the best fit is a priority in many cases. The better the fit, the more protection the snow cover will offer. But it’s not always possible to get the perfect fit, so something close is better than no cover at all.

All the better car snow covers will use elasticated edges front and back and side straps to hold the cover in place. If you’re opting for the windshield or half cover, then they will also incorporate quality fastenings.

Some full-car covers provide a driver’s door access via a zippered door. This doorway can be handy if you want or need access to the vehicle without removing and replacing the whole snow cover.

Remember, if you’re parking on the road, reflective strips are a necessity. You cannot cover all the vehicle’s reflectors leaving the car completely blacked out.

The wind is a big problem with cheaper car snow covers. If the cover isn’t anchored securely enough, then if there’s a gale blowing day or night, the cover will come off the car altogether or simply allow the snow and rain to get inside. Ensuring that no matter how windy it gets, your snow cover will stay precisely where you intended is a priority.


We hope this best car cover for snow has given you a good idea of the choices available to you. We’re sure with this buying guide you will have found at least one that will suit your needs and budget.

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