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Best Windshield Repair Kit

When driving your car, fewer things can get you so hot under the collar and boiling mad than a stone flying up and cracking or chipping a piece out of your windshield. If you’re like most drivers, your response will likely be, “Are you kidding me?” Especially if an inconsiderate driver in another vehicle caused it.

For one thing, it spoils the look of your car, and your eyes are drawn to the chip every time you drive somewhere. It’s not just a distraction, though; a chipped or cracked windshield is a safety hazard. Not to mention the cost if you, unfortunately, didn’t insure your car for windshield damage.

So what’s your next step? Well, if money isn’t an issue, then you’ll probably replace the windshield with a new one. But even if money doesn’t concern you, the aesthetics of your car might. Because I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve had a complete windshield replacement, it just doesn’t feel or look like it did. Maybe that’s just me; I don’t know.

But, what about the rest of us? We have to watch the pennies; we can’t just go and stump up for a new windshield when we feel like it, can we? What are our choices then? Well, you could get a professional windshield repair company to come and fix the damage. Once again, though, that’s going to run you quite a few bucks, and the timing might not be suitable to fork out the money.

The third option and the more likely one is you repair it yourself with a DIY windshield repair kit.

We’re not suggesting a windshield repair kit is some kind of miracle cure because it’s not. You can’t remove a chip or crack in the glass with a repair kit. No, it’s happened, and it isn’t about to magically disappear. Our main goal is to make sure the crack or chip doesn’t get any worse, forcing us into a new windshield purchase.

That’s the best scenario we can hope for at present. But the best windshield repair kit will stop the damage from getting worse and cover the crack or chip sufficiently, so you stop noticing it every time you get in the car.

But if we’re going to attempt this repair ourselves, we will need the best windshield repair kit, that’s for certain.

There are dozens of different repair kits available online how do you pick the best repair kit for your windshield. Well, that’s where this buying guide is going to come in handy for you.

We’ve selected the best ones for you in our windshield repair kits reviews. All you have to do is run through this buying guide and choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Best Windshield Repair Kit


Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

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Rain‑X windshield repair kit takes only a few minutes to apply and is dead simple to use. Rain-X is the best windshield chip repair kit for round damage no more than one inch in diameter and for cracks that have not spread more than twelve inches.

There’s one proviso with this windshield repair kit because it doesn’t repair damage to more than one glass layer.

The best time to repair a crack to your windshield with Rain-X is immediately after the damage happens; if that’s not possible for the best repairs, try to attend to cracks before rain and dirt contaminate the site of the break.

Rain-X works by removing any air from the glass break and filling the space with a durable resin solution. The resin ensures the glass is more robust than before the break.


AODA Windshield Crack Repair Kit

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AODA windshield crack repair kit is an inexpensive way for you to repair small chips and cracks in your windshield. Using an advanced resin formula, Aoda repairs every type of laminated windshields quickly and efficiently.

It’s suitable for anyone to use because as long as you follow the directions they include in the pack, you can’t go far wrong.

It’s a straightforward four-step process to repair your windshield. 1. Drop some of the resin into the chip or crack and apply a piece of the cured film. 2. Bubbles will appear, gently scrape them off. 3. With the film still in place, move the car into direct sunlight. 4. Remove the film and scrape any remaining bubbles from the glass.

If you follow the directions, repairs will last for the life of the windshield.


FILBA Car Crack Glass Repair Kit Resin for Auto Windshield/Cracks/Chip/Bulls-Eye/Spider Web/Star-Shaped/Half-Moon

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The FILBA windshield glass repair kit will quickly repair cracks and chips on your vehicle windshield. Using this kit, best practice suggests not using it on cracks longer than twelve inches or round chips greater than one inch in diameter. However, if you stick to those guidelines within 30 minutes, you’ll have an excellent repair, and it will be difficult to tell where the damage occurred.

Using the kit is straightforward, but here’s a quick run-through.

  1. Gently clean the area around and over the damage.
  2. The kit comes with a repair device—Manouver this over the damage. The device has four suction cups to hold it in place on your windshield. Ensure the device’s head is directly over the crack or chip.
  3. Screw the application chamber into the device head.
  4. Squeeze in the resin through the chamber.
  5. Press down on the chamber to apply the resin to the damage on your windshield.
  6. Remove the device and apply a cured film to the resin.
  7. Move the car into direct sunlight between 5 to 20 minutes.
  8. Remove the film.
  9. Scrape and excess resin from the windshield with the blade. 

Blue-Star Fix your Windshield

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Blue-Star fix your windshield repair kit includes a 1.6-ounce tube of resin, a repair injector, adhesive alignment seal, a resin chamber pedestal, curing film, and a blade to gently remove any excess resin leftovers on your windshield.

Apply the resin to the windshield in the shade, but you must have direct sunlight for curing the resin. Don’t leave chips and cracks to allow dirt and rain to get into the damage; attempt repairs immediately after your windshield has sustained the chip or crack. Dirt in the crack or chip prevents the resin from fully expanding, leaving a less than perfect job.

Blue-Star does have a Youtube channel where you can find videos detailing exactly how to use their windshield repair kit.


Permatex 09103-6PK Windshield Repair Kit

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Permatex windshield repair kit is a complete repair system functional on most laminated windshield glass and will effectively repair bullseyes up to a diameter of 1.25 inches. The repair system is a state-of-the-art delivery system, and a spring-lock feature allows for professional quality repairs; the resin does not require pre-mixing before use.

Everything you need to effect professional standard repairs is included in the package and is accompanied by complete, concise instructions. After applying the resin, you will need to place your vehicle in direct sunlight for the resin to cure properly.

The repair kit contains Permatex Windshield Repair Syringe & Plunger, Repair Compound 0.025 FL OZ, Adhesive Disc, Pedestal, Curing Strip, Push Pin, Razor Blade, Alcohol Towelette,  and Instruction Sheet.


BESWORLDS Windshield Repair Kit for Chips, Cracks, Bulls-Eye, Star-Shaped, Nicks, Half-Moon, Crescents

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BESWORLDS is a professional grade and high-quality vehicle windshield repair kit for minor chips and cracks, which you can effectively repair within thirty minutes.

Besworlds is a vehicle repair tool that minimizes the effects of chips and cracks, preventing them from becoming worse, where the only solution would be to replace your windshield. These are repair kits that anyone can use to save time and money by not hiring an expensive windshield repair company.

Using an advanced resin formula and reinforced injection dispensing head, it uses a vacuum function to extract air from a chip or crack and replace it with resin under pressure.

Besworlds, a windshield repair kit, is suitable for all laminated windshields. To use the product, ensure the windshield area around the damage is clean and dry. Place the repair device over the repair site; the device has suction cups to maintain position. Screw the resin chamber into the head of the repair device until you feel it touching the windshield. Apply the liquid resin through the chamber into the damaged area.


zeBrush Windshield Repair Kit, Fix Windshield Chips/Cracks/Bulls-Eye/Star-Shaped/Half-Moon with Pressure Syringes

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The Yoohe design features pressure syringes and a robust repair device with four rubber feet for securing the device securely to your windscreen. Place the encrypted auger into the repair device’s head to evenly spread the resin into the crack or chip.

The resin repair fluid is a high-penetration design with a strength of 20PA. Using the pressure syringes ensures that the resin is forced under pressure into the crack or chip for an extra-strong repair.

The resin doesn’t require pre-mixing and is ready to go, follow the enclosed instructions carefully, and you will not encounter any issues. Anyone can repair small chips or cracks within 30 minutes. Only safe for use on cracks up to twelve inches and chips up one inch in diameter.

The windshield repair kit is suitable for all laminated windshields.


RockPro Commercial Windshield Repair Kit

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RockPro Commercial is the best rock chip repair kit for the price. RockPro is a fully commercial repair kit for professionals and vehicle owners who want the best possible DIY tools.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you will effect repairs to your windshield that are almost as good as new. You might be able to see the repair still if you look closely, and only because you know where to look, but for anyone else, it will look as though your windshield is blemish-free.

The repair kit copes with all bulls-eye cracks, spider webs, and star patterns, plus small diameter chips and breaks. 

There are two distinct formulas for the resin, both hot and cold applications. 

Hot cartridges perform at their best above twenty-four degrees Celcius and cold cartridges under twenty-four degrees Celcius.

Although the RockPro is a commercial repair kit, don’t be tempted to use this on cracks over twelve inches.


3M 08580 Windshield Repair Kit

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The 3M Windshield Repair Kit uses glass resin to repair small bull’s eyes and chips. Applying the resin soon as possible after the damage occurs prevents the spread of cracks or chips, ultimately requiring a windshield replacement.

3M windshield repair kit doesn’t require the use of any special tools or equipment, no resin mixing or heating. There is a step-by-step instruction leaflet with the kit when you purchase.

Recommended use is for chips less than one inch in diameter.


Permatex 16067 Bullseye Windshield Repair Kit

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Permatex 16067 Bullseye is a one-component windshield repair kit that is ideal for those who want a simple and straightforward way to repair small chips and cracks in their windshield.

Permatex is excellent for making air-tight repairs on chips up to 1.25 inches in diameter on most laminated windshields. There’s no mixing or heating necessary, and the repair cures in direct sunlight. Once the repair is complete, it’s challenging to see the damage any longer.

The kit includes a syringe that is ready loaded with the resin for a quick and straightforward repair. Permatex creates some of the best home windshield repair kits, and even though this one is a quick solution, it works as expected. 

Why You Should Purchase A Windshield Repair Kit

As we mentioned at the start, few things are designed to make a car owner’s blood boil more than damage to the vehicle’s windshield. You know if you can’t repair it yourself it’s going to be expensive. 

Plus, you can’t leave it like it is because the chip or crack will only worsen. If you don’t get on with it immediately, you run the risk of getting dirt into the damage, and that will seem like the repair wasn’t done correctly.

You need a cost-effective and straightforward way of repairing your windshield with the minimum amount of fuss and time wastage. A windshield repair kit is perfect for this. It restores the chip or crack, so it’s barely noticeable and prevents the damage from expanding outwards on your windshield, forcing you into buying a new one.

The best windshield repair kit will have all the components necessary for you to effect prompt and reliable repairs to your windshield.

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