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Best Car Mattress in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Don’t know what to look for in a car mattress? Unsure whether you need one at all? Then you couldn’t be at a better place. This guide contains everything you need to know to land the best back seat air mattress for cars. It also makes a case for why every car owner should own one of those. 

The good news doesn’t end there. Our in-house experts have come up with a list of the ten best car mattresses currently on the market. Some of them are expensive. Most will come in your budget. Yet all of them have one thing in common: they’d keep you comfortable.

We have also prepared tips using which you can clean your car air bed. Acting on them will keep any model you buy going for years to come. Further mentioned below is a step-by-step guide using which you can pump up inflatable car beds at home. What more can you ask for!

Best Car Mattress in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide


QDH SUV Air Mattress

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The QDH SUV Air Mattress offers multiple features to justify its premium asking price. It’s made of skin-friendly PVC fabric that is as soft on the skin as it’s sturdy during use. The fabric’s wavy design has made it tear- and wear-resistant to ensure the bed can withstand up to 260kgs of weight.

This bed’s bottom might not be water-resistant but it’s still moisture-proof. You can therefore use it while camping outdoors, both on concrete surfaces as well as grass. Just make sure there aren’t any glass shards lying around, as this product isn’t puncture-proof.

ODH has included multiple accessories in this bed’s package. They include an air pump that will plug into the car’s cigarette lighter. Also there is a repair patch to patch-up scratches, a nozzle set to match the bed’s inlet with multiple inflatable ports, and a storage bag.


Nifusu SUV Air Mattress

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Most two-person car air mattresses that you see on the market are joined at the center. This one isn’t. There is visible separation between its bigger (left) side and the relatively smaller (right) side. This will make it easy for both of its users to mark their respective spaces. 

Inflating this back seat blow up bed couldn’t be easier. You just have to open it up, connect its mouth with the included electric pump’s port, and inflate it until fill before closing the cover and pushing the inflation valve in. The whole process is so straightforward that it won’t take more than 10 minutes. 

Equally impressive is this air mattress’s 551lbs weight capacity. More than three children and up to 4 adults can therefore use it without worrying about leaks. You can also fold it for easy carrying and storage and can put both of this bed’s sides to use too. 


HAITRAL Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Air Mattress

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This air mattress hasn’t cut any corners to keep its asking price low. It is as soft as the two models we saw above and is equally comfy to use. It also has a waterproof bottom that makes it useful for both indoors as well as outdoor settings. That means you can’t guess its price by looking at its features.

The combination of Oxford and PVC fabrics has done wonders for this mattress’s performance. The former is the reason why this air mattress is so lustrous. As for PVC, it has lent this bed the elasticity because of which it can withstand hundreds of inflation/deflation cycles.

We were also impressed with this bed’s design. The curves that punctuate its entire front make sure there are no pressure points on your back, even when you just had eight hours of sleep. There’s also side protection to keep you from falling in the space between the front and rear seats.    


HIRALIY Car Air Mattress for Back Seat

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This car air mattress costs more than the three we saw above. Luckily, it has the features to justify its high asking price. Most notable among them is its waterproof and tear-resistant fabric. It can withstand up to 440lbs of weight and can be cleaned with nothing but a damp cloth.

Then comes its two-layered design. Both the layers have their separate valves for inflation and deflation. Each of them is separated from the other with a vacuum to ensure the mattress has the springiness which you usually get from your standard bed.

You’d find everything you need to use this back seat air mattress for cars in its package. That includes the safety baffle which will keep you from falling sideways, three inflatable pillows, one repair patch and inflator pump, a storage bag and a set of instructions on how to inflate/deflate it. 


OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Car Air Mattress

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This Olivia and Aiden air mattress is equipped with a car-friendly design with two legs to fill the space between the car’s front and back seats. Also on offer is a side-rest that will pop up between the two front seats. This is why it fits inside most SUVs, cars and even trucks.

The good news doesn’t end there. This car air mattress has a breathable and soft PVC top whose ribbed design provides excellent support to your spine, legs, and back. Its contoured pillows nestle your head between their two raised sides without creating any pressure points on your neck.

Also on offer is an independent gas nozzle that has two seals to prevent any leakages. The electric air pump that accompanies this air mattress plugs directly into the cigarette lighter to allow for remote use. You also get a tote carry bag with enough space to store this mattress when it’s folded.


SUV Air Mattress - Inflatable Camping Bed with Pump and Pillow (Grey)

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This SUV Car Air Mattress is as comfy as it looks. It is made of soft flocking PVC material known for its great comfort and excellent texture. The material can withstand temperatures between -13*F and 122*F and can thus be used in all weather conditions.

Its honeycomb design takes your comfort to a whole new level. It does that by conforming to your body’s shape and has an extra air cushion to support your back and protect your head. An anti-drop pillow on its right side will save you from falling while the car is in motion.

That is not all. Accompanying the bed are two piers where you can keep your smartphone, keys or other valuables. The two legs which support this bed when used inside a vehicle can be detached when you’re planning to use it outdoors. 


Berocia SUV Air Mattress

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The Berocia SUV Air Mattress is different. Both from the models we recommend in this review and from those you probably saw elsewhere. Mainly because it’s made of 6P pure environment-friendly PVC material that doesn’t smell, has tight sealing and is therefore good for your health.

But also because it can withstand massive abuse and inclement weather conditions. You can put as much as 600lbs of weight on this product and it would still work as intended. It will also keep going in temperatures as low as 25 degrees below zero.

The final thing that differentiates this air mattress from the competition is its air pump and other accessories. The pump is made of solid copper core and won’t get hot even after 15 minutes of use. And it comes with both car and home chargers to let you use it anywhere.  


House Day Car Bed Air Mattress

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Multiple Features distinguish this car mattress from the competition. Most notable among them is its foldable headboard that will protect your back while you lay down for a rest. Then there are the two ribbed pillows whose neck-friendly design will keep the pressure points at bay.

Equally worthy of your praise is its safety baffle. It juts out from the right side of the bed and protects pets/children from falling into the footrest. And the bed itself has a wavy design to conform to your body shape and provide as much comfort as possible.

What truly sets this air mattress apart is the microfiber material that it is made of. That is because it is thermo-regulating and neither gets too hot nor gets too cold. The microfiber material also boasts massive tensile strength and can withstand up to 1000lbs of weight.  


Heyoh Automatic SUV Air Mattress

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Almost all the other car mattresses require you to inflate them with a pump. This one doesn’t. All you have to do to help this mattress blow up to life is to open all its valves. The built-in high-density sponges will start inflating by themselves.

Keep an eye on the mattress’s thickness as it sucks air and close the valve when you feel that it’s firm enough for your liking. The whole process won’t complete quickly, it will take around 10 minutes, but it will save you from the hassle of operating a pump.


KROPM Car Inflatable Mattress With Pump

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The final item on our list is this inflatable car mattress from Kropm. It is made of premium PVC and has that lustrous shine and the comfy touch most people look for in a car bed. It also boasts an above-average 600lbs weight capacity and can thus be used by up to 3 adults at a time.

You can also switch this mattress into a sofa in a few seconds. Just select which of its two sides you want to use as a backrest, inflate it as per your requirements and then stand it up before steadying it against a wall or any other solid object. 

One helpful item included in its package is a repair kit. It will help you undo and repair the scratches that haven’t gone too deep into the mattress’s surface. Another useful thing is a carry bag for transporting or storing the bed in folded form. 

Car Mattresses Buying Guide

You need to consider multiple factors when choosing a car mattress. 


Inflatable beds for your car are made of different materials:

PVC: Inflatable beds made with polyvinyl chloride offer a plethora of benefits. This polymer has excellent waterproofing qualities and has the elasticity to withstand hundreds of inflating/deflation cycles.

What makes PVC air beds ultra-durable – and a must-have if you have children or pets on board during long-distance rides – is their puncture-resistant quality.

Polyester: Although it’s rare to find car air beds solely made of polyester, it isn’t uncommon to find models using this material in conjunction with oxford cloth or, in some cases, PVC.

Manufacturers opt for this combination to increase their air beds’ shelf-life and make them suitable for active use. That’s because polyester, when used alone, tends to attract wrinkles and can shrink.

Oxford cloth: Some of the beds you saw above are made of oxford cloth. Mainly because this material has a lustrous aspect, can withstand frequent stretching and is highly durable.


Most airbeds out there are available in two size configurations: SUV air mattresses and backseat air beds. The former tend to be bigger, have separate sections such as additional head attachments or edge bumpers and are made with heavy-duty materials to withstand abuse. 

That isn’t the case with backseat air beds. These models have only two parts, including the inflatable mattress and the two ‘legs’ that will fill the space between the backseat and the front seats. This makes them compatible with most SUVs, trucks and cars. 

Claimed Weight Capacity

Here’s another crucial feature that deserves your utmost attention. Your car’s bed’s weight capacity will determine whether one or two persons can use it at a time. It will also give you a clue of how sturdy or otherwise the product you’re looking at is.

You should be able to find any car bed’s weight capacity on its packaging. QDH SUV Air Mattress, for instance, comes with a stated weight capacity of 260kgs, making it suitable to use for 2-3 adults. However, it’s always a good idea to put less weight on the bed than it claims to withstand. 

Added Accessories

Most car bed manufacturers sweeten the deal of their product by offering one or multiple accessories at no extra cost to the buyer. The most popular add-ons that most beds come with are one or two pillows, an air pump, a storage bag, and a bedsheet. 

Other accessories, which you only get in premium models, include repair kits that let you patch-up the mattress at home if it’s accidentally scratched. You might also get multiple sizes of inflatable nozzles in your car bed’s package. They will help match the bed’s air inlet with multiple inflatable ports. 

Types of Car Mattresses

Following are different types of inflatable car beds:

Multipurpose Car Air Bed

Their name makes it clear what multipurpose car air beds are all about. You can as easily use them in your car’s backseat as you can while camping outdoors. These beds have sturdy construction to help them withstand the rigors of outdoor usage. 

Car Air Bed with Internal Pump

Some of the car mattresses you saw above have an internal pump. Going for them will save you from the nuisance of connecting a pump with the mattress every time you want to inflate it. This makes car beds with a built-in pump best for remote usage. 

Car Air Bed with External Pump

Some manufacturers include manual pumps with their car air mattresses. Others, which charge a little extra for their products, might even throw in an electric pump. The electric pumps are highly convenient as they work by plugging directly into your car’s cigarette lighter.


Q: What are the benefits of a car air mattress?

One of the biggest benefits of having a car air mattress is its portability. One can easily carry it from one place to another, inflate it when it’s needed and deflate it when it has served its purpose before stowing it in the trunk of the vehicle – or inside the bag’s storage bag.

Yet another plus point of having an air bed is that it helps its user achieve custom firmness. That means you can set the bed as soft or as firm as you like. You only have to reduce its air for a smooth surface or add more air to get a firm finish.

Car air mattresses are also highly portable – you can use them as easily on the inside of your car as during outdoor activities. They, therefore, save you from spending money on getting different air mattresses for different activities. 

Q: How to pump up an inflatable car bed?

Follow these steps to pump up your inflatable car bed:

  1. Open the valve on the car air mattress
  2. Connect it to the nozzle of either the manual or the electric pump
  3. Apply pressure manually (if you’re using a manual pump) or connect the pump to an electric outlet and turn it on (if you’re using an electric pump)
  4. Keep on applying pressure until the bad is firm enough for your liking

Q: How to clean a car air mattress?

Here’s how you could clean your car air mattress:

  1. Fill a large bowl with tap water
  2. Add a few drops of soap into the bowl
  3. Dampen a clean microfiber cloth with the soapy water
  4. Scrub every area of the air mattress with a damp microfiber cloth. You may have to scrub hard if the stains are stubborn. Let the mattress air-dry afterward.


Aside from being highly portable, the best car mattresses are incredibly convenient and provide their users with much-needed comfort. However, that doesn’t mean their utility is limited to the inside of your vehicle. Almost all the models you saw above will come in handy for outdoor activities too. You can thus count on them to be helpful in various scenarios.

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