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Best Car Creepers

A mechanic without a creeper is like Tom without Jerry; it’s challenging to function and work efficiently without one. The mechanic’s creeper is a small platform on wheels that allows mechanics, or anyone working on their vehicle, to easily slide under their car instead of dragging their body across the garage floor. 

We’ve seen movies where the policeman wants to speak to a mechanic, grabs his feet, and pulls; out from under the vehicle rolls the mechanic on a small platform on wheels; that’s a creeper.

Some creepers are not just flat, rigid panels; some creepers are nicely padded for extra comfort, enabling a mechanic to spend hours under a vehicle.

The best car creepers are maneuverable, very comfortable, and close enough to the ground to enable you to get under low vehicles.

There are hundreds of creepers that you could choose from, so we thought we would make this so much easier for you. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a DIY mechanic, we’ve chosen the best car creepers available and put them together in this handy buying guide.

Best Car Creepers


Pro-LifT Mechanic Plastic Creeper

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This Pro-LifT plastic creeper is lightweight HDPE plastic (High-density polyethylene with a high strength to density ratio) and is one-piece blow-molded. Being also impact resistant, which is very useful when working with heavy tools under a vehicle.

The creeper features an excellent ergonomic design with a padded headrest when you need to release your neck tension. At the opposite end of the creeper is a convenient carrying handle. The creeper’s dimensions are thirty-six inches long and sixteen inches wide; they can withstand up to 300lbs.

Six industrial-strength swivel casters ensure the creeper is useful under different conditions: oil, chemical, and grease resistant. The 2-inch casters are highly maneuverable and offer excellent clearance under a vehicle.


Omega-91400 Creeper

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The Omega 91400 creeper is a low-profile design with the casters built onto the outside of the platform. That enables the platform to be lower-slung and nearer the ground; there’s barely 3/4 of an inch clearance. This positioning puts you closer to the ground, so you have more space above you to work.

The platform’s top is a nicely padded bed for the whole upper torso; this allows for a more comfortable working environment. One major issue with creepers is they break because of weight issues; this platform frame is solid and robust, taking up to 400lbs capacity.

For free-wheeling mobility, the creeper has six individual swivel casters. The large-size casters will easily roll over any debris, which can be an issue with creepers and small casters.

The whole creeper weighs 27lbs, and the dimensions are 41 x 4 x 26.7 inches.


DNA Motoring Heavy Duty Low Profile Creeper - Padded Headrest (Concave Shape)

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The DNA creeper is a highly portable and lightweight PE plastic creeper; it might be light, but the creeper is exceptionally strong and robust and has a weight capacity of 400lbs.

The platform body has an ergonomic design to provide a more comfortable working position, and the padded headrest allows for relaxing tired neck and shoulder muscles.

At forty inches long and nineteen inches wide, the creeper is more than suitable for most users. A nice touch is a gooseneck LED light that means the creeper has an onboard lighting system that stores away on the side of the creeper.

The casters swivel 360 degrees for complete maneuverability, and pieces of stone or debris will not faze their extra-large size (3 inches).

Some extra valuable features of this creeper are: two molded tool trays for tool storage, and the gooseneck has a magnetic tail part capable of holding a tool for you when the LED isn’t in use.


Pro-Lift C-2036D Z-Creeper Seat

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The Pro-Lift Z-creeper is a versatile piece of equipment that you can convert from a heavy-duty padded creeper into a ‘Z’ shape that doubles as a mechanics seat.

It is advantageous if you need to work under your vehicle or alongside and sit while working. With the Z-creeper in the seat position, there’s no reason to kneel on a concrete floor.

The thick padding makes the creeper equally as comfortable as a seat. To convert, remove the retractable pin. One point to note is the pin is very tight; make sure you don’t get your fingers pinched when you pull it out.

The Z- creeper is highly maneuverable with six over-sized swivel casters, and with a low-profile design, it can quickly get under a low vehicle.

The creeper is built with a heavy-duty steel frame and supports weight up to 300lbs. The total dimensions are 21.85 x 17.33 x 4.61 inches, and the creeper weighs 15lbs.

When you purchase the Z-creeper, you get a 90-day warranty for refunds.


BIG RED TR6452 Torin Rolling Creeper

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The Torin Big Red rolling creeper allows you to work under your vehicle without the need to be uncomfortable or to have to lay with your back on cold concrete.

To make life even more comfortable, the Torin has a completely padded platform. The top third is adjustable and raises your head and shoulders for a more upright position if necessary.

The Torin’s built with heavy-duty tubular steel, supporting weight up to 250lbs and providing long-term durability and stability. The sides of the frame extend over the padded platform area preventing you from rolling off when working.

Six 360-degree swivel casters will ensure you can roll under and out of the vehicle without hindrance by dirt or debris or uneven surface under the car.

The creeper measures 40″ L x 16.8″ W x 4.4″ H and weighs 13.2lbs.

The Manufacturers have been in business in the USA since 1968.


Lisle 94102 Plastic Creeper

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The Lisle 94102 plastic creeper has an excellent body-hugging shape providing optimum comfort when you’re working under your car for long hours. The design has an ergonomic shape with a strategically positioned lumbar support and a fully padded headrest.

Utilizing a proprietary molding process that bonds the creeper’s top and bottom halves ensures it’s incredibly strong.

The creeper’s impact-resistant blow-molded body is one-piece PE plastic and weighs very little at only 11.5lbs.

The creeper has six 2-inch swivel casters to ensure you have total maneuverability that pop-in for convenience; the wheels are of corrosion-free urethane.

The low-profile creeper is only 7/8 of an inch from the ground, leaving the maximum height to work under the vehicle. The creeper’s total dimensions are 38 inches long by 17.5 inches wide and a full height of 4 inches.


Omega 91452 Black Low Profile Z-Creeper

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The Omega 91452 is a heavy-duty two-in-one creeper and mechanic’s chair; The 91452 can take a weight up to 450lbs.

The creeper’s low-profile design enables mechanics and DIYers to access underneath their vehicles quickly and easily. To make life more comfortable, the creeper has a thick padded bed, so spending hours under the car isn’t going to have you spending days not being able to move.

The ‘Z’ refers to the device’s ability to easily fold into a chair when you need to work outside the car, and being seated rather than kneeling is preferred.

To ensure the creeper or chair has maximum mobility and maneuverability, Omega has given the creeper six 3-inch swivel casters; this caster size means the creeper can roll over stones, dirt, and debris.

The creeper weighs twenty-seven pounds, and the dimensions are 40 x 4.5 x 26 inches.

Omega back the quality of their creeper with a full one-year warranty.


Traxion 1-100 ProGear Wide Body Low Profile Automotive Creeper

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The Traxion 1-100 is a wide-body and low-profile creeper with extra-large all-terrain five-inch casters. Extremely comfortable to use, the creeper deck has no pinch points; you won’t feel any single point that hurts even after working on the creeper for hours at a time.

You’ll find it wider than most other creepers, so when you need to roll on your side, you won’t experience the issue of coming up against side rails.

Of course, side rails can add rigidity to the creeper, but they can also cause an issue if you need to kneel or sit on the creeper. It can be bruising on the shins when you have to kneel across steel rails at times. The Traxion creeper doesn’t require rails for rigidity so that you won’t come across the issue.

The creeper bed has a contoured deck providing extra padding where it’s essential; the deck gives additional lumbar support, and its extra width is advantageous.

Having extra-large 5-inch casters means the large size won’t prevent you from rolling over the usual detritus found in a workshop.


Omega Lift Mechanic Plastic Creeper

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The Omega lift plastic creeper is a solid one-piece construction of blow-molded HDPE plastic, extremely light (only 16lbs) but incredibly strong. The creeper features a 440lb capacity making it one of the most robust creepers available.

With a strategically positioned carrying handle, it’s easy to pick up and transport.

Omega has contoured the creeper for a more comfortable fit, and the additional length is fantastic if you’re on the tall side; at least you’ll be able to get most of your upper body on the deck. The padded headrest is great to rest your head and give your neck and shoulders a rest for a few minutes.

There are six multi-terrain 3-inch swivel casters resistant to oil, grease, and chemicals; you won’t lack mobility or maneuverability. There are also two trays in the body of the creeper to store tools for convenience.


Traxion 1-200 King Crawler Rolling Automotive Mechanic Creeper

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Traxion claims their 1-200 King Crawler is the best creeper; the design is undoubtedly well thought out.

It sports their patented full-freedom X-frame where no part of the creeper’s frame gets in the way, enabling the creeper to offer minimum frame interference and maximum mobility.

Traxion splays the wheels out from the creeper’s body, and the frame goes under the deck; this design makes for an exceptionally low-profile yet still allows for 5-inch casters. These size casters are rigid TPR synthetic rubber which means the wheels will go over almost any terrain without getting stuck.

The deck is thickly padded for additional comfort when working, and being perfectly flat will allow you to turn on your side if that’s required. Even though the frame going under the deck would suggest a weight restriction, the Traxion 1-200 has a 400lb capacity.

Best Car Creeper Buying Guide

Car Creeper Weight Capacity

Probably the most crucial element with any car creeper is going to be the weight capacity. If you’re a big guy and weigh upwards of 250lbs (or more), not getting a creeper with the appropriate weight capacity means it won’t hold up for long. Which can be dangerous if the creeper’s wheels collapse on you while under a vehicle. 

Also, don’t forget it’s not just your weight that counts. If you’re holding a particular piece of equipment or motor part, that weight needs adding into the equation.

It would make more sense to go for a creeper with a higher weight capacity than you think you need, better to be safe than sorry under a vehicle.

Car Creeper Material

Next, I would say comes the creeper’s material because this also has a bearing on the weight capacity and the durability of the creeper.

Plastic may seem sturdy, lightweight, and robust, but will it outlast a heavy-duty steel frame? Steel frames will be bulkier and weigh more, so moving them around will be more problematic, but they will more than likely outlast plastic in the long-run.

The biggest single weakness of creepers is the casters. If they aren’t suitable quality materials and well-made, they will quickly snap or buckle and break. If the casters do break, are you able to buy extra to replace broken casters without having to replace the whole creeper?

Car Creeper Comfort

You can’t overlook comfort; if your job is a full-time mechanic, you’re going to spend a lot of time on a creeper. Even part-time mechanics can still be on a creeper for a considerable time if you’re working on a long job.

The steel-frame creepers tend to have fully padded decks where the plastic variety goes for a more ergonomic design. However, most plastic creepers do have a padded headrest which is very helpful.

It’s challenging to find a padded creeper that is also contoured. So you’ll more than likely need to make a choice; one or the other.

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