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Best Car Phone Mount

It makes perfect sense on so many levels to have a car phone mount in your vehicle. Police forces are on the lookout for anyone they can catch using their mobile phones while driving. Not only that, but it’s so much safer having a hands-free option in the vehicle. 

If you don’t believe us, here are some scary figures that should make you sit up and take notice. The U.S. Department of Transportation compiled these figures in conjunction with the NHTSA in 2019, based on accident figures through 2018.

These figures relate to distraction-affected crashes. The definition of distracted driving is where individuals divert their attention from driving; this can include texting or holding a conversation on a mobile phone, eating and drinking, or anything else where the driver is paying more attention to that activity than their driving.

Texting is by far the worst form of distraction. The NHTSA claims that texting or reading a text means a driver’s eyes are off the road for at least five seconds; if the vehicle is moving at 55 mph, the car will have driven the length of a football field without the driver looking at the road one time.

One out of every four car accidents in the USA is because of texting while driving, and almost 390,000 injuries occur for the same reason. If you text while driving, you are six times more likely to have an accident than if you drove your vehicle when drunk.

With all those shocking statistics using your phone hands-free has to be the sensible option. So, I hope you agree, using your mobile hands-free is the only way to go. But how do you choose the best car phone mount? There are hundreds to choose from. That’s where we come in because we have put together the best car phone mount buying guide; after all, car phone mounts are not all equal in quality or price.

Best Car Phone Mount


Qifutan Car Phone Holder for Dashboard/Windshield, Long Arm Strong Suction Compatible with Android/iPhone

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Qifutan car phone mount is an innovative solution for keeping your phone hands-free. Utilizing a 5.9-inch aluminum gooseneck will enable the mount to be so much closer to your field of vision. You can position the phone mount in several positions on either the dash or windshield. 

Because of the gooseneck, you can bend the car mount to give a clear, unobstructed view of your phone without compromising in-dash displays or air-vents.

The suction cup features a layer of sticky gel and vacuum act; the suction cup also employs a locking lever to maintain stability, ensuring the phone mount remains in place. Even on the roughest terrain, you’ll find the car mount retains its position without vibrations or jumping around all over the place.

If you decide to change locations, the suction cup requires a quick rinse and an air-dry to restore its stickiness. The car mount functions better if it’s not fixed in an area that attracts direct sunlight.

You’ll be able to fit any smartphone with screen sizes up to 6.5 inches, including the phone case. The Mpow car phone mount incorporates a 360-degree ball-head that means you can turn your phone to either landscape or portrait mode. This flexibility is a fantastic feature because many drivers prefer to use the map feature on smartphones in landscape mode. Or it can just be a case of turning the phone until you find the best viewing angle.


Car Phone Holder Mount, Sturdy Cell Phone Air Vent Mount for iPhone Samsung Smart Phones

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The Aukey phone car holder is specifically for fixing onto your car’s air vent, and it now features a much stronger, more oversized clip that provides a stable support platform.

Select the perfect viewing angle for yourself by rotating the phone holder between portrait, landscape view, or anything in-between thanks to the 360-degree rotating and pivoting ball joint.

Air vents are not all the same shape and size, so the Aukey utilizes a 3-level locking knob to firmly fix the car phone mount onto any air vent in any vehicle.

The larger than average phone cradle features an instant release button to access your phone in a hurry if the need arises. The Aukey car phone mount will fit smartphones up to an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max size.


Beam Electronics Car Phone Mount

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The Beam Electronics car phone mount is strictly for fitting onto only air vents, but it is still a very flexible and practical unit. 

It is featuring broad compatibility for most smartphones ranging from 1.9 inches up to 3.7 inches wide. On the rear of the mount is a quick-release button that slides open the arms to remove the phone from the mount’s cradle. To place the phone into the cradle, simply press the arms on each side to hold the phone firmly in place. It enables the mount to be a single-handed operation.

The phone mount can rotate easily between landscape or portrait mode, with a thick silicone pad on the air vent grips. Perfect for horizontal or vertical vents.


FITFORT Cell Phone Holder for Car

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The Fitfort cell phone holder has an entirely different take on how the mount operates than the more conventional ways.

Fitfort uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic silicone that went through an upgrade in 2018 to improve firmness and viscosity.

This cell phone holder fits flat on your dashboard; however, you can still hold the phone vertically or horizontally. The mount utilizes two rubber holders, which you can move to accommodate a vertical or horizontal location on the mount. This flexibility allows for a wide range of cell phones from four inches to seven inches.

Once you insert the phone between the rubber holders, the viewing angle does not obstruct your vision through the windshield and is at an angle that means you do not have to lower your head to view the cell phone’s screen.

Five sticky points hold the mount in position on your dash without leaving any mess if you decide to remove the mount. The rubber holders secure your cell even under harsh terrain or braking conditions. To reuse the mount, simply rinse it underwater. 


VICSEED Upgraded Magnetic Phone Mount for Car, Rear View Mirror Phone Holder

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The Vicseed car phone holder occupies an excellent position hanging from the rear-view mirror. This situation ensures, your dash, air vents, and cup holder slots are kept clear from clutter. Hanging just below the rearview mirror helps to keep a clear view through your windshield.

There’s so much flexibility with this particular mount’s adjustments. The distance from the mirror, viewing angle, and fully 360-degree rotation give you some idea of how it’s possible to find every driver’s perfect height and angle.

The Vicseed is a robust construction of heat-resistant and high-density materials. It incorporates powerful tension in the springs that hold it in place on the four corners of your mirror. Once you position the device on your mirror, the quick-lock secures it firmly in place. Each spring has a lining of silicone to increase the gripping potential of the clamps.

Holding your cell in position on the pad are six large N52 magnets capable of holding the combined weight of up to ten cell phones. Your cell will not fall off even under severe braking or driving over harsh terrain. The magnets are so powerful they will hold your cell in place even if you leave the cell in a thick case. 


FONKEN Car Phone Mount

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The Fonken car phone mount is highly versatile and can fit sun visors, rearview mirrors, and dashboards’ edges.

With these choices of fitting options, there’s at least one that will suit every car driver.

Once you’ve chosen the best location for yourself and your vehicle, you can then adjust your cell phone into virtually any viewing angle you want, with 360-degree rotation and a 180-degree tilt. Put the phone into a vertical or horizontal position and tilt the phone to what best suits you for safer driving.

The car phone mount securely fastens to the curved surface you have chosen via its spring-loaded base and cannot be shaken off by rough terrain or sharp braking. Even though it grips exceptionally tightly, it will not scratch or mark your car due to the non-slip silicone pad. The holder is robust UV- resistant ABS plastic.

The Fonken car phone mount is adjustable to accommodate any smartphone from 4 to 6.8 inches. If you’re not using the mount and temporarily want it out of the way, it folds flat and can be stored either in the glove box or door pockets.


WixGear Magnetic Phone Mount

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WixGear Magnetic Phone Mount is a direct and high-quality air vent mount. 

The device will fit onto any vertical or horizontal air vents. The purchase is for a pack of two mounts.

The construction is robust with a rubber base and a powerful magnetic head to hold smartphones securely in position. If you prefer a discreet mount and not too bulky, this mount would make a great choice.

The magnet is strong enough to hold a phone the weight of a Galaxy Note 8. The phone will hold its position either vertically or horizontally on the mount. The magnet grabs the phone as soon as you touch it to the mount but still peels off easily when you want the phone in hand.

Should you have any concerns, the magnet in the mount’s pad isn’t going to be strong enough, there’s a sticky metal plate in the pack that you can attach to the back of your phone.


AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount

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The Ainope is a vehicle car phone mount that’s also an innovative-looking piece of kit but only compatible with horizontal air vents.

The holder has three grasp points with shockproof rubber linings that lock into place on the car’s vents. One snag with many air vent holders is they are either too loose or fall off easily. Not using the Ainope, they don’t wobble around on the vent when the roads get a bit bumpy.

With four auto-lock clamp arms (two at the bottom and two at the sides), it holds your phone tightly in its grasp but will not damage or scratch the phone because of silicone inner linings on the clamps. Just slide your phone into place vertically (it doesn’t support horizontal), and you’re ready to go. The side clamps are in a position that’s clear of your phone’s side buttons.

The Ainope allows for universal compatibility for different phones, as long as the sizes are between 4 and 7 inches.

The Ainope will not block the airflow through the vent as much as it typically occurs with other vent fixtures.


LISEN Car Phone Mount

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The Lisen car phone mount utilizes a hook clip for an incredibly stable fit onto the vehicle’s vents. There are three grasp points on the vent that prevent any sideways movement or the holder falling off the vent, a problem with most other vent fastening car mounts.

Holding your phone firmly in position on the pad of the mount are six powerful magnets capable of holding the weight of four cell phones. You’ll discover your phone will maintain its position on the pad, even on the bumpiest of roads. If you want to guarantee yourself the phone will not fall off, use the rectangular metal pad on the back of your phone or case.

The Lisen has universal compatibility with most cell phone manufacturers and can hold phones the size of an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Installation is straightforward; position the unit onto the vent blade; you can adjust the clamp’s length by rotating the knob to match the vent.


Syncwire Magnetic Mount For Phones

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Syncwire Magnetic Mount For Phones will fit onto any flat surface of your car using a strong 3M VHB adhesive pad; place the mount on plastic surfaces, not leather. The manufacturers offer a three-year warranty with the purchase. If you find the holder doesn’t hold your phone, has missing accessories, breaks, or cannot fit into your car, you can claim a replacement. 

The pad features 4th generation neodymium magnets that easily support all cell phones even with the case still on the phone. There is universal compatibility with all makes of phones, and you can safely use the mount for phones up to the size and weight of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The Syncwire mount has a solid aluminum alloy body and soft silicone pad to protect your phone from any scratches.

The mount also features a solid metal ball joint that allows for 360-degree rotation, so whichever way you prefer your phone is possible.

Before You Buy A Car Phone Mount

Where To Position Your Car Phone Mount

It’s necessary to consider this question carefully before you jump in and buy a mount. What style of mount do you like? There’s on-vent style, hanging from the rearview mirror, on your sun visor, on the dash, etc.

Also, mounts attach in different ways, and not every method will be compatible with your vehicle. If you prefer an air vent mount’s discreetness, you need to review what vents the mount is compatible with; they don’t fit all vents.

Consider your field of vision. Is the mount going to impact that and get in the way? Something hanging down from the rearview mirror or sun visor might irritate or distract you.

What about viewing your phone? You need a mount that positions your cell phone in a way that you don’t need to lean over or take your eyes off the road for more than a second. Do you enjoy using the phone as your primary GPS navigation? In which case do you prefer a landscape or portrait view. Ensuring the mount allows for 360-degree rotation is going to be essential.

Your Cell Phone

Cell phones come in different sizes and weights, and not all car phone mounts will support a large cell phone. There are mounts only useful for vertical viewing. Determine what you think is the best way to hold your phone, magnetic holders, or perhaps a cradle style?

Benefits Of A Car Phone Mount

There are several benefits of using a car phone mount: 

  • The first thing is the safety aspect. Of course, it’s better to have the phone in your field of vision rather than taking your eyes off the road for so long you become a danger to yourself, your passengers, and other road users.
  • A good car phone mount will securely hold your phone, even under heavy braking or rough terrain.
  • A phone mount in the ideal position makes it tremendously easy to follow GPS navigation on your phone.
  • Make and receive calls hands-free; stay legal.

We are confident that you will find the best car phone mount for your personal preference and budget in our buying guide.

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