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Best Car Tissue Holder

There isn’t a driver on the planet who hasn’t been in desperate need of tissues, at one time or another, for their personal needs, or one of the kids is throwing up in the passenger seat.

Usually, we stick a pack down the side of the door pockets, in the glove box, or throw it on the back seat. When panic sets in, none of those locations are helpful or offer any kind of fast reaction times. How dangerous is it taking your eyes off the road while rummaging around looking for tissues? It has got to be as bad as trying to text when you’re driving, and doing that causes more accidents in the US than almost anything else.

So we have a suggestion for you. Why not get yourself a car tissue holder? Yes, they are a real thing, and exceptionally useful they are, you’ll wonder how you got along without one.

But let me ask you a question? Is it the kind of product you want to spend hours searching online for, checking reviews, going through the features of dozens of car tissue holders? Of course, it isn’t!

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and put this best car tissue holder buying guide together. We’ve taken a long hard look at the tissue holders available and put them together into a comprehensive buying guide.

Everything you need to know about car tissue holders is in this guide.

Best Car Tissue Holder


Fredysu Car Visor Tissue Holder

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The Fredysu tissue holder is a neat design looking more like a classic wallet and fixes directly onto your sun visor. You can place it on your visor or the passenger’s visor, depending on which is more convenient. The clip securely holds it in place, even when you are tugging on it, trying to get tissues out.

Fredysu classifies this as a sun visor tissue holder, but in fact, you can hang it on a seatback, or you can place it in your door pockets. It’s not a very practical solution putting it in the door pockets and somewhat defeats the tissue holder’s object helping you organize better in the car.

The tissue holder is a classy-looking item with genuine leather outer and cloth inside, which is why it’s a bit of a waste sticking it in the door pockets. The holder is quality and is best on the sun visor. The holder will not diminish the interior of your vehicle in any way. It might even enhance the look of some car interiors.

The clips that hold it in place on the visor are four inches long, and the gap between clips is five inches.


2Buyshop 2 Pack Car Tissue Holder

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The 2Buyshop tissue holder is a top-quality PU leather that gives the holder a classic-looking wallet design. With strong clips on the back, it will quickly fix to your sun visor; the clips are wide enough to disperse the pressure, you won’t find indentations left behind when you remove the holder.

The purchase price includes two holders, one for your visor and one for the passenger visor. You have a choice of two colors depending on the color of your car’s interior; choose either black or beige. The holder is a universal fit for any vehicle and measures 23* 11.5* 3.8 cm.

Because this deal is for a two-pack, use one holder for wet wipes and the other holder for tissues; it’s handy if you have young kids. 


ChuLian Bling Bling Car Sun Visor Tissue Box Holder

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The ChuLian car tissue holder is perfect for anyone who likes to add a touch of bling style to their cars. The car tissue holder is eco-friendly PU leather with a covering of rhinestones that bring sparkle and shine into your car interior.

This tissue holder would make a perfect gift for a friend or relative that likes some sparkle in their lives and, at the same time, is passionate about car cleanliness.

The design incorporates two clips that slip over your sun visor; it’s quick and straightforward to fix and won’t fall or get in the way of viewing the road ahead clearly.

At 9.41 x 6.69 x 1.85 inches, it will fit on every average-sized vehicle visor, or you can place it down the pocket in the back of the front seat for your vehicle’s passengers.


BANCHELLE Car Tissue Holder Mask Holder PU Leather for Sun Visor Seat Backseat Black

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The Banchelle car tissue holder is quality PU leather, and the purchase includes two holders in the pack. The tissue holder fits all standard-sized sun visors, and the clips that hold it on the visor are far enough apart so you can still access the visor mirror.

The Banchelle tissue holder will make a great gift item because it’s functional and not the sort of thing that most people think about buying themselves. People appreciate gifts like this because it’s a thoughtful and a practical gift.

The size of the tissue holder is 9.06 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches. The holder can be handy as a place to store face masks, and as this comes as a two-pack, you can use one for tissues and the other for masks.


Vozada Car Tissue Holder with Extra Car Visor Organizer

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With Vozada, you get two for the price of one. If you have ever thought about putting an organizer in the car, you know, for your sunglasses, debit cards, fuel cards, receipts, etc., then the Vozada tissue holder might be the one to choose; because you get them both.

Both the tissue holder and the organizer will fit on one sun visor side by side. However, we suggest you put the tissue holder on the passenger side sun visor and the organizer on the driver’s sun visor; it’s more convenient that way. Plus, if you like to use the vanity mirror on the sun visor, having both on one visor will cover the mirror.

The tissue holder and organizer are both top-quality PU leather, with the holder having a neat diamond pattern etched into the PU, making it stand out a bit more. There are two clips on the reverse of the holder to hold it tightly onto the visor.

The holder has a magnetic closure, but renewing a pack of tissues is a five-second job. The overall tissue holder size is 9″x 5″x 1.6″ and includes a pack of tissues.


Car Tissue Holder, Sun Visor Napkin Holder, PU Leather Backseat Tissue Holder for Car (Black)

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eJiasucar tissue holder is a larger than average holder that will fit on the sun visor, although its larger size might obscure driving vision. But thanks to its adjustable strap, there are numerous other places where you could position one, and it would still be as handy. 

For example, it would position quite nicely around the headrest supports, giving back-seat passengers access to the tissues. On the dash or center console are two other areas that spring to mind.

The tissue holder is hand-crafted quality PU leather and not difficult to keep clean. It’s a little bigger and deeper than most other tissue holders at 11.06 x 6.38 x 2.72 inches. In fact, if you didn’t want to use it as a tissue holder, it would make an attractive storage bag.


Farasla Car Trash Can w/ 2 Liners, Tissue Holder & Straps

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The Gven is a multi-use piece of equipment exceptionally useful in your car. It’s a tissue holder, garbage bag, and organizer all rolled into one, and with removable waterproof liners, it doesn’t matter if you spill liquid inside the bag.

With a 2.4-gallon capacity keeping the car free from debris has never been more straightforward, especially if you have kids, although we’re not bad at throwing rubbish around ourselves.

The bag has an elastic opening, so if you forget to empty the bag, the flexible elastic will lock in any unpleasant smells. Also, there are two storage bags on the side and a convenient tissue holder on the front.

There is plenty of places you can hang the bag to suit your convenience. For example, hang it off the headrests over the seat-backs, on the glove box, center console, and even hook the strap over the gear lever, so the bag hangs down into the passenger well.

The trash bag/tissue holder/storage bag is a high-quality, durable oxford cloth lined with heavy-duty plastic to ensure the bag retains its correct shape, even if you pack it with garbage.


Gven Car Trash Can with Lid, Leakproof Liners, Tissue Holder & Straps, Black

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The Tianmei tissue box holder is an entirely different take on the tissue holder. With this device, there’s no need to remove tissues; you can use the store-bought tissue box. If you’re happy to use the tissue box in this way, then this might be a straightforward solution for you.

The Tianmei is a rectangular piece of black, glossy ABS plastic with rounded corners and an elastic strap with velcro fastenings.

The rectangular plastic piece fits over the tissue box access area, and the elastic straps fasten the tissue box to the location you have chosen. Mount the tissue box on the car visor, center armrest, or car seatback. Depending on the area you choose in your car, you can position the tissue box in landscape or portrait orientation.


Brandon Super Car Tissue Holder

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If you feel like you want something bright and colorful to hold tissues in your car, you can’t go far wrong with the Brandon-Super cylindrical car tissue holder.

The purchase includes a pack of four highly colorful cylinders that fit comfortably in your vehicle’s cup holders. The size of the cylinders makes them compatible with most cup holder sizes. The dimensions are 2.6-inch diameter by 7 inches tall.

With a pack of four, you can use them in the car, in the bedroom at your office; they will look good wherever you need a tissue box. Buy the replacement tissues from Brandon or use your store-bought tissues.


eJiasu Car Tissue Holder

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The eJiasu tissue holder is an attractive PU leather holder that you can fit onto the car’s sun visor, back of the seat, or onto the car door pocket.

This tissue box is a straightforward design with two clips on the back of the holder that keep the tissue box firmly in place even over the roughest terrain.

Much safer than struggling to find a tissue in a crushed box on the back seat of your car. Or perhaps if your lady likes to put her makeup on in the car, place one on the passenger sun visor for easy access to tissues.

The box’s dimensions are 8.86 x 4.33 x 0.79 inches and will arrive with one pack of extra tissues. There is a choice of two colors if you like to coordinate colors in your car. You have black or chocolate brown.

Refilling the tissue holder is straightforward, thanks to the envelope-style opening on the front of the holder.

Best Car Tissue Holder FAQ

How To Install A Car Tissue Holder?

They are very straightforward to fit into your car. Usually, they have clips on the back of the holder for you to slip over the sun visor, on the back of the seat pocket, or onto the door pockets. You will not require any extra tools or equipment.

Are Car Tissue Holders Exclusively for Cars?

While all the tissue holders in our buying guide are primarily for use in vehicles, you can use them wherever you choose. Some designs mean they are more practical in the car, but others, for instance, the cylinders, will look just as good in the office, bedroom, or on your desk.

What Are Car Tissue Holders Made From?

There is a whole mix of materials, but the most typical are premium-quality PU leather.


As we mentioned at the start, rummaging around in the car looking for tissues and taking your eyes off the road can lead to severe accidents and death, which might sound a little dramatic until you take a closer look at the road traffic accident figures. Is it worth the risk? 

We are confident we have found you an excellent selection of the best car tissue holders available. 

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