Last updated: 10 Feb 2023

Best Car Wash Sponge And Mitts

If you’re anything like me and would never put your car through a car wash, that means you’ll have to wash it yourself. To clean your vehicle correctly requires the best equipment meaning the best car wash sponge and mitts. 

If not you’ll ruin the paintwork and probably should have saved yourself the time and effort and put it through the car wash anyway.

Hand washing the car at least every two weeks is a must. Thoroughly cleaning your vehicle will prevent the damage that bird droppings, grease, acidic rain and saltwater will wreak. Unfortunately, there’s always something else that needs to be done and washing the car gets shoved way down the list of priorities.

Show your motor the respect it deserves and buy good quality sponges and mitts. Don’t forget the shampoo, that also needs to be the best you can afford. Doing this will protect your paintwork, and prevent those superfine scratch marks that are a real pain and look terrible in the sun.

Choosing the best car sponges and mitts need to be high on your list of car cleaning equipment. But if you’re not sure which are the best not to worry this buying guide will do all the work for you. We’ve done all the research, to save you the time and trouble. So all you need to do is choose the car sponges and mitts that suit your budget.

Best Car Wash Sponges and Mitts


Mary Moppins Pure 100% Lambswool Wash Mitt

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Mary Moppins Pure 100% Lambswool Wash Mitt is high-quality and brilliantly constructed. The lambswool has the exact amount of density to do a great job detailing your car.

As with any cleaning material, you cannot afford to allow any dirt or debris on the sponge or mitt, because it will scratch your paintwork. Start from the top of the car and work down. Another good tip is to use a two-bucket system. One holds the shampoo mix and the second only water. 

After cleaning an area with shampoo rinse the mitt in the water only bucket to get rid of any debris and dirt before going back into the shampoo bucket. Might take a little longer but it’s better than risking scratch marks. 

Mary Moppins is 100% pure lambswool, and you will not find a better material for gently yet thoroughly cleaning your car. The lambswool has a real leather backing so you’ll not be replacing this mitt anytime soon. Lambswool car wash mitts are 100% lint-free, so you won’t need to keep going back over the parts of the vehicle you’ve already washed.


Amazon Basics Deluxe Microfiber Car Wash Mitt, 2 Pack

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Another excellent material for washing or drying your vehicle is microfiber, delivering incredible car wash mitt results.

Microfiber can absorb its weight in water many times, and if you’re looking for fast and efficient results, microfiber mitts are a great choice.

AmazonBasics have a decently priced pair of microfiber mitts. They are a considerable 12-inch by 8-inch size, and you’ll clean large sections of your car with each swipe. They’ll hold a massive amount of soapy water.

The mitts are lint-free, scratch-free and will not damage the paintwork, so no need to feel nervous about using them.

You’ll find these mitts super soft and generate masses of soapy suds. There’s also an elastic cuff to prevent them from slipping off your hands.


Chemical Guys MIC_493 Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt

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Chemical Guys MIC_493 chenille microfiber is an ultra-plush scratch-resistant car wash mitt.

This chenille microfiber is thick microfiber strands woven into caterpillar shapes. Exceptionally absorbent to collect as much soapy suds as possible making washing your car so much easier, lubricating the paint, reducing friction. 

Because the mitts are high-quality microfiber, they will not scratch or mark your car’s paintwork, as long as you remember to rinse in freshwater to remove any dust and debris the mitts are picking up.

Double stitching the elastic cuff ensures a good tight fit, so the glove will not fly off your hands.

After finishing detailing your car pop the mitts into a washing machine on a gentle, low heat wash cycle, remember to wash the mitts separately, so you don’t pick up any lint from other materials and don’t use fabric conditioner on microfiber. It ruins the static properties if you do and you may as well throw the mitts in the bin.


Relentless Drive Car Wash Sponge Cyclone Mitt

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The Relentless Drive cyclone is a lint-free, scratch-free and non-abrasive premium AA-grade microfiber car wash mitt. You will find it’s perfect for every vehicle type including motorcycles, sedans, trucks, SUVs, RVs, trailers and boats.

The mitt is incredibly soft, and super-absorbent will hold seven times its weight in water. With that volume of soapy suds, it doesn’t take long to wash the car free of all dirt grime or grease. Rinse out the mitt properly, and rapidly rinse the suds from the vehicle. After using the mitt, it can be machine washed. But don’t use a high temperature or fabric conditioner. 

Relentless confirm that their mitt is the only one with an impressive interior mesh lining. This unique mesh lining will help take the mitt on and off, and you’ll find the mitt more comfortable when washing the vehicle. There is also an elasticated cuff for a more secure fit.

This car wash mitt is multi-purpose because it’s not just for washing you can also use it for waxing, dusting and polishing.

The Relentless mitt is also an excellent size at 11.5 inches by 8.5 inches but weighs only 8.8 ounces. The manufacturers offer a ninety-day refund policy.


Autofiber [Dragon] Hybrid Car Wash Sponge Mitt Pad

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The Autofiber hybrid is an exciting concept because it’s both a car wash mitt and a sponge—Autofiber supply two layers of removable foam inners and is extra-long pile microfiber. 

Suppose you prefer to use the mitt as a thick sponge place both foam lining pieces inside the mitt. However, if you want only a car wash mitt then remove the foam linings altogether.

To obtain the best possible results, use the two bucket method, washboard and grit guard. This way ensures you are always using a clean mitt to soap the vehicle. When your vehicle’s gleaming as though it has just come from the showroom, remember to clean the mitt with fresh water to remove any small traces of grit or dirt.

If you want you can machine wash the mitt with the foam linings still inside. When in use you might find only one foam insert gives you absorbancy levels you need.

There’s no elastic cuff with this model, but it’s small enough to fit over the hand without slipping off when in use.


Polyte Microfiber Car Wash Exterior Interior Sponge Set

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In the Polyte pack are three microfiber and foam core sponges. They are all lint-free and scratch-free for detailing your vehicle’s inside and exterior with high-quality materials.

As you would expect from high-quality microfiber, the sponges will trap dust, debris and grime. They are 100% safe to use on your vehicle’s paintwork and interior. The microfiber sponges are ideal if you want to apply wax, polish or other types of liquids to detail and clean cars or any kind of vehicle.

Use the microfiber side wet to soap down the car and flip the sponge over to the mesh side to work on challenging to remove baked-on dirt, grime or bird-droppings. Bone-shape and perfect fit for the majority of hand sizes at 4.25 inches by 9 inches.

After using the sponges are quickly taken care of with a simple hand wash, wring out and hand dry. Don’t be tempted to use fabric conditioner because you believe it may help them retain their softness; unfortunately, it will do the exact opposite.


aopobo Car Wash Sponges

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The aopobo sponges have a high density of foam with a smooth surface. They hold a considerable volume of soapy suds or water. When you’re washing your car, you will quickly notice these sponges’ quality and absorbency and the way they produce a vast amount of foam so efficiently.

They will effectively remove the dirt and grime on your vehicle’s paintwork.  The dirt and debris will not collect on the surface like other sponges and scratch your car.

The package includes six high-density foam sponges all of them having high water absorbency. Another very advantageous feature is the softness and elasticity of the sponges. You can wring them almost totally dry without fear of them falling to pieces as you find with cheaper, lower-quality sponges.

To back-up their claims, the manufacturers offer a 30-day refund or replacement service. So nothing to lose to give them a heavy work-out.


Scrub Daddy Damp Duster, Magical Dust Cleaning Sponge for Blinds, Vents, Radiators, Skirting Boards, Mirrors, Grey

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The Sudz Budz sponges are incredible value for money; you get two extra-large-sized cross-cut grid sponges in each pack.

The sponges offer scratch-free cleaning, and the cross-cut double sides definitely trap dirt and debris beneath the surface, which is why the manufacturers claim no scratches to your paintwork. They also insist their sponges are the biggest available. So you should see your time spent cleaning less because the sponges will clean a massive area super fast. Using both sponges will also cut down on time-wasting and allowing you the most efficient way to clean vehicles.

They are vast (6 by 9 inches) for sure, but their ergonomic design, with the cut-away edges, means you can maintain a firm grip and easily squeeze them down to a smaller size. This design enables you to have more flexibility around uneven surfaces, such as the vehicle’s headlights and taillights. So even allowing for the size it will fit perfectly in your hands.

Combine the size and an absorbency rate of 700ml you will create a massive amount of suds. And when you want to rinse off that volume of water in each sponge will undoubtedly speed up your work.


The Rag Company - Ultra Black Foam Detailing and Car Wash Sponge

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The Rag Company – Ultra Black foam sponge, is a product from America’s premier detailing products manufacturer and this sponge offers a cutting-edge sponge design. They claim this new foam wash sponge is brand new design and technology.

The design and technology the speak about is the new advanced foam cell structure that enhances both rinseless and soap washes. Upgrade your car cleaning sponges to a better design and cleaner vehicles.

The Ultra black’s durability will deliver hundreds of time for you if you give the correct care and attention by rinsing thoroughly with fresh, clean water and wringing dry.

You will find the ergonomic shape will fit your hand perfectly, and you can squeeze it down to fit small challenging to reach areas of your vehicle.


Detail King Optimum Big Red Sponge

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The Detail King Optimum Big Red Sponge features the latest sponge technology design. Each side of the sponge incorporate cross-cuts that create channels to remove the dirt, grease and grime from vehicle’s paintwork without scratching or marking the vehicle’s finish.

The highly-porous foam holds a vast volume of water or soapy suds, allowing you to clean considerable swathes of the vehicle each time you fill the sponge. You won’t need to be forever at your buckets refilling or squeezing out. The sponge will save you masses of time.

If you care for the sponge in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations, the sponge will deliver hundreds of washes.

What To Consider When Buying Car Wash Mitts and Sponges

We want to give you the best possible information before you purchase a car wash mitt or sponge. Gone are the days when we were stuck buying any old sponge or using rags that were only fit to throw away. Technology has undoubtedly moved on even with car detailing equipment.

Best Material

You will find quality mitts will be either microfiber or even better lambswool. Both of these will give your vehicle a superb finish, leaving it scratch and swirl-free. They both hold massive amounts of liquid that will cut down on your cleaning time. Of the two, lambswool is highly regarded by professional detailers.

The other material which can also be exceptional quality is the new versions of foam sponge. With the latest advancements in technology, sponges are almost as good as microfiber and lambswool.

Using any other material will always leave streaks and will probably scratch your paintwork.

Car Wash Mitt Sizes

There’s a delicate balance you need to achieve when choosing a mitt or a sponge for that matter. If you have a colossal mitt or sponge, you can get the work completed a lot more quickly. 

But you should think more about your hand size first. If the mitt is massive, it will keep slipping off your hand when the mitt gets heavy from liquid; there’s nothing more irritating than having to stop washing to replace the mitt. If the mitt is too small, then you’re wasting time, because with a larger mitt you could have the job over and done with in much less time.

Car Wash Mitt And Sponge Durability

It’s no help to you if you pay for an expensive mitt or sponge only to find they fall to pieces after the first couple of washes. So ensure the manufacturer guarantees hundreds of washes if you maintain them the way they suggest.

If you’re buying mitts, you should look for 100% machine washable mitts, that you can then air-dry. Top-quality sponges only require rinsing with fresh water and wringing dry.

Cost Of Car Wash Mitts And Sponges

Cost is always a factor with everything we purchase. You want the maximum quality for the best price. So review the manufacturer’s claims and set that against the cost of the equipment. If the manufacturer doesn’t claim hundreds of easy-care cleans, it might be better to look elsewhere.


In this review of the best car wash sponges and mitts, we have taken a long hard look at the various sponges and mitts available and given you a list of the best ten we could find for value and quality of materials.