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Best Windshield Sun Shade

On scorching summer days not parking your car in a cool shady spot means you’ll pay for it when you return. The brutal blast of heat when you open your car door introduces you to five minutes or more of sheer torture while your air-con kicks in, that’s if you have air-con.

But a simple invention, i.e. the windshield sunshade can at least reduce that misery you’re going to feel if you take a few seconds to put it in place before you leave your vehicle. Everyone’s heard of a sunshade it’s not new but how many drivers either don’t buy one or forget to deploy one.

So in this buying guide, we’re going to introduce you to the best windshield sunshades for the price, quality and speed of use. After reading these reviews, you’ll have no excuse for not buying one for you and your vehicle.

Best Windshield Sun Shade


Big Hippo Car Sunshade - Jumbo/Standard, Silver

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The Amazon Basics foldable windshield sunshade is a straightforward no-frills UV reflecting sunshade. There are three sizes to accommodate larger vehicles, but all three come at the same price when you purchase.

The sunshade’s material is 2mm thick, and one side has an aluminum coating that reflects the sun away from the interior of your vehicle.

The sunshade not only reflects the sun’s rays but creates a necessary barrier against UV rays. Allowing UV rays to shine into the interior of your vehicle relentlessly will damage the plastics and seats, whether leather or cloth. Along with the sunshade are a set of suction cups to keep the shade in place.

Extremely lightweight and as it folds does not require much storage space.


Magnelex Windshield Sunshade with Bonus Steering Wheel Sun Shade

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Magnelex windshield sunshade is polyester and is available in three sizes medium, large and X-large.

The manufacturers offer in detail size charts to ensure you purchase the correct size for your vehicle.

The Magnelex is top-quality reflective polyester and can block the sun and prevent heavy heat build-up in the interior of your vehicle.

For the price, you get a nice bonus, and that’s the steering wheel cover sunshade. Let’s not forget how hot the steering wheel gets in the sun, not just the car’s interior. And how many vehicles have you seen with damage to the steering wheel caused by heat from the sun?

The sunshade folds up really small and fits in a handy little pouch that won’t take up hardly any room under the seats or in the trunk.

Very straightforward to fold down, so it fits in the pouch. Fold in half, hold the top left and bottom right, twist in the opposite direction and put your hands together. Will take you less than 30 seconds.


MCBUTY Windshield Sunshade

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A thick 5-layer bubble material combined with an aluminum foil cover creates a noticeable reduction in the vehicle’s interior heat. The foil reflects 100% of the sun’s rays.

The sunshade can maintain an interior temperature of between 25 to 35 degrees Celcius, even on the hottest summer days.

Smaller sedan owners should double-check the size, so you’re not purchasing a sunshade that’s too large for your vehicle. The MCBUTY is available in four different colors, and there’s a jumbo size for trucks and SUVs.

When in use the sunshade maintains the position on your windshield with suction cups. The sunshade folds with the reflective material inside, and the straps hold it together correctly.


Retractable Windshield Sun Shade for Car

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The retractable windshield sunshade by DADHOT has a honeycomb double layer of insulating material both inside and out for effective heat dissipation. The outer material is a reflective aluminum membrane while the inner is a polyester fabric.

A much neater solution for a windshield sunshade than unwieldy cardboard or spring-loaded sunshades. Once it’s attached the windshield open and close by merely sliding the shade. The suction cups are more significant than average cups giving a much firmer grip. The shade can remain in position on the windshield when not in use doesn’t need stowing away.

You can cut the shade down to size if it’s too big for your vehicle.


DPIST Van Gogh Starry Sky Car Windshield Sun Shade

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The DPIST sunshade is available in four designs, the Van Gogh, rainforest, panda or flamingos and will fit most average sedans, it may be a little short on SUVs and trucks.

Can be used both sides, the painting for cooler days and if it’s a scorcher the opposit side has reflective silver aluminum for full UV protection. However, the shade is lightweight, foldable, and a manageable size to fold away in the trunk. Two suction cups will ensure the shade stays in place.


SACSTAR Windshield Foldable Sunshade Umbrella

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The SACSTAR has a different take on the traditional vehicle sunshades because this one is an umbrella. It will fit sedans, trucks, SUVs and minivans. The umbrella style wraps itself around the windshield to cover the maximum amount of space.

Traditional sunshades can be a problem to open, fold and stow away, but not this umbrella style. Pops open like a regular umbrella and wraps itself around the curvature of the windshield.

When it comes to taking it down, the shade folds up like an umbrella and packs down to only 12.5 inches. Can be put up and taken down in around five seconds. The sunshade has a multilayer with the outside a silver reflective material that also blocks harmful UV rays. The handle of the umbrella conveniently rests against the gear lever to hold the shade in position.



Bob's Burgers Car Window Sun Shade Visor

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Have some fun and make people smile while you’re cooling your vehicle with this Toynk Toys Bob’s Burgers car window sunshade visor. This illustration is officially licensed Pop Culture TV merchandise.

The sunshade would also make a hilarious and beneficial gift for someone you know.

It’s a humorous take on the sunshade idea, but it still does a great job reflecting UV rays and cooling down your car on red hot days. The shade will fit most cars, trucks, SUVs and vans—folds away and easy to store.


DR.DUDU Car Windshield Snow Cover

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DR.DUDU car windshield snow cover is an all-season windshield snow cover to protect cars, SUVs and trucks from snow, ice, frost, rain debris from trees, and bird droppings also doubles as a sunshade.

The snow cover contains four layers of material on the outside PV aluminum foil, spunlaced cotton, composite cotton and a black color non-woven fabric. The material is fire-proof, waterproof, thick and scratch-resistant.

Very easy and straightforward to install, the cover has five magnets on the hood and three on the roof to hold it in position. No need to be concerned, the magnets will not scratch your paintwork because they have a soft cloth cover.

The cover comes in two sizes, the medium is 58 by 47 inches, and the large is 61 by 50 inches. Ensure you measure your windshield area to get the correct size.

The cover will protect from the sun’s UV rays and keep the car cool in hot summer months.


Hawksbill Windshield Snow Cover

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Hawksbill windshield cover has a double-sided design, black layer to absorb heat and as a frost, snow, ice and rain guard in winter. The other side is silver reflective material to block powerful UV rays and cool the vehicle’s interior in summer.

The snow protector is a large enough size to cover most large sedans. To make sure it will fit correctly measure your windshield area before purchase. The windshield needs to be less than 81 by 66 inches. You can store the cover in a small seven by seven by 0.8-inch bag.

The cover does not rely on magnets to hold it in position. It uses straps that hook onto the vehicle’s rims. Two corners of the cover are flaps that you will insert into the car’s doors trapping them and securing the cover against theft or from blowing away. The windshield cover comes with a bonus addition of two side mirror covers to protect from bad weather.


AstroAI Windshield Sun Shade

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AstroAI windshield sunshade is available in small medium large and X-large sizes. Small 59.1 by 27.58 inches, medium 63.04 by 31.52 inches, large 66.98 by 35.46 inches and X-large 66.98 by 39.4 inches. 

The shade will accommodate all size vehicles from small sedans to SUVs and trucks. The outside of the shade’s titanium silver material is a top-quality fabric that reflects the sun and blocks powerful UV rays. 

Even though the material is lightweight, it will not wrinkle. There are reinforced steel outer rings that keep the shade in shape and are robust and built to last.

The shade will cover the maximum amount of windshield held in place by four suction cups and a strap that wraps around the rear-view mirror.

Benefits of Windshield Sun Shades

For Cooling your vehicle’s interior. Anyone who drives a car in the summer months will have experienced the unpleasantness of returning to the car and finding the interior baking hot. Everything in the vehicle is untouchable unless you risk burning yourself. A sunshade might not cut the heat down entirely, but it will reduce it sufficiently so we can at least get in and turn on the air-con without having to visit the hospital burns unit. Plus it will take a lot less time for the aircon to do its work.

Warm the vehicle’s interior. A good windshield cover will double up in the winter and help warm the interior of the car. Some shades have heat-absorbing materials, and they will help to raise the temperature inside the vehicle.

Block powerful UV rays. The UV blocking effects of a sunshade can help prolong the life of the vehicle’s interior. UV rays don’t just damage our skin; they ultimately damage upholstery and the plastics inside the car. But while the car is in motion, side shades are great at blocking UV rays for both passengers and children.

Electronic protection. If you have any electronic devices that you keep in the car, they are in danger of being permanently damaged from the heat that can build up in a car standing in direct sunlight. A sunshade will lower the temperature down to a level that the electronics can cope with.

Low price. Even the best windshield sunshade you can buy is not going to cost you very much. Especially when you compare the cost to the potential damage to your car’s interior and not forgetting the personal injury where you leave your skin behind on the upholstery or steering wheel, it just makes sense to buy one. It’s bizarre why so many people don’t invest in a sunshade.

Before You Buy A Windshield Sunshade

The windshield sunshade you purchase has to cover the entire inside of your windshield. Because even a few rays of sunshine poking around the edge of the shade can still seriously affect the heat build-up inside your car, especially on scorching days. And even narrow bands of light can fade your cloth upholstery and still damage leather. 

You can mould and twist to try and maneuver the shade into place, but that kind of defeats the object of getting one. Better to ensure you have measured the inside of the windshield and get the best fitting shade.

However, if the one you buy doesn’t quite fit then, there’s always velcro. Attach a few strips down the side of the car frame and on the sunshade itself, they might stretch a little bit, but at least they’ll cover the whole windshield.

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