Last updated: 10 Feb 2023

Best Flip Out Car Stereo

One thing that all new cars have in common is the futuristic-looking on-screen touch displays that take pride of place in the vehicle’s dash. You have everything set up there for you, such as an in-built sat-nav, Bluetooth, and smartphone setup.

While we might love our aging pride and joy, I’m pretty sure you look with envy at all the modern audio technology available to new car owners. So why stick with a badly-lit, all knobs and dials stereo unit when you can drag your car kicking and screaming into this century?

So you’ve made up your mind, you’re definitely going for the on-screen touch display unit that’s going to look just terrific. But now you’ve hit another snag you don’t have the room on your dash for a double DIN touch screen head unit. Damn, you were so close!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Think about a flip-out car stereo as an alternative.

Flip-out head units are practically always single DIN heads, so it will fit where you’re existing stereo now sits. But where these differ is they have a motorized slide-out touchscreen panel. These touch screens can be from five inches to 7 inches, comparable with what you can see in most new cars.

Now you know you can fit one in your vehicle, what features will you need?  Well, let’s see. You’ll definitely want Bluetooth, hands-free calling, USB connectivity and AUX input, GPS navigation, and probably an RCA port.

But you know, figuring out which flip-out car stereo will be the best one and at the proper budget is a lot of work, and even then, you might choose the wrong one.

That’s where our best flip-out car stereo buying guide comes in; we’ve done all the work for you and picked out the winners. So read on if you want the best flip-out car stereo for your budget and with the best features.

Best Flip Out Car Stereo


Hikity Android 1 Din Car Stereo 7 Inch Flip Out Touch Screen Radio

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The Hikity android car stereo is a single DIN 7.3(L) by 2.16(H) by 7 (W)-inch sized 7-inch flip-out touch screen unit.

The stereo features a USB input and RCA input/output port with EQ sound effects adjustments. FM radio with eighteen pre-set stations. The Hikity supports MirrorLink ( will allow the car’s audio/video to display the smartphone’s screen and utilize the apps on the phone) and Backup camera input.

The package includes a GPS antenna, mounting bracket, a rearview camera, single-DIN bracket, and removal tools. If you fancy fitting this yourself, follow the schematic, and you’ll find the wiring is straightforward. One point to remember with this unit is the blue wire is for power. 

There’s a good selection of apps from the Google play store, and the unit has plenty of memory. The offline GPS is pretty handy as well.

The Hikity has good brightness and high contrast levels with an accurate touchscreen. The unit features rotary volume control, which some people might find more comfortable to use when driving.


Planet Audio P9759B Single Din Touchscreen

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The Planet Audio P9759B is an excellent value flip-out car stereo and is available at an affordable price. The 7-inch touchscreen is clear, and the brightness levels are excellent, as is the color. The motorized flip-out and return are smooth, and you can adjust the angle it sits at very quickly using the number 5 and number 6 preset buttons on the face.

Sound quality will depend on your amp and speakers, but the unit has four channels with 340 watts.

The Planet audio build quality is excellent, and all the cables are correctly labeled and are heavy-duty. The faceplate comes with a decent plastic case and is easy to see whether on sunny days or when driving in the dark.

Bluetooth connectivity is pretty flawless, and once you have paired your device with the Planet, call features appear on the screen, and when your call is over, the screen reverts seamlessly.

The P9759B offers several connectivity sources from Bluetooth, USB, SD card, and connection via a standard jack point. The SD card slot is situated just behind the faceplate, whereas USB, AUX, and Mic are all at the front. However, when switching between modes, the unit will not bring up a source if you haven’t connected it.

Making calls is a snap; dial out using the touchscreen, and the unit allows switching between handset or speakers.


Single Din Bluetooth Car Stereo: 9" IPS Touchscreen Audio with Carplay/Android Auto/MirrorLink/Backup Camera/FM/AM Radio/USB/SD/AUX/Subwoofer

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The AboutBit is a standard-sized single DIN flip-out car stereo with a 7-inch high definition touch screen and straightforward to install.

The built-in Bluetooth connectivity is fast once the initial install is completed. Take and make hands-free calls and control your music via Bluetooth. You’ll find the touchscreen excellent, accurate, responsive, and a colorful LCD, clear and bright. It will also support a front and rear camera.

With the MirrorLink option, set up the navigation on your phone, and with the mirroring function working, the navigation will display on the stereo screen.

If you prefer different music styles, the preset EQ will allow you to choose from Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical, and Beat.


Power Acoustik PTID-8920B

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The Power Acoustik PTID-8920B is ideal for any vehicle owner that wants to upgrade their in-car technology without breaking the bank and at the same time doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of some of the high-end units.

The 7-inch touchscreen is easily as good as the factory version that comes with most cars and supports a rear camera, which you can clearly see when reversing.

There’s no equalizer with the PTID-8920B, but a quality subwoofer will beef up the bass on your speakers. The unit has Bluetooth functionality so that you can sync your phone book with the Power Acoustik for quick and easy access to all of your contacts. 

There’s an SDHC 32GB card reader for MP3 audio and MP4 video playback and a fully operational and accurate touchscreen.


BOSS Audio Systems BV9976B Car DVD Player

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Boss is a well-known name in audio, not just car audio. Do any search for speakers, and Boss will turn up. They have an excellent reputation and produce terrific products. The Boss BV9979B is no exception; in fact, it’s one of the best flip-out car stereos available for the price.

The unit’s Bluetooth functionality will allow you to make and answer calls hands-free. There’s a built-in microphone for when you speak, and the unit directs the voice on the other end of your call through the car speakers. Control your music apps, such as Spotify, wirelessly.

Use the Boss BV9976B for media playback. Putting in your favorite DVD or using the USB and SD ports, video output allows an extra screen for passenger viewing capabilities. The formats supported are MP3 and WMA or tune into your regular FM radio station.

One nifty feature is how you can change colors on your display using the multi-color option; there are over 16 million combinations to choose. 

Suppose you enjoy customizing and being in total control of your sounds. In that case, the equalizer will let you independently set the balance, fade, bass, and treble, from inside or out of the vehicle, using the wireless remote control.

Boss audio systems offer a three-year warranty when you buy this product.


Podofo Single Din Car Stereo

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The Podofo single DIN car stereo is an excellent budget choice that still offers all the necessary features, similar to what’s available on the high-end models; when you upgrade your car sound system. Features such as the 7-inch capacitive, smooth, and controlled motorized touch screen and adjustable backlighting with full wireless control.

There’s support for USB and SD memory cards up to 32GB for video playback on your screen. If enjoying music from your smartphone that’s not streamed is your idea of in-car entertainment, then connect via the AUX input. 

The Podofo supports a rearview camera input and automatically switches the screen to the HD reverse view when backing your car. The IP68 waterproof camera and 12 LED lights are included with the purchase of the stereo.

Another welcome feature is the steering wheel control functions; for drivers who prefer to control switching songs, alter the volume, and change radio channels from their steering wheels.


Camecho 1 Din Car Stereo Navigation

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The Camecho 1 DIN is a quad-core, high-definition 7.1-inch automatic retractable touch screen car stereo player; and is terrific value for the money. In case of direct sunlight, to enhance your view of the screen, set the screen’s tilt angle from 60 degrees to 100 degrees.

The stereo will support two excellent safety features. First DVR, by connecting a camera via the USB port and downloading a DVR app, you can record your driving videos by installing a TF card in the slot in front of your unit. Secondly, you have steering wheel support for changing music channels, songs, and volume control without taking your hands from the steering wheel.

The Camecho supports Bluetooth’s connection with A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) to your smartphone for hands-free calling and receiving, Bluetooth music streaming, downloading your phonebook to the Camecho records all your calls. Incoming calls will turn the radio off, and you can hear the caller on the vehicle speaker system. 

With built-in GPS navigation, all it takes is a connection to WIFI and downloading the selection of maps you need from the Google Play store; you’ll also find support for offline GPS and navigate anywhere you want without an internet connection.


Sound Storm Labs SD726MB

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If you must have a CD/DVD player in your car, the Sound Storm Labs SD726MB could be a good choice for you, especially as it’s at an affordable price. Additionally, you have a set of pre-amp outputs that allow you to expand your system by adding up to 3 amps. 

Other features are more akin to higher-end units as well, such as a 7-inch motorized touch screen and looks that make it seem a lot more expensive than it is. The Sound Storm supports a USB flash drive up to 32GB for video playback and SD cards up to 32GB.

The unit offers additional safety features, such as a rear backup camera when reversing. The unit switches to the camera when you shift into reverse. Plus, you can hook up the player to use the vehicle’s steering wheel functions. You will need a separate interface, and the manufacturers recommend the Metra ASWC.

Utilize the unit’s Bluetooth capability to connect hands-free to incoming calls and should you make any calls yourself. The Sound Storm will also stream from sites such as Spotify using the Bluetooth feature.

A built-in preset EQ gives you the option of choosing preset EQ curves for your own music styles, such as pop and rock.


Pioneer AVH-3400NEX

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Everyone’s heard of Pioneer, even if you don’t care about how your car’s audio system looks or sounds. They generally beat off all competition when it comes to car stereos.

They don’t really have any equals when it comes to car touch screen technology, and that’s the same for their flip-out units.

The Pioneer AVH-3400NEX is a single DIN head unit and one of Pioneers’ very best. With an accurate and highly responsive NEX interface that’s straightforward and immensely customizable.

The LCD 7-inch touch screen is of excellent quality, with big and bold colored icons, and so is the sound. You will find Siri works great, and your callers won’t be complaining about extraneous noises when you’re handsfree. 

For a straightforward install of the steering wheel control, integration try Axxess ASWC-1. The Pioneer AVH-3400NEX is compatible With Apple Carplay, Android, Auto, Appradio, Mode +, Flac Audio, and Spotify.

The AVH-3400NEX makes you spoilt for choice with the number of audio settings available such as 13-band EQ with slope adjustments, time alignment, auto EQ, high-voltage pre-outs, Pioneer’s proprietary Sound Retriever AIR, and two-way network.


Regetek Single Din Car Stereo

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The Regetek Single Din Car Stereo has a 7-inch telescopic touchscreen. The screen operates manually and can be set at various angles to enhance the viewing experience.

From the screen, you choose between several inputs such as Bluetooth, AUX, SD memory card, and FM/AM radio. There are separate controls on the stereo’s body, but the whole point of purchasing the flip-out unit is you get to use the touchscreen.

You get two USB ports, so charging your phone while using the MirrorLink feature is pretty handy. The MirrorLink feature gives you the option of displaying Android and Apple apps onto the touchscreen.

If watching movies in the car is your thing, use either the USB port to stream movies from your phone or if you have movies stored on an SD card, you can go that route.

Once Bluetooth is up and running and you have paired your phone, you can make and receive hands-free calls.

Although you can wire the unit up to four car speakers, unfortunately, there’s no subwoofer.

For safety, when reversing, hook up the Regetek to a rear backup camera.

Best Flip Out Car Stereo FAQ

What’s The Big Advantage To Flip-Out Head Units?

You’ll get most if not all the features of double-DIN units such as touch screen, DVD/CD player, Apple CarPlay, Android, etc. Plus, if you have an older car with an old single DIN stereo, a  flip-out head unit stereo is about your only option to upgrade your car audio system, unless you’re happy to start carving up your car’s dash.

How Big Can The Touch Screen Go On A Flip-Out Stereo?

The flip-out panels are generally between 5 inches to 7 inches. Most are motorized, meaning they retract and fold-out automatically when you push the button. However, some sets have manual panels; they need handling gently, or you can damage them, and they will not retract.

Do Flip-Out Units Support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

At present several Pioneer flip-out head units support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other than those, most other units support one or the other.

Do All Flip-Out Units Support Bluetooth?

Yes, they do; however, if you find one that doesn’t, there is no point in choosing that particular model. The whole point of purchasing a flip-out car stereo is to upgrade your car audio; Bluetooth is an integral part of that upgrade. Even though Bluetooth is essential, don’t rule out USB inputs; they are still handy to have available.

Is the Quality Of The Display Important?

Absolutely! If the touchscreen is of poor quality, you’ll soon become frustrated and feel you’ve wasted your money. There’s nothing worse than a touch screen that doesn’t work or works intermittently. You’ll also, at times, have the sun’s glare on the screen, so an ability to tilt the screen will become essential. 

Brightness is another factor. We don’t all have 20/20 vision, and when you can’t see the display or the GPS navigation without reading glasses, well, it defeats the whole object.