Last updated: 10 Feb 2023

Best Sunglass Holders for Cars

For some people wearing a pair of sunglasses while driving is a bit of a fashion statement. But for the rest of us, they’re a safety feature along with other significant safety features of a vehicle. 

Because when the sun shines right into your vehicle without sunglasses, you struggle to see the road ahead. Yes, you can cut some of the glare with a sun visor, but what about when the sun is lower in the sky and directly in front of you? The sun visor is little to no help then; in reality, you’re almost driving blind, and who in their right mind would choose to drive any vehicle when blind?

But fumbling around trying to find your sunglasses is almost as dangerous as not having a pair. Because if you can’t lay your hands on them without taking your eyes off the road, then you’re putting yourself and passengers at risk—this is why you need a sunglass holder for your sunglasses.

Of course, you don’t want a pair of expensive sunglasses loose in the car either. They scratch very quickly, and jarring against plastic, coins, or metal objects you have hanging around in the glove box or down the side of the driver’s door isn’t doing them any good.

But researching which one is the best sunglass holder takes time and energy, and who’s got time for all that? Well, we do, and we’ve gone ahead and researched dozens of sunglass holders to find the best sunglass holders for cars we could find.

Best Sunglass Holders for Cars


FineGood 2 Pack Glasses Holders for Car

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If you’re looking for something straightforward to use and built with robust and high-quality carbon fiber material, this sunglass holder could be precisely what you want. On purchase, there are two sets, and each set holds two pairs of glasses; plus, if you’re going to keep a credit card handy, the holder will take that as well.

The holder clips securely onto your sun visor but definitely doesn’t get in your eye-line. With it being a clip-on, it’s drop-dead simple to put on and take off.

Sunglass holders are beneficial by their very nature, but along with usefulness, there’s also versatility with this holder. You can rotate the holder 180 degrees so adjust how they position on the visor, vertically or horizontally. You can use the holder whatever type of glasses you use; wide plastic or thin metal frames are all the same to this sunglass holder.

And in case you have any concerns about the holder damaging your $300 pair of sunglasses, don’t be there’s an inner cushion to protect them.


CHIMUYU Glasses Holders for Car Sun Visor

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This design is for the lady drivers who love some bling in their lives. This two-pack clip-on sunglasses holder is inlaid with crystal rhinestones; you have a choice of six different color crystals; choose a color to match the interior of your car.

Each clip will hold one pair of glasses, one clip for each visor so your BFF can hang her sunglasses up as well. And clip your credit or charge card to the holder in a super handy place when you pull in for some gas.

The sunglasses holder clips nicely onto the car’s visor and stay in place. Easy to unclip your glasses when you need to use them. Some top-quality protective sponge lines the inside of the holders to protect your glasses.

Choose these if you like some bling and color to the inside of your car, providing your sun visor is thinner than 0.98 inches.


KEKIMO Car Visor Sunglasses Case with Hidden Magnetic Closure, Universal Automotive Eyeglasses Organizer (Black)

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Kekimo sunglasses holder is a classy looking, PU leather material, heat-resistant, shock-proof, and waterproof accessory for your car or vehicle. The velvet inside lining will hold your glasses securely while protecting them from damage and scratches.

It has a double clip that snaps into place on your sun visor, down the sides of your doors or the back of the front seats. The clips are extra-wide to prevent them from marking your sun visors. No need to fumble around attempting to open the Kekimo holder; it’s equipped with a magnetic closure making it simple to pop open with one hand. 

The Kekimo sunglass holder is a little larger than most others at 6.3 x 1.77 x 3.35 inches, but this gives you plenty of room to store other useful items in a secure and handy place.


Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder

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If you’re like many people and need two pairs of glasses, one for distance and one for reading, this holder is built for you. You might have prescription sunglasses, but one problem is where to find a convenient place for your reading glasses. 

Yes, even when driving, there are always occasions when you need to get those reading glasses out.

Superior Essentials solve this issue because you can store two sets of glasses at one time. There are no tricky fasteners to manipulate while keeping your eyes on the road; you slide the glasses on and off; however, they will not easily slip out of the holder, even on bumpy roads. 

The holder mounts on any sun visor or over an air vent. Choose between vertical or horizontal placement if you prefer mounting the holder on the air vents.


lebogner Sun Visor Sunglasses Case Holder

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The lebogner Car Sun Visor Sunglasses Case Holder completely encloses your sunglasses in a hard shell ABS case, affording total protection from bumps, scratches, and losing them.

Measuring 7 x 2.7 x 1.7 inches, the lebogner will fit the sun visors of cars, trucks, and SUVs and will take any size sunglasses, even glasses with thicker plastic frames. The design ensures it opens by a single push to retrieve glasses without drivers having to take their eyes from the road.

The holder’s installation couldn’t be more straightforward; just use the two clips to position the holder on your visor. The double clips are wider to support the case and, at the same time not cause any indentations in your visor. There’s no way the sunglasses holder will get in the way while you’re driving.

The inside of the holder features a soft velvet-like material to prevent your glasses from getting scratched. On the reverse of the case are two slots where you can easily store cards.


MOSISO Car Visor Sunglasses Case

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The Mosiso sunglasses case is an attractive holder for one pair of glasses and a choice of piano black or space gray colors.

It will fit all sizes of sunglasses with dimensions of 7.09 x 2.76 x 1.81 inches, including those with thicker than average plastic frames. It can also fit any vehicle’s sun visors; attachment is a single PC clip strong enough to keep the holder in position.

The Mosiso holder is a hardshell fully protective case of quality ABS material. There is a magnetic closure ensuring opening and closing are single-handed. The case’s interior lining is a velvet-like material to protect your sunglasses from knocks and scratches.

For more convenience, the holder sports two card slots on the reverse side.


Linkstyle Car Sun Visor Organizer

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The Linkstyle is not so much a sunglasses holder but more of a total car organizer, including a sunglasses holder.

Providing some extra and valuable storage space for those annoying items you need in the car but have nowhere safe and secure to locate them. Things like spare keys, cards, pens, notepad, driving license and insurance, and of course, your sunglasses.

The organizer is made from quality PU leather of a neutral color to help blend into your car’s interior or black and beige and with a stainless steel zip. Storage areas include one large pocket, one mesh pocket, five cardholders, and one clip for a pair of glasses.

The Linkstyle organizer fits your sun visor firmly by two elasticated bands and is adjustable via each band’s velcro strips. 


BMZX Car Air Vent Storage Bag

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If you’re looking out for car storage or a tidy bin, this might fit the bill. It’s large enough to hold a cell phone, pens, cards, driving license, sunglasses, and a host of other items.

The storage unit is high-quality silicone and fits over most typical horizontal vehicle air vents, and is available in two colors, black and gray. But there is a third unit available for the Tesla Model 3 Model Y.

It’s not a huge storage unit at 4 inches by 5.6 inches by 3,35 inches, and to prevent blocking the air vent, your smartphone or cell shouldn’t exceed 6.5 inches tall.

If your vehicle is the keyless ignition type, this little storage unit is brilliant because it gives you somewhere to drop your keys, place them on the air vent closest to your ignition.


Jaronx Sunglasses Holder for Tesla Model 3/ Model Y

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The Jaronx Sunglasses holder is a custom-made design for the Tesla Model 3/Y. Before this holder came along, the only place Tesla owners could store sunglasses was the central console or the cup holder, neither convenient.

The Jaronx has quality, with the case being solid ABS and PC materials and a suede inner lining to protect sunglasses from any damage. The reverse side of the case and the bracket are also suede preventing any vibration while the vehicle is in motion.

The glasses case is a clamshell design to ensure your glasses remain dust-free. However, the case lid can still be left open when you’re driving to get easy access to your glasses.

The sunglasses case is suitable for glasses up to 7.09 inches and have a width of fewer than 2.36 inches. The case’s design emulates the color and design of the Tesla touchscreen display, giving the impression the case is a factory-installed part. Even though it’s not a factory option, installation is straightforward and will cause no damage to the console when you want to remove the case.



ROSON Sunglass Holder for Car Dash

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This sunglasses holder from Roson is a different take on the typical holders. You don’t need to worry about clips on the sun visor or vents with this handy little unit.

This tiny holder is only 1.22 inches by 3.1cm but will still take up to 11lbs in weight, so no danger your sunglasses are going to fall. With 180 degrees flipping and 360-degree rotation, you’re certain to find the ideal direction you want your glasses to hang.

The sunglass holder has an all-metal base that attaches to your dash with 3M premium glue using high-quality materials. The front of the holder is zinc alloy and stainless steel. With this design, it’s adaptable for use wherever you need to hang something, not just sunglasses. Maybe on a boat, truck, nightstand, shower room literally anywhere.

To use the sunglasses holder, simply slide one arm of the sunglasses over the ring and let them hang. Pick the location carefully because the glue is powerful enough to make removing the holder difficult.

Why You Should Use A Sunglasses Holder

If you’ve ever been driving in your car with the sun glaring through your windshield and you have to squint just to see the road ahead, you know how valuable sunglasses are. Who hasn’t experienced that situation? It’s the fastest route to a banging headache.

But having a pair of sunglasses hanging around on the console, in the cup holders, or the glove box is definitely not ideal. If you have a decent pair of sunglasses, then they cost a serious amount of money.

A sunglasses holder can save you all the fumbling around trying to find your glasses, and if they are hanging on the holder, you know they aren’t going to get damaged and are much easier to get hold of when you need them.

Single or Double Sunglasses Holders

If you own more than one pair of sunglasses, or as we mentioned earlier, you need somewhere to hang prescription glasses while you use your sunglasses, you’re going to need a double holder. But if you don’t wear glasses and only need the holder for sunglasses, then opt for the single holder.


All the recommendations in this buying cover a range of designs and different budgets to suit almost everyone. There are variations in terms of styles and materials. We have deliberately avoided any designs that use hard materials that can damage your glasses. We have chosen those designs that incorporate soft inner linings when it comes to hard case materials.

Sunglass holders are not an expensive item, but they do protect a costly item in your sunglasses. So don’t dismiss the benefits of these types of holders. We’re confident in this best sunglass holders for cars review, you will find the best one for the budget you want to spend.