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Best Seat Belt Cushions

Seat belts have been a feature of vehicles for donkey’s years; they do save lives, that’s for sure. But so many drivers and passengers hate to use them.

Either the seat belt cuts into a person’s neck or scrunches up their clothes; whatever the reason, people still risk fines and their health by not wearing a seat belt.

One way to alleviate the problems with seat belts is to wear a seat belt cushion. These types of pads or covers prevent the seat belt from digging into your neck and provide a lot more cushioning effect.

There are many choices to pick from, from soft and plushy, to leather and vinyl, and some are so cushioning they can double as a pillow. Naturally, there are some excellent and fun choices for your kids as well. Just using a seat belt as it is constantly causing a problem for kids, I’ve noticed the seat belt’s edges always cut into my kids’ necks.

Choosing the best seat belt cushions is no quick and easy task; there are literally dozens of choices. 

We’ve done much of this hard work for you and come up with our ideal choices for the best seat belt cushions. Have a look at the ones we’ve picked; I’m confident there will be two or three that you like and will suit you.

Best Seat Belt Cushions


COOLBEBE Car Seat Straps

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The Coolbebe car seat straps are available in small and large and a choice of black, pink, or blue. The cushions are ultra-soft velvet-like material. Your child won’t suffer from irritating chafing that regular straps produce. 

The soft material over soft foam pads hold your child comfortably and will not slip or allow your child to fall forward in the car seat.

The strap cushions are highly versatile; they will keep your child safe and comfy in their buggy, infant carrier, and of course, the car seat.

The cushion fabric is 100% polyester, and the padding is polyurethane foam; both are machine washable on a cold wash cycle; don’t tumble dry only air dry, though.


Amooca Soft Faux Sheepskin Seat Belt Shoulder Pad

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Choose the soft faux sheepskin seat belt pad if you want something that feels luxurious and comfortable while driving. You have a choice from red, black, beige, light gray, dark gray, and camel.

The high-density ultra-soft faux sheepskin fits perfectly on the car seat belts and provides exceptional comfort levels. The two halves of the seat belt pads fit together with a cloth sticker; it works together snugly with no wrinkling or bunching and will not snag on your clothes.

The pads will also stay in position on the seat belt; they will not slide up and down the belt with velcro holding their position.

The pads are not just useful for car seat belts; anything you have with carrying handles that cut into your shoulder, such as a golf bag, sling bag, backpack, etc. The price includes one pair of pads.

Faux sheepskin seat belt covers can be coordinated with a steering wheel cover and gear-shift cover. Nothing to say you can’t be fashionable while making yourself comfy.


Amooca Car Seat Belt Cushions

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The Amooca car seat belt cushions are high-density super soft cotton pads offering bags of comfort. There are several color choices to match your vehicle’s interior, red, purple, pink, black, gray, and light gray; the price includes two packs of pads.

Quick and straightforward to install; open the pad’s underside, slip it over the seat belt, and fasten with the velcro on the cloth sticker that runs the entire cushion length.

There are several uses for these pads, not just as seat belt cushions; but also on any carrying handle you prefer.

These seat belt cushions have extra soft material, but you’re not sacrificing quality over price; they are sturdy and not at all flimsy and fit your seat belt perfectly.

These car seat belts will definitely enhance the look of your car’s interior. One annoying thing with car seat covers is they can slide down the belt, and you’re forever pulling them up to a comfortable position; not with this Amooca, though, once you choose the location, they stay put.


Soft Car Seatbelt Covers - Beige 15.5in (1pc)

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If your vehicle’s interior is beige, then these beige and tan car seat belt cushions were made for you; admirers will think they came with your car. Quality workmanship and design features definitely give the cushions a high-end look. There’s sufficient padding for them to feel comfortable without feeling like they pull the belt too far away from the body.

Many people aren’t too happy about plush or fake fur material against their skin because it makes them hot and itchy; you won’t experience that problem with these.

The covers will fit all seat belt types and a range of car seats; fitting the belts is a simple procedure with an easy-to-open velcro strip. 

The seat belt cushions look brilliant with their embroidered lettering and soft material. 


Zento Deals Soft Faux Sheepskin Seat Belt Shoulder Pad

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If you love soft faux sheepskin and enjoy accessorizing your ride, you have to choose these Zento Deals soft faux sheepskin seat belt shoulder pads. The faux sheepskin is premium-quality; will not fade, flatten or discolor. This fluffy soft material will look fantastic on your gear shift, steering wheel, and as an emergency brake cover.

Black tends to be the perfect color for car interiors because it goes with everything. The material cleans easily with just a wipe down.

If you’ve ever driven over a long distance with your seat belt rubbing against your skin, you’ll definitely appreciate just how soft and luxurious these sheepskin covers feel.

The seat belt cover’s underside is PU leather with a double strip of velcro to hold the cover securely onto the seat belt.


Sparco 01090R3NR 2" Alcantara Black Seat Belt Harness Pad

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The Sparco 01090R3NR seat belt harness features Alcantara suede and memory foam. They are the perfect size for the standard 2-inch wide seat belt.

Memory foam offers the perfect balance between padding and softness without the bulk and clumsiness of some seat belt covers; we do love memory foam in our seat belt covers.

If you’ve ever suffered an injury, to say your collar bone, then you know how uncomfortable and sometimes painful seat belts can be. 

The Sparco cover’s memory foam is firmer than most, so it gives additional padding between your injury and the seat belt.

The Alcantara suede creates a luxuriously soft feel; no more raw skin in your neck region, and your clothes will look just as good getting out of the car as they did when you got in.

You have the choice of plain black, or you can choose red or blue and have the Sparco name embroidered down the entire length of the car seat cushion; that’s a great idea if you want to add more Sparco products to the car’s interior.

Sparco has a reputation as a high-end performance accessory and apparel manufacturer, and you might be forgiven for thinking you were paying more for the name. Still, these seat belt cushions are top-quality, and with these, you get what you pay for.


SSAWcasa Seat Belt Covers for Kids

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Many kids love to fall asleep in the car; whether it’s the engine noise or the car’s gentle rocking, sleep just comes naturally to some kids. 

My grandmother’s favorite expression was ” you could go to sleep on a clothesline,” which was a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.

Falling asleep isn’t the problem though, it’s the stiff neck they wake up with. Because the car seats are virtually straight up, a child will always be slumping or slouching in their chair, and their head is always going to fall forward; if they try to rest to the side, they come up against the car’s hard interior or glass windows.

Putting the SSAWcasa on your child’s seat belt will allow them to rest comfortably.

This kid’s high-quality shoulder pad is filled with PP cotton, and the cover is an ultra-soft micro-suede fabric; it’s not going to cause any skin irritation, not even on sensitive faces when they naturally get hot.

The pillow’s size is perfect for small bodies at 11.8 by 4.7 by 2.5 inches; it will fit snugly against the child’s neck and face holding their head in a natural position.

The fabric features a hook and loop fastening tape rather than velcro, which is more comfortable for kids without being scratched by velcro.


Diono Universal Harness Soft Wraps

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Once your toddler is old enough to sit upright in his car seat, a problem you might have come across is how the seat belts in the seat cut across both sides of his or her little neck.

Traditional seat belt covers are often too long to fit in the shortened space of a car seat. You really don’t want to have to cut them down to size so you can use them.

One solution is the Diono harness soft wraps. These covers are definitely the perfect size at only five inches long.

The soft wraps come in a pack of two, so you can cover each side of the car seat, and you have a choice of blue, pink, or light gray.

But it doesn’t stop at the car seat because you can use these covers on infant carriers and strollers, so no matter where you take your toddler, you’ll always know he isn’t going to end up with a chafed neck.

The pillows are super-soft with bags of cushioning and are exceptionally well-made. Give your child the extra protection and comfort that will make car trips more enjoyable for your little one.


Tatuo 4 Pack Car Seat Belt Pads

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The Tatuo car seat belt pads are a great choice, not least because they are an inexpensive pack of four pads so that you can cover all the seat belts in the car. 

There’s a wide range of color choices; whatever the color of your car’s interior or your color preference, there’s bound to be one that suits you.

Protect your neck from chafing and keep your clothes in a reasonable condition by using these soft and comfortable seat belt shoulder pads from Tatuo.

The pads feature a foam lining suitable for both adults and older kids; they offer increased protection against harsh braking, which sometimes is unavoidable.

The seat belt pads also have several uses other than the car; use them on backpacks, suitcases, luggage, laptop cases; I’m sure you can find numerous innovative benefits for padded belt pads.

You can install them very quickly; simply open them and slip them over the belt; they fasten with a velcro strip running the length of the pad.


GAMPRO Car Seat Belt Pad Cover

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of seat belt covers with a wide choice of colors, the Gampro set will make a great choice. Not only do you have a choice of four colors, but you can opt to purchase a four-pack which is even better value for money.

But don’t think because they are inexpensive, they do a poor job because they do an excellent job; you’re not sacrificing quality over price.

Gampro has chosen polyester as their material for these pads because it’s soft and comfortable and will not fade over time. When the sun glares through the car’s glass, it often causes accessories such as car seat belt covers to fade, making them look tired and old. But Gampro insists their covers will not fade.

Inside the covers is a soft sponge because it has a porous nature that can wick away moisture and is a breathable material. Gampro is confident their product will meet your exacting requirements because they offer a lifetime money-back guarantee; another reason why this deal makes so much sense.

Bottom Line

Seat belt cushions have evolved, and there are a wide variety of materials, colors, and even novelty versions making them much more appealing to adults and their children.

They are definitely worth looking at; it makes the car journey far more comfortable and safer, especially for your kids.

We have all had to spend some time sleeping in a car, even if it’s only for a few hours to rest our eyes on a long journey; a seat belt cover can make a massive difference in the quality of that sleep.

We’re confident that this best car seat cushions buying guide will offer you some fantastic choices.

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