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Best iPad Holder For Car

Parents hear it all the time; they must cut down their kids’ screen time on electronic devices. I agree it is a worrying statistic how much time kids (and adults) spend glued to their screens.

But, taking your kids on a long road trip or journey is not the best time to invoke some time limits. Not unless you want to hear that ubiquitous question, “Are we there yet?” And listen to it repeatedly ad nauseam.

Let us be completely honest with each other; try as we might, traditional ways of surviving those long hours in a car with our kids last for all of what-five minutes? Before we’re back to the kids bickering with each other, listening to the “I’m bored,” “I need the bathroom,” which is just another way of saying “I’m bored,” complaints from the back of the car.

No, let’s agree the tablet is the only possible avenue out of the hell that is long-distance travel, with the kids, in the back of the car. I don’t want to sound overly dramatic about this topic, but there you have, my personal experience played out for you in two or three paragraphs of misery.

So how do we redress this situation, because we agree they must have their tablets, right? Now we need to talk about the best iPad holder for a car.

Because I have a personal stake in this product, I have done all of the research for you, and I’ve come up with the ten best iPad holders for cars that you can find. All you need to do now is choose the one that suits your budget and circumstances, and you are 90% of the way to ensuring happy car journeys with the kids.

Best iPad Holder For Car


iKross 2-in-1 Tablet and Smartphone Mounts

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iKross features several devices for in-car mobile use in their product catalog, and the iKross 2-in-1 tablet and smartphone mount is one of the best they have to offer.

The 2-in-1 designation is because the device includes brackets, making it suitable for both iPads, other tablets, and smartphones. If you need to swap out your smartphone to tablet or vice versa, it’s quick and straightforward.

Every modern vehicle has cup holders, and that’s one reason why this mount is so convenient; the mount slots into any standard-size vehicle cup holder. Even allowing for the extra weight of a tablet, the iKross 2-in-1 double-sided grips will still hold your tablet securely, which would become a priority if you were off-road or on a particularly bumpy road.

The bracket has tremendous rigidity, so heavier tablets aren’t going to be an issue. You can fit a 10.2-inch tablet at the broadest setting and the smaller end, a 7-inch. Swap out the end of the bracket to install any size smartphone you like.

Fixing the mount is very straightforward; slot it into the cupholder and twist the grooved knob until the mounting is secure. The base expands and will fit any vehicle’s standard cup holder. No tools are necessary, and it takes seconds to be up and ready.

The mount’s design utilizes a 10-inch swing arm providing stabilized viewing, while the 360-degree swivel ball means you can adjust your tablet to the ideal angle for viewing.


TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount

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Suppose you think back to the luxury vehicles of a few years ago and how they integrated viewing screens into the back of the front seats, similar to modern aircraft. In that case, you can see where TFY got the inspiration for their Universal car headrest mount.

Of course, you don’t need to buy a luxury sedan to get the same effect; all it takes now is a few dollars and your iPad or tablet.

The mount comprises a broad elastic fabric with velcro securing patches you wrap around the headrest. The support is suitable for adjustable height headrests and also fixed height headrests. For adjustable headrests, wrap the fabric vertically and for fixed height headrests horizontally.

To connect your device to the headrest mount, use the two plastic-coated metal clips; the plastic coating ensures no damage will come to your iPad or tablet. Place the device in the clips and secure the clips via the sewn-on velcro strips. You adjust the viewing angle by simply moving the strap to the left or right until you find a comfortable viewing position.

When not in use, you can leave the strap on the headrest; it doesn’t interfere with the driver’s or front passenger’s comfort.

For passengers in the back seats, this is an easy solution for mounting an iPad or tablet and fixing the tablet to the back of the seat in front, instead of hand-holding a device that can bring on car motion sickness.


APPS2Car CD Slot Tablet Car Mount - Universal (2 in 1)

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If you use Google maps as your preferred GPS navigation and you like to see it on a large screen, this Satechi iPad tablet CD mount might be just the device that suits your needs.

The Satechi device has an innovative way of displaying your tablet that most other manufacturers don’t offer. Typically most mounts are always slightly skewed, making it difficult to clearly see the display as the driver might wish. In-car systems are always in prime position to read the onboard display; now, you can utilize that location for your iPad or tablet using a CD slot as the solution.

Installing the mount in the CD slot is straightforward and quick; it fits into most vehicle’s CD slots as long as there is 4 to 6mm space. Even though the device’s clip only extends a few centimeters into the CD slot, it’s more than enough to hold your tablet securely. 

You will not require any extra tools to fit the mount, and you only need 20mm above and 40mm of space below the CD slot. 

The great thing about this method is that the iPad or tablet display will be at eye level, but it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying your CDs simultaneously.

Your iPad or tablet slips between two plastic clips; they open up to 7.68 inches, accommodating tablets from 5 to 11 inches in size. Tapering the clips solves the older model tablets’ weight issue; typically, they weigh more than current thinner tablets.

Electronic devices such as smartphones, GPS navigators, etc., can often distract drivers, so positioning the tablet at eye level makes for quicker and safer operation.


iKross Universal Car Tablet Mount

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We previously mentioned that iKross have numerous devices on offer for in-car mobile use. The Universal car tablet mount is another innovative way to mount iPads and tablets in your vehicle.

This iPad and tablet mount is brilliant if you have more than one child and they share the tablet between them. The only issue you’ll have to contend with is which program or movie they want to watch. We can’t solve that argument for you, but at least we can position the iPad where all the kids can get a good viewing angle.

The mount will fit any standard headrest poles and has an extendable arm for positioning the mount in the center of the two front seats. Alternatively, if only one person is watching the screen, then place the iPad and tablet mount directly behind one headrest.

The bracket is compatible with either front seat and can extend left or right into the center of both seats; the installation is straightforward, and no tools are necessary.

Once you have your iPad or tablet in position, the bracket has a 360-degree swivel ball for optimized viewing angles in horizontal or vertical mode; and you can fit your tablets from 4.5 inches up to 10 inches with a maximum thickness of 1.8cm in size.

Your tablet will slot easily into the two clamps, and there are slide release buttons for both top and bottom clamps; the device holder features foam-padded grips so that no damage will come to your device.


Macally Car Headrest Mount

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Should you have several children in your vehicle’s back seat and the plan is to entertain them using an iPad or tablet, the wrong idea is to place the tablet in one kid’s hands.

Listening to the complaints about the channel they are watching is bad enough, but when one kid controls the device, it’s a recipe for disaster.

We have just the iPad and tablet mount that will solve this headache for you; that’s the Macally car headrest mount. I should also mention at this stage; the Macally will also help with the issue of motion sickness. I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to pull over because my son has motion sickness from holding and watching his tablet when the cars are in motion.

If you use a device mount, that’s one more problem you’re not going to encounter on your travels, and it’s a crucial one because a kid with motion sickness is a big issue.

The Macally gives you the option of positioning the mount either directly behind a headrest or using the extension arm; you can move the mount between the two front seats, enabling all backseat passengers to view the tablet.

To fit the mount is very straightforward; there are two clamps, each wraps around one headrest pillar. To loosen the clamps so they will slide onto the poles, turn the knob counterclockwise; once both clamps are around the bars, tighten the knobs clockwise.

The padded grips that will hold the tablets extend to accept 4-inch to 10-inch devices; You can also rotate them to view the iPad or tablet vertically or horizontally.


Tablet Car Mount Holder 13" Gooseneck Extension

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Do you like the idea of using your device’s Google maps function as your go-to navigation system because your vehicle doesn’t have a traditional GPS device? 

But you want to view it on a large screen?  The APPS2 mount with a gooseneck extension will be perfect for you. Driving distractions cause more road traffic accidents than anything else. Trying to follow the route visually on a smartphone when you use distance glasses can be tremendously tricky; you can’t afford to take your eyes off the road for too long; it’s dangerous.

If you could utilize your iPad or tablet instead of a smartphone, I’m sure that would resolve the issue.

With the APPS2 tablet mount, you have a suction cup that attaches to your windshield; the 13-inch gooseneck you can position over the dash and have it around eye level for easy viewing.

The gooseneck is thick rubberized aluminum, so you can bend the pipe into the perfect position for easy reach and operation, reducing the amount of time your eyes are off the road.

At the working end of the gooseneck is a tablet mount that utilizes a spring locking system for your tablet. At the junction of the gooseneck pipe and the mounting bracket, there’s a 360-degree swivel ball that allows you to rotate the tablet to the best possible viewing angle. This way, you can position your tablet at eye level, close enough, without obscuring your vision.


Tryone Car Headrest Tablet Mount

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If you only have one backseat passenger wanting to watch their iPad or tablet, then the Tryone car headrest mount will work exceptionally well for you.

The mount fits onto the headrest poles of one headrest and is a straightforward one-handed operation taking just a few seconds.

To make sure the tablet mount is compatible with your vehicle, the gap between the two headrest poles should be between 4.9 and 5.9 inches.

You can use this mount for anything from a smartphone up to a 10.2-inch iPad or 10.5-inch android tablet. There’s also multi-angle rotation for switching from vertical to horizontal viewing or simply to get a better viewing angle; perhaps the sun’s glare is causing a problem.

The bracket doesn’t obscure the charging hole or the headphone jack on any device you use with the mount. The iPad and tablet mount is premium aluminum alloy and robust ABS plastic. To prevent the grips from damaging your device’s edges, they have anti-skip and anti-scratch silicone in the lining.

The mount doesn’t extend outwards into the vehicle, so for larger vehicles, it might be difficult for children to see a smartphone screen, but there should be no such problem viewing tablets.


WANPOOL Universal Car Headrest Mount

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If you have a child watching his or her iPad or tablet in the car’s back seat and the sun’s glare is causing a serious issue, you need to choose a car headrest mount with an angle-adjustment feature.

For this reason, we’re talking about the Wanpool angle-adjustable car headrest mount. It’s frustrating for everyone when the glare reduces viewing pleasure, and it’s even more irritating for a child.

Your child can pop their iPad or tablet into the mount with or without its case.  Even without the case, the clamps will not damage the device.

The headrest mount comprises a stain-resistant stretch nylon fabric strap that fastens around the headrest, and you can secure it with velcro strips. The strap can be wrapped vertically or horizontally around the headrest, depending on if the headrest is fixed or adjustable. There are also two holding clamps that you fit your device into; the top clamp is hinged to enable the user to adjust the viewing angle and avoid any glare.

The two holding clamps attach to the strap via velcro strips; when not in use, the mount can be removed or can be left in place, there’s no inconvenience to the seat’s passenger.

The headrest mount is suitable for iPads and Android tablets from 6 inches to 12.9 inches.


Tryone Car Headrest Tablet Mount Holder - Auto Backseat Stand

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The Squish car headrest mount is about as simple to operate as these mounts can be. There are no tools necessary to fit this to your headrest; it’s quick to install and is practically a one-handed operation.

When velcro is the primary way for a tablet to be held in place, parents begin to get a little nervous because they think the tablet will fall off if the vehicle travels over a few bumps. If you’re one of these parents, then the Squish should be your choice.

Providing the distance between the headrest posts are 4.9 inches to 5.9 inches, the Squish will fit your vehicle. First, attach the spring tension bar onto the headrest mount; spin the locking nut onto the bolt, then slot on the tension bar and tighten the nut. You’ll find the tension bar is now capable of rotating 360 degrees thanks to the swivel ball in the mount.

Press and hold the spring tension arm inwards and insert between the headrest poles and release the arm; it securely locks itself to the headrest bars. Pull the mount’s grip outwards and insert the tablet; you can then rotate it to the position you need. 


AHK Car Cup Holder Tablet Mount

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If you’re looking for something to do with a spare cup holder rather than just store keys, coins, and other bits and pieces, try fitting a tablet mount.

Many drivers use Google maps to navigate. It’s free, and Google’s maps are just as accurate as buying an expensive GPS navigator; even if you splurge on a navigator or your car has one factory-fitted eventually, you have to fork out for all the updates.

The biggest issue is what device to use. Many drivers trying to follow maps on a smartphone are tricky because they might be at the age where they need near and far-sighted glasses; who can switch glasses every few seconds? It’s not possible.

But if you could use your iPad or Android tablet, you wouldn’t have that annoying problem.

That’s where the AHK cup holder tablet mount comes in.

As we mentioned, if you have a cup holder going spare and they are standard sizes between 2.44 and 3.14 inches, then they can take this cup holder mount. You slot the mount’s base into your cup holder, twist the extension pole until the bottom is snug and tight. Rubber cushions and silicone ensure the mount’s base doesn’t scratch inside the cup holder. The bar extends seven inches above your cup holder, and a rotatable mount fits on top via a swivel ball.

The mount accepts smartphones, iPads, and tablets from 4.7 inches to 12.9 inches. After you have assembled the mount and attached your tablet, you’ll find it’s in the ideal position to see and operate your device without taking your eyes from the road.

Best iPad Holder For Cars Buyer’s Guide


Price is a factor for most people, but low prices don’t always equate to low quality and vice versa. Our above list of recommended products has taken into account the cost, value for money, and product quality. We are confident you will find at least one suitable for your needs and budget.


Comfortably viewing your device is a primary factor, whether it’s for navigation or backseat entertainment. When you want to view your device, does the mount or holder offer angle-adjustment, 360-degree rotation, or at least swivel to avoid glare? Tablets or iPads are not left behind when the vehicle isn’t in use; it’s necessary to remove your device quickly and easily for convenience.

Unnecessary Features

If you’re looking to save money, purchasing an iPad holder with additional features you aren’t going to use might cost more, so if all you’re looking for is a straightforward tablet holder, then go for that. 

Which iPad Or Tablet Holder Will You Choose

Taking your iPad, tablet, and smartphone with you when traveling, even short journeys, has now become the norm for everyone. Because of this, it’s crucial to have somewhere helpful to put your device. It could be for navigation, hands-free operation, or the entertainment of your kids and other passengers. Choosing the best iPad holder for your car is now a necessity, not a choice.

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