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Best Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors are critical equipment if you’re towing a caravan or trailer that’s wider than your vehicle. Not only because it makes sense from a safety aspect, but it’s illegal not to have them on your car.

Hooking up a trailer or caravan bigger than your vehicle means your rearview mirror isn’t of any use, and your vision is obscured; the only way you’ll be able to see anything coming up behind or overtaking is with towing mirrors. 

When towing a trailer or caravan, you must have an unobstructed view along both sides and enough of a distance behind whatever you are pulling.

Reversing without towing mirrors is also wholly unrealistic and incredibly dangerous for yourself, anyone else, and property in your vehicle’s vicinity.

Should you be new to towing, it is intimidating to figure out the best towing mirrors because of all the different options. We’re confident this guide is going to help you.

Having such a vast choice of towing mirrors means they will have their disadvantages and benefits such as how they fit, how secure they are, are they straightforward to install, some have special features like heated glass for icy mornings.

We’ve chosen a good cross-section of the best towing mirrors for your benefit; take a look and see what you think yourself. 

Best Towing Mirrors


Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror

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The Dometic Milenco’s design allows for a universal fit and will mount on all existing vehicle mirrors even if they are curved. The easy-grip clamp attachments clip onto your vehicle’s existing mirrors; no additional tools are needed.

A massive problem with clip-on mirrors is wind turbulence making them vibrate and shake; this seriously impacts your view through the mirrors.

Dometic has intensively tested these mirrors, so they comply with international regulations, and the manufacturers engineer them to minimize any injuries to pedestrians.

The mirror screws are high-grade stainless steel with brass inserts and will not rust; the mirror is chrome safety glass and has an extended lifespan without discoloring.

The Dometic mirrors are of exceptional quality and have excellent clarity; even though they are lightweight, they can still withstand harsh weather conditions.

One tip when using these towing mirrors is not to leave the C clamp on your vehicle’s mirrors. If you do, you’ll have to readjust your mirrors each time you want to use them. Remove the clamp and the mirrors together; that way, they’ll fit right back in the correct position.


Fit System 3891 Deluxe Universal Clip-on Trailer Towing Mirror

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The Fit system 3891 are universal mirrors that fit all vehicle mirrors up to 11 1/2 inches tall. The Fit system mirror head is 5 inches by 8 inches and has a viewing area of 5 1/8 by 7 3/4 inches.

The mirrors have a good look about them, and you won’t need any tools to fit them on your existing mirrors; the double mounting straps clip on and fasten using Fit’s ratchet lock system. This lock system reduces vibrations when the vehicle starts to build up at any speed.

The clip-on straps are rubberized and will protect the paint on the existing mirrors; ensure you extend the towing mirrors far enough to give you unobstructed views along and behind your trailer.

You will be happy with the extra rear visibility these mirrors provide, and the setup is solid and doesn’t vibrate even at highway speeds.


ECCPP Towing Mirrors Replacement fit

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The ECCPP Towing Mirrors are a permanent solution and will replace your existing factory-fitted pair of side mirrors.

Because of this, ensure they fit your vehicle perfectly before purchasing, and if you doubt you can fit them correctly, you will need professional assistance.

If you are towing wide loads in freezing conditions, these will undoubtedly be a helpful addition because they feature built-in heating and defrosting. For standard road conditions, you’ll also appreciate LED arrows and turn signals; the powered adjustability feature is another excellent benefit.

These towing mirrors are of exceptional quality and work as efficiently and vibration-free, precisely like your previous factory-fitted side mirrors. They manually fold flat and extend; there’s very little wind noise when traveling on the highway at speed. Of course, they wouldn’t be much use as towing mirrors without the extended field of view. Once extended, you’ll see the two mirrors, the lower one with a panoramic view and a power adjusted upper mirror with power heating, give excellent visibility.

These are large mirrors with an overall measurement of 12 by 8 inches and extend fully to 22 inches.


Auto Dynasty Black Telescoping Towing Mirrors

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Auto Dynasty has a wide range of vehicle towing mirrors which vary from fully powered to manually operated. This particular model has a wide array of features. 

These mirrors are a complete replacement for your stock-fitted mirrors; if you are unsure exactly how to fit them, it might pay you to get professional assistance.

The tow mirrors feature special reinforcement brackets to eliminate vibrations when driving at speed on the highway. The mirrors fold flat and extend manually; once extended via the telescoping function, you’ll see a much broader view alongside and behind your vehicle.

Auto Dynasty is a dual mirror, with the upper part being plain while the lower portion is a convex mirror. Once you have fitted the mirrors,  you can utilize the power switch to adjust the side mirrors’ viewing angle.


SCITOO Chevy/GMC Towing Mirrors - Manual/Telescoping (88-98)

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The SCITOO Chevy/GMC Towing Mirrors have a manual telescoping function from eighteen inches to twenty-one inches and can also be manually folded flat when not in use.

Because the mirrors are intended to replace the factory-fitted set, they match specific vehicles’ requirements and options. If your car doesn’t have identical options, you would need to choose a different set of towing mirrors.

These upgraded towing mirrors support a much wider viewing angle, reduces the blind spot, and improves visibility. They feature dual-glass, with the upper area being a plain mirror and the lower section convex glass.

The mirrors have a robust construction of lightweight textured ABS plastic.

The towing mirrors are a direct replacement for the factory-fitted mirrors from Chevy and GMC trucks and SUVs. If you are the owner of a Tahoe, Yukon, Sierra, Yukon XL, Silverado and Suburban sold through 1999 to 2000 and 2000 to 2007, you can use these towing mirrors.


CIPA 11950 Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror

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The Cipa 11950 is a cheaper variation on expensive towing solutions; if this is your first time or the only time you’ll be towing a trailer or caravan, then it makes perfect sense. Even if you require towing mirrors for a long time, you could still get at least a couple of years’ use out of them before upgrading.

The Cipa clip-on towing mirrors fit as described, and you secure them on your existing mirrors via two rubber straps, extending your rearview by a further seven inches. The Cipa mirror stands clear of your current mirrors, so it’s not obstructing your view if you find it helpful to use those mirrors still.

Your new Cipa mirrors have a 5 by 7.5-inch mirror surface area, and you can fit them to any mirror up to 10 inches; the mirror fits either side of your vehicle.

You are advised not to leave the Cipa Universal clip-on mirrors on a vehicle when not being used for towing; it’s also inadvisable not to remove them when you have parked your vehicle. 


ECCPP Towing Mirrors fit for 2009-16 Ram

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The ECCPP 050729 towing mirror is a direct replacement for any Dodge Ram 2009-2010 1500, Ram 2010 2500 and 3500, and Dodge Rams 2011-2016 1500, 2500, and 3500.

The replacement mirrors are manual fold-flat and manual fold up for viewing and offer the exact base-plate 3-pin mounting location and OE connector.

The mirror is split in two with a small convex mirror and incorporates an integrated turn signal and small puddle light.

The mirrors feature power adjustment allowing you to change the mirror position to suit each driver; it’s inconvenient to get out of the truck or attempt to reach across to the passenger side to adjust side mirrors. On a freezing morning use the mirror heating function to defrost the mirrors quickly, and the function also helps to clear rain and mist that can sometimes obscure a clear view behind you.

The puddle light is useful when leaving your vehicle in unlit areas; you can turn on the light manually or remotely; the light will automatically switch off when the door is closed.


Camco 25653 Universal Clamp-On Towing Mirror

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The Camco clamp-on towing mirror is dual-view, and both mirror parts adjust independently, featuring an aerodynamic design to reduce vibration when traveling at speed on the highway.

Installing the tow mirror is straightforward and quick. Simply apply the clamps to the top and bottom of your existing mirror and position the adjustable straps around the back; no tools are necessary. The straps work with existing mirrors that are between seven and ten inches tall.

You can fit the Camco mirrors within two minutes; they should be removed when not in use or parked to avoid them being stolen. As with all universal fitting mirrors, you will experience some vibrations when traveling at speed.


Fit System 80900 Towing Mirrors

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Fit Systems have been in existence since 1950, and a prominent manufacturer of vehicle mirrors; and are recognized as a leading partner in the OE mirror and replacement mirror aftermarket sector for 60 years. 

Their replacement mirror business is the largest of its kind in the US and Canada.

This Fit System 80900 is a clip-on mirror that simply clips on and covers the entire existing mirror. There’s no need to use any tools to fit this, and once fitted, it’s difficult to tell it wasn’t a factory fit. Once in position, the built-in clips will hold it in position securely. These clip-on mirrors will fit Dodge, Ford, Chevy, and Toyota model trucks; they look stylish and aerodynamic when in place.

Even if you have power-operated mirrors on your vehicle, these snap-on towing mirrors will fold with your existing mirrors without incident.

The face of the towing mirror is scratch-resistant glass, and the body of the mirror is weather-resistant.



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The Perfit Zone towing mirrors are compatible with Dodge Ram 2002 to 2008 1500, Ram 2003 to 2009 2500, and Ram 2003 to 2009 3500.

The tow mirrors are manually and telescopically extended quickly and are straightforward to operate. The mirror’s face is in two sections; the lower right corner is a convex spotter, and the remainder is power-adjustable. The mirrors are also power heated to help defrost in freezing conditions and remove mist and rain to keep rear visibility clear. You can use the towing mirrors in a horizontal position or extend telescopically and use them in a vertical position.

The mirror’s design is a replacement for your factory-fitted mirrors. However, these mirrors do not offer an integrated turn signal.

The manufacturers offer a full one-year warranty. The price includes a pair of towing mirrors.

What Are Towing Mirrors?

Whenever you drive a vehicle on the road, you must have unobstructed views along the side and the vehicle’s rear.

 The standard towing mirror will extend your view further outwards and in the rear beyond what your factory-fitted mirrors can provide. There are several designs of towing mirrors available, and in this buying guide, we have given you an excellent cross-section of what you can best nfl uniforms custom hockey jerseys adidas on sale sales on adidas shoes nfl com shop cheap wigs nfl custom jersey nike air max sc custom hockey jersey adidas yeezy foam runner mens stores braided headband wigs team jersey adidas yeezy 700 v3 baseball uniforms cowboys jersey urchase.

Why Do I Need Towing Mirrors?

Factory-fitted mirrors typically have blind spots, and if you hook up a trailer or caravan to your vehicle, you’ll make those blind spots much worse. In fact, it’s doubtful you can see anything at all alongside or to the rear of whatever you’re towing.

It’s not just that you’ll be illegally driving; it’s also hazardous. If you can’t see alongside your vehicle and in the rear, you cannot safely overtake; if you do, you’re putting your life, as well as other road users, lives at risk.

So investing in a set of towing mirrors is crucial.

This best towing mirrors guide offers you the perfect choice whatever your budget or personal requirements.

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