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Best Underglow Kit in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Why would anyone want to buy an underglow kit for their vehicle? Start with safety. These underbody lights work together with the vehicle’s headlights to increase the driver’s road visibility. Their brightness would help you spot potholes, road cracks and speed breakers from a distance.

Then comes style. While the cars of yesteryears were only a means of transportation, today’s automobiles are an extension of their owner’s mood and personality. Carowners can thus count on these lights to set themselves apart from other drivers on the road.

Equally impressive is their durability. Similar to your vehicle’s built-in headlights, almost all the best underglow kits are waterproof. They have rugged frames to protect them from roadside dust and debris. Most also feature reinforced lens to rule out fading and yellowing.

Best Underglow Kit in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide


KORJO Car Underglow Lights

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The Korjo Car Underglow Lights come with multiple exciting features. They are equipped with 120 color modes, including chasing, dancing, skipping and more. All of them can be customized from your smartphone as these lights come with Android and iPhone compatible apps. 

These ground lights for cars are also universally compatible. You can mount them underneath trucks, vans, pickups, SUVs and passenger cars. All you have to do is secure them to your vehicle’s underbody with the supplied adhesive tape, before securing the installation using the mounting clips and cable tie.

You are given two options to power these lights. The first one involves connecting their wires to your car’s 12V cigarette adapter. The second option, meanwhile, allows you to connect their wires to your vehicle’s battery’s positive/negative terminals. Both options are easy to execute.

What’s more, these underglow lights are backed by a 1-year warranty and a 90-day moneyback guarantee. Everything you’d need to get them up and running, from wires to cigarette power adapter, is included in their package too. You won’t have to purchase anything extra. 


Xprite Car Underglow Neon Accent Strip Lights Kit

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Looking for the best neon lights for cars? Then you won’t go wrong with the Xprite Car Underglow Underbody System. These lights are unique in the sense that they don’t just shine bright. They also shine wide and will thus let you paint the town with their multiple colors.

A flexible rubber tubing protects their kit and helps it withstand dust, debris and water. Also on offer is an impact-resistant coating that does what its name implies. All of this is to say that you won’t have to worry about roadside debris breaking these lights. 

The included remote control makes customizing their output a cinch. It contains buttons to turn the lights on/off, increase or decrease their brightness and amp up or tone down their blinking speed. The best thing about the remote is that you can operate it from a distance of 100feet.

That’s not all. This light kit has four sound active modes that will sync with your vehicle’s audio system. It also offers 2 pre-set fading and jump patterns, 4 lighting effects and 8 standard colors. All in all, it has everything to help your vehicle stand out on the road.


LEDCARE Car Underglow Lights - Dream Color Chasing (APP Control)

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One of the best things about these lights is that they turn red when you apply brakes. This will make your car the center of attention of every other driver on the road. All you have to do to take advantage of this feature is activate the ‘Smart Brake Function’ mode. 

Then comes their built-in mic. It is highly sensitive to music and directly influences the color, speed, and brightness of LED lights. You can rely on the mic to slow down the lights’ intensity when you’re playing gloomy music and increase their intensity when your mood is up again.

These lights offer two methods to control their output. You can either install their app on your smartphone (Android or iPhone), or you can use the supplied 24-key remote control. Both will let you switch among seven color modes and give these lights’ control in the palm of your hand.

Their installation is equally trouble-free. These lights come with everything you need to mount them to your vehicle’s underbody. That includes strong 3M adhesive tape, multiple screws and additional zip ties, as well as all the wires that you’d need to form a secure and robust connection. 


OPT7 Aura Underglow Flexible Lighting Kit

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The OPT7 Aura Underglow Flexible Lighting Kit offers five color modes. The first two, solid and strobe, are for occasions where you don’t want to go over the top. That isn’t the case with the last three modes (pulse, cycle and beat). All of them will make everyone around you aware of your upbeat mode.

You might find it helpful to note that Aura strips are sealed and secured. They are protected by IP67 waterproof material which prevents the ingress of moisture and dust. That is precisely why you can use these lights in temperatures ranging between -40F and 185F.

Most LED strips out there want you to mount them flat under your vehicle. This one gives you the freedom to bend it, shape it and curve it anywhere you want. You can therefore angle these lights’ output at an angle of your choosing. That’s not where the good news ends.

OPT17 has further upped the ante by backing this lighting kit with a 1-year warranty. You also get a lifetime of technical support, which in plain English means you can pick up the phone and talk to one of OPT17’s customer reps anytime something goes south with these lights.  


USTELLAR 25W RGB LED Floodlights - 4 Pack (Indoor/Outdoor)

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The Ustellar RGB LED Rock Lights aren’t your average underbody lights. Mainly because your average underbody lights aren’t as expensive as these. But also because you can’t count on a standard underglow light kit to light up a motorbike. The differences have just started.

While most other LED lights are backed with a one-year warranty, these are supported for two years. Unlike others which only work on four-wheelers that roll on the road, the Ustellar LED Rock Lights are also compatible with golf carts, street bikes and boats. The similarities are yet to arrive.

You might have noted by now that the majority of underbody light kits offer two control options. They let you customize their output either via a remote control or a smartphone-based app. These lights provide one extra option in the shape of a controller-turned-into-keychain.

Their material of construction is equally unique. Ustellar has made these lights long-lasting by using ABS as their material of construction. You can guess ABS’s sturdiness from the fact that its common uses include 3D building materials and equipment in the refrigeration industry.  


Bluetooth Car Underglow Lights - Dream Color Chasing (Waterproof)

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These car underglow lights cost less than most we saw above. But that doesn’t mean their manufacturer has cut any corners to keep their asking price low. Had that been the case, these strips wouldn’t be packed in a flame retardant body. Neither would their shell be waterproof. 

To rival other best neon lights for cars, they are equipped with a highly sensitive mic. It is the reason why you can synchronize these lights to your vehicle’s audio system. That is to say that the lights will automatically adjust their brightness and flickering speed based on the music’s tempo.

Also on offer is an incredibly user-friendly app. You can use it to change scenes modes, increase or decrease the lights’ brightness and turn them on/off. The app also gives you the option to select one of the 16 million colors on offer. 


4 Pods Purple LED Neon Underglow Light Kits

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These under car LED lights are different. Both from the models you saw above and others that are available on the market. Mainly because the combination of a die-cast aluminum housing and PC lens – as well as UV- and scratch-resistant body – makes them suitable for off-roading.

The entire housing is both waterproof and dustproof too. You can take the lights sturdiness to another level by supplementing them with shockproof pads. They are not included in the package but are recommended if you regularly drive through wet terrains. 

These light kits would also protect your car’s underbody from damage. They have a rubber base that won’t leave any scratch marks behind. And their included screws will safely slot into the designated places, leaving no marks anywhere else. 


4 Pods LED Rock Light

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Are you looking for an under-car LED light that offers seamless installation? Then here is an option you might not want to miss out on. Thanks to its ultra-long wire and user-intuitive instructions manual, this LED rock light can be installed even by a novice. 

Hassle-free installation isn’t this light’s only unique selling point. Its die-cast aluminum shell ensures excellent heat dissipation to minimize the risk of burnout. All the lights are protected with a toughened glass coating that prevents yellowing and light decay.

Both the materials are shock, dust, rust and waterproof. The last quality deserves your attention as it means these lights are submersible. That, as most of you might guess, means you can use these lights both in rainy conditions as well as under bass boat and boats. 


BBTO Waterproof LED RGB Rock Lights

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These underbody car lights are made to illuminate the bottom of your car. Each of the 8 LEDs emits light at an ultra-wide 150-degree angle that will lighten up your vehicle from bumper to bumper. The onlookers would feel as if the light is oozing out of the tires’ rims. 

You can also sync these lights output with your car’s stereo music. Also on offer is the timer feature that will turn these kits on/off at a specific time. Then comes their smartphone-based app, using which you can further customize these lights’ output.

One only needs to look at these lights to determine that they’re easy to install. Both the upper and bottom side of the lights have holes where the included screws will slot in. That is precisely the reason why even people who have no mechanical experience can install these. 


PSEQT 10 Pcs LED Rock Strip Lights

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Three features of these rock strip lights set them apart from the competition. The first is that they have foam tape bases which are as soft as they are reliable. The bases would attach seamlessly to any automobile’s base, making them one of the best underglow kits for trucks with dirty underbodies. 

Secondly, these under car lighting kits have sturdy PC lens and ultra-reliable ABS housing. Both of them are packed tightly to prevent the ingress of moisture and dust. The housing is also given an anti-corrosive coating and can therefore handle constant exposure to water. 

The final feature that sets these lights apart is their massive five-year warranty. It is at least three years longer than the model with the 2nd-best warranty on this review and four-years longer than the warranty available on most underglow lights on the market. 

Underglow Kit Buying Guide

You need to consider the following factors when buying an underglow kit: 


You have two options when choosing underbody lights. You can either pick up neon underglow lights, or you can side in favor of LED underglow lights. While the former have been around forever, LED lights have slowly yet steadily made their presence felt over the past decade. 

Here’s a brief comparison of LED vs Neon underglow lights: 

Power consumption

Want your vehicle’s battery to last longer? Then you might want to go for LED lights. Almost all of them consume 70% less power than equal wattage neon tubes. 

Those with an Energy Star logo, meanwhile, further up the ante by taking their power savings up by another 5% due to reasons you can find out here.


Neon tubes generally emit more light than equal wattage LEDs. Mainly because they consume more power which makes its presence felt in the shape of added brightness. 

But also because, while LEDs use individual bulbs to light up their surroundings, neon tubes rely on a single bar to do the same. This lets them distribute emitted light better.


Neon lights are more susceptible to breakage than LED lights. That is due to the fact that LEDs are encased in shock- and impact-resistant plastic which can withstand many blows.

Neon tubes, on the contrary, are made of glass that might shatter upon coming into contact with a large rock. Their fragility makes them a poor choice for off-road driving.

Color patterns

LED underbody kits fare better than their neon counterparts in this category. While neon tubes are either on or off and don’t change colors, that’s not the case with LEDs.

Light-emitting diodes let you customize their appearance to project your mood, your personality or the theme of the party you’re going to attend.


One of the reasons why LEDs have taken over our homes, offices, roads and now our vehicles is their massive lifespan. Most of them can last well over 50,000 hours, on average.

That is more than five years of the LED remaining lit at all times. Neon tubes also boast a similar lifespan, but some of their components (transformer) may give way much sooner.

Price and availability

LEDs not only consume less power and last much longer than their neon counterparts. Their relatively lower production costs make them less expensive too.

Furthermore, since the demand for neon kits has nosedived in recent years, it might be harder for you to find a good option in your neighborhood.


Some underbody lights come with an instruction that you must get them installed by an expert. Others give you the confidence that you can get them up and running on your own. We are always in favor of the first approach. Here’s why.

Getting your underglow kits installed by an expert might cost you a few bucks. But it will minimize the chances of anything going wrong. You won’t have to crouch under your vehicle and check and double-check that the connections you’ve made are correct.

Beam Angle

What is it that you want from your underglow kit? Would you be satisfied if it only illuminates your vehicle’s underside? Or will you prefer something that will light up everything around your automobile too? There’s a reason why you need to answer these questions.

LED underglow kits with a beam angle of more than 120-degrees will illuminate both your vehicle’s underside as well as everything around it. Neon strips, on the other hand, have a narrow beam that forces them to concentrate their light on the vehicle’s underside.

State Laws

Check out your state laws before investing in an underglow kit. Some territories have banned the use of underglow light kits altogether. Others have allowed their usage but only on private premises. Most have specified colors that you can flash underneath your car. 

One point on which almost all states agree is banning the usage of flashing or oscillating lights. Authorities consider them as a distraction to other drivers on the road and having them is one of the surest ways to land a vehicle equipment violation ticket.

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