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Summary of Content
MANUFACTURER OF EXCLUSIVE AUTOMOBILES THE FA S T E S T. . . ...production saloon in the world in 1989 was the BMW ALPINA B10 Bi-Turbo, a car which enjoys cult status today. The new 5 Series is the technical basis – with all of its reserves – upon which ALPINA developed a legitimate successor to the B10 Bi-Turbo, the new BMW ALPINA B5 with its top speed of 195 mph Pure understatement is embodied by the Touring version, available in addition to the saloon At nearly 500 horsepower, both machines accelerate phenomenally. From a standing start, 0-62mph is achieved in 4.7 seconds in the saloon (4.9 seconds in the Touring), putting them in the company of the world’s finest sports cars FORM F O L L OW S F U N C T I O N The independent and elegant appearance of each and every BMW ALPINA is at the top of the engineer’s list during development. The ALPINA rear spoiler extends the B5’s character line, and in combination with the front spoiler and side skirts, create a dynamism without even turning a wheel A beautiful design and optimum functionality demand extensive aerodynamic development, thorough testing and attention to detail in the wind tunnel. These are the prerequisites for an automobile’s safe driving characteristics even at speeds exceeding 185 mph. The results are convincing: front and rear lift values are minimal, thanks to the ALPINA aerodynamics package. And despite the sizeable wheel/tyre combination, an exceptional 0.29 coefficient of drag has been achieved T H E H E A RT. . . ...of the B5 is a 4.4litre V8 engine, charged by a mechanically-driven radial compressor. When looking at the horsepower curve, it’s clear what one may expect from this engine-bay-filling, complex technology. At a modest 2,500rpm one has 200 horsepower with which to play. At 5,500 rpm nearly 500 horsepower are reached, but the fun doesn’t stop there: the engine maintains this level up to maximum revs of 6,000rpm. A very wide power band, therefore, across which the B5 provides immediate, optimum power The torque curve is even more impressive. The curve takes on the form of a massive table mountain. At a mere 1,000rpm, just above idle, the V8 puts out 300 Newton metres of torque. Between 4,250rpm and 5,250, there’s a constant 700 Newton metres of torque on tap Power EG (kW) BMW ALPINA B5 4.4 l V8 368 kW (500 bhp) at 5500 rpm 700 Nm at 4250 rpm Engine speed (rpm) Torque EG (Nm) PERFORMANCE AND TORQUE DIAGRAMME HARMONIOUS HANDLING This superior performance brilliantly complements a suspension that is itself an amalgam of sporty handling precision and comfort that is anything but matter-of-fact in high-performance automobiles. The inter-play of struts and springs, together with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 2 tyres (front 245/40 ZR 19; rear 275/35 ZR 19), communicate a distinct sense of safety to the driver at every speed, all while simultaneously fulfilling the comfort demands placed on today’s luxury automobile The extremely capable braking system offers excellent wet-braking ability through the use of a so-called ”brake-drying” function. From time to time, without the driver ever feeling it, the brake pads are automatically and lightly dragged across the rotors, removing any layer of water – and this only when the wipers are active THE INTERIOR... ...may be defined as sportiness and elegance. The three-spoke SWITCH-TRONIC steering wheel is gloved in soft leathers agreeable to the touch, and visually of the finest quality. The SWITCH-TRONIC buttons are ergonomically integrated on the back side of the steering wheel. Exotic ALPINA woods – a tradition at ALPINA – communicate warmth, as does the hand-sewn leather interior with its ALPINA identity The standard Head-Up Display awards the driver line-of-sight information, much like a fighter pilot. The traditional blue ALPINA dials with engine oil gauge also grace one’s field of view THE B5 TOURING The common-sense sports car – an oxymoron? No, the B5 Touring is the ideal partner in one’s free time, with its variable boot and 540kg payload. For those seeking ”quick transportation”, the 2,000kg towing capacity (braked) shows the B5’s practical side Taking advantage of the enormous power requires no high driving art. Stepping on the pedal is enough, as the BMW ALPINA B5 possesses a ZF six-speed automatic transmission with torque converter, known for its especially smooth shifts and quick response The driver may operate the transmission in Drive mode, letting the automatic do the shifting, or may manually select the gear desired. ALPINA developed SWITCH-TRONIC many years ago for just this purpose. Two buttons on the back side of the steering wheel make removing one’s hands from the wheel when shifting redundant. The right button shifts up, the left button down – enriching the driving experience, and difficult to describe in words BMW ALPINA STANDARD EQUIPMENT Alarm system Automatic boot lid operation White direction indicator lights Braking System with Brake-Drying Function CD changer Deco-Set gold or silver – on request Tachometer with Oil Temperature Gauge Dynamic Stability Control incl. Dynamic Brake Control Luxury wood ‘Myrtle‘ Entry sills with integrated ALPINA sign Glass roof, electric with sliding and vent function Head-Up Display Rear spoiler Tailgate with Soft-Close Function HiFi Speaker system Interior and exterior mirrors with automatic anti-dazzle function Automatic air conditioning Steering wheel - SWITCH-TRONIC three-spoke, sport, leather, hand-sewn in ALPINA design, with multi-function Lumbar support for driver and passenger Metallic paintwork in standard BMW colours Navigation system Professional Self-levelling pneumatic rear suspension Park Distance Control (PDC) Upholstery - leather interior Dakota with ALPINA design Radio BMW Professional with CD player Rain sensor and automatic headlight control Flat Tyre Indicator Headlight washer system Servotronic High Gloss Shadow Line Exterior Trim Seats - sports seats for driver and front passenger Seats - comfort seats front, electric with memory for driver‘s seat Seat heating for driver and front passenger Seat heating at the rear Seat adjustment, electric with memory function Sunblind for rear window, electric Voice control system Silver-plated ALPINA production plaque Velour floormats with ALPINA design Xenon headlights Car Key Memory Central Locking with Alarm and Crash Sensors Two-Stage Brake Lights B5 Saloon B5 Touring O O X O O X O O O O O X O O O X O O O O O O O O O O O O X O O O O O O O O O O O X O X O X O O O O O O O o = standard O O O O O X O O O O O O O O O O O O X O X O O O O O O O O x = cost option C O M F O RT > INTERIOR Comfort seats in Dakota leather with ALPINA Emblems, other selected leather qualities are available as an option S P O RT > INTERIOR Sport seats in Dakota leather with ALPINA Emblems are standard The door armrests are finished with ALPINA diagonal rhombs in blue/green TRANSMISSION DIMENSIONS Length Width Height, unladen Wheelbase Front track Rear track Luggage capacity Fuel tank mm mm mm mm mm mm l l 4841 (4843) 1846 1468 (1491) 2888 (2886) 1562 1574 (1573) 520 70 Gearbox Gearbox ratios Axle drive ratio Weight, unladen (DIN) kg Weight-to-Power ratio Saloon kg/bhp Weight-to-Power ratio Touring kg/bhp Max. weight permitted kg Payload kg Max. axle load front kg Max. axle load rear kg Max. trailer load permitted, braked kg Max. trailer load permitted, unbraked kg 1720 (1810) 4.67 kg / bhp 4.92 kg / bhp 2260 (2350) 540 1100 1240 (1320) 2000 750 4.17 2.34 1.52 1.14 0.87 0.69 3.40 3.38 Weight-optimised light alloy wheels, spoke design with concealed tyre valves behind lockable light alloy hub caps front rear front rear 8.5 x 19” 9.5 x 19” 245/40 ZR19 275/35 ZR19 Acceleration 0 -62 mph sec. 4.7 (4.9) Top speed mph 195 (186) mpg mpg mpg g/km 15.2 (15.1) 32.5 (32.1) 23.0 (22.8) 294 (296) Tyres MICHELIN Pilot Sport 2 PERFORMANCE ENGINE Fuel Emission classification 1st gear 2nd gear 3 rd gear 4 th gear 5 th gear 6 th gear rev. :1 WHEELS & TYRES WEIGHTS Cylinder Capacity Bore Stroke Compression ratio Max. power at Max. torque at Engine management ZF 6-speed automatic 6HP26 with SWITCH-TRONIC cm³ mm mm :1 kW/bhp rpm Nm rpm V8 90˚ 4398 92 82.7 9.0 368/493 5500 700 4250 BOSCH Motronic ME 9.2.1 98 RON Euro 4 FUEL ECONOMY Urban Extra-Urban Combined CO2 Emissions Data for Touring in ( ) ALPINA RECYCLING Your BMW ALPINA is part of an all-embracing recycling concept. Recycling demands are already considered early in the development process of a BMW ALPINA. An example of this is in the selection of materials – they are chosen, such that they are environmentally friendly and easily recyclable, using a minimum of resources to do so. Every BMW ALPINA is built such that it is easily and cost-effectively able to be recycled after the end of its useable life span. All this occurs in close co-operation between BMW and ALPINA. BMW Group have built a European-wide redemption and recycling infrastructure, and require high quality and environmental standards. For return of your automobile for the purposes of recycling, please contact your BMW ALPINA partner. They are ready to help. For further information about recycling firms and redemption locations, please see This catalogue shows the German market version of the B5. The models shown may include optional equipment that is in addition to the B5’s standard equipment, and at additional cost. Changes in equipment levels, changes as a result of technological improvements, and changes in design may be made without notice. APRIL, 2005 88 04 155-0405 Printed in Germany 2.0 © ALPINA ALPINA GB · Lenton Lane · Nottingham NG7 2AX Telephone (0115) 934 1414 · Fax (0115) 934 1486 ·