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Best Foam Cannons in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Most of us want our vehicles to look their absolute best. We wash them for hours to ensure their exterior is sparkling when we drive them out of our garage. A significant part of our weekends is dedicated to making sure that they retain their original shine.

Yet we’re unaware of how foam cannons can help us. These are pieces of car washing equipment that generate thick suds using a perfect amount of air, water, and car wash soap. Foam cannons then shoot the foaming suds all over our vehicle using a pressure washer.

The suds absorb all the dirt and dust off your car’s surface. They will also soak grease and oil if left untouched for a specific time. All you have to do is blast them away using the pressure washer when they’ve served their purpose. And you’ll be left with a glittering automobile. 

Best Foam Cannons in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide


Tool Daily Foam Cannon with 1/4 Inch Quick Connector

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The Tool Daily Foam Cannon is easily one of the best models on the market. It comes with five nozzle tips to let you choose one according to your need. The smaller tips are useful for watering plants and the larger ones will help you wash your car in no time. 

Both the nozzle and the adjustable knob offer loads of adjustability. The former lets you adjust the sprinkle pattern based on your washing needs. The water regulator, meanwhile, can be turned left or right to change the foam dispensing amount. That’s not all. 

Everything included in this product’s package, apart from the 1L container and brass connector, is made of stainless steel. You can thus not worry about either the tips or the adjustable knob catching rust. That is partly the reason why this foam cannon can last for years with proper care.


DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon

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DUSICHIN has equipped this foam cannon with multiple excellent features. Foremost among them are the brass connectors which ensure its secure connection to the pressure washer. They are quite helpful as the absence of leakage means you won’t have to worry about water pressure loss.

Another fantastic feature of this foam cannon is its customizable orifice. It lets you adjust the spray angle and the volume of the foam coming out of the container. And the fact that the nozzle is neatly marked means you can quickly achieve your desired soap/water thickness.

Then comes the 33-ounce bottle. It’s made of heavy-duty plastic and is capable of providing up to 1.2GPM flowrate when connected to a pressure washer. The bottle can also withstand up to 3,000PSI of pressure and is made of heavy-duty plastic. It won’t be breaking down anytime soon. 


TriNova Foam Cannon

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What is it that sets apart this foam cannon from its competition? Start with its above-average capacity. Most models you see on the market can store up to 1L of water-foam mixture. The TriNova puts all of them to shame by storing an entire gallon at a time. 

Then comes its extra-wide neck. It speeds up the washing process by not letting the water-foam mixture get jammed up right before it enters the nozzle. The neck’s large width also allows you to pour the liquid soap into the container directly from its bottle, without using any plastic funnel. 

All of these are reasons why TriNova offers this product with a 100% satisfaction warranty. That means you can return this foam cannon to get a new one – or your money back – if you don’t like what it has to offer. What more can you ask for!


MTM Hydro Professional Premium 28 Special Spray Gun and Foam Cannon

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Most foam cannons you see on the market don’t work with pressure washers above 3,000 PSI of pressure and 2.0 GPM of flow rate. This one is different. It is compatible with devices operating at 5,000 PSI of pressure and 5.3 GPM of flow rate. Here’s how that will benefit you. 

When operated at or close to the highest pressure setting, the ultra-thick foam coming out of this product will make short work of stubborn dirt, mud, oil and grease particles. Match it with the 5.3GPM flow rate, and you’d be able to wash an entire automobile – or several of them – in little time. 

Equally useful are the adjustable fan blades and the clickable knob that let you customize the foam and water output. You also get a ribbed housing handle, an easy-hold spray gun, and an anti-corrosion brass connector. And the best thing about this product? It works both horizontally and vertically. 


Bravex Foam Cannon

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Here’s an inexpensive foam cannon that won’t blow a hole in your pocket. It is made of a thick brass core that prevents it from tipping over and rust and corrosion from creeping up. The sturdiness of the container also prevents leakages under high pressure.

Other cheap foam cannons suffer from the problem of cracked necks. This one won’t. Partly because its neck is extra wide and can thus spread the pressure out. And partly because there’s a filter beneath its neck that stops particles in the soap or foam from escaping the bottle and scratching the neck.

Bravex has sweetened the deal even further. It has provided this product with a 90-day moneyback guarantee that comes with no strings attached. Also on offer is an adjustable spray nozzle. You can rotate it 180* to take advantage of vertical and horizontal spray patterns. 


McKillans Foam Cannon

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The McKillans foam cannon comes with a heavy-duty container than can withstand tumbles, falls and impacts. It also takes the guesswork out of your washing routine. The bottle does that by being transparent and letting you see at all times how much of the original water-foam mixture is remaining.

Located on top of this foam cannon is an adjustable control knob. You can twist it right to increase the amount of foam coming out of the container. Or you can adjust its angle to change the thickness of the foam stream as per your liking. The good news continues. 

This foam cannon’s brass connector prevents leaks and the stainless steel fittings ensure a safe connection. You can use this product with both electric and gas pressure washers, mainly because either can quickly meet its pressure requirements (1,000 to 3,000 PSI). 


Linoone Pressure Washer Gun Foam Cannon

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What do you expect to see when you’re opening a foam cannon’s package for the first time? The product, of course, plus a few nozzle tips and a connector. Linoone raises your expectations by including a spray gun, five pressure washer nozzles and an inlet connector on top. 

Installing this foam cannon is super-easy. You only have to fill it with the soap-water mixture, connect its ¼” quick connector to the pressure washer and adjust the knob on top. You can even skip the final step if you are content with the preset foam thickness level. 

This product’s base is made of heavy-duty brass and can thus withstand abuse. Its container can hold 1L of the water-soap mixture and has a filter to prevent unwanted particles in the mixture from making their way out. And you can adjust the nozzle to get your desired sprinkle pattern too. 


Raincovo Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer, Heavy Duty, Adjustable, 1/4 Inch Quick Connect

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The Raincovo adjustable foam cannon is arguably the best foam cannon for electric washer. It is incredibly sturdy, comes with a plethora of attachments and accessories, and can therefore be used for a variety of purposes other than washing your vehicle’s exterior. 

You can get a concentrated stream of foam or a wide swath by adjusting its fan blades. The adjustable handle comes in handy for both horizontal and vertical spray patterns. Yet another customizable feature is the regulator on top. You can twist it to push out less or more foam. 

The presence of a hand grip makes it easy to carry. That of a quick connector makes connecting this product with a compatible pressure washer a cinch. And the presence of markings outside the bottle means you can prevent wastage by preparing only as much solution as required. 


Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Gun Snow Foam Lance Cannon Foam Blaster

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Some foam cannons out there come with a sturdy container. Others get their users’ appreciation for their ease of installation and usage. Still others are praised for their adjustable parts. The SudMagic foam cannon is one of the very few that ticks all three boxes. 

Here is a product whose HDPE bottle is warrantied for a lifetime against leaks and breakage. The bottle makes the most of its sturdy exterior by decorating it with measurement markings. Which you can turn to while deciding how much solution you must prepare. 

Moving up from the bottle exposes the adjustable nozzle. Twisting it will allow you to customize the height of foam spray. Then comes the ¼’ quick connector whose name betrays its utility. And on top of everything mentioned before is an adjustable knob that lets you adjust foam’s thickness. 


Foseal Snow Foam Lance Jet Wash Pressure Car Washer Foam Cannon

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The last item on our list of best foam cannons is this model from Foseal. Those of you familiar with the carwashing industry might recall the name as it’s trusted by detailers for making quality products. The Foseal Foam Cannon fits the description perfectly. 

Here is a product that can store up to 1L of soap/water mixture in its container while also connecting easily with any compatible pressure washer, thanks to its ¼” connector. You won’t encounter any trouble using it as long as your washer supplies at least 1,000PSI of pressure at 2.0GPM.

Like most products we have seen above, the Foseal also lets you adjust the amount of foam as well as its thickness. It features a heavy-duty brass knob that can resist rust and corrosion problems and further sweetens the deal with an 18-month quality assurance guarantee.

Foam Cannons Buying Guide

You need to consider multiple factors when choosing a foam cannon. 

Pressure washer requirements

Foam cannons do not operate in isolation. They need a pressure washer that could provide enough pressure to force out the water-and-foam mixture through their nozzle. That’s why you need to make sure that the cannon’s specifications align with those of the washer. 

There are two specs you need to pay attention to ensure that. The first is the water flow rate (or output) of the foam cannon. Light-duty foam cannons churn out 1 GPM (gallons per minute), whereas a professional foam cannon can easily touch the 2GPM mark. 

Second, check out the pressure at which the foam cannon optimally operates. While it will vary from model to model, on average, foam cannons require a water pressure between 800 and 1,300PSI. However, we have also seen models that need between 3,000 and 5,000 PSI to operate. 

Have both these specifications at the ready? Juxtapose them with those of the pressure washer. Confirm that the washer’s pressure rating exceeds that of the foam cannon. Only then can you count on it to push the water-and-foam mixture through the foam cannon’s nozzle. 

Type of pressure washer

Here are the types of pressure washer you can use alongside a foam cannon:

Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers operate quietly and require little maintenance. The absence of exhaust means you can use them in poorly ventilated areas too. You can start and stop them by pressing a trigger, and their small size lets you easily store them inside without winterizing. 

On the flip side, these models aren’t ultra-powerful – mainly because their motors aren’t strong enough to generate much volume or pressure. And the fact that they have a cord means you have no choice but to remain near an electrical outlet. 


  • Operate quietly
  • Require little upkeep
  • Create no exhaust emissions

  • Less powerful

Gas Pressure Washer

Gas pressure washers put out 2,000 to 2,800 PSI of pressure. This allows them to clean a grimy car exterior multiple times faster than their fastest electric counterparts. The lack of a power cord makes them more mobile and worthy of being called the best pressure washer for foam cannon.  

That’s where the good news ends. Almost all gas pressure washers operate at more than 85dbA noise, the threshold at which experts recommend wearing hearing protection. Their sheer power also forces you to exercise more caution to avoid swirl marks on your vehicle’s exterior.


  • Clean quickly
  • Are ultra-powerful
  • Easy to move around

  • Extremely noisy and might create swirl marks if you aren’t careful

Capacity and output

Here’s why both these factors are important:

  • Capacity

Every foam cannon comes with a container that holds the shampoo and water mixture. It is typically made of plastic and can be easily detached for cleaning and replacement purposes. 

Those of you who intend to use your foam cannon for casual use will ideally want its container to have a capacity of 1L. Others who will use it for commercial applications may need a big capacity container.

  • Output

Its output determines how much foam can the foam cannon deliver per minute. The majority of models that you see in this review also let you adjust their flowrate on the go. 

Foam cannons with a water output of up to 1.3GPM are fit for casual use. Those that can deliver up to 5.3 GPM foam are best for heavy-duty and commercial applications.  

Nozzle and orifice

How much foam the cannon delivers per minute depends partially on its nozzle and, in turn, the nozzle’s orifice size. There are two orifice sizes you’ll encounter when shopping for a foam cannon, 1.1mm and 1.25mm. Let’s briefly compare both to know which one will suit you better.

A nozzle with a 1.1mm orifice size will deliver less foam per minute than one with a 1.25mm. That’s mainly because the 1.1mm orifice allows less space for the foam to squeeze out. Having said that, you should go for a foam cannon with both orifices, as it’ll be more versatile. 


Foam cannons won’t work unless you connect them to the pressure washer. That’s where their connectors come into play. Make sure the model you’re looking at comes with a brass ¼” connector. They are built-well and can serve you for a long time. 

Foam Gun Vs Foam Cannon

Here are key differences between foam guns and foam cannons:

  • Operating Mechanism: Foam cannons, as explained above, need a pressure washer to push the foam through their nozzle. That isn’t the case with foam guns. They work seamlessly with your average garden hose. 
  • Number of parts: Foam cannons are made of three parts: a barrel, a spray trigger and a soap canister. Foam guns also have these parts, plus a clear suction tube, various metering tips and a nozzle trigger handle.

Foam generation: Since a high-pressure washer powers them, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that foam cannons generate more (and thicker) foam than even the best foam gun for car wash.

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