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Accessing other manuals Replacing or upgrading hardware An Important Product Information Guide has been preloaded onto your computer. To access this guide, do the following: 1. Open the Start menu and then click or tap Lenovo Companion. If Lenovo Companion is not displayed on the Start menu, click or tap All apps to display all programs, and then click or tap Lenovo Companion. 2. Click or tap Support → User Guide. Models without preinstalled operating systems and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) clients: Go to the Lenovo Support Web site to access your manuals. See “Downloading manuals” for additional information. Downloading manuals The latest electronic publications for your computer are available from the Lenovo Support Web site. To download the publications, go to: Safety information for replacing CRUs Do not open your computer or attempt any repairs before reading the “Important safety information” in the Safety, Warranty, Environment, Recycling Information Guide and Important Product Information Guide that was included with your computer. If you no longer have this copy of the Safety, Warranty, Environment, Recycling Information Guide and Important Product Information Guide, you can obtain one online from the website at Replacing or upgrading hardware Replacing or upgrading hardware 2 Removing the front bezel 4 Replacing an optical drive 3 Replacing a hard disk drive 5 Replacing a memory module Replacing or upgrading hardware 6 Replacing a graphics card ideacentre 700 Series Quick Start Guide Pre-disassembly instructions Before proceeding with the disassembly procedure, make sure that you do the following: 1. Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals. 2. Unplug all power and signal cables from the computer. 3. Place the system on a flat, stable surface. This part contains instructions for replacing the following parts: • Hard disk drive (Follow steps: 1 3 ) • Optical drive (Follow steps: 1 2 4 ) • Memory module (Follow steps: 1 5 ) • Graphics card (Follow steps: 1 6 ) The following information refers to ideacentre 700 machine type: 90ED [700-25ISH / Energy Star] The descriptions in this guide might be different from what you see on your computer, depending on the computer model and configuration. Product design and specifications may be changed without notice. 1 Removing the computer cover 1 2 g Lenovo, the Lenovo logo and ideacentre are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both. Windows is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. © Copyright Lenovo 2015. LIMITED AND RESTRICTED RIGHTS NOTICE: If data or software is delivered pursuant to a General Services Administration “GSA” contract, use, reproduction, or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in Contract No. GS-35F05925. Version 1.0 2015.08 SP40J20574 3 4 1 Unpack Computer 4 Connect the display Keyboard* Mouse* Power cord 7 Turn on the computer Front/Top view of the computer Rear view of the computer The Windows help system provides you with detailed information about using the Windows operating system. To access the Windows help system, do the following: Open the Start menu and then click or tap Get Started to get more details. You also can enter Get Started or what you’re looking for in the search box on the taskbar. You’ll get suggestions and answers to your questions about Windows and the best search results available from your PC and the Internet. Publications * Selected models only. To perform system recovery after a serious error in Windows 10, click or tap the Start button and select Settings → Update & security → Recovery. Then, follow the instructions on the screen for system recovery. NOTE: Some models may contain items not listed here. 2 Connect the keyboard and mouse 5 Choose the right voltage Connecting to the Internet Selected models are equipped with a voltage selection switch. You can find it at the rear of your computer. Models without a voltage selection switch control voltage automatically. 6 Connect the power cable 230 115 If the electricity supply range is 100-127 V AC, set the switch to 115 V. If the electricity supply range is 200-240 V AC, set the switch to 230 V. 3 Connect the Ethernet cable Windows help system ATTENTION: The Windows operating system is provided by Microsoft Corporation. Please use it in accordance with the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA) between you and Microsoft. For any question related to the operating system, please contact Microsoft directly. To connect to the Internet, you’ll need a contract with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and some hardware. IPSs and ISP offerings vary by country. Contact your ISP for offerings available in your country. Your computer is designed to support a wireless (selected models only) or wired network that connects your computer to other devices. Service and Support information Wired network connection For wired networks, connect one end of an Ethernet cable (purchased separately) to the Ethernet connector on your computer, and then connect the other end to the network router or broadband modem. Consult your ISP for detailed setup instructions. Power button Hard disk indicator Memory card reader 1 USB 3.0 connector Headphone connector NOTE: Broadband modem and router installation procedures vary depending on the manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Wireless network connection For wireless networks, you can use the built-in Wi-Fi antenna to access your wireless home network. To connect your computer to the wireless network: Click or tap the network icon on the taskbar, then select the name of your router. Click or tap Connect, then follow the steps on the screen. Test the wireless network by opening your Web browser and accessing any Web site. Microphone connector USB connector/USB power off charging connector 1 Optical Drive 1 Selected models only. ATTENTION: Be sure not to block any air vents on the computer. Blocked air vents may cause thermal problems. Power connector On-board VGA connector HDMI connector 1 USB 3.0 connectors (2) 1 USB 2.0 connector (2) Ethernet connector Audio connectors PCI Express X 16 graphics adapter slot 2 PCI Express X 1 adapter slots 3 1 Selected models only. Some models are equipped with a graphics card. 3 Some models are equipped with a Wi-Fi card or TV tuner card. 2 NOTE: If your model has two VGA monitor connectors, be sure to use the connector on the graphics adapter. The following information describes the technical support that is available for your product, during the warranty period or throughout the life of your product. Refer to the Lenovo Limited Warranty for a full explanation of Lenovo warranty terms. See “Lenovo Limited Warranty notice” later in this document for details on accessing the full warranty. If you purchased Lenovo services, refer to the following terms and conditions for detailed information: – For Lenovo Warranty Service Upgrades or Extensions, go to: – For Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection Services, go to: – Online technical support is available during the lifetime of a product at: