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Summary of Content
Kramer Electronics, Ltd. USER MANUAL Model: Cobra Skew Module Board For the Cobra R1300A / R1300S2 Contents Contents 1 2 3 4 5 Introduction Getting Started Overview Cobra Skew Module Board Skew Compensation Settings 1 1 2 3 4 Figures Figure 1: Skew Module 3 i Introduction 1 Introduction Welcome to Kramer Electronics (since 1981): a world of unique, creative and affordable solutions to the infinite range of problems that confront the video, audio and presentation professional on a daily basis. In recent years, we have redesigned and upgraded most of our line, making the best even better! Our 500-plus different models now appear in 8 Groups1, which are clearly defined by function. Congratulations on purchasing your Kramer Cobra Accessory, the Cobra Skew Module Board. It is designed for the Kramer Cobra R1300A and/or R1300S2. The Kramer Cobra Series System extends video, audio and serial signals over ordinary Category 5 cable. The Kramer Cobra R1300A Video / Audio Receiver and Cobra R1300S2 Universal Receiver feature optional integrated skew compensation that can be varied in 2 ns increments to 65 ns total per color channel to cancel the effects of skew in Category cables. This feature allows you to use CAT5e and reduced-skew CAT6 cables to lengths up to 1300ft. For information on the respective transmitter unit, refer to the appropriate manual included with the transmitter. All models support refresh rates/resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz to 1300feet (396m). The package includes the Cobra Skew Module Board and this user manual2. The Kramer Cobra series products are not compatible with Kramer non-Cobra series products. 2 Getting Started We recommend that you: Unpack the equipment carefully and save the original box and packaging materials for possible future shipment Review the contents of this user manual Use Kramer high performance high resolution cables3. You may also need CAT5 cable4 1 GROUP 1: Distribution Amplifiers; GROUP 2: Video and Audio Switchers, Matrix Switchers and Controllers; GROUP 3: Video, Audio, VGA/XGA Processors; GROUP 4: Interfaces and Sync Processors; GROUP 5: Twisted Pair Interfaces; GROUP 6: Accessories and Rack Adapters; GROUP 7: Scan Converters and Scalers; and GROUP 8: Cables and Connectors 2 Download up-to-date Kramer user manuals from the Internet at this URL: 3 The complete list of Kramer cables is on our Web site at 4 In addition, you may also need audio cable with RCA jacks, serial cable with DB9 connectors, and video cable with HD15 connectors 1 Overview 3 Overview Our Kramer Cobra series products are compatible with CAT5/5e/6 data cabling as well as skew free CAT5/5e cabling manufactured for video applications. Note that some skew free CAT5 is specific to a particular vendor and is not compatible with our products. Ensure any skew free CAT5 cable is non-proprietary prior to purchase / installation. We recommend using our Kramer Cobra ultra low skew/skew free cable— BC-HDTP (solid bulk) or BCP-HDTP (solid plenum bulk)—available in lengths of 700' (210m) and 1300' (390m). CAT6 cable, due to the manufacture method, can exhibit much greater skew than standard CAT5/5e and may require skew compensation beyond what the standard product offers. Contact Kramer Electronics for assistance. CAT5/5e/6 cabling for this product must be pinned to the TIA-EIA T568B wiring specification (see appendix A). We also highly recommend that all CAT5 cables be pre-terminated and tested. Cables terminated on-site or in an existing infrastructure should be tested before use to ensure compliance with the TIA-EIA T568B specification. Using incorrectly terminated CAT5 cables can damage this product. Achieving the best performance means: Connecting only good quality connection cables, thus avoiding interference, deterioration in signal quality due to poor matching, and elevated noise levels (often associated with low quality cables) Avoiding interference from neighboring electrical appliances that may adversely influence signal quality and positioning your Cobra Skew Module Board in a location free from moisture and away from excessive sunlight and dust x Caution – No operator-serviceable parts inside unit. Warning – Use only the Kramer Electronics input power wall adapter that is provided with this unit1. Warning – Disconnect power and unplug unit from wall before installing or removing device or servicing unit. Warning –This equipment is not intended for, nor does it support, distribution through an Ethernet network. Do not connect these devices to any sort of networking or telecommunications equipment! 1 For example: model number AD2512C, part number 2535-000251 2 KRAMER: SIMPLE CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY Cobra Skew Module Board 4 Cobra Skew Module Board The Cobra Skew Module Board is an accessory that can be installed inside the Cobra R1300A / R1300S2 receivers. To install the Cobra Skew Module Board: 1. Remove top cover of the Cobra R1300A / R1300S2. 2. Remove the 3 jumpers from J16 pins 1-2, 4-5, 7-8. 3. Insert the Skew assembly onto the PCB using 11 pin headers J16 and J17. 4. The correct orientation of the skew board is to place the side with the logo into header J17. 5. Reassemble the Cobra R1300A / R1300S2 unit. Removal is the opposite of the above. Ensure 3 jumpers are installed in locations shown in Figure 1: Figure 1: Skew Module 3 Skew Compensation Settings 5 Skew Compensation Settings The Cobra Skew Module Board that fits inside the R1300A / R1300S2 is an optional skew compensation module for adjusting for signal timing differences due to differing pair lengths within the CAT5 cable. Using the delay signals, skew may be compensated from 2 to 65 nanoseconds in 2 nanosecond increments on each individual color pair. If skew compensation is required, but the skew comp module is not installed, call for technical assistance. 1. To adjust individual colors, press the EQ/Skew knob until the desired color LED is on for the R/G/B LED. The LED color corresponds to the color channel being adjusted. 2. Using the image utility, turn knob to add/subtract delay timing until a single vertically aligned line of red, green, blue is obtained. 3. When complete press EQ/Skew knob until R/G/B LED is off. Not all colors will have the same delay settings. 4 KRAMER: SIMPLE CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY 5 For the latest information on our products and a list of Kramer distributors, visit our Web site:, where updates to this user manual may be found. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback. Safety Warning: Disconnect the unit from the power supply before opening/servicing. Caution Kramer Electronics, Ltd. Web site: E-mail: P/N: 2900-650011 REV 1