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Summary of Content
36788-0920 FERRARI FACE-OFF ELECTRIC RACING SET Keep these instructions for future reference, as they contain important information. CONTENTS TRACK A SUPPORTS (B5831) 1 (14) 9 in. Radius Curve (1/4 Circle) (B7806) U (B7807) (2) No.2 Supports (B7968) (B5830T) (16) Guardrails (4) 6 in. Straight 3 F 2 (2) Race Cars (2) No.1 Supports G ACCESSORIES (B7808) 4 (B7987) (B7963) (B7809) (B5832T) (1) 9 in. Straight Terminal (2) No.3 Supports (6) No.4 Supports (4) Flag Pole Sets (4) Flag Decals 37675-9519 (B5852) (B610C) (4) 9 in. Hi-Bank Curve 5 (1) Wall Power Pak K (B7810) (2) Plug-in Racing Controllers (B7926) E (B5829T) (11) 9 in. Straight (2) No.5 Support (4) Struts LAYOUT DIAGRAM U U E A 4 3 4 E E 4 A K E A (See accompanying Owner's Manual for details.) A G 5 2 A A A G 5 3 A ©1999 Mattel, Inc. Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 U.S.A. PRINTED IN CHINA. All Rights Reserved. Mattel, Hot Wheels, flame logo and color "Hot Wheels blue" and other trademarks designated by ® and ™ are trademarks of Mattel, in the U.S. and/or other countries, except as noted. Licensed by Ferrari. E E 2 A 1 E A E E ALWAYS CLEAN TRACK RAILS AND TIRES BEFORE EACH RACE. U A A E F U 4 A 1 Refer to the accompanying Owners Manual for wiring instructions for Power Pak and for assembly instructions for track, supports and accessory parts. G 4 E K G A 4 ™