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Alfa Brera 2002 Geneva Motor Show. The star of the show was a stunning concept penned by Giorgio Giugiaro: the Alfa Brera. A 2+2 coupé, the quintessential Italian sports car, it instantly won the admiration of public and media alike. Today, that prototype has become a production car. A car for connoisseurs and cognoscienti that stirs the emotions and provides pure driving pleasure. A champion of refined styling and leading-edge technology that combines uncompromising performance with the comfort of a luxury saloon. Alfa Brera Where imagination becomes reality Alfa Brera A sporting thoroughbred The Alfa Brera is a thoroughbred whose passengers never want for a smoother ride, thanks to the high wishbone and multi-link suspension systems that guarantee excellent dynamics without yielding anything in the way of stability, safety or comfort. The Q4 all-wheel drive system that matches the 3.2 JTS V6 engine typifies an engineering know-how that can be simply summed up as pure driving pleasure.  Alfa Brera Alfa Brera Power and technology With the Alfa Brera, you have a choice of two innovative petrol engine options. Both powerful, sparkling and elastic, with loads of engine torque even from low speeds ensuring optimal acceleration. These state-of-the-art engines also provide low fuel consumption and low emissions. With 191kW, the new 3.2 JTS V6 is the most powerful engine from Alfa Romeo and adopts the exclusive Twin Phaser system to vary intake and exhaust valve opening angle. No less refined, the 2.2 JTS has four cylinders, twin camshafts and a Twin Phaser variator. It delivers 136kW and is remarkable for its lightness, obtained by using an engine block and cylinder head of aluminium alloy. Two counter-rotating balance shafts reduce vibration, ensuring smooth effortless running. Innovative engines designed for effortless performance and enjoyment. specifications performance fuel consumption emissions 2.2 JTS 3.2 JTS V6 No. of cylinders, arrangement 4 in line, transversely at front 60-degree V6, transversely at front Bore x stroke (mm) 86 x 94.6 85.6 x 89 Displacement (cc) 2198 3195 Compression ratio 11.3 : 1 11.25 : 1 Max. power output: kW at rpm [email protected] [email protected] Peak torque: Nm at rpm [email protected] [email protected] Top speed (km/h) 222 240 Acceleration 0 to 100km/h (sec): 8.6 6.8 City cycle (lit/100km) 13.0 16.9 Highway cycle (lit/100km) 7.3 8.4 CO2 emissions (g/km) 221 270  Alfa Brera Glued to the road The Brera is the epitome of driving pleasure, road-holding, and safety. With an uncompromising design, it adopts an impressive suspension setup that uses a high wishbone solution at the front – derived from the world of motor racing – and a multi-link system at the rear. The steering is the most direct in its category with barely two and a quarter turns from lock to lock, ensuring remarkably quick response. The braking system uses four discs (all self-ventilating on the 3.2 JTS V6), including ABS and electronic brake force distribution. For maximum safety, the car also boasts the most advanced electronic traction and stability control systems available. In the 3.2 JTS V6 model, the Alfa Brera has Q4 permanent all-wheel drive, a highly evolved drive train that attunes its dynamic behaviour to any road condition. At the heart of the system are the “Torsen Twin C” mechanical central and front differentials, which distribute the engine torque between the front and rear wheels depending on tyre grip. Under normal driving conditions, the 3.2 JTS V6 all-wheel drive provides a performance driving bias at an optimal of 57% torque delivered at the rear and 43% at the front wheels. This state-of-the-art Q4 is designed first and foremost to satisfy the most demanding and passionate of drivers.  Alfa Brera Exceptional comfort The Brera offers a comfortable, reassuring environment for driver and passengers courtesy of generous technology, excellent choice of components and materials as well as outstanding overall design. All are welcomed from the moment they step in, with a sensuous, tactile passenger cabin trimmed in leather. The “cockpit” directs its instruments toward the driver in a clear, logical fashion by grouping the climate control system, CD player and starter button together in the central unit. Practicality, comfort and attention to detail combine to offer unexpected everyday pleasure from a coupé conceived to thrill. Alfa Brera Wellbeing The Alfa Brera is all about comfort and Italian style, beginning with the sleek sports seats with built-in, adjustable head restraints. Dual zone and “equivalent temperature” climate control ensure perfect interior and passenger comfort. The Alfa Brera also boasts an expansive glass roof, shedding light on an all-new driving experience and comes equipped with standard features including cruise control, CD changer, leather interior, trip computer, power windows and mirrors. Furthermore, the Brera 3.2 JTS V6 comes with a Bose® Sound System, offering music reproduction to satisfy the true aficionado, xenon headlights, premium Pieno Fiore leather interior, electric adjust seats and a Bluetooth hands-free phone system with voice recognition that also plays music recorded on MP3 as well as any other USB connecting devices. Steering wheel controls can be used to select and play back the recordings through the car stereo system, by virtue of an inconspicuous socket in a stow-away compartment. 10 *International model shown. Satellite Navigation option depicted not available in Australia. Alfa Brera Trust With a strong emphasis on safety in all conditions, the Alfa Brera adopts the most advanced electronic active safety devices. In addition to the 4-channel ABS with EBD and Brake Assist, it incorporates VDC, for stability control; ASR, to prevent wheel slip; MSR, to intervene during abrupt gear shifts in slippery conditions; and Hill Holder to provide smoother, easier hill starts. To protect its passengers, it has a bodyshell designed to absorb collisions with maximum efficiency, together with a total of seven passenger airbags. Dual-stage front and side airbags help protect the driver and passenger, whilst rear curtain airbags help protect rear occupants in the event of a collision. Over ninety years of Alfa technology culminate in safety credentials of the highest standards. 13 Alfa Brera A complete range A comprehensive range of interior and exterior appointments are available across the Brera model range including two trim levels and ten body colours to cater to the most discerning of personal tastes. Alfa Brera Leather 2.2 JTS 14 Alfa Brera Frau® Leather Pieno Fiore 3.2 JTS V6 401 Red 901 Red 402 Black/Grey 908 Black/Grey 403 Blue/Tobacco 909 Blue/Tobacco 15 Alfa Brera Body Colours 16 289 Alfa Red Pastel 601 Black Pastel 203 Montecarlo Blue Metallic 565 Alfa Silver Metallic 583 Rubino Red Metallic 585 Touring Grey Metallic 586 Misano Blue Metallic 588 Gold Metallic 696 Diamante Grey Metallic 876 Carbonio Black Metallic Alfa Brera Colour Combination BRERA 2.2 JTS Colour Code Car mat colour Dashboard BRERA 3.2 JTS V6 Leather Black/Grey 402 Blue/Tobacco 403 Frau® Leather Pieno Fiore Red 401 Black 908 Blue/ Tobacco 909 Red 901 Grey Blue Beige Grey Blue Beige Bicolour Black/Grey Bicolour Blue/Tobacco Bicolour Red/ Beige Bicolour Black/Grey Bicolour Blue/Tobacco Bicolour Red/ Beige • • – – – • • • – • • • • • • • • • • – • • • PASTEL 289 Alfa Red 601 Black METALLIC 203 Montecarlo Blue 565 Alfa Silver 583 Rubino Red 585 Touring Grey 586 Misano Blue 588 Gold 696 Diamante Grey 876 Carbonio Black • – • – • • • • • • • • • • • • – – • • – • • • • • = Standard     = Option     – = Not available “Alfa Romeo is something special. It occupies a place apart. It is a kind of disease, this passion for a means of transport. It is a way of life, a very special way of thinking about a powered vehicle. It’s hard to define. It is one of those irrational human traits that defy logical definition. It’s to do with feelings and passions, things that have more to do with the heart than the brain. It’s a way of thinking that derives from racing, where excellence is indispensable and the pressure to perform is constant… We have always believed that these concepts find their true expression in the cars we sell – their drivability, the way the driver ‘feels’ the car in his hands.” Orazio Satta, Technical Director, Alfa Romeo – 1962 Alfa Brera Unmistakable Enjoy full peace of mind with 3 year Alfacare warranty, 6 years against perforating corrosion, 3 years on paintwork, 3 year Alfacare Roadside Assist. Alfa Romeo cars are imported and distributed by Ateco Automotive Australia Pty Ltd., who reserve the right to alter specifications, equipment and pricing at any time, without warning or notice. Please consult your authorised Alfa Romeo dealer for full details as to current pricing, standard and optional equipment, accessories, specifications and availability. Heritage Building, Campus Business Park, 350 Parramatta Road, Homebush NSW 2140, Australia. Tel: (02) 9701 8044 Fax: (02) 9701 3544. Ateco Automotive Pty. Limited. ABN 34 000 486 706. Printed May 2006. Part No. ARP060191. Dealer’s stamp