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Alfa Romeo Giulia GT & GTA Top to bottom: Mark 1 1750 GTV has sidelight mounted on front bumper; Mark 2 1750 GTV has sidelight in front panel and bumper overrider; This type of rear light only used on the Mark 1 1750 GTV; Mark 2 1750 reverted to original style rear light cluster; 2000 GTV rear light cluster includes a reversing lamp. All other models had a central reversing light under the bumper. 32 Access to shapely rear seats of the GT 1300 Junior: cramped for adults, but excellent for children. used 1300cc and 1600cc engines, as did the Junior Zagato coupés, whereas the Berlinas got 1750cc and 2000cc units. Thus the successor to the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce was the 1750 GT Veloce, in which the engine was bored out to 80mm, which in practice involved fitting bigger piston liners and a longer stroke (88.5mm) nitrided crankshaft. Cubic capacity was now 1779cc, but for marketing purposes it was convenient to describe the cars as 1750s, harking back to the successful 1750s of the ’30s. The front panel now became flush with the bonnet and wings, so the tiny gap previously visible under the leading edge of the Sprint GT bonnet disappeared. Other stylistic differences include twin headlights set in a matt black grille, and in what became known retrospectively as the ‘Mark 1’ 1750, the front sidelight/indicator units were incorporated into the outer reaches of the bumper, and in the later 1970 Mark 2 version, the bumpers differed and sprouted overriders and the sidelight clusters were located in the front panel beneath the headlights. GTA: the racer’s Coupé Blacked-out Kamm-tail defines a prominent styling characteristic of this Alfa Romeo TZ-1, passing a timing control at the end of a Dordogne stage on the 2007 Tour Auto. Alfa Romeo Giulia Super chases GTA, Porto Historic Grand Prix meeting, 2009. Portugal’s second city, Oporto, stages a biennial event on closed-off public roads on its Atlantic seafront promenade, attracting most of the leading classic race series contenders. 69 5. Recapturing the Coupé B ustling suburban Purley in Surrey is where you’ll find the workshops of Alfa Romeo restoration expert Mike Spenceley and his small team of restorers. I first met Mike in the early 1990s at a UK National Alfa Day at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire, and we collaborated on the restoration chapters of two of my books, on Alfa Romeo Spiders and Alfa Romeo Berlinas (Sedans). Mike had already built up a strong reputation in the field and was emerging as the leading light on the reclamation of these cars. So, when my publisher, Rod Grainger, asked me to update this book, I naturally turned to Mike again, in view of the sad loss of Malcolm Morris who was our guide in the restoration chapter in the book’s first edition. Restoration expert Mike Spenceley’s business, MGS Coachworks, was set up in 1990 and was originally housed in a small, two-car workshop in Caterham. He was a one-man-band in those days, restoring mostly classic Alfa Romeos, and listed Bell and Colvill as one of his regular clients. In 1996 MGS moved to its present location in Purley, on the edge of London, on what was previously Bell and Colvill’s original site. A low bake oven was installed, and Mike recruited time-served craftsmen as his staff. Apart from the undoubted quality of workmanship, he attributes much of the firm’s success to “using only the best products and doing all our jobs correctly.” Mike Spenceley’s love of cars goes back to his childhood. “I left school aged fifteen, to pursue my passion,” he said, “and I served an apprenticeship in the paint trade. It was tough because the older guys really didn’t want to share their knowledge beyond allowing me to rub down and prepare surfaces.” Nevertheless, Mike spent every Restoration expert Mike Spenceley at his Purley workshops with the finished product – a 1750 GTV rescued from the brink. Prior to commencing a job, Mike discusses the customer’s objectives for the car and advises accordingly. (Courtesy Mike Spenceley) spare minute practising on whatever came along and whenever he was allowed to. “I remember a Mk 10 Jaguar as an episode of bleeding fingers and hurt pride,” he mused. It was clear from the outset that coachwork renovation was a process of constant learning, and Mike recalls ruefully that in the transition from old-fashioned 115 Recapturing the Coupé This is what it looks like when a GT Am fills your mirrors – Robert Petersson at Mantorp Park. (Courtesy George Johansson) Golden Lodge plugs were originally recommended to Alfa owners by Giulio Ramponi, and it was apparently he who created the myth that they were the only plugs you could run in an Alfa twin-cam engine. It is true that they have been fitted as original equipment since the ’50s, and Alfa Romeo still won’t recommend anything else. However, today, some specialists will only use NGKs, which have the reputation of functioning well at all temperatures. Along with other people, I have raced with NGK plugs in a GTV6 with no ill effects. In fact, these plugs are said to cure other running problems, too; whereas Golden Lodges will oil up, NGKs won’t. If you want to play safe, fit Golden Lodges but, if you are experiencing oiling problems, try other high quality plug brands. Jon Dooley used Golden Lodge in his Ferraris because they produced a softer spark and better-distributed burn. He claimed Golden Lodges were only problematic if left in too long. Also speaking in favour of Golden Lodge, the Roger Clark Team established that they gave an increase of 4bhp over other comparable sparkplugs in their Group 1 2000 GTVs. Driving experience If you drive a Bertone Coupé today, having spent the last twenty-five years driving more modern machinery, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised. At first the car will seem gawky and light on its feet, which will be partly to do with the fact that it’s likely to be running painfully thin-looking 165 A trio of classic Alfa race cars at Knutstorp, Sweden, in 1999. The maroon Giulia Super (43) is that of Arne Allard, a leading Fiat-Abarth driver in the 1960s, who also owns a 1600 GTA formerly raced in the Swedish Championship in the late 1960s by Harald Kronegård. At centre is an Autodelta-built GTA (46) belonging to Bo Johansson. The car was originally acquired from Carlo Chiti in 1967 by Kjell Ehrman, and is (probably) chassis number 613162, and still has its Autodelta engine, no. AD 133. A consistent frontrunner in historics, Bo Johansson has had the car since the early 1980s when it was in wide Modsports form. He also built of the GT Am replica (no 38) belonging to Robert Petersson. (Courtesy Robert Petersson) 133 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT & GTA Cutaway from a contememporary sales brochure extolling the virtues of Alfa’s 1750 GT Veloce. The reference to ‘bent type’ exhaust preventing backflow seems to have lost something in the translation from Italian ... A cross-section of the Giulia’s twincam cylinder head. 144 These drawings show clearly the component parts making up the Coupé’s sideframe, rear bulkhead boot/ trunk floor. If you’re making welded repairs, the structural integrity of all these components has to be restored.