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Summary of Content
STUNNING. Style that stands out from the crowd. In a world of derivative design, the Giulietta has a STYLE all of its own. Unmistakably an Alfa Romeo, it is also unlike any Alfa that has come before; its taut, muscular lines set a new template for sporting practicality, a fresh evolution of the marque. This is a car for those who need space and flexibility, yet REFUSE TO COMPROMISE when it comes to the pure driving experience. INDIVIDUAL. Alfa Romeo sportiness becomes pure DYNAMISM that runs across the 5 doors and along the side musculature to embrace functional styling details such as the aerodynamic spoiler. A STRONG, elegant front end, set off to perfection by large headlights with LED DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS. The LED lights are also present at the rear, in cluster shapes evoking PRESENCE and INDIVIDUALISM. ring featu , Y T I ST UAL NTRA of Q O C n o y ssi tal d b impre orizon ivene h g l n n i e t e s id la s y e w shade sport s a inctiv c t a i s t i a onvey d c plus n he chrom le, in t desig one, peop mono i z r i E n t o o V e i i e l I r t t ub inte radi Comp OR F in s of t ta’s 8C RT F s O s l t F a i n a iuliet i r f l M G mate re h e A e CO The re a y th enuin fted e b g a h r T c ’s e y d r ull S. spire et the caref IGHT r, in ats. Y a e s e IGHL g d h H roun switc AND wrapa nd a d n a l d oar whee dashb too. ering e t s e pace k s o e p g s a three f lugg res o t i l 0 5 with 3 C L E W G. N I OM AGILE. The way the Giulietta STEERS, HANDLES AND RESPONDS to your control is down to the finely-tuned relationship between four key components. These are: DUAL PINION ACTIVE STEERING, MACPHERSON strut front suspension, MULTILINK rear suspension and the unique Alfa Romeo D.N.A. SYSTEM, which allows you to select a driving mode to suit the conditions and road. With the Giulietta, safety does not compromise driving enjoyment – nor vice versa. COMPACT ARCHITECTURE. Express resolve and dynamism, to travel a new road of certainty. In an age surrounded by many question marks, the Giulietta has been created as a new benchmark. The new CHASSIS forged for this car is a design that builds on Alfa Romeo’s long experience in engineering and the result is cutting edge. The innovative materials used, such as aluminium, magnesium and high strength steels combine extremely high qualities of strength and rigidity with weight reduction. The new floor plan is a veritable system in its own right that interacts synergistically with each individual mechanical and electronic component on the car to guarantee agility, comfort and safety. The four technologies that give rise to New body concept. the Giulietta’s unique approach to the road stem from this system: DUAL PINION ACTIVE STEERING. This new generation steering system was developed specially to guarantee the renowned Alfa Romeo driving satisfaction. The many advantages include: • direct, sensitive steering in all driving conditions • full integration with the VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) and Alfa Romeo D.N.A. systems • great driving comfort due to variable electric power-assisted steering • a turning circle of just 10.9 m, making handling around town and during parking very easy • fuel consumption cut by 3% compared to a conventional system SUSPENSION. The suspension systems designed for the Giulietta are worth being put to the test. The ADVANCED MACPHERSON suspension is built using lightweight materials such as aluminium and created to ensure crisp Dual Pinion active steering. approaches to bends and maximum comfort. The new MULTILINK layout adopted at the rear offers great roadholding combined with a superior level of comfort. This suspension architecture was developed to offer more volume in the luggage compartment and to weigh over 10 kg less than a conventional Multilink suspension. To sum up, the Giulietta suspension system expresses a dual spirit: sporty and entertaining, practical and comfortable. New suspension structure. ALFA ROMEO D.N.A. This system allows the car’s personality to be adapted to the needs of the driver and different road conditions by altering the throttle response and stiffness of steering through Dynamic Steering Torque, whilst working in conjunction with the VDC system. When the selector is in DYNAMIC position, the car’s performance is exactly as you would expect from the sporting spirit of any Alfa Romeo: the engine response is immediate; delivery is substantial due to the overboost, while the Electronic Q2 differential allows corners to be taken in complete safety. In Dynamic mode, the Giulietta also introduces Pre-Fill - a new function that uses the VDC system to provide the driver with the quickest braking response possible. With the selector set to NORMAL, even everyday driving becomes more fun, guaranteeing a comfortable, smooth drive at all times. Fuel consumption will be reduced to the minimum. In ALL WEATHER mode, the Giulietta prepares itself to face the most difficult grip conditions, alerting all its active safety systems, including the VDC and Electronic Q2. The engine response will become more gradual and controlled to minimise skidding in adverse weather. Alfa Romeo D.N.A. communicates with Radio NAV. The selected driving mode is conveniently shown on a pop-up display. Radio NAV shows turbo-charging pressure and power delivery. Radio NAV also shows the acceleration value (longitudinal and lateral) the car is subject to. (G-Force meter). STRONG. Discover new safety in evolution and look to the future with confidence. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is EUROPE’S SAFEST COMPACT CAR, as confirmed by a score of 87/100 and the maximum 5 STAR rating according to EURO NCAP: the best result in the category. Reaching this level of protection involved more than 15,000 hours of virtual analysis, 100 crash tests, 150 tests on a HyGe slide and more than 100 tests on components and subsystems. A third load line increases the energy-absorbing capacity of the front end and reduces both inertia forces and intrusions into the passenger compartment. These qualities are complemented by 6 airbags as standard throughout the range, three-point seatbelts with double pretensioners and load limiters, a collapsible pedal unit and steering column, second-generation anti-whiplash system and Isofix attachments for child seat protection. TRIM LEVELS AND CUSTOMISATIONS. CLOVERLEAF Available on: 1750 TBi 235 bhp 4MP Dark brushed aluminium dashboard inserts (standard) The four-leaf clover symbol first made its appearance on an Alfa Romeo back in 1923. The driver Ugo Sivocci, who always seemed destined to arrive in second place, had the symbol painted on his car for good luck before starting on the gruelling Targa Fiorio race. The charm seemed to work: during the last sprint leg of the race, he finally broke his run of second places and for the first time Alfa Romeo and the driver drove over the finish line as outright winners. Since then, the green four leaf clover has continued to support Alfa Romeo, celebrating the legend and the nature of this sportiest of cars. Now also on board the Giulietta, for a special trim level. As Veloce, plus: • Dark tinted windows • Cloverleaf badges • Lowered sports suspension • Red brake callipers with large disc brakes • Visibility pack • 18" Spoke design alloy wheels with dark titanium finish and 225/40 R18 tyres Fitted with a 1750 TBi 235 bhp engine. Direct injection. Continuous dual variable valve timing. Turbocharger. “Scavenging”, a revolutionary control system that does away with turbo lag. The result is a power unit with performance worthy of a 3 litre unit, but frugal fuel consumption typical of a compact 4 cylinder engine. Specific power of 134 bhp/Litre and specific torque equal to 194 Nm/Litre are the highest values in the world for this category. The maximum torque of 340 Nm, available from just 1900 rpm, also represents a pinnacle of excellence Leather and microfibre Sports leather Sports leather 323 Black with red stitching (standard) 901 Red with red stitching (opt) 923 Black with red stitching (opt) Standard and optional equipment TURISMO Blue&Me™-TomTom®. LUSSO VELOCE CLOVERLEAF TECHNOLOGY Start&Stop technology • • • – Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) - Diesel only • • • – • • • • • • Alarm system My Port socket for Blue&MeTM-TomTom® Blue&Me™ (Bluetooth® hands-free system with voice recognition and media player with USB port and Aux-in) and steering wheel with remote controls and gear knob in leather Radio NAV satellite navigation system with TMC PRO and 6.5" colour display with European maps on SD card Hi–Fi BOSE® sound system with digital amplifier (8 speakers + 1 central + subwoofer) Standard • Optional Available towards the end of June 2011, the new improved TomTom® unit has a sleek design and additional functionality. This offers fully integrated navigation that can be used in total safety and sits in a new unique cradle. Technical features include: • 4.3" touch screen display • New, more intuitive visual interface • Integrated with Bluetooth® and steering wheel controls • HD traffic reporting • IQ routes comprising feedback and data from 20 million people over 5 years to give you the fastest route • Live services including: – Mobile speed cameras – Local search with Google weather Integrated with Blue&Me™ • Touch screen interface for using the telephone and driving information with the Car Menu function. • Fuel efficiency, real time information for correct gear shifts and accelerator use to optimise driving style. Functional positioning • Blue&Me™-TomTom® fits onto a specific support in a visible, easy-to-reach position. Integrated power supply without wires or temporary solutions. Not available – Car radio with CD/MP3 player and 6 speakers Radio navigation system with maps and pop up display. Designed exclusively for the Giulietta, Radio NAV is an advanced multimedia system that fits perfectly into the central console. The device can be used to manage all onboard technological functions: music playback, phone calls, navigation and display of the Alfa Romeo D.N.A. system’s parameters. All in complete safety. The pop up display can be viewed from the front, without having to take your eyes off the road. Hi–Fi BOSE® sound system with digital amplifier (8 speakers + 1 central + subwoofer) Steering wheel with remote controls LINEACCESSORI Consult the dedicated catalogue for information on all Lineaccessori products Front dam and side skirts Radiator grille with horizontal bars in Carbon Fibre Rear spoiler in Carbon Fibre Wing mirror covers in Polished Chrome Wing mirror covers in Satin Chrome Wing mirror covers in Carbon Fibre Aluminium fuel cap with Alfa Romeo logo Oversized twin exhaust tail pipe kit 18" 8C design alloy kit in Titan Chrome 18" diamond cut alloy kit in Opaque White Tyre valve caps kit with Alfa Romeo logo LINEACCESSORI Trim insert in Profondo Blue Profondo Blue gear knob Trim insert in Light Aluminium Opaque Black gear knob Trim insert in Dark Aluminium 8C Red gear knob Trim insert in Red Red gear knob Trim insert in Ghiaccio White Ghiaccio White gear knob Blue&Me™-TomTom® Carbon Fibre gear knob Style, you and your Alfa. 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